View Full Version : Where did I screw up?

05-21-2018, 12:24 PM
This is a girl I often see near her work location during her office hours.

Even though there's never been any opportunity before, she approached me first by just saying "hello".

Usually, she's busy in her uniform either alone or with friends. First we ignored each other when she wasn't alone.

Our fast meetings this way were just enough for small talking, like weather or something like that, smiling and show positive body language, like her turning all her body to me when talking.

She even showed nervous when we couldn't talk, like when I was taking a coffee with a girlfriend of mine (nothing special, she's a 2 or 3, just friend) and she wasn't not far away with her friends.

I decided to escalate with kino, first only a small touch in her arm, later I really touched her arm when we crossed and said something like "everything fine?".

Well, now she avoids me at all cost and doesn't even look at me and makes a face when she sees me like she's angry.

Does this make any sense? Of course, I'm ignoring her completely now.

I try to understand this like an ugly girl was interested in me. Of course, I wouldn't find that cool, but I wouldn't approach her, smile to her, or turn my body to her when talking.

What's wrong here in your opinion?

05-25-2018, 11:12 AM
Good chance she was never interested in you and she correctly decided you were hitting on her.

Or maybe something else is happening in her life which has nothing to do with you.

Either way, not worth worrying about!