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04-30-2018, 09:50 PM
The Project Rockstar 2018 class has been selected!

Project Rockstar represents a multi-faceted complete life transformation. From the moment the Rockstars are selected the training begins. The Rockstars have to go through a mandatory, grueling fitness program. They are tracked daily, with photos and measurements submitted every week for assessment, and pushed to the absolute limit.

Roughly 2-3 hours of gym time every day for 12 weeks and preparing ALL their own meals as part of a strictly controlled nutrition and diet program. That means upwards of 4,000 calories a day for those gaining mass, and less than 1,500 calories a day for those losing weight. With no question the guys will be stepping into summer in the best shape of their lives.

Through their struggle and transformation, we hope to impart inspiration to your own journey of self-improvement. While these lucky guys have an overwhelming amount of support and pressure to succeed, there's nothing stopping you from doing it too.

It is my pleasure to present the Project Rockstar 2018 fitness journals.

Elje M
04-30-2018, 10:34 PM
Week 0

Hey everyone,

i dont think we need to blog today but i figure what the heck. I’ll be writing my blogs the way i write casual emails which means i wont be capitalizing or using many apostrophes. Anyway, I’m excited about the program and, as mentioned in the manual, i agree that the diet will likely be the most challenging. I just had a talk with G from down under. I mentioned that i didnt think i was eating many calories since i ate a salad for lunch every day. Hahaha.. I added up the calories and looked at the fat i was throwing into it and realized it was an extremely unhealthy salad! I loaded it full of pecans, cheese, sunflower seeds, pistacchios, 4 strips of bacon. Well, it tasted good! I threw in a diced up chicken breast and thought i was doing ok. Yikes.

I started exercising regularly 3wks ago to try to prepare myself for the program. I’ve also been eating healthier to get myself ready too. Been doing ok, i’ve lost 10lbs in the past 3wks just by eating salmon, chicken breasts, asparagus, zucchini, etc. i’m currently ~230# and want to be under 200 lbs by the time i’m done.

I’m excited but definitely having some anxiety about the program. Not in a bad way. Like the anxiety you’d feel before you’d run a track race in high school.

I’m between relationships so i play around on a sugarbaby website when not seeing anyone. I met a woman i clicked well with and over the last 6mo i’ve spent more time with her than i have with anyone else in years. I’d help her with her bills and she’d spend the night at my house 2-3x per week. I gave her an addittional $3200 cuz she said she’d get me some HGH (hormone replacement therapy). We got in argument and she took off with my $. That argument happened the night i got accepted to Rockstar. I havent seen her since.

I’m a pediatrician and this was one of the worst cold and flu seasons in decades. Because i was so short staffed at my office and we were sooooo busy, i spent all my time either at work or with her. So it’s actually been a huge adjustment. Losing someone i had developed feelings for and getting ripped off to boot was extremely upsetting to put it mildly. It sucks and i’m still recovering from it. That’s probably my biggest mental roadblock right now.

I plan on doing a lot of road biking for my cardio which shouldnt be a problem since i usually will ride for 45-60min. I like riding early in the morning. Then i’ll do my lifting in the evening when i get home from the office. If i havent lifted in awhile i tend to cramp up so the past couple weeks i’ve been doing very light weights and high reps to get myself conditioned. I’m nervous, anxious, excited, a little down cuz of the chick, hopeful, and most importantly… open minded.

Good luck everyone!
- M

Elje M
04-30-2018, 11:24 PM
Week 1

I am a sheep

Of told several people about what I am doing, but not everyone. I don’t think I’m going to tell everyone. The people I have spoke with I’ve said that the one thing I want to do is go into Rockstar completely open minded. I want to immerse myself in it. I want to follow it to a T. I want to be lead and I want to be taught.

The other day I was thinking that it’s been a long time since I’ve been a student in school… over 20 years. I was wondering if I could go back to being a student and learning from others. Would I be a good pupil? But then I realized, I’ve actually continued to be a pupil in a lot of things. I take a lot of martial arts as a hobby and have progressed (slowly) in Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Jeet Kune Do. I’ve been a good pupil in all of these endeavors. So I believe I have the right mind set to be part of Rockstar. I am a pupil of my mentors and I am going in with the attitude that I am a sheep and I will follow and I want to be lead by my teachers.

The other thing I mentioned was getting myself totally immersed in Rockstar. That is, I want to give it my all. I don’t want to be a half-ass pupil. I think I am an awesome pediatrician… and it sure as hell is not because I’m a genius (I’m not). It’s because when a parent takes time out of their day, waits in my waiting room, and waits for me, just so they can hear me say what I think they should do for their child… well, then they deserve to get my 100% focus, attention, and detail. Even when I’m seeing 40-50 patients per day. Every one of those patients will get my absolute focus and every bit of knowledge that I have for them I will share and make their visit with me important. That’s how I’m going into Rockstar. I want to give this my all and get as much out of it as I can. I’m old enough and wise enough to know that you are only going to get out of something what you put into it. If I do Rockstar half-ass, then I will be a half-ass Rockstar graduate. Is that something I would do?? No effing way, mates. I want to be a rock star of Rockstar graduates! That does not mean I want to be the best Rockstar, that’s not what I mean. I just want to get the most out of it that I can. If someone else gets more growth from Rockstar than I do, but we both put as much as we could into it, then I am totally happy with that. I would applaud my fellow Rockstar for that and help him achieve as much growth as possible.

In my week 0 blog I mentioned a chick. All I’m going to say about that is that I’m feeling better. I havent gone back and read last week’s blog (and I’m not going to), but right now I am focused on Rockstar and I believe that focus has helped me. Ok, enough about that.

Let me talk a little about the meals. Fortunately for me I don’t have a problem eating the same thing every day. I normally do that anyway. In the Facebook Livestream last week the guys mentioned how this will change your relationship with food. Well, that’s already happened for me. I will never go back to the way I was eating before. I had the most anxiety about the meals. Prep, taste, edibility, calories, etc. It’s a lot. There have certainly been some growing pains there but nothing that’s been too out of hand. Yesterday my maids came to clean my house. I gave away about 12 bowls of cottage cheese, about 25-30 bottles of beer (hefeweizens, blue moons, some other flavored hefe’s, etc). also gave away several bottles of wine, a bunch of frozen microwaveable beef meals in my freezer, some half n half, about 20 things of yogurt, some cheese, etc etc etc. you get the idea. I figure I’m doing this for 3 mos, then gone another almost 3mos, no point in hanging on to all that stuff. Now that I’m getting into a groove with the diet plan, it’s easier. There was a steep, steep learning curve there that we all had to go thru. Now it’s more fine tuning than anything else. I’ve found that I enjoy the food. I steam my veggies heavily so they’re extra moist, chop them up, then add diced up chicken and brown rice and it all with a spoon. I like it.

The exercise I wasn’t nearly as stressed about. I was planning all along to do my biking in the morning for 45-60 minutes and then my lifting in the evening. So far that’s worked out pretty well. I’ve had a problem with my lower back doing the AbRipper workout. First round of it KILLED my lower back. That was more limiting than my abs. yesterday was better, still need to email G and update him. i had a disaster yesterday so I’ve been mostly MIA today. I was going to go for my bike ride but had a flat. I replaced the inner tube and found that it was STILL flat. Yeah, twas an older inner tube. So I had to take it in to the bike shop. They took care of it quickly for me and fixed my gears. i’m driving home and something came loose on my bike rack and my bike fell off onto the street while I was driving 30 mph. Fucking bike was totaled but probably salvageable. It’s going to need a lot of new shit though. I brought it back there first thing this am and actually bought a new 2nd bike. It was there last road bike they had and it was my size and they had it discounted by $1000. Yesterday I had to ride with my mountain bike which was uncomfortable. Today I had my new one so that was better.

I believe my weight is going down well. I’m only down a little bit from where I started but I think it’s because the weekend before my first weight I hardly drank anything except a couple diet sodas. By Wednesday my weight was up another 2lbs and I think that just represent getting myself hydrated.

I do think the mentor part of the program is awesome. I’m extremely thankful for G and his guidance. He’s doing the diet with us, he’s doing the workouts with us, and he’s helping us thru it. he’s been great for support and for going to with questions. Thx G!!! I can’t wait to meet this guy in Vegas along with the other two in my group.. D and J. They are very supportive and motivated. I feel very fortunate to be part of this group.

I’ve been giving the weight portion my all. I had some problems with the abs as mentioned, but have hit the weights HARD. I see a difference when I look in the mirror in the morning. And my gut isn’t pushing up against my scrub top (they don’t stretch) like they have for months. They’re actually starting to fit me again. My waist has dropped 3/4 of an inch and I believe that’s real. I use a tape measure we use at my office. It locks in place once it’s around and then you press a button and it retracts gently until its snug against the skin so it’s pretty accurate.

Tomorrow starts week 2 and I’m feeling more confident going into it because I’m more confident about my meals and my schedule. Bring it on!!!!

- M

Axel E
05-01-2018, 09:57 AM
24 April 2018

The first day of the fitness program has come and passed and we have officially started. Its funny how you can go through the day and think “I should write about this, I should write about that” but then as soon as you sit down your brain goes blank. So my plan is to write a little bit every day and then summarise it in the end of the week, instead of trying to remember everything by the end of the week, while pulling my own hair in pure panic.

Anyway, so far so good I have to say! I’m in the looser group which means that for the next couple of months I’m going to live in a constant calorie deficit while working out every single day. I don't have any problems working out, I’ve been doing it pretty much my entire life on and off, but counting calories is a whole new challenge for me. Yesterday I spent a lot of time just figuring out the logistics of it all, and since I’m away from home for a couple of days it wasn't exactly the optimal start. I won't say it was a bad start, it just wasn't optimal. But I’m convinced that as soon as the routines start taking shape it won't matter.

What I’m more nervous of though is when the sugar cravings starts to kick in. I have a sweet tooth from hell and I believe getting rid of this addiction will be my greatest challenge. It's a bit ironic because I’m the guy who never started smoking and always told my friends who smoked things like “How hard can it be?! Just stop, you know it's bad for you, and expensive. Just stop and move on”, while never having any personal experience of breaking away from an addiction. I did stop drinking alcohol for a year, but that was more a bad habit than an addiction.

But I have complete faith in the program, and the support team, as well as my fellow rockstars. When life gets hard, at least we can whine and suffer together! I’m really looking forward to get to know everyone and go through this process with them. This is a group of super dedicated and focused people who are ready to put the work in to make their dreams reality, otherwise they wouldn't be here so there's not a doubt in my mind we won't have an absolutely amazing time.

In a while it's time to get today's workout going. On today schedule we have chest and triceps, probably my second favorite muscle groups so im looking forward to it. Until tomorrow!

25 April 2018

Dear Diary,

Yesterday I was on a Bod Pod measuring for the first time in my life. For those of you that doesn't know what that is, its basically a body composition measurement you can do to see how much of you is fat, and how much is not by measuring the displacement of… magic? I don't know how it works to be honest, you get to sit in this egg like capsule for roughly 45 seconds x 2 after doing a extremely exact weigh. I used to think they would fill that egg with water, to measure the displacement of liquid, but while I was in the egg I learned that's not how it works.

Anyway, by doing this I now have a very precise baseline for my training and measuring, and not more than fair to say that I do got a quite a bit to go. Preferably I wouldn't mind losing 17% of my total body fat, but I believe that to be quite an optimistic goal. Doesn't mean I’m not going to aim for it, and even if I would get close it would be a pretty amazing transformation.

I’ve been struggling a bit these days with getting done with everything. Not the workouts, they are fine. I actually really enjoy them so far. However I’ve been struggling a bit with nutrition, mainly balancing out my macros and getting in all the calories. I’m in the loser group so I don't really have a very high threshold to reach, its just that I’ve been away from home for a couple of days staying at a friends house so meal prepping haven't really been optimal.

Other than that I haven’t been able to do all my measurements and checking my weight in an optimal fashion. My friends scale doesn't show body fat, and is a bit off on the weight as well. But today I’m going back home again! Home to my own kitchen and my own equipment! By tomorrow everything should be on track again and I can focus 110% on the fitness program. And from now on, if I ever go anywhere I’m bringing ALL my own stuff.

Today is “rest day” from the strength training, which means I only got a bit of cardio and some ab training to do which will give me more time to do some food prepping. My mentor recommended me to plan out all my meals ahead which is the first thing I’ll do today when I get home. Or probably the second one after training. One of the guys in the group also shared a video about food prepping that fits my need basically down to a T, so I’ll probably use that to start with. Test, track, and adjust is the name of the game!

That's it for me today! Until next time people.
28 April 2018

I haven't been writing for a couple of days, so got more things to write down now. Let's start out with saying it seems like I’m the first rockstar to get bit by the cold bug. Go figure, right. So I’m upping my dose of vitamins as well as garlic and zinc, and hopefully this will be over soon. I did start to feel it yesterday already but I muscled through the workout and then went straight home to bed. I really really hope this won't massively interfere with my progress. But I’ve learned to accept Murphy's first and second law as facts so I don’t really get surprised when a challenge presents itself. Its part of the process.

I am going to take this opportunity to vent and whine as best as possible though to get it over with! Today I am quite frustrated because I don't really see anything happening in the tracker yet. I know it has just been one week so I can't really expect to much to happen. It's a marathon not a race, but couldn't I at least get a small trend showing? My weight so far is just going up and down with roughly a kilos difference (that roughly 2lbs for the americans out there) and my body fat measurement from the scale isn't giving much else. I do see a “trend” in my navy method messurings, but I only have 3 of them so far because I couldn't get my hands on a bloody tape measure. I did watch a few youtube videos today though to make sure I’m getting the measurements done right and a lot of these youtubers says that the navy method is the way to go so maybe I should be happy with that little trend im seeing there… I’ll take it, why not.

My macros are a bit off, I need to boost my protein intake a bit, and reduce my fat intake a little bit so more meaty stuff and less eggs I guess. Can't really stop eating chicken which is the largest source of fat according to my tracking but also the largest source of protein, So I guess I’ll have to switch out my boiled eggs in the morning for something with less fat, like egg whites. Other than that I’ve been pretty close. The first two days I was way below my calorie threshold but that was from logistical reasons and since then I’ve been pretty much on the threshold. Funny thing is it feels like I’m eating a lot, and I’m not even close to what they gainer guys are eating! A part of me is even looking forward to lowering the calorie threshold so I don’t have to eat as much, haha! But I bet that will change soon.

When it comes to the workouts I’d saying i'm doing alright! As mentioned yesterday was rough because of not feeling well but I pushed through it. Today is ab day which is our rest day so I’m just going to take two long walks outside and push through the ab program and then I’m back in bed resting. The ab program is a killer though. It doesn't look that bad, but its hard. Yesterday I was so sore in my core I walked like a duck, it was horrible. Hopefully I wont get as sore this time. But everyone is feeling it so it's nice not to be alone in this. Everyone is struggling with something so it's really cool to have the support from everyone, as well as being a part of it for everyone. Just hope next week is going to show more results than this week did!

Until next time

29 April 2018

Today is Sunday, and end of week one. I’m in bed feeling horrible from this cold that I hope will be over soon. Today is also deadline for the blog posts so all of this goes public today. We’re also making a short video blog entry for the group. I did a short one yesterday but seeing some of the other guys videos from today I feel like making a new one. Sunday also means it's time to upload new photos. This is probably the part I’m the least excited about. I’m a result focused guy, so when it feels like I don't have that much to show it puts me in a negative state of mind. Lets just say week one didn't exactly go as I hoped.

But nothing good comes out of dwelling over the past, all we can do is adjust from last weeks results and move forward. Work even harder, eat even leaner. It’s just frustrating you know? When you spend so much energy on getting into the program, and as soon as you get started the universe (or whatever you spiritual people out there wants to call whatever almighty force you believe in) just goes “Not today buddy!” and slams you with these in my opinion uneccesary roadblocks. Seriously what's the purpose of a cold?! It’s just a pure waste of time and energy on nothing. Like bringing a towel on a deep dive or playing music in space (Yes Musk im looking at you). Although that last one was pretty cool. (Still friends Musk? Call me?)

So now what? Well, even though this little virus got me bitchin and whining I’m not going to let it stop me getting my work done. Lucky for me it's a pretty short workout and it's back and biceps so pretty enjoyable muscle groups as well. I’m also looking forward to have my weekly review with my mentor Blake to get some pointers on what and how to improve moving into week 2 of the fitness program. He’s been coaching a 10 day bootcamp for the past week but since it's now over he can give us his complete undivided attention moving forward ;)

Its funny how this blogpost basically have been whining mixed with messages about not whining since it doesn't do any good. And while risking sounding like a hypocrite I believe both are necessary. We’re all here to work wonders, to change our life's for the better in the most extreme way, and I do believe this to be doable, but you kind of have to get out of your own way sometimes and whining in a blog like this I think is a great way of getting your negative thoughts out of your head and down on paper. It's easier to be objective like this and for some reason it just makes it easier. I don’t know, I’m just rambling now to get a few more words out so I might as well stop here for today. Until next time cuties.
30 April 2018

Woke up maybe half an hour ago feeling pretty damn good all things considered. The cold still got me but boy am I winning this battle! I’ve been a bit skeptical to the extremely high dosage of vitamin C since I’m basically taking x100 the daily recommended intake. Not that I believe it will hurt in any way, it’s just hard to believe the body can absorb all of that. But whatever, it's really cheap and it seems to work so I’m not going to think more about that.

Yesterday I have to say was the day I felt the worst this past week. Both from the cold, but also mentally. I was really whiny yesterday morning as you can see in yesterday's entry. But as I said it's a part of the process and as long as its nothing more than venting into a blog it doesn't really affect performance and thats whats important. After my little emotional breakdown I did go to the gym yesterday and I’m really happy that I did. The workout went really well in general so that it felt great! I don’t know with you guys but for me the big thing for this week has been setting a baseline really. Just figuring out where you at on every muscle group, what weights to use and so on, and since this was the second workout on these muscle groups I felt I could push it a bit. Or at least on some of the exercises.

Today is Monday which means it's the beginning of week 2! I’m so excited, time literally flies by. Soon we’ll all be in vegas ripped and nervous as shit, getting into the meat and potatoes of this life changing journey we’re all on together and I’m so freakin pumped!. I’m going to get this day started so stay tuned for the next entry guys!

Michael A
05-01-2018, 02:09 PM
It feels appropriate to begin this first journal with a little about my background with respect to fitness. I am almost 29 and at the start of this program was probably the most unfit I have been in 10 years. This is a reflection of two things: that I have generally kept in good shape during my adult life, and that for the past 8 months I have prioritised work and sorting out my mental health over fitness. Of course since physical well being and mental well being are inextricably linked, I didnít totally drop the ball with exercise. I still practised yoga quite regularly and did the (very) occasional cardio workout. However, my focus has not really been on fitness and as such my physique has been slowly deteriorating into ďskinny fatĒ territory. Iíve enjoyed getting back into the gym in the last week and am looking forward to quickly turning this around.

Probably the biggest mistake I made in the first week was with my meal preparation. I cooked only a day or to in advance and didnít calculate to ensure I was hitting my macros properly. It was fine in the end as I could just eat random stuff in the evening (shout out to cans of tuna) to make sure I hit the right breakdown, but it was time consuming and inefficient. So as I write this I am cooking up a bunch of healthy meals in anticipation for the week ahead. Iíll get all of the meals in tupperwares in the fridge or freezer, work out the macros in advance and free up the time and headspace that I spent doing everything on the fly for other pursuits. Iím experimenting with some new recipes using the approved ingredients. Last week it was basically chicken and rice ad nauseum. Not only was this pretty dry and boring but I think variety helps in terms of micronutrients too. Of course this program will entail plenty of sacrifices when it comes to eating but there is no need for it to be as bad as it was this week. Iím looking forward to trying out my lean beef chilli and thai spiced chicken in the week ahead. If the recipes work out well Iíll maybe make a video to share them with the rest of the group.

The first week back in the gym was rather humbling - I could only lift a fraction of the weight I used to. This shouldnít have taken me by surprise, but somehow it did. I also made the mistake of looking at my coachíís lifts in the first week in the example tracker which made me feel even weaker. Comparing myself to others (or even to my past self) is something I want to be very cautious about throughout this program. Being aware of how much weaker I am at the moment has been good for motivation and Iím enthusiastic about turning that around, but comparisons in general create a whole host of problems.

Firstly, it begets the temptation to start throwing heavier weights around too soon. Since this is not a strength training program but a bodybuilding program, this can be really counterproductive. The aim of each exercise is to contract the target muscle until exhaustion and thus induce adaptation and hypertrophy. By trying to lift too much we end up losing form and bringing other muscles in to support moving the weight. So the target muscle can actually end up getting worked less. This can be fine if you want to be stronger in sports, but for an aesthetics program like this itís not the aim. Lifting weights that are too heavy too soon also increases the chance of injury which would obviously be a disaster for our training plan.

Of course there has to be a balance here - I want to lift weights that are heavy enough to ensure I am really pushing myself in the workouts. I think Iíve been pretty good about this in the first week, using the warm up sets to predict what Iíll be able to lift and adjusting accordingly depending on whether I fail before or after the required rep range. Typically Iíve been failing just short of the target rep range and so adjusting downwards for the second set. Iíve taken a note of all my lifts so come the second round of workouts Iíll be able to know what I should be shooting to lift right away.

The other problem with these comparisons is that they can make your goal something which is actually outside of your control. In the past I did bodybuilding programs with similar (although not quite as intense) workout and diet requirements. I had significant results and yet I would still feel like I looked like shit. This was because my goal was something along the lines of ďI want to have a physique like Brad Pitt in Fight ClubĒ. That might not seem like such a bad goal on the surface, and I really hope that some of the other Rockstars are able to achieve that if thatís what they want, but the fact is that for me itís just not possible. Everybody has their unique genetic quirks and one of mine is a mild deformity that means Iíll never be able to look quite like that. When I inevitably failed I felt miserable and eventually ended up losing motivation to go to the gym at all.

So in this first week I want to set my main intentions for the program. My goal at the end isnít to be able to lift a certain amount, have lost a certain % of fat or put on a certain number of pounds of muscle. My goal is simply to give the program my absolute best effort. If I can look back in 12 weeks and feel like I achieved that, then Iím sure that numerous the benefits will come as a consequence. And most importantly, the goal of doing my best is very much within my control.

Shiu Ming J
05-02-2018, 12:58 AM
Week 1 - Sunday April 29th, 2018 - My Transformation Continues. Speed Bumps Detected.

*** Summon the courage to be brave, break through and attack life. ***

I guess I did not think it would be this tough for me to write a simple journal entry to summarize this week. Instead, I haven’t been able to write more than a whole paragraph until this morning. Somehow, in my mind, I had turned this little rabbit of a task into some big giant monster to tackle and subdue. It became something of a mountain for me to climb, because it is something that I have a stake in, a timeline and consequences.

That is the greatest challenge for all of us. Especially for me. I have realized that at some point in my life I had started to turn simple things into something way way way bigger than it actually was. It inhibited my growth. It created challenges and obstacles where none existed or would have been easy to overcome. I became my worst enemy. With the completion of Week 1, I am grateful to be on this journey with you, my brothers, and take this as an opportunity to recognize a key and critical point for the road ahead:

Fear not the challenge. Fear only the hell we create for ourselves. Summon the courage to be brave, break through and attack life. Remember fear is really False Evidence Appearing Real (F.E.A.R.).

*** Week 1 - The Good. The Bad. The Ugly. ***

I am so grateful to be on this program, to have all the great support from my fitness mentor(s) and our crew via Messenger/ WhatsApp. Officially, our Brothers in the Trenches.



Fitness has been one of the key spotlights of the program for me. When I was exploring Project Rockstar at the beginning of the year, I was already doing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) at home and going to the gym on a regular basis. I have been working out for years but had little results. I realized as I increase my commitment and set better boundaries. I got more results. This happened over the past 18 months where there were several points where I have done this and I saw improvements in my physical condition.

Like I said when I applied to Project Rockstar, it has already changed my life even before being in the program. I read the blogs and articles of the program from the past years and realized they were doing the Kris Gethin 12 week program. Therefore, once I committed to applying to Project Rockstar, I committed to up my game in fitness by selected Kris Gethin’s 4 Weeks 2 Shred program while replacing routine of West Coast for Skinny Bastards (WC4SB) and HIIT.
While I had lost probably lost a good 20 pounds over the years since I committed to health and fitness. At my highest, I weighed nearly 200 pounds on my 5’ 6.5” frame. My friend in front of his kid called me “Uncle Cubby”. I was in the 170s at the beginning of this year. At the end of February, prior to the 4Weeks2Shred program, I weighted 161 lbs at 15.8% body fat. I never thought I would ever see 150s in my lifetime. At the completion of 4Weeks2Shred, I reached 150 lbs at 13% body fat. Yes, the body fat monitors at the gym could be wonky, but I had noticeable improvements in physique and energy level.

It was AWESOME! I committed to 4 weeks because it helped me tackle multiple goals at once. It was something that felt “Within Reach”, just 4 weeks, that it didn’t seems like a major mountain to climb and I can use whatever results I get to help provide more moment onto the Project Rockstar fitness program as well as give me a small win in the bag. The plus side of being in this 12 Week program, Kris Gethin’s Daily Trainer is that it only required two daily 20 minutes cardio session. Where as, when I was on Kris Gethin’s 4 Weeks 2 Shred, I was doing two daily cardio session that would escalate from 40 minutes to 55 minutes in the last week of the training. So I get some time back.


I started eating healthy, what I thought was healthy, years ago with most of the improvements over this year. I ate salads daily and small portions of healthy foods. My two main challenges were that the protein that I ate was mainly lunch meat (turkey) and I have a habit of snacking on party mixes, chocolate and other treats. On most days, they were really just a small (half cup) treats for myself. On some days, I wouldn’t be able to control myself and I would have a couple more portions.

Once I started Gethin, the 4 Weeks program, it opened my eyes to what it really takes to get real physical results. I was eating pretty much the same foods we are all eating today as part of the 12 Week Trainer program but I was only eating about 1,600 to 1,700 calories on a daily basis. Either way, I am grateful that I started the 4 Weeks 2 Shred program because it give me real results and helped establish much of the healthy habits we are working on in this program.



While I am glad that I started on the 4 Weeks Gethin program, I had to make some major adjustments to fully transition to the 12 Week program. There was about a 3 weeks gaps between when I completed the 4 Weeks program to when I would start on the 12 Weeks program, I noticed my discipline slip in some areas mainly the nutrition. I gave myself an opportunity to eat some of the snacks that I couldn’t while on the 4 weeks and there was also a business trip involved. Long story short, I put back on a few pounds and my workout routines were at 90 to 95% capacity. From a fitness side, still very very good compare to where I was. Once I realized that I can be so much more, when it came to fitness, it definitely helped increased my engagement once I started the 12 Weeks program. All rainbow and sunshine right? WRONG.

The difficulty came when I realized what being a “Hard Gainer” means. I had to eat 2,000 more calories than I was regularly eating. I have to keep track of macros and make sure to eat the full ~3,500 calories every day. If you miss a meal, you have to make it up later. Since I had to keep track of the calories and macros, the meal prepping system that I had set up for the 4Weeks2Shred program had to be changed dramatically. I had to realize that I had to make more food!!! It would be harder to track if I want variety in my meals. Oh I have to ask for permission on what I can and can not eat. Oh, I can’t have any treats at all. Even on the 4 Weeks program, I would still get my couple bits of dark chocolate and just a portion of banana bread. Nope. My small pleasures taken away :-(.

On the 4 Weeks, I would just set my alarm to specific hours of the day to eat. I was not strict on the measurements and mostly just eyeballed the portions. If I missed a meal, it is ok. Just as long as I eat something. These were some of my major adjustments. Glad to say, I am adjusted and is looking forward to the results of the 12 weeks program.



Do you know the feeling that you get when you drive up to the gym, the parking lot is dark and empty and you come to the realization that today is Sunday and your gym closes early on Sundays. On yeah it happened. It was a major oversight on my part where I was in negative mental state since I woke up at 1pm and most of the day until a funny thing happened with the kitty which got me moving and I did my 1st cardio session at home around 5pm. Somehow in my mind, I thought it was like every other day and the gym will be open until 11pm. BIG MISTAKE. Good thing I was still able to complete my cardios.

I texted Gordon and our fitness WhatsApp group shortly after this realization. I felt horrible for letting him down and letting my other brothers down. By the way, I am so proud of you Peter. It seems like you had the same realization, caught it early and was able to find a creative way to get into a 24 hour fitness facility for at least a day. Way to go brother!!

Long story short. I am glady making up the Day 7 session this morning. Probably right now as you are reading this lovely admittance of failure. Oh yeah, that also means, I will be at the gym tonight at 9pm to close out my day 8 weights. I am totally fine with that as I do feel an abundance of energy as I get more fit. I know that my most formidable challenge remain the ones in my mind. I know I will continue to grow stronger with your guy’s help.

*** Closing - Week 1 ***


Hopefully you found my journal relatable and funny at times. We are in this together.

I had originally penciled in this section as the starting framework for this week’s entry. I guess you will have to wait until next week for me to expand a little further on this section. These are the same whys I committed to when I applied and remain the same whys I continue to commit to day in and day out. For now I leave you with this snippet in hope that you do not ever lose sight of what “the end” means for you during these 12 weeks then the 9 weeks of Rockstar and then the weeks, months and years afterwards...

As I continued on my life-long journey of growth, learning, doing and living a truly abundant lifestyle, with Project Rockstar as a major propeller on that journey, I want to maintain absolutely focus, dedication and obsession to what I want to achieve, why I signed up for this program and what gave me the courage to choose to pursue an abundant lifestyle in the first place.

My “Why” and the Road Ahead
* To enhance my abundance mindset so I can be, do and learn more
* To never stop expanding my horizons and recognizing new opportunities (“When the student is ready. The teacher will appear.”)
* To have in my life an abundance of women that I find interesting (An “abundance of women” mentality, where who I am comes out effortlessly and genuinely as “My life is in focus… I have lots of fun with great friends… I am also successful with beautiful women.”)
* To make Project Rockstar a part of my life now and every single day
* To stay committed to health, vitality and fitness for LIFE
* To work my ass off before, during and after Project Rockstar
* To stay engaged and remain supportive before, during and after Project Rockstar

Best of luck to everyone on the program as well as those following our journeys on this forum. Let me tell you. I was sitting exactly where you are 4 months ago. I did not even considered joining Project Rockstar when I attended Super Conference in September 2017. Here I am now. In the "Trenches" with my brothers. Every single day.

Key Lesson of the Week 1 ~ DISCIPLINE ~ "How you treat your fitness is how you will treat the Project Rockstar program." ~ G (My Fitness Mentor)

My Mantra ~ "Dare and Do Greatly. Always @ Play. Live Abundantly. Always Striving." ~

Edmund A
05-06-2018, 01:10 AM
Sunday the 30/04/2018 (this is posted late cause we didn't have access earlier).

Well week 1 is up and I’ve learnt a lot about myself, especially my mindset & how I am motivated.

I am a gainer, starting from around 72kg with a personal goal of getting above 80kg (since I’ve never done that before) then focusing on being ripped/shredded. Given I am a gainer, I’ve had to consume 3,700 calories daily, which by my regular standards is insane.

So let’s start with the nutrition side of things. I am so over chicken breast already (and food in general). I normally love eating and am known by my friends to eat the most. But now it feels different, now it’s a struggle, now I have to convince myself to finish my food. It’s SO MUCH slower too.

This week has been hard. There have been so many changes to my life, that it caused a lot of chaos early on and I’m only now starting to come to grips with it. For example, the sheer quantity of meals required I've never dealt with before. So meal prep is a major part of my week and yeah, I’ve never cleaned up so much in my whole life either! This one week alone, is probably a years’ worth of washing up.

Probably the worst thing though, is that with this diet, I can’t stand the smell of my own farts now. After about day 4, they became insufferable. I prayed they would go away or return to normal, but as of day 7, they are still violent & room clearing. This has never happened before.

Another huge challenge is the amount of time the fitness program takes up, in terms of cooking and cleaning, but also training itself. It’s a minimum 40 mins a day just for cardio! And since I am not a gym person at all, almost all of the exercise are foreign to me. So I’m spending some time on YouTube & in Gethin’s library.

So yes, it’s challenging, time consuming, VERY NEW to me, I’m out of my comfort zone and I’m having to adapt very quickly. Given all of that though, I am loving it. Let me explain.

I love the growth. I love that I am changing who I am. Because I’m dealing with so many things I haven’t dealt with before, I have to create who I am! For example, I’ve never been a gym person and I don’t really like the idea of it (I am a functional training type of guy, BJJ, MMA, Movement, Calisthenics etc.) but I’ve decided to think about this is all as an exciting experiment, to see what “gym life” is all about & what can be achieved, and then I’ll truly know its pros and cons.

I am really embracing what I’ve been hearing from the PR Crew, that this is an important part of mentally preparing yourself for the 9 weeks together. That’s what is exciting to me, much more than the body I’m going to get at the end. I am LOVING the mental aspect of this.

I would never do something like this fitness program (just because it’s not really my style of training), but I am doing it, and doing it 100% because I trust in the PR team & how it will add to my journey of personal development. What I find fascinating is how dedicated I am because of the positive peer group pressure. I love that.

It’s allowed me to block out all the dumb shit and make my decisions clear. I don’t get tempted by “other food”, because I just know it’s not an option, I won’t let the team down. I don’t think about skipping exercises or not giving my all, because it’s not an option. I won’t be that guy who gets to Vegas and clearly didn’t put the work in, who didn’t grind through what everyone else had to. It’s a shared experience and shapes you, I’d be so disappointed if someone else didn’t play full out with the fitness program.

Continuing with the concept of decision clarity, instead of now thinking: oh should I have the “chocolate” or not? It’s more: I can’t have the chocolate, and why is that a good thing? Which forces me to keep my eye on the prize. I say to myself, I want to be that guy who can say: I didn’t have a single cheat meal. I have no major cravings for other food, because it’s just not part of my realm of possibilities. That’s a new feeling for me and I’ve loved discovering it.

It’s powerful to me, to see what is possible with myself. Now I understand how to be perfectly disciplined with my food & training. They’ve become a MUST. I’ve tried to diet in the past before, but I’ve never had a strong reason or “why” like this, and I can see now why that was the problem.

My mentor has been fantastic, I really love his guidance & especially his motivation. I don’t like running and I don’t do it, but I started running to the gym (takes 10 mins) so that I could save time by not driving (i.e. eat into my 20mins of cardio!). I hated it for the first 2 days and really struggled to not have breaks. But my mentor said some stuff about when you’re exhausted, your muscles are only at 25% capacity, so it’s just a mental fight. I agreed & took that on board. Then when I ran the next day I believed that I could it without so much drama and it became true. So now he’s helped me build an early belief that I can finish the run without stopping (even though I still want to stop, I don’t!)

The time doing cardio has really helped me with my business & life in general. Because it makes me all hot and sweaty…. Hahaha, but seriously it allowed me to get into a “peak state” - where I feel almost invincible. I think it’s really important to get there at least once a day. Then when I think about my challenges with my business, I feel much better & more certain about smashing them, and I burn into myself a belief that I can do this.

Overall for me this isn’t so much about the body I’ll achieve, but more of doing the process and battling with my mind to do the hard work that we are all doing so that I am prepared for the trials of Vegas & Stockholm.

I’m very excited to create myself. To learn & create how I will stay motivated, disciplined, what I’ll do when it gets really tough. For example, on the first day I already had a cold from the weekend, and I was like, great wtf do I do? Do I rest? Do I just hit it? What!?! And I decided, well there’s no way I’m going to miss the first day, if I get worse, then I’ll rest. But what happened was, I had a mad session and the cold was virtually gone the next day! I’m sure all the supplements I smashed helped. But even from this, I had to create who I am, I had to make a decision. And this whole week has been like that.

I’m loving all this because it motivates me for all aspects of my life, because I am constantly asking myself why am I doing this shit? And in order to keep going, well I need to answer it! And when I do, I feel good. I get re-focused on the prize of the 9 weeks away! I focus on why did I sign up to this program - to become a better person.

Edmund A
05-06-2018, 01:11 AM
Sunday the 06/05/2018
It’s the end of week 2 now, and the highlight would be the first call I had with my mentor. Definitely not almost vomiting haha.

I’ve decided to write these blog posts more for the purpose of myself re-reading them sometime in the future. And being able to see my growth. So I’m going to talk more about my current mindset & emotions etc, so that in 4 months or 5 years I can look back and truly see my growth.

Let’s start with the highlight. Damn, so the first call with my mentor was awesome, we just talked about standard stuff like how’s it all going? Do you feel ok etc. Which was great and he asked me if I had any questions, and of course I did. I love question time! Then I expressed to him that, as he knows, this is quite hard and I would love to hear a story about the Vegas / Swedish part of PR trip so that I could have something to visualise, work towards and be motivated by. He happily obliged and proceeded to tell me a WONDERFUL story in all the detail that I loved. I haven’t stopped thinking about it all week. I left that call so motivated, so pumped, so filled with energy and certain about why the fuck I am doing all this. I love how much in common I have with my mentor, similar backgrounds and limiting beliefs (well not for him anymore!!! Haha) etc. So I can’t wait for our next session, cause he said he’ll give me a story every week. What a champion!

So the story he told me, involved a hot blonde, my FAVOURITE. I’ve been thinking about that story every day and have added it to my ‘daily readings’. I think about it when I’m in the gym. I think about it when I’m failing on my last reps, about how I am going to look & feel in Vegas and then consequently all the rewards I will get. It’s so much better when I have a clear picture to visualise, a clear scenario, a vivid scene. It pulls me forward.

I feel so excited about Vegas… I feel like everything is going to change in my life and mainly my head after those 9 weeks. I don’t mind being only focused on my businesses and fitness right now because I’d rather go for girls after PR and I know it will just be legendary. My understanding will be at a new level. I’m so curious to see how I will talk differently to all the girls around me now, my social circles & training etc. I wonder if I’ll be able to look back to now and remember how I used to be. Like how I was at my business partners’ 28th last weekend. How will I be at his next event? With those people? With those girls? Will they notice anything different about me?

Something my mentor said I should do is meditate. I keep putting it off and/or forgetting about it. This week I’m going to start at 3 mins a day with headspace & build up that number and momentum coming into PRS. Future me, I hope you’re happier now that I started doing this this week haha.

Something else I’ve started contemplating knowing PR is going to be life changing, I’ve really started to question my “personal legend” (a concept from the sick book called “The Alchemist”). What do I really want to be doing? How does my business, house, car, relationships, location, peer group and all of it feed into my personal legend? The way it is right now doesn’t feel completely right. And I really suspect that this whole journey, including this 12 weeks and the 9 weeks together is really going to give me clarity. But right now when I think about all the possible scenarios I am thoroughly confused and laced with worry & stress. When I read back on this, I wonder where I’ll actually be haha. I mostly like to live by: everything will be ok in the end, and if it isn’t, than it isn’t the end yet. But that’s easier said than done. And right now, I can tell you I don’t know how it’s going to all work out – but it has too, it always does, I’ll find a way… and i wonder what it will be. So exciting (but more nerve wracking now haha).

It surprises me a little that Ab Ripper X is not getting easier… not sure why. I have a pretty good set of abs/core but this is still so fucked. This week was the first time I did 50 of those mason twists, the very last exercise. I always do that now, but god it’s such a head fuck. I find the whole Ab Ripper X thing to be such a mental game. I’m constantly trying to push myself and not give up out of mild discomfort, but only cause my body is breaking. I look forward to the cutting part, cause I feel like all this ab ripper x effort is being hidden by the layers of fat I’m putting on haha.

However, looking at my photos from today compared to 2 weeks ago, my “V” is actually more defined, so that’s cool (and no, not V for vagina, but the other V haha). Great to see some results.

On that note, since starting, I’ve put on 4.4 kg which I’m proud of. This is a cool little science experiment. I feel like I’m getting bigger too, yes in a fatty way, but i mean in a good way too, so that’s nice. I really wonder how this is all going to affect my Calisthenics training. I’m still practicing handstands everyday at the gym, cause I don’t want to lose them. But im hoping I do get some actual strength gains so I can do more pull ups, handstand push ups etc. We’ll see.

Oh today was the super set leg day. That was fully retarded. I’ve never been so emotional in a gym before. I went through a rollercoaster of emotions. I was like in a peak state crushing it, then I was beating myself about how shit I am, then I was like flatout exhausted and just lying on a wall thinking I was going to die or passout at any minute. It was an incredible journey. One I do not look forward too. I learnt very quickly not to hold my breath while doing 50 hack squats and also NOT to push up with my neck, cause when I got off, omfg, I thought I was malfunctioning as a human. Luckily, after 5 mins I survived and returned to a steady functioning state. Alleluia.

The food quantity is more comfortable now and into routine. I’ve got some flow but some days are just totally fucked, im not sure why.

At least once a day i get a really sick feeling, like im going to throw up, and it’s always just before i make the decision to eat another meal. My body is telling me: “dude you definitely don't need another meal”. Logically i agree, but then i just move forward toward the fridge anyway hahaha. Since I am naturally competitive, I just think of all the other PR Crew and i just do it. Nike style. That’s why im so goddamn excited about when we’re all together, cause i am going to go CRAZY with execution. I will be at the head of the pack if not the number 1 executor (if you are reading this & want to challenge me, let’s do it!!!!)

Today was actually the worst for food. I was eating my eggs, which I don’t like haha. But I was doing it anyway, and I wasn’t even halfway and I was so full. Then a piece of scrambled egg got caught in my throat and I started coughing but with dry retching cause I was choking so bad. So I ran to the toilet and for 5 mins I just sat next to it, wondering if this next cough/dry reach was going to be spew. So close… but nothing come out. Thank Chango! But it was gross, disgusting, unpleasant and made me wonder wtf am I doing.

Anyway, life goes on and so will this week.

Good luck to me and good luck to all my PR mates. Boom!

Axel E
05-06-2018, 05:56 AM
Week 2
2 May 2018

I have to say I feel amazing. The cold is almost over, even though he desperately holds on as hard as I can with a stuffy nose and a dry throat, but who cares. I need a reason to drink more water anyways. I’m seriously pumped! Today was one of those days you just wake up full of pure joy and happiness. The same happened this monday, I was just enjoying the fact that I’m alive in this world without any notable struggles in life. In fact i’m far from the struggles that big parts of the planet suffer from daily. I got a roof over my head and plenty of food in my stomach. Sometimes you just have to pause and reflect over that fact. The fact that my struggle in the world is that I want to become a better person rather than survival is insane!

I’ve had some struggles this week though, mainly with the payment getting stuck somewhere in the world, but I’ve been on the phone with my bank representative this morning and hopefully we got it sorted. I sure hope so. I also have an old lumbago haunting me a bit depending on my posture. It reminds me of its existence in the morning specifically before the the body starts moving. Time to pick up them old stretches and exercises again…

Today I have an amazing shoulder workout to look forward to. I’m almost afraid to say so but strength training pretty easy so far. I’m a pretty strong dude and building muscle and strength haven't really been any problem for me in the past. What I fear is the cardio! Even though my body type is great at building strength and muscle, there is one thing it's even better at, and thats building and keeping fat! Some people have the ability to eat 3 pizzas in a day without blinking, while all I have to do is look at a donut the wrong way and I gain 5lbs. Maybe it was the wrong donut to wrongly look at, I don't know.

Point being, my struggle is in the energy in/energy out area. I’ve gotten pretty decent at limiting the energy in part and now it's all about maximizing that energy out, which means a lot of horrible cardio. But it is what it is. I’m here to get it done, and that's what I will do. Always remember WWBD - What Would Blake Do. Or WWBTMTD - What Would Blake Tell Me To Do. Whatever the answer is, that's what you do. Motto for life guys, it will change your life.

I’m going to get some nutrition in the system before going to the gym so stay tuned. Sme time same channel!

Complimentary: It's funny how some workouts looks absolutely horrible before you get to the gym, but feels amazing while doing them, while other workouts are exactly the opposite. Today was the later. The shoulder workout completely destroyed me. Luckily tomorrow's workout is just calves, so that's almost a rest day! Or will today's experience repeat itself?
3 May 2018

So funny story, this night I had a dream where I was eating pizza. Like most dreams nothing made sense, from my location to the people in the dream. And I admit, most of the dream is very blurry, except from the fact that I showed more than one slice of pizza down my throat. And I felt horrible doing it! Funny thing is, I felt even worse when I woke up! I was full of so much guilt, and I haven't even touched a pizza… Now I don't know what to expect. Was this a bad omen? Is the fat craving sugar monster inside of me finally waking up from its slumber to torture me? Or was this more like A Christmas Carol? Did I just meet with the Ghost of Pizza Past to learn not to eat pizza? I’m going to pick the later.

I woke up really early today, which is nice because I’m going to move one of my bigger meals before workout. Usually I have just woken up, had my 3 boiled eggs and then pretty much gone straight to the gym. But on my mentors recommendation I’m moving one meal up before workout, and to make this happen I need to buy myself more time, ergo wake up early. Well, not really that early, more like 8-9am. So waking up at 7.30 today was a good start and a nice surprise. It’s also nice to spread out the meals a bit, balance them out a bit.

I’m also going to increase my level of cardio. Might even throw in a third session a la 20 min every day just to burn of that extra bit of calories. Today's workout is calves! Remember, you don't want to be that guy that skips leg day!
4 May 2018

Today is friday and today is also a rant day. We’re almost finished with week 2, which means only 10 more weeks to go of the fitness program. This would be awesome news if it wasn't for the fact that I still don't really see the kind of results I was hoping for. Generally this wouldn't really mess with my mojo either, but it does today. If it wasn’t for the circumstances I would just shrug it off, but now there are multiple factors that puts me off. The major one is the fact that I’m doing everything I’m supposed to. I’m eating right, I’m pushing myself at the gym, I’m implementing what my mentor tells me yet still my progress doesn't seem to care. The closest I’ve come to cheating is dreaming about pizza. Not only did I wake up full of guilt, I felt bad in my dream while doing it! This is for sure a new kind of nightmare for me, in fact this was probably called a good dream a couple of weeks ago.


So, I wrote this early this morning. Some mornings you just wake up feeling inadequate, like you’re not good enough no matter how hard you work. And some of these day you're lucky enough to have the universe prove you wrong. Today was one of those days. After having a bit of a writers block after this morning's entry I decided to put it aside and get on with my day which as every day means going to the gym and pushing myself, today it was back & biceps. Now I know I say I like a lot of muscle groups and I do, however back specifically is by far my favorite. And not only did I get to work my back today, I got to do deadlifts. Or romanian deadlifts more specific but i take it! Nothing puts me in a better mode! I’ve been floating on clouds the rest of the day pretty much. Aside from that I decided to take a look at my smart scales app, and realised that I do actually have a trend going on. It's not huge but it’s something, and that's pretty much all I needed. Just something telling me you're on the right track, just keep at it.

Sometimes we have to enjoy the little things to keep us sane until the big things arrive and depending on who you ask the little things are all that matter… But then again, isn't the big things just a series of little ones? All I know is that I’ll keep pushing myself for as long as it takes. It's okay to feel bad, it's okay to not feel like you're enough, as long as you don’t let it control you and as long as you keep pushing. Pain is temporary, always.

Also, happy international Star Wars day and May the 4th be with you.

5 May 2018

Today has been a relatively relaxed day. Since its a rest day from the 12 week program we “only” have to do our ab workout and plus 40 min cardio. Considering a normal workout can take anywhere between 2-3 hours, one and a half hours workout in total isnt that bad. Besides ab training today it's also been cooking day for me. I try to cook every third day or so, its slightly less efficient I think but I enjoy cooking and I like my food as fresh as possible so it works great for me. It also gives me a chance to tweak my nutritional intake a bit more. Generally when you cook you end up with a bunch of boxes with pretty much the exact same content +/- a few grams so if you're off on something you either have to wait it out or throw away food. Depending on what it is throwing food might not be the worst idea, I had to throw out half my rice this week because I realised it was way to much carbs in my boxes.

But if you only cook for three days, you don't have to waste as much food (Think of the environment!) and you don’t have to wait as long to get started on the new batch. But I can totally see why you would prepare food for the entire week in one sitting, I mean it's just some easy and comfortable to throw another box in the microwave. I mean I get the same experience but i shorter bursts. New for this week when it comes to my food is that I switched out the brown rice for beans instead. What's great about beans is they are generally pretty high in protein and pretty low in carbs and fat, even though they are mostly carbs. If you don't look at soybeans which is pretty much as much protein as carbs. That's pretty amazing. The reason for the switch is basically you can eat more of them, so you get fuller and stay full longer. This is good.

I’ve had a bit of sugar craving today. Mostly when I was in the store buying more chicken as always, walking past the pastries and the sweets and most importantly the bread and the cheese. I didn't have a breakdown or anything, I’m a grown man after all but I definitely wanted to you know… stay and talk to them a bit. But it is what it is and as the mantra goes “This too shall pass”, and it pretty much did as soon as I passed. I've reached a point where a part of me still believes this will get worse (and it probably will) but another part of me calmly says that I made it through two weeks without sugar so everything should be fine (which it probably will as well) I did take the liberty to add a itzy bitzy bit of olive oil in my cooking though! I need the calories and I got my fat intake pretty good under control now anyway so it won't hurt. Just add that sweet sweet of good old extra virgin olive oil. This sure is a happy day.

6 May 2018

Dear Rockstar journal,

Today started out slow and has pretty much moved pretty slow. Almost like what I imagine swimming in honey would be like, everything has just been taking a bit longer, and a bit more effort. My ego took some damage on the cardio today. I mean it always take some damage on the cardio but it definitely felt worse today. I’m usually pretty good at pushing my limits, not giving up on the first sight of discomfort but today was different. Because of history with shin splints in the past I’m a bit scared of running to hard so I do most of my cardio on the elliptical since its relatively close to running in movement but easier on the body. And you usually get into a flow after a couple of minutes. But today even my rest intervals felt very heavy. I was completely soaked of sweat when I left the gym. It's not like I’m not sweating at the gym, I do all the time and I don't have any problems with it, in fact I think it's a nice reminder that you pushed yourself, but today it was a whole new level of sweating!

I believe one of the reasons everything just felt so much heavier today might be that this day has been a bit forced. My gym closes at 3pm on sundays so pretty much threw myself in the car as soon as I was done with breakfast, not giving my body the time to settle down a bit. On top of that I rushed my PWO shake so I was quite full when I started the first cardio session. I know this to be a problem but in cases like this you have to muscle through it. A missed workout is pretty much a red card and I’m not willing to get that for a bit of discomfort. One of the guys shared some wisdom in his video blog today that really stuck and what he said was “Every day we either suffer from discipline or we suffer from regret” and in the end it's really up to you what kind of suffering you want to do. Suffering from discipline is temporary suffering for long term happiness, while suffering from regret is temporary happiness for long term suffering. Or as Shakespeare put it:

“A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once. It seems to me most strange that men should fear, seeing that death, a necessary end, will come when it will come.”
All in all I’m really happy to be on this journey. Just to know what you are capable of achieving in a short term of time if you just put the hours in is worth pure gold, and I’m really looking forward to see where that line will be.I’m sure we’re all going to reach that line many times over the next couple of months, and every time we’ll learn that that's not really the limit at all, that we are capable of so much more than we think we are. But for now, my entire focus is on pushing it through week 3! Until next time champions.

Sharod J
05-06-2018, 09:37 PM
Week 1 Blog,

April 20th, 2018 6:31 am

Today is going to be a scary day for me. I’m going into the office today to blow my life up. Or at least that what it feels like is going to happen. After an initial discussion with my supervisor, I left with the impression that me doing Rockstar would not be supported by my supervisor or the company, and I will find out in a few hours. Because of his initial reaction, I hid and went back to my place. I am NICE GUY. I don’t rock the boat. I don’t decide what I want for myself do it. Doing this will be the first step in my transformation!!!!
I have been hiding and not telling people about my plan to do Rockstar. And that will have to end today. Keeping a secret like this is tearing me up inside.

Anyway, I am off to the office right now! More to come on how this goes!!!

April 21st, 2018

Yesterday was a truly exhausting day. I went through with telling my supervisor I was doing the program. He pushed back and said he wouldn’t support it. I essentially said, “So be it.” I would resign if I weren't given the time off. Potentially quitting my job must be the craziest thing I have ever done. I am walking away from the safe, comfortable life I have created for myself. I am writing about this the next morning. And I can say that I feel a bit of freedom this morning!

April 23rd 11:17 PM

So the request for time off is going to HR. I also told a close work friend that I am doing this program. I still have some people I need to tell. I will make it a point to let them know this weekend. The biggest is my CrossFit gym. I don’t think I can continue to do CrossFit and this program together without overtraining. It was frustrating as I finished the first workout. Usually, I would be there. A part of me wants to hold onto everything the way it was. I may look for a way to go on my off days. I will have to see how the workouts go!

I believe the appetite suppressants are working. I could barely finish my lunch today. It was either the suppressants or anxiety. I will go with the supplements. But I haven’t eaten this little and not been starving since my breakup. I am a bit worried that cutting to 2000 calories is not enough as my last RMR was set 2500 calories. So dropping to 2000 is def aggressive for me. I will also have to work on my recipes. Fuck is my chicken dry. For my wed meal I will mix it up. I will likely do that going forward.

April 30th 11:05pm
So those are some of the snippets of my first week. It has pretty much been non-stop since Monday morning. That is mainly my fault. I didn’t finish my meal prep for that Sunday, so I had to wake up early that morning to finish. I am not making that mistake again just finished a couple of days tonight. After completing the first week, I see that this is manageable, but it won’t be easy. And it will take getting in and creating a new routine.
After this evenings cooking session, my goal is to find a way to survive eating 11 more weeks of chicken breast. My stomach was queasy typing the word “chick breast.” I have been looking for clean chicken slow cooker recipes. I found a chicken taco recipe that I may have to try. I can’t imagine what the gainers are going. It is surprising how much food you can eat when it is healthy like this. This is something I hope to take away from the program. And this diet seems to work. I have wanted to get my weight back in the 220s for a few years now. A week of the transformation program and that is complete.
I didn't realize how much food/alcohol is part of my social life until this first weekend. I had to turn down multiple invitations to "Grab food" or "Come have a drink!". But I am dedicated to the diet. I will have to find other ways to be social. Gethin is hardcore in his video’s and like his rationale for not taking a day off from your diet. I will do it for the next 12 weeks. But if I adapted something like this long term I would have to do cheat/meals. This is intense!

Not Going Out This Weekend:
I didn’t go out at all this weekend. Part of it was making sure I managed all that I had to do. This was a busy week by both Friday night I just wanted to sleep. Heck, I want to sleep now as I finish up this blog post. But it was good to take a step back from it all. It had become a cycle of Friday/Sat night go out to the bars. And it had become a rut for me. And to begin exploring other interest.

The Fitness Program:
It felt like I could see changes in my body from day one on this program. I wake up every morning to see what is new. I didn’t expect to see tangible results from the workouts this quick, but it is exciting. And while I was resistant to giving up CrossFit. I can’t deny that my body has responded to the changes this Fitness Program has introduced.

Focus for Next Week:
- Do better on the Macros
- Focus on hitting calorie count
- Possibly try switching gym to AM

Sharod J
05-06-2018, 09:39 PM
Week 2 Blog

April 30th, 2018

Already felt behind the gun this morning. Stayed up late to post my blog and vlog from week one on Sunday Night. Because of that, I slept in this morning. I had developed a morning routine that worked for me before starting Rockstar. I would wake up hydrate, stretch and do meditate. That is out the window for now. I will need to readjust to get everything complete. But I am not worried too much. I will figure it out.

I got a compliment that I am looking thinner after this morning. I really never would have expected to see a change so quickly. It really helps to motivate from day to day. I hope the changes are this evident during Rockstar when we get there. But it is work and didn’t happen by chance. I wouldn’t have made these changes and been as strict with myself without this program I am appreciative of that.

Feeling On Energy:
Not tired today but feeling as I don’t have the same energy level. This week I will find options to get more veggies in my diet.

Food Experiment:
Trying to break my eating down into more meals. Making two smaller lunches at work and then will do one at dinner. I hope this will help with my chicken fatigue during the day. It seems to have worked as

May 2nd, 2018

So far this week has been about acceptance, patience and experimentation. The acceptance and patience started earlier in the week. I found myself accepting the fact that fitness and nutrient will become your life on this program. No other option. There is no need to get frustrated and fight against it. Just accept it! I found doing this has helped me adapt and look for ways this can be a good thing.
Part of the acceptance was dealing with my new gym. The time I go to the gym is too crowded. So often I have to wait for the machine that I need/want to use. Waiting is such a pain with the length of our workouts. I found this annoying during the first week. But after I accepted this is how it is. I was able to practice some patience and be productive during this time. For instance, I began using the time waiting to enter notes on my workout. Or to review the lift I was about to do again. In the end it not the end of the world.
Currently experimenting with my foods and schedule to find the best one that will work the rest of the program. I tried a couple of crockpot chicken recipes. I will continue to keep this in the arsenal as it gives you an easy change up on the chicken.

So far I see satisfying results from the fitness and nutrition. I have lost 8 pounds since starting a week and a half ago, and I have dropped to a weight I have meant to get to for a few years now. I am happy with the results, but it made me think to myself. “What the fuck, have you been doing all this time!?”. It is easy in your day to day life for one to feel they are doing something to an acceptable level. I accepted the fact that 230+ lbs is a good weight for me. I was healthy, and all of my health numbers fell in acceptable ranges. But this program is showing me that maybe I should have been aiming for more.
Rockstar puts all of the elements in place for me to succeed. It has the support and accountability that makes doing all this not seem so bad. The changes that I have to make in my lifestyle such as cooking more, cutting down on added sugar and dairy are all things that I can do in the long term.

May 6th, 2016

So it’s the end of week 2. I have to say that while this fitness program is not easy, I am beginning to enjoy it. I am still doing waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more dishes and cleaning than an ever done before. But I am getting better at managing things. The first week of the program my apartment was a disaster, but this week things have been better. I am finding that extra pressure on my time is forcing me to adapt. Finding ways to do things quicker but I am also cutting out things to make sure that I get all this done. One thing I did this week was to get a membership at the company gym. The gym is a great facility that is less crowded. But it takes some extra planning in the morning getting my gym bag ready.

1 Year Old’s bday party
I had my first function with a group of friend’s this weekend. Some friends were having a bday party for their 1-year-old. Not the most ideal way to spend a Cinco Saturday afternoon but I needed to show some love. The party would be the first time I have to turn down, beer, cake and other goodies. It was more of a pain explaining why. But that got better after the first few times. And it ended up being an interesting conversation topic as others discussed things they were trying. I found the increased attention of all. In the end, I stayed strong. No cake. No beer. Lemon water to drink. And I tasted some of the pulled chicken that was present. But didn’t eat much as it likely had a BBQ sauce with added sugar on it.

Trip Coming up this week
This week I have a trip coming up. My nephew is graduating from high school, so I am flying to see it. I am looking forward to the trip. I will get some needed family time this weekend. But I will also have to plan for the trip. While I could find a workout facility where I am going, I will likely adjust the workout schedule. That way I won’t have to worry about going to the gym while out of town. And I can jog and do the exercise videos on the trip. Also figuring out what I will do for my meals. This trip will be another time I will need to turn down, cake and other goodies that will be around. But this can be managed.
Funny thing is a book business class for my flight which is overboard. I won’t be able to utilize any of the perks. None of the food or drinks that is. Oh well. At least I get the leg space!

Once in a lifetime opportunity
I keep thinking to myself that PR is a once in a lifetime opportunity. And I want to get everything out of this program that is possible. And this fitness transformation is the first step towards a better me.

Francesco P
05-07-2018, 07:31 AM
Wow week 1 of the program, the anxiety has officially kicked in for me. Leading up to the first week of the fitness program I was pretty excited and kind of ignorant on how I thought it would be. Normally I work out 3-5 times a week I thought that it would be pretty easy and give me an advantage going into it. Man was I wrong, I absolutely misjudged how difficult the program would be. I struggled this week hard and my body was sore especially in the beginning. If anything this week has provided me with a huge wake up call.

The first day the workout I really enjoyed, I was told to push myself and gain some muscle then I would cut later on. So I wanted to start off right and pave the way for the rest of the program. Following the next day I was really sore for the first time in a while, actually all week I have been sore but after the first day I learned something. For the past year I was totally stagnant with my routine, every time I went into the gym I wasn't pushing myself at all. I was just doing the same routines at a comfortable rate and didn't have a focus to actually improve my body. If anything this past year in the gym I realized I just settled once I lost the fat I gained and just went to the gym to try and keep some routine going. I also kept going at the same weight every week that I went to the gym before the program.

This week made me realize how hard the nutrition aspect was going to be. They said for us gainers that nutrition would be the most difficult but I always malnourished my body so I thought it would be easy to just eat a ton of food all the time. How hard could that be? Again, I was wrong. Although later in the week my body embraces all of the eating more. The first couple of days were hard and I mean really fucking hard. There were points were I was ready to throw up my food and meals because I could not eat another bite. It would take me forever just to eat a single meal and I felt bloated the whole day.

The nonstop eating portion is by far the hardest fitness test I have ever done. I always thought I followed nutritional programs or fitness programs but this made me realize how far off I was with past programs. I was completely malnourishing my body whenever I attempted build muscle based on beliefs from other friends of mine who worked out regularly. It makes a night and day difference actually writing down and measuring all your food before you eat it. Yes it is tedious but I can already tell why it is so important to do.

Whats strange in all of this is I thought I would be pretty tired after the workouts and routines but it has kind of had the opposite effects on me. Yes of course my body is sore however with less time in the day I feel more productive as ever. Not only because of the workouts but also because I have been so on top of cleaning up my house, keeping things clean, running errands that I would usually wait till last minute to do. I have a new sense of energy which is the opposite of what I expected. My body has been less and less sore which could be from the nutrition/supplement aspect of the program. It feels really actually following a program to the T and gaining a new sense of energy from it. Sleep wise I have been trying to give my body at least 8 hours of rest and have had no real issues with that. Some days when I feel my body become really sore I've been giving my body 9 hours of rest to help it recover more.

Some of the challenges I've been facing is finding motivation to workout on weekends because that is when I am the most busy. Because of my work I have conflicting hour with my gym so I had to get another gym membership for weekends that is farther away. I live in a pretty remote area so I don't have a ton of gym options around me. The other challenge is not having time for a social life. I don't have much time to see people or go out which I could see weighing on me down the road but I know focusing on the fitness aspect and giving it 100% will be worth it in the long run. Im really excited to see what my body will look like with just 11 weeks left.

I really thought that the drinking aspect would be a little difficult if I went out. But I don't really care for it and the more this program goes on the more my body has not wanted even the slightest amount of alcohol. I enjoy just drinking straight water and I believe this is the first time in a while where I refuse to drink any type of alcohol which is definitely a benefit for my health.

In all I am extremely excited for this workout program and to see how far as a group we will come.

Francesco P
05-07-2018, 07:32 AM
Week 2:

This week has been more of a mental struggle if anything. So I'm going to start getting real with you guys since project rockstar is all about opening up. There have been external distractions that I have been trying to resolve. I think it definitely has affected my overall mood but I am still forcing myself to put the work into the gym. It just makes me realize that I need to stop thinking of the worst especially with situations I can't control and I hope I work on it more and more throughout the program. Im worried about what if I don't fit in with everyone or dont gain anything out of the program. Some days I wake up and I'm thinking if anyone knew what I was signed up for they would think I was crazy or make fun of me. I told my father partly about it and he told me that I am a sheep and a follower. Did not tell anyone else after that.

A big thing about this bulking diet made me realize that you can still eat a lot of food and won't get over weight. Throughout school my lifting friends were 100% against carbs mostly all of the time. My one buddy was essentially mental about not eating carbs especially during summer season. This definitely affected my overall view on carbs. In the past when I would do an extreme program like this I would completely avoid carbs because my most jacked friend stayed away from carbs. This is not only unhealthy but also I have come to learn that our body needs at least some carbs. This has been a completely false belief that I had. I literally believed and thought that essentially carbs are the devil. I remember how tired and malnourished I felt in past programs simply because of my diet.

I need to start going to the gym first thing in the morning and wake up earlier but that has not been working out. I tend to stay up late and wake up around 730-8 everyday. If I want to work out in the morning I'm going to have to start challenging myself to wake up at 5-6 everyday. I just need to force myself to do it.
I am getting more and more comfortable saying no to going out to eat or making plans with people because I do not have the time. Yes I have a lot more time alone and tend to think about certain things. Which has been both good and bad. I did have the opportunity to go on a date this week but honestly I am so exhausted by the end of the day I don't have the motivation to because I know we are working towards a bigger goal. “Trust the process and stick to the plan” is what I keep telling myself. I know we will have time for all of this and then some down the road. So I'm committing myself to being 100% all in on the fitness side of the program.

On the diet side of things I am extremely happy with how things are going. So far I keep finding creative ways to make chicken taste good and not be sick of it. I have been craving these homemade chipotle bowls so much. The only downside to all this eating is my kitchen has been a disaster it seems like. No matter how much I clean I feel like the next day it goes right back to where it was before since I am constantly eating food. I just hope I don't start to crave weird junk foods that I usually never eat anyway but want even more knowing I definitely can't have it. The only food I miss are pasta, pizza and chicken parm.
Workout wise I really enjoy the program so far. Some days are more of a struggle than others but I can feel the results. The hardest day was by far today. The workout didn't have that many things to do but man did it kick your ass. I was sweating my ass off today and my legs have never had to push themselves as hard as today. I can't wait to not be able to walk tomorrow because I know for a fact my legs are going to be hurting tomorrow. Not to mention the ab workout just as intense which was yesterday. Tomorrow is going to be a rough day.

The support from the group as a whole has been way beyond what I expected. All of us have been pushing one another and supporting each other throughout the program and motivating each other. This is just a glimpse of the people that will be around me in 10 weeks and I already cannot wait to meet everyone. Week 2 is now officially done and we are 1 week closer to Vegas.

Shiu Ming J
05-07-2018, 09:51 PM
Week 2 - Sunday May 6th, 2018 - Habit of Journaling. Reflection on Health Journey.

*** Journaling and Self Discovery ***

I started journaling last year. I guess I am still struggle to make a core habit. Sometimes I treat the space as my “To Do” list while other times I treat it as an “Idea Pad”, a place to put various thoughts, ideas and observations that come into my mind during the day. I realized that it was a limiting belief that I had assuming it was kind of a waste of time or the time could be better spent elsewhere. That is no longer my belief.

I cherish and appreciate the time to just sit down and write down my thoughts. I still have a hard time journal things that just happened during the day versus digging deeper to reflect on my thought processes, decisions and feelings. It has gotten better. This journaling experience through Rockstar is helping me improve my journaling as well because there might actually be people reading this. Now I find myself struggling with writer’s block or wanting to add a whole lots of information to make it as helpful to the reader. Then I realize, the most important person I am doing it for is me.

I guess you can kind figure out a piece of my operating system by now. I tend to want to please and exceed everyone else’s expectations and put my own wants and needs in the back seat. This has been a major growth area for me over the years, it still needs work but I am treat myself better. I am more compassionate towards myself. I am prioritizing my needs and wants as well as try to see how I can align my goals with others so we both win. I stopped being so judgemental with myself and realize that there is absolutely nothing I have to do. I am more powerful when I do the things I want to do and the diligent work, the right energy and time effort will get channel more effectively when I have that mindset.

Back to the journaling. I use Evernote. What a great invention!! Long story short, my journaling and it has improved significantly since the first days when I started. I also use it to create my little daily gym workout guide where I clip from the workout videos, put it on my note and just quickly glance at it at the gym while I keep track of the weights and reps. Pretty snazzy. I think I shared that on the Messenger thread. If not, here it is.

*** Week 2 - This Week’s Fitness ***

So if you had read my journal entry for last week, you know I fucked up and missed a day at the gym. I completely lost track of the time that LA Fitness closes on Sunday. They closed at 8pm CST. So I was really bumped to disappoint all my brothers and mentor by missing it.

There was no way I was going to let that slip. I committed to making up the Sunday (Back and Bicep) session on Monday morning starting at 10am and then completed my (Chest and Tricep) session that evening starting around 7pm. That “Tricep Trifecta” (Skull Crusher, Head Smasher and Rocker) was pretty darn tough.

All in all, the day was not as bad as I thought it would be. I worked my ass off to failure and the pre-workout and vitago really helped. Come to think of it, this program actually saves me time as when I was on Gethin’s 4Weeks2Shred, it consisted of 2x cardio per day each being 40 to 55 minutes.

As I finished with the Tricep Trifecta, I received a call from Gordon for our weekly fitness call. I had planned to complete my work out before heading back home with an hour to spare before connecting with Gordon, but we ended up just having the call while I was recovering at the gym.

Oh yeah, as part of my work out, to get my pump I would listen to a couple track from one of my favorite movie of all time, Gladiator. I usually do that during the day anyway to help give me a boost with business related tasks and reaching out to people. Why not use it for fitness. Oh yes, all that soundtrack listening made me eager to watch the movie again. Therefore, I am treating myself to the movie that night.

As far as the rest of the week, it was great. I am starting to improve my time on the “Ab Ripper” and take less breaks. I keep pushing myself on the weights and making sure I have better posture and slow down my motion. I have been logging my weights and reps and can see improvements every time I do an exercise.

On the “Ab Ripper”, I wanted to do it and push myself without the “Pre-Workout, Glutamine, Creatine and BCAA” mix. There was definitely a noticeable difference. Yes, I could do the workout and finished in faster time than my first session, but I found myself not as pumped and took more effort to really really push. Thank god I tried this experiment on the “Ab Ripper” and not at the gym with weights.

*** Reflecting on My Fitness Journey - Nutrition ***

All this hardcore fitness training and regiment reminds me of the good old days when I started working out more than 10 years ago. When I was just starting out in the corporate world, I would be hitting the office fitness center every day for an hour on the elliptical or the treadmill. I did my best to stretch every time but eventually I got hurt and had to take a break from the gym. Then of course, those couple days of break became weeks and maybe even months long breaks away from fitness and the gym.

For a period, I was actually pretty fit. Surprisingly I had never focused so much on nutrition. I just had simple rules: I ate three times a day. I ate enough to be happy but never full. I would only eat half when I am dining out and take the rest home.

My parents started eating healthier when my stepmother was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Therefore, my dad started making “Healthier” Chinese food. We switched to brown rice and ate more veggies. However, they still loved their weekly or every other week stop at Old Country Buffet or an Asian Buffet. That is usually where they want to go when we dined out. Eventually, I realized that was an incredibly bad habit and I had to stop going with them. Even when I do take them out on special occasions, I would be extra cognizant of what I ate and how much I ate.

For several years during my consulting days, I had put on a bunch of weight mainly from all the snacking at the hotel concierge lounge as well as some snacks I have laying around at home when I would be working from home. It was not pretty. At my peak, I was close to 200 pounds on a 5’ 6.5” frame. Those were some tummy days.

I am so grateful that I have taken so many steps in the right direction in terms of health and fitness. Being on a program help give me the guidance and boundaries to accel. Being on this 12 week fitness journey with a set program, a mentor and supportive friends has helped me to push even further.

*** Reflecting on My Fitness Journey - Weights & Gym ***

Oh yeah, one of my favorite moments on my fitness journey. I had been a member of LA Fitness for several months and was getting pretty consistent with my running and elliptical. I knew I needed to commit to a program, so I did some research and decided on “West Side for Skinny Bastards/ WS4SB”. Basically, it has more combine movements like deadlifts, romanian deadlifts, squats, etc.

I got all prepared: the notes on Evernote, I did my stretches and I got my bags all packed. I got to the gym and completed 2 flawless sets of deadlifts. I was so proud. Then on the last rep on my final set I got distracted and did not use correct form. Thinking back, I accidently favored my lower back. On yeah, I tweaked my lower back. It hurt like hell. I was so embarrassed. Even though the few people there probably could have cared less. My back ended up hurting for the rest of the week. IT WAS UNREAL.

Good thing I did not have to travel that week for work. Even going to a couple massage therapy sessions only helped ease the pain a bit. Yeah, that was a wonderful wonderful learning experience.Eventually I healed up. I got my ass back to the gym the following week and played extra attention to my form, posture and doing everything slow and correctly.

Aside from being embarrassed from getting hurt my first week. The following week I started doing those deadlifts and combine movements, I could barely do anything more than the bar itself. Yeah, for the first couple of days, all I could do was a couple reps on the 45lbs. Yes, it was embarrassing, but you know what. IT DID NOT MATTER. In my mind, I was committed to my fitness goals. If I need to start with really wimpy weights for a while, I WILL START WITH WIMPY weights as long as I need to until I get better.

I am all about pushing myself at the gym and getting to the next level and then climbing further. My priority is always “Health, Safety and Injury Free First”. It is not negotiable.

*** Closing - Week 2 ***

Remain Focused on Your “Why”

Can you guys believe it? Its has already been 2 months since the last applications were accepted for Project Rockstar.

I took some time to review the Project Rockstar application that I submitted at the beginning of March and then fully incorporated it into a self improvement document that I have been working on for over a year called, Model of the World. When we sight of our reasons for wanting what we want and striving for our greatness, even the smallest distraction will find its way to disturb our progress and our growth. My self improvement continues and will never end. I am glad that Project Rockstar is now officially an integral part of my path.

A final note, I shared with you guys that I am still driving a 2000 Mazda Protege on my video blog and that I am hoping it will last for the year with some minor upgrades. I share this to mainly share my commitment, my sacrifice and a piece of who I am with my brothers that are in the trenches with me every day.

Yes, $30K to $40K would have been a really really nice brand new car, but how does that help me achieve a great level of abundance mindset, a new level of confidence and abundance of women?

I am actually very happy with driving an old car and will gladly drive it for another 100,000 miles if it will last that long. Oh yeah, it is definitely my fault for not taking better care of it. Especially the exterior. Damn those winter road salts!!!

Signing off for now...

Key Lesson of the Week ~ First. Just Do It. Consistently. ~ Just focus on doing everything that is expected of me. No more. No less. Once I have mastered the consistency and baseline then I can and should raise my standard and strive to do it even better.

~ Dare and Do Greatly. Always @ Play. Live Abundantly. Always Striving. ~

Elje M
05-08-2018, 06:42 AM
Week 2

Mind Blown

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. That has been me in my 40s with my weight loss journey. When I started medical school 25yrs ago I weighed 175 lbs. I was working out a lot and I was shredded wheat. When I graduated medical school I was closer to 220 lbs. yikes! During my first year of residency I decided I needed to start dieting and doing some mild working out. I lost 10 lbs over a 3mo time period. I was pleased. Then I heard about the Atkins diet. I went on it and lost 10 lbs in the first 3 weeks! I went on to lose another 20 lbs in 2-3 months. wow!!!! That was it. after that I was convinced that carbs were the enemy and the key to weight loss and weight maintenance was restricting carbs. I held onto this belief for the next two decades of my life. what I didn’t know was how detrimental that can be to your body if you do it for more than a few months. especially when combined with calorie restriction.

In my 30s I didn’t have much problems with weight. I was in pretty good shape. When my girlfriend and I split when I was 36yrs old I could barely eat. I lost 20lbs in a month. No exaggeration. I wasn’t trying to lose weight. I would take two bites of something and then feel nauseaus. I had a normal metabolism so the when I stopped eating the weight melted away. Something changed in my 40s though. When I was 43 I was dating a girl that ran all the time. She’d run for 60-90 min per day. She was 2yrs younger than me and had ripped abs and everything despite having 3 kids. And she ate a ton! I couldn’t believe how much she could eat. I put on 20 pounds within a month of hanging out with her and eating what she ate. I was like WTF!!! I couldn’t believe how fat I got in such a short time. Getting that weight off has been near impossible for me.

So what did I do?? I went back to what I knew and what had worked for me before. Actually the first thing I tried was HGH (Human Growth Hormone). A buddy of mine had told me about it and said that everyone he’s seen take it will lose all their excess weight in 3-4 mos. I was like damn! Sign me up! So I visited an anti-aging clinic in Florida and got started on HGH. I was working out a little but not a ton. My eating habits were awful. I’d rarely eat breakfast, but usually would eat lunch and dinner. As time wore on I eventually started skipping dinner and now rarely eat that. and I’d always try to avoid carbs like they were poison. I checked my labs and took my HGH and didn’t lose a pound. Nothing. My numbers were good but I just could not lose weight. I stayed on HGH for a year and must’ve spent $20,000. I was so disappointed. My friend couldn’t believe it. he said I was the only person he’d ever seen not lose a ton of weight on HGH. After a year I finally gave up on it and just stopped taking it.

I continued to eat carbs modestly, I wasn’t really on atkins diet, but I tried to watch my carbs and keep my calories low. I didn’t put on any weight. But I couldn’t really lose any either even if I was biking and doing cardio. I wasn’t doing any weight training because I figured if I was going to spend time exercising I should spend that time doing cardio and burning more calories. I knew that eating too little could slow your metabolism and I figured that had happened to me, but I didn’t know what to do about it. I figured it meant that I had to get even MORE extreme. (mistake).

So I tried the atkins diet again and eliminated carbs as much as I could. When you’re on that diet you go into ketosis because you are burning fat. I was checking my ketones in my urine and was indeed in some degree of ketosis but I still couldn’t lose weight. I was back on the diet for about a month and maybe lost a couple pounds. It sure didn’t work the way it did the first time. I felt so defeated.

After that I just tried to live a lifestyle of low carbs and low calories. I’d eat a salad every day that was full of sunflower seeds, pistachios, pecans, cheese, 4 strips of bacon diced up, caesar dressing. Lots of calories in that but almost no carbs. If I was going out to eat with friends I’d take my Phase 2 starch neutralizer that would inhibit break down of complex carbs. I’d often eat nothing but that salad all day long. I’d eat part of it for lunch and then the rest when I was done at the office for my dinner. I now know this wreaked havoc on my metabolism.

When I first had my skype call with my mentor, he said I’d be on a low calorie diet of 2000 calories per day. I said, “what if I eat less than 2000 calories per day already?” he was pretty surprised and I was, well, pretty embarrassed. I said, “well maybe I eat more than that. let’s see how it goes”. After a week of being on my 2000 calorie diet I had more energy, was never hungry, was eating more frequently (actually eating 3x per day), and eating many times more carbs. I was probably eating as much carbs in a day than I was eating in an entire week before starting Rockstar diet. I couldn’t believe it. Mind blown. Losing weight that first week was difficult and frustrating and by day 10 I was only down a couple lbs. and I was effing killing it in the gym and on the bike (my cardio). And strict on my diet. I was worried. I kept thinking back to when I was on Atkins a few yrs ago and couldn’t lose weight. I thought back to when I was on HGH for a whole effing year and couldn’t lose weight. I was worried about how many carbs I was eating. It didn’t seem possible. For the last almost 20yrs I was living by the belief that carbs were the enemy. On the Atkins diet you’re supp to keep your carbs under 20 grams per day. Adding up my carbs from this past Monday, for exampe, I had 135 grams that one day! And I’m expected to lose weight??? This is foreign for me.

My relationship with food has changed completely. I will never restrict carbs again for a long period of time. After Rockstar I will never cut my daily calories below 2000 again. I’ll never destroy my metabolism again the way I did before. I didn’t know your body could work against you so well to maintain your weight. I do now. I’ve seen it. it’s better to have your body work WITH you than to fight against it. I’ll never stop weight training for just cardio. You need to keep those muscles healthy to keep your metabolism working. Yah, ive been doing a lot of reading on this stuff this past week. Thankfully, it is indeed possible to reset your metabolism. That’s what I’m doing right now. Eating regularly, weight training, cardio, eating CARBS, etc. all important to maintain a normal metabolism. I kind of knew they were, wasn’t like I hadnt heard that stuff before, I was just too stubborn, or too stupid, or too stuck in my ways to listen. on day 3 i was 232.4. this morning, day 13, i was 227.0. it's been a slow start but i'm heading in the right direction and i'm seeing my body and measurements change.

Mind Blown.
Thank you Rockstar,

- M

Michael A
05-08-2018, 11:33 PM
This week has absolutely flown by. Iíve been in courses for at least 10 hours (usually more) every day. I still have plenty of time to fit in the workouts but had to turn down a few social invitations in the evenings. I donít really care though - Iím really enjoying the routine and am feeling stronger and fitter already.

My meal preparation was a lot more efficient this week. I cooked all my meals for the week last Sunday, ensuring the macros were on point and so was able to fill in the food tracker in advance. The week before I had been filling in the food tracker as the last thing I did in the evening before I went to bed. I hadnít planned my macros properly in advance so I would often end up cramming down a can of tuna or whatever to hit the right amount of protein. Not only was this a hassle and inefficient, but I think it also had a negative effect on my sleep. Filling in a spreadsheet and staring at more blue light is a pretty terrible to unwind and disengage the brain before hitting the hay. So I am glad that with the new routine I have been able to minimize screen time in the hour before I go to sleep.

On top of optimizing for nutrition, Iíve managed to massively improve how enjoyable my meals have been to eat this week. Perhaps I was doing something wrong in the prep, but my microwave reheated chicken just tasted so stale and dry that I decided to make a big batch of lean beef chilli instead for my lunch meal. Itís way better in the microwave and I just cook all my chicken on the George Foreman grill when Iím at home and eat it fresh for my evening meal. Delicious!

This week I have become really glad that cardio is a part of this program. In the past when I have lifted weights Iíve more or less dropped cardio altogether. My thinking was that when trying to put on muscle we want to have an excess of calories at the end of every day. Cardio burns calories so I didnít see much value in doing anything more than a trivial warm up. This was a pretty lazy approach. You can still do proper cardio and have a calorie surplus if thatís the goal - you just need to eat more! Luckily at this point in the program I am trying to lose fat anyway so thatís not really something I need to worry about.

The weather is really nice at the moment so Iím making the most of that and doing most of the cardio outside, with either standard runs of between 4 and 8 kilometres or high intensity interval training using sprints. Itís pretty incredible how either of these can transform your mood. It forces your mind to concentrate on your body and your breathing and away from the stream of thoughts that constantly run through our minds during day to day tasks. Itís a great way to unwind from a day of work or study and leaves me feeling so much better in the long run than that other common fix for a stressed state of mind, alcohol.

I actually joined some friends on Friday night at a bar. It was the first time Iíve been in that situation since the program started but honestly I didnít find it too hard. I think if I had gone out on the first night of the fitness program I would have really wanted to have a beer, but having put in 2 weeks of 2h/day in the gym I really had no desire to through away the benefits by drinking. I remember in the past working out after drinking the night before. Even if it was only one or two beers I would still feel noticeably weaker with my lifts. Iíve got no desire to feel that during this program so the temptation wasnít really there.

With that being said, I am not fully decided what role I think alcohol should play in the rest of my life. It has so many negative side effects for mental and physical well being that the argument to cut it out forever iis very compelling. There are basically 3 reasons I have drank alcohol in the past:

Because I was stressed
Because I was not confident socially
To have fun/a good experience

The first two are clearly pretty terrible reasons for drinking, and yet for me I would say they have been the most common. Meditation and exercise are healthier (and ultimately more effective) ways I have found to deal with stress. However, feeling confident socially without alcohol is something that I have found a lot tougher. I have never felt very comfortable in big groups or meeting new people but my hope is that I will make big strides in this area in the coming months. The third reason complicates things and is why I donít think itís totally clear cut that I should be teetotal for life. I think sharing a glass of wine (or even occasionally getting super drunk) with friends or loved ones can be a great bonding experience and so deciding to never drink again may be too drastic a measure. With that said, I am happy to have committed to being teetotal for the next few months so that I can really focus on reaping the benefits of this program.

In terms of intentions for the week ahead, I want to keep up what Iíve been doing with meal prep and workouts this week as I think itís been going pretty well. One thing I have messed up is not buying a tape measure. I couldnít procure one last weekend then kept forgetting to try during the week. Iím not convinced my current body fat measurements are very accurate as they seem to be fluctuating quite a bit at random. Implementing the navy method will give me another metric and hopefully stop me from feeling despondent when my body fat has randomly increased by 0.5% overnight!

Nishant A
05-09-2018, 04:41 AM

The next 20 weeks is going to be a long and difficult journey. But if the testimonials of the previous Rockstars is any indication, it’s also going to be an extremely rewarding journey. I’m hoping I’ll be looking back on this post 20 weeks from now with a sense of how far I’ve come, and how much happier I am with myself. Right now I’m feeling an odd mix of excitement and anxiety - an eagerness to get moving but, if Im honest, also a certain amount of anxiety around what I’ll need to do to get there.

Part of dealing with that anxiety was to do everything I could to prepare for the fitness transformation. Other than the instructions in the fitness manual, I also tried to prepare psychologically by thinking of answers to a few questions. For instance :

What am I going to say if/when I’m invited for lunch by colleagues and friends?
Answer: Easiest way to avoid this is to just eat lunch early, say at 11:30, even before the lunch invites start to come in. That way I can tell them ‘sorry, I’ve already eaten’.

What am I going to say if I’m encouraged to drink during a meeting with business partners or with colleagues?
Answer: I can tell them the truth, that I’m on a strict diet. Or I could make up an excuse like my stomach isn’t feeling particularly well so I can’t drink.

What am I going to say if it’s someone’s birthday or some celebration and I’m asked to join in the celebrations, eat cake etc.
Answer: Join the celebration, make sure people know I’m there, but excuse myself shortly before the food starts to be distributed.

The last one in particular was quite helpful - on the very first day I had a friend whose birthday celebration I was asked to join rather spontaneously. So it helped that I didn’t need to think up something clever on the spot to avoid cheating on my diet on the first day!

I’ve taken fitness ‘seriously’ twice in my life - a few years ago I trained for and completed a marathon, so it was mostly just cardio work; and last year where I had let myself go a bit too far and went on a fairly intense diet and worked with a personal trainer to lose 15 pounds in 6-7 weeks. Having completed the first week of the Gethin program I can honestly say it’s WAY more intense than what I had to do last year. And that’s been challenging but also exhilarating! It feels good to actually get started, to take the first steps and to start to make some progress.

I’ve decided to fit in the two hours of gym in the mornings before I get to work. Over the last week that’s made waking up early somewhat difficult. But I also got a tremendous sense of satisfaction from completing the workouts before starting my day - it felt like I had already accomplished a lot by 9 am.

The first day was a shock to the system - leg days are always hard. Of the workouts so far, Ab Ripper X has been the hardest for me to complete. Even with lots of added time, I’ve had trouble doing some of the movements. Claudio told me to just go as slow as possible and take my time, and that’s what I’m doing. Still struggling, but I’ll get there eventually. The back and bicep day was also brutal because of the sheer volume of exercise.

The muscle soreness overall is still pretty intense. The soreness in my legs from the workout the first day lasted a few additional days, and each day the cardio would amp it back up. But in a way I’ve gotten a perverse sense of satisfaction from that feeling, like it’s proof that I must be pushing myself at least reasonably hard if I’m feeling this sore. Over the week the soreness has become a bit like background noise - something that’s always there but something I’m learning to ignore as I go about my day. I hope over time that I as I get more and more accustomed to the overall volume of work, that it fades even more into the background.

A few times I’ve had to go really slow or split a single set of 12 reps into 3 x 4 reps - I guess I am in worse shape than I had originally imagined. But I’m looking forward to getting stronger over these twelve weeks and seeing progress! It helps that my weight is down 3.4 pounds in the first 6 days. I’m sure some of that is just water weight but seeing the scale move down so fast is really encouraging!

One of the benefits I’ve noticed already is that the quality of my sleep seems to have improved. Over the first couple of days I was asleep by 10:30 pm and found myself awake at 4 am for a bit before going back to sleep and waking up completely refreshed at 5:30 am with no alarm clock. For someone who in the past has had trouble getting a good nights sleep in, this was a really cool surprise. That’s not to say waking up has been easy - it definitely takes some will power to get out of bed when faced with the prospect of a two hour workout right after. But….feeling refreshed and awake and ready to go has been a huge help!

While dietary compliance hasn’t been very hard, the cooking was daunting just because I’m a terrible cook! My attempts at cooking in the past would be better described as ‘arson’ rather than ‘cooking’. But I think I’m getting the idea that cooking healthy food doesn’t need to be difficult or particularly time consuming if you stick to the basics. I’ve been pleasantly surprised that I haven’t had cravings during the week. I think the combination of lots of protein, a good macro balance and the supplement routine have really helped. I’m curious to see how I feel after 3-4 weeks - does it get easier because it’s become a habit, or does it get harder because it’s been a while since I’ve stayed away from my favourite foods for a while?

Claudio has been great as a fitness mentor so far, giving sensible advice, checking in with us from time to time to see how we’re doing and speaking of his own experiences. It feels great to go through this with someone who has done it before and who can relate to what we’re going through!

That’s it from me for this week. I’m looking forward to reading everyone else’s experiences and getting to know you all better :). It’s such a huge help that we’re all doing this together! Good luck on week 2 guys!

Nishant A
05-09-2018, 04:42 AM

This week started out easier but wound up being a lot harder than week 1 because I fell ill. By the end of week 1 I felt like I was slowly getting into a routine - wake up at 6 am, consume all the supplements, cook and eat 3 hardboiled eggs, make my way to the gym, complete the workout by 8:30-8:45 am and head to work by 9 am.

Tuesday was a public holiday too, so I had the luxury of waking up later in the morning and completing the workout leisurely. The muscle soreness was also not as intense as week 1. I used the public holiday to do my shopping and cooking for the rest of the week

But by the end of Tuesday I started getting the first symptoms of a sore throat. I got in a good nights sleep, gargled with salt water, took extra vitamin C and zinc. But I still woke up the next morning with a worse sore throat and a light fever.

My alarm went off at 6 am as always on Wednesday morning but I was feeling too sick to wake up and work out. I wound up sleeping in for another hour and a half, taking some medication for the fever, and told myself that I’d work out in the afternoon after the medicine kicked in and I felt a little better.

By midday I was actually feeling worse. I had lunch, told my boss that I wasn’t feeling well and cut my work day short and went home. I took some medication again which made me sleepy so I wound up sleeping through most of the afternoon. I woke up at 3:30 pm, still feeling somewhat weak, but still not having completed my workout for the day. I had to will myself to the gym at that point. The workout started at around 4 pm but took longer than usual to complete. I finished up at around 7 pm. At the end of the workout I was feeling both better and worse - I felt good that I had pushed myself to compete it despite being sick. On the other hand my body felt even weaker than before. I took extra Vitamin C and went to bed hoping that I’d feel better the next morning after a long nights sleep.

I woke up feeling ever so slightly better on Thursday morning but I was still clearly sick. The fever had reduced but not completely gone away. I was really grateful that the volume of exercise on Thursday (calves) was lower because it let me get in an extra half hour of sleep so I could rest a bit more. I was also glad that the underlying muscle soreness had gone down from week 1 because I was starting to feel the muscle/joint pains that sometimes comes with getting the flu.

Friday was similar to Wednesday - went in to work, found myself feeling pretty bad in the morning and decided that I had to see the doctor since the symptoms seemed not to be abating. I got the necessary medication and left work early, took a nap, made my way to the gym later in the day and completed the workout. While previous workouts (when healthy) left me tired but energised, I felt distinctly weaker after having completed Friday’s work out too. I was grateful that the weekend had arrived because I could again sleep in and do my workouts later in the day when I was well rested.

On Friday I also had some members in my team say that they think I’ve lost a little weight - that cheered me up because it’s only been a couple of weeks, so if they can see a difference already it must mean the program is working and the hard work is paying off! I’m down only ~3 pounds over the two weeks but it feels like more because my clothes are ever so slightly looser than they used to be.

I’m writing this as of Sunday morning and unfortunately I still haven’t recovered a 100%. I spent a lot of Saturday just resting but my sleep quality wasn’t great - I wound up waking up multiple times in the night because of a cough and while the fever’s completely gone my throat still feels like someone’s gone over it with a cheese grater. I’m likely going to make a second trip to the doctor tomorrow and am thinking about taking the whole day off to see if that helps me recover. A couple of people at work seem to have been hit by the same bug, so perhaps the office environment is hindering my recovery.

Overall, this week has been pretty challenging. Trying to complete these workouts while dealing with flu-like symptoms was really hard. I’m sort of proud of having pushed myself to workout nonetheless but I’m also looking forward to getting completely well soon so I can get back to my routine. For now I have to struggle through it and find a way to get through to the other side.

Jose I
05-09-2018, 10:12 AM
Blog #1, April 29, 2018.

i'll start off with this thought: " i still CAN'T believe i'm in this program".

looking back these past few months, i honestly don't believe that i had it in me to go through this ENTIRE process. the application. the 3 rounds of interviews. the final interview. all of it.

after each successive passing phase, i'd have conflicting thoughts. "AWESOME! i made it through", followed by "crap, do i really want to do this? can i? should i?"

and funny enough, i'm still having these conflicting thoughts.

i don't want to get too derailed here, but i'm still not over a pretty brutal break up of 5 yrs. break up happened this past december. and honestly, it should've ended a lot sooner.

we just weren't happy with each other.. so, why am i missing her so much right now?

this program, and above all, this supporting group of fellas, are going to help me through this. i know it.

and it all starts with the physical fitness portion of it.

i actually love to work out. been doing crossfit for about 2 yrs. was getting pretty good at it, until i hurt my knee last september. so, i haven't really been able to "crush" my workouts like i've wanted too.

my injury, along with my subsequent breakup, put me in bad place psychologically.

and this program is kick starting me BACK into the swing of things.

it's helping me get my nutrition back on point. i'm a gainer, and this amount of food is crazy. i've never approached food from a macros perspective. i tried counting calories (ONCE) and i gave up after about 3 days. it was all just too foreign and time consuming.

this PR approach is kind of like that. and it's bringing back bad memories from when i failed at measuring food before. but now, i've found a reason to push through and keep at it!

it's still not an easy process. although, i'm understanding portions and percentages a lot better!

i used to eat clean, whole, unprocessed food. and that was it. just eat until i felt full.

but this approach is SO different. and what makes it hard, is that i have the biggest sweet tooth! i get these monster sugar cravings to the point that i feel like i'm going to pass out if i don't wolf down a box of donuts. it's insane.

i watched the video on sugar addiction, and i am super junkie. i've been playing around with sugar free substitutes that can quell that chocolatey monster (pretty sure this is funny for all of you, but it's the bane of my existence), and i put together a cinnamon+stevia recipe that hits the spot!

low glycemic, tiny calories....and just enough to get me past those cravings.

my hope is that in a few more days, i can finally beat this monster! so, we'll see.

i've leveled up my protein source. organic, grass fed beef liver! yuck, i know. but, from what i've read, it's the most nutritious protein source on the planet!

still working out recipes on this, so it's a work in progress. but, what makes this great so far, is that i'm not sick of chicken, haha. i've had chicken breasts a few times, and MAN do they taste great!! having liver more often makes the chicken i've rarely had taste amazing. it's almost like a cheat meal, except it's not.

i'm not a rice guy, so i use sweet potatoes as my carb source.

and using a mixture of coconut oil and/or olive oil for my fat sources.

above all, i'm eating a TON of veggies! i bought a food processor, and i now make cauliflower and broccoli rice on the daily. amazing how much of that i can eat now when prepared like this. crazy.

since my knee is injured, i can't really do any leg exercises (no running, biking, squats, leg presses, extensions, etc...) which kills me, because i LOVE to run and play basketball!

i've had to get creative here, so swimming is now my "go to" cardio workout, followed by the gethin program.

i'm sore AF! which i love, since i haven't had a daily workout regimen for about 8 months due to my injury and piss-poor attitude.

i'm battling so may demons in my head right now as i try to prepare for what's to come in a few months, as well as trying to get over my break up (will it ever go away??), but this workout phase is helping to keep my mind off of those things and focus on something else. something positive and life changing.

this is all a struggle, and it feels like work. perhaps it will always feel like work. but there are moments i enjoy using my new kitchen toys.

i just wonder if i can bring all of these along on the trip?

getting my body ready for this journey. and can't wait to start seeing some shredded results!!


Jose I
05-09-2018, 10:14 AM
blog# May 6, 2018

hey, fellas.

just like some of you (maybe even all of you) i'm still not used to posting/writing about my personal growth or goals for everyone to see and judge

it's an awkward "feeling" that will go away with more practice, i'm sure.

don't know if i associate this form of exposure with the types of people i see on FB/IG posting daily (nay, hourly!) about their gym time and all sorts of "hey, look at me! look how awesome i am! so stop whatever the F*CK you're doing, and look at ME, dammit! i'm MORE important" moments.

but, i trust the gents there at Rockstar. and they have their reasons for all of this. because it works!

so, stop whatever the F*CK you're doing, and look at me! haha.

week 2 (may 2, 18 - may 6, 18)

been feeling somewhat ragged, lately.

pretty sure i'm not getting adequate sleep. sheesh, i'm not in vegas yet and i'm already having trouble sleeping. wtf?

plenty of thoughts going through my head. most of them are the usual self doubting limiting beliefs (so, nothing new there), but the main one that's been troubling me lately is my mom's health.

she's not terminally ill, or even seriously sick for that matter. but it's just that lately i've noticed that she's slowing down a bit. her movements. her thoughts. her energy levels. just a step or level lower.

and it concerns me. from experience with prior co-workers, i know how quickly things can go from bad to worse.

i know some things are inevitable, but i'm finding myself more willing than ever to be a part of her daily life. to talk more with her. to just simply hang out more with her. and of course, as life sucks, this is all coming at a time when i'm going to be away from her for a few months.

i know i'll just be away for a few months, but things like these sometimes feel like a lot longer.

i don't want to bum anyone out, sorry guys, so i'll just wrap this part up by saying that this puts more of a focus on me to cherish these next few months with her a little more, and to live in the moment. and that right there will allow me to enjoy my time with her that much more!

and, hey! i'll be a rockstar when i see her after my trip, rt? right.

ok, so on to some more pleasant news!

my knee is feeling better. not 100%, yet. but i'd say around 80-85%. been too long since i've felt that strong. it feels so good i just want to go out there and dunk a basketball somewhere. it's taking all my will power to stop myself as i don't want to re-injure it and have to go through this arduous broken journey again. ever. not ever, ever again.

this is my first real injury, and it's been kicking my ass mentally and physically. even though it's just one injured body part, i let that injury get in my head and stop me from working out for almost 8 months. damn. i needed something like rockstar to help me get my focus back in this department. to push myself to find alternative ways to work out. and i'm damn glad i'm working out again. something about getting that "pump" that just makes everything seem a little rosier.

my knee feels better to the point that i can now get on my stationary bike. 'bout damn time. i spent quite a bit of money on a nice one. and have only used it once, right before my injury. so it's just been sitting there collecting dust. but not anymore. been working out on that bad boy for a week, and i can feel my leg and knee strength starting to sloooowwwlly come back. incremental progress, but it feels GREAT! it's killing me that i have to miss all the leg workouts. but in the meantime, this is scratching that itch.

aside from my knee, the rest of the workouts have been going well. starting to get callous back on my hands, which is awesome. and i'm hurting in spots where i used to have muscles. i'm sure the girls are going to appreciate that, hah.

i was on a road trip up to the start of rockstar. i arrived back in my place just in time to start with all of you. but it feels as if it's all i've had time for and nothing else. i feel as if i've been doing everything on the fly these past 2 weeks. my bags are still packed from my trip. my apartment and kitchen are a mess, but now that i'm settling into a bit of a routine with my workouts and meal preps, i'm carving out the time to get my place back in order. it's going to take some time, but i am SO looking forward to getting my place to look and feel like MY place, now that my ex-gf has moved out. it'll add to the "new" beginning that i've been yearning for.

i was putting a lot of work in my meal preps the first week. but, damn. that was taking up too much of my time. i'm now following Claudio's approach. more, simple and quickly prepared meals in a shorter amount of time so that i can go on living my life. as with most you, this is still a work in progress. i may not be shaving off massive amounts of time, just yet, but i now have a blueprint for how i'm going to do this. and i'm implementing my new blueprint today. tons of grilled chicken breasts and beef liver (can't forget about that!), veggies, carbs and fats in a 3-4 hr window today (sunday) and i believe i will have enough food ready to go for at least the next 4 days or so.

and that's exciting. cuz if i spend anymore time in the kitchen, then i might as well just move my TV in there.

aside from my gradual progress with workouts and meal preps, the only issue i've had, and continue to have, are my sugar cravings. just like matthew and erik, i can't seem to shake them off. i've got some temporary fixes (like my cinnamon + stevia concoction), but sometimes (a lot of times, actually) that just doesn't get me past the hump. my addiction is SO intense that i truly feel crippled when i can't get a hit. i know it sounds funny, but damn, in that moment, i'm an invalid and completely helpless.

not sure if i need to keep working on my carb ratios to kick this sugar habit, but so far, very little luck with my high glycemic kryptonite. i'll keep experimenting to see if i find a permanent solution. perhaps time is the only solution at this point, as i seem to be seriously addicted.

been feeling "less" full than i did the past week. maybe my body's adjusting to the added calories, or perhaps, i'm now working off that food a lot more efficiently. either way, feels good NOT to feel bloated all the time.

from all the veggies i've been eating, i've been settling on cauliflower. not because it tastes any better than the other veggies (which it only slightly does), but because i'm in love with my food processor. i make cauliflower rice all the time. in that form, i can literally eat tons of it. i've tried blending leafy greens. but no matter what i add into my green smoothie it still tastes like something that was torn straight out of the ground. or a garbage bin. it's just damn tough for me to consume veggies that way. so, cauliflower rice it is. and plus, i discovered a cauliflower rice pizza recipe online! and, man it sounds good. going to give it a shot tonight. perhaps if it's good enough, then i'll share the recipe with fellow pizza junkie erik, haha.

that's it for now. no real break through's or massive mind shifts. just steady progress towards a healthy routine that i plan on being a part of my life forever.

ok, everyone can stop looking at me and judging.

Jose I
05-12-2018, 08:49 PM
Week 3, 5.13.2018

Hey, gents!

No ďmind blowingĒ definitive moments, as of yet. Just continuously getting into a groove with my routine.

For the first 2 weeks, i spent SO much time in the kitchen! Craziness. So many hours cooking and prepping, a few minutes eating, and then even more time cleaning up afterwards.

Not going to lie. This eating/prepping process was starting to test my patience. Still does, actually.

Iíd say, that 2 weeks into trying to build ďnew eatingĒ habits, itís a little easier now. Not so much that Iíd scream it from the mountain tops. But just enough that itís not painful. Just slightly annoying. So thatís progress, i suppose.

Iím sure this has been covered in the FAQís, or even in one of the intro manuals, but are we going to have time to prep meals and train while in vegas? Or in the rest of the program?

I remember reading some previous posts about this. And it seemed that some of the guys were having trouble getting enough sleep to recover from the prior ntís outing, much less having enough time to work out and prep food.

But, iím sure i wonít be the only dealing with this once the program starts in earnest.

Slow and steady progress on my knee. Itís still injured, but, like i mentioned last time, iím at least able to get on my stationary bike here at home and knock out a nice steady ride for a prolonged period of time with no ill effects afterwards.

Before, when i tried that, my knee would ache tremendously for hours! And now? Just the tiniest bit of discomfort (more of an odd sensation as opposed to pain) in within the first few minutes, and then it feels great. And, as i mentioned, no discomfort or feeling that i re-aggravated it, after my bike sesh.

So, yes. Progress. Canít wait till i feel good enough to run on it.

Been thinking lately about what i expect to get out of rockstar. I wasnít really thinking any of this before until just recently, but some of the latest thoughts from my fellow rockstars regarding this very same thing have been enough to have those same thoughts creep into my head. Such as ďwhat if iím the ONLY guy who doesnít get a girl during the entire 9 wk program? Will I be a failure because of that? Or put another way, will i treat myself as a big failure afterwards?Ē

My feeling from guys who are good with women, and who have been doing this for a long time, is that itís not really about the girl or the sex. Thatís thereís a deeper level of growth and development that one can achieve when pushing oneís self this hard for an extended period of time. I hear these words and i understand what they mean. But honestly, i want the girl. Many girls! I truly, for once in my life, want to know what it feels like to really and truly be the selector and have my choice of pickings, so to speak.

Itís obvious, that with that level of abundance, i will be well on my way to the mental freedom iíve been after for the longest time.

Worst case scenario, and one i try to avoid, but only creeps in there because i try so hard not to think about it, is that i will fail so miserably at all of this, and that i will have that one, ultimate moment of weakness and call my ex-gf and ask her to come back.

I cannot let this happen. I donít want this to happen. But, knowing myself at my weakest moments, this is something that i could see myself doing. Which, if i were to think about it fully, may not be a truly ďbad thingĒ just as long as it comes from a good place inside of me.

But, if i chase her because I failed? Because Iím lonely and scared to be alone forever? This is just the worst thing i can do for myself.

Maybe itís a good thing that iím having these thoughts right now. Iím scaring myself just enough to be aware and guard against this.

But more importantly, the fear of failure may just be enough to push me harder than iíve ever pushed myself. To push past all those weak moments, those moments of struggle, those moments of loneliness, those moments of never ending self doubt. And maybe, just maybe, take my game and life to the next level.

That right there is exciting! Exciting enough to slave away at ALL my meal prepping chores, haha.

Looking forward to week 4. Wow. Summer is just 9 weeks away.

Nishant A
05-12-2018, 09:54 PM

So it feels like time is flying by now. Can’t believe three weeks have gone by already!

I started the week still recovering from illness. Glad to report now that after an additional week that I’m almost a 100% recovered!

On the exercise front I was taking it a bit easy with the cardio in week 2 while I was recovering. I was still getting in the daily 40 minutes but with slow walking. In the past, cardio was the only form of exercise I used to get. Years ago I started with the goal of being able to run a full marathon. So I worked my way up from 5k to 10k to completing many half marathons and eventually managed to complete a full 42k marathon. Unfortunately through that process I learned the hard way that very long distance steady state cardio can mess up your knees if you’re not careful. So as part of Rockstar I’ve either been doing brisk walk/slow jog or, wherever possible, cycling. This week I was able to get back to that and I intend to try running again tomorrow, just to get in some variety in my cardio routine.

Another cool thing this week was that I can feel myself getting better with Ab Ripper X. I’m still nowhere close to being able to complete it without a break, but I can feel some of the movements getting easier, and noticed that I can get farther along the routine without having to stop for a break. I’m pretty psyched to see that progress! Getting a “break” through the X-Stretch rest day was also a blessing!

I certainly still have a long way to go fitness wise. I wasn’t able to support my full bodyweight on the dips exercise - my triceps felt totally worn out by the time I got to that! As with Ab Ripper X I’m hoping that over the next few weeks I’ll get stronger and be able to accomplish even more in the gym.

I’ve also been trying to read more on fitness and health in general, trying to make fitness a part of my life as Blake and Tanner suggested in their week 1 video. It’s pretty fascinating stuff but I’ve also found it confusing because there are so many writers out there who provide contradictory advice, all with 100% conviction in their own recommendations. I think “Why We Get Fat” by Gary Taubes is a pretty well written book and fairly persuasive, and he comes to the conclusion, like many other writers, that carbs are the enemy. So how do I reconcile that with what we’re doing on Rockstar? The best I could come up with is that overeating carbs is probably bad for you if you’re leading a particularly sedentary lifestyle. But if we’re spending 2 hrs in the gym as part of the Gethin program then my guess is those carbs are helping to fuel the workouts rather than being converted to fat. Overall I feel like this rabbit hole goes deep and there’s a lot more to learn. So I intend to keep reading whenever I can to educate myself.

I’ve also settled in to a bit of a rhythm at the gym. I think I started by rushing myself just because I didn’t know how long it’d take to complete any given workout. Now I take my time and try to enjoy the process. On a couple of days I had to break up the workout into two - one in the morning before work and one at lunch - just because I didn’t have enough time to complete it all. It feels good to have exercised the discipline to go twice if required, and I definitely feel by the end of the day that I’ve accomplished something.

Sleep quality also seems to be good. I find myself usually pretty exhausted by 10:30 at night and fall asleep easily and deeply. I’m also getting more efficient at the cooking process and I expect it’ll just get easier the more we do it. Though on one of the days I was hard boiling eggs in the microwave and I left them in for too long and they exploded! Haha what a mess! Gotta be more careful in the future.

Overall I’ve started to see some results. I’m down almost 5 pounds in 3 weeks, and this despite the illness. So I’m feeling pretty motivated because of that and hoping the same rate of weight loss will be maintained through the rest of the program. I occasionally get the jitters thinking about the path in front of us. I have to admit I’m pretty nervous about what lies ahead in Vegas. What’s helped with that anxiety was a TED talk given by Tim Ferris where he talks about how the principles of stoicism have helped him make big decisions and take risks. The point he makes is that anticipation or dread of negative outcomes really messes with us, and we’d be better off if we stopped letting some nebulous undefined fear drive our behaviour. Or as the stoics put it more eloquently, “we suffer more often in imagination than in reality”. I’m trying to keep that in mind as we go through this process.

Edmund A
05-13-2018, 05:58 AM
Sunday the 13/05/2018

Oh dude Iím a very happy with myself! Shit is going well. My hard work is paying off. Iím seeing results and Iím progressing. My clothes are starting to NOT fit haha! This has never happened before.

On Wednesday I had to put dress pants on and a button up shirt for a meeting with a client and guess what happened! All the clothes were tight as fuck!!!! Iím growing. Iím becoming the hulk!!! :P Iím one swole motherfucker :P haha. Nah but for reals, itís crazy that my clothes are so tight now. When I put my jeans on now, for the first time ever I feel like one of my ex-gfs who had to squeeze in to those tight sexy skinny ass jeans. And yes I do feel sexy :P But yeah itís way more of a mission now to put on and take off my jeans. My legs are actually bigger, itís fkn awesome. Cause hot dang I hate leg day, but now I donít hate it as much cause itís WORKING!!!!

Something weird happened with my results where for 7 days straight my weight only grew incrementally all within 77.XX kg range. For example, I went from 77.35 kg to 77.60 kg to 77.55 kg to 77.6 kg etc. But then from last Friday onwards Iíve made some massive jumps! Friday was 78.6, then Sat for 79.2 kg then today for 79.7 kgÖ man Iím so happy cause Iíve never weighed 80kg before and Iíve never known how hard it would be. So tomorrow I have a strong feeling Iím going to break 80kg and thatís a really cool mental milestone for me. Iím really proud of myself.

When I started 3 weeks ago I weighed in at 73.20 kg, so as of today Iíve gained 6.5kg in 21 days. Iím really happy with that. Yes my body fat % has gone from 16.80% to 20.50% in that process (scale measurements, they arenít accurate; Iím less than that body fat if measured via dexa), but my abs are still showing really well (which Iíd hope for cause Ab Ripper X is so killer). So Iím really happy that Iíve been eating like a crazy person, training like a crazy person and Iím getting the results. Fuck yeah. As you can tell Iím pretty happy.

So Iím hitting my goal of putting on weight (since Iím a gainer) but Iím also really happy cause all my body part measurements are growing as well too. See the table in the image below.


So in 3 weeks the circumference of all my shit has grown!

And I feel like Iím getting stronger. Thatís a little harder to measure because the exercises change so frequently and not just that, when it IS the same exercise, itís usually a different rep count! But all good cause Iím growing in every way and Iím def not getting super fat.

Today was the day I really realised all this is going so well, because every Sunday we take our measurements and photos and all that. But also since these last couple of days Iíve been skyrocketing to 80kg, itís given me so much motivation to just CRUSH this shit.

And more good news! I have these new muscles on my legs hahahahaa. Itís hilarious, it reminds of the time when I was 19 and I first saw my triceps after starting to do kettlebells. Well now itís a repeat but with my quadriceps Ė well at least I think thatís what they are. I now have these ďlumps of muscleĒ just above my knee that were never there before haha. So thatís very cool! I noticed them only yesterday during leg day and was like DAYUMMMMMMM this shit is working son!!!!! And overall my legs are getting bigger, by measurement and by eye (and by the fact I canít fit in my pants properly anymore). So that gives me so much more motivation to do leg day Ė cause hot dang I hate leg day.

Iíve never trained legs in my whole life really, cause Iíve never been a gym person, I just train for function so training them has always just been a by product. Iím saying this, cause leg day is fucked up, and I really donít like it and I just wonder why the hell I am doing it. Cause I can jump as high as I need to and as far as I need to, my jump is good
enough for a backflip (tested) and I can do acro yoga with heavy chicks already! But I am committed to giving the gym life a red hot go, and Iím committed to the requirements of PR! Iím just so happy itís visibly paying off! Cause yeah leg day actually causes me emotional distress sometimes hahah. But I love all the shit Iím learning about my body and my psychology.

Iíve also noticed that this fitness habit is now formed. I just eat. I know Iím not hungry, but I just eat anyway and I donít care. I work while I eat and just get through my meals. Same with training, I just do it. I donít think about it, I just do it. Iíve got my playlists and little routines between sets sorted now to keep me pumped up. Itís all getting into a mad flow now.

Iím just a little worried when it comes to the shredding down / cutting part, Iíll be used to eating so many calories & meals! But Iíll deal with that when it comes. But overall I am super excited to cut, because I did a cut in December last year and that went well, but I was nowhere near this disciplined and regimented. So I know if I do a cut now, who knows what I could achieve. Iím so excited, cause I would be thrilled to get to 9% bf, thatís like a life goal of mine to experience what it feels like to be shredded at 9%. Iíve been down to high 10ís before.

Right now though, Iím getting a shit tonne of great results, so itís easy to be motivated. When I plateau again, I just need to look back at the 7 days where I was stuck at 77kg and just keep going, and working, and pushing, because youíll eventually break through.

Another huge realisation Iíve had is how long Iíve gone without sugar and sweets and junk food - and I donít really give a fuck; remember this feeling, cause that shit isnít good for my body now or ever. The feeling is: I donít miss that stuff, Iím not sitting here thinking: OMG my life sucks because I donít eat pizza and ice cream and dumb shit anymore. Just stay away from that stuff, and you wonít be tempted.

I can't believe it's been 3 weeks of not eating any shit. I find that incredible. no cakes, no tim tams, no ice cream, no nothing that I love. no pizza dayum!!!! Everyone who knows me, knows I LOVE SWEETS, I love cakes and shit. So this is a real eye opener for me, because Iíve never gone this long without all that crap. Iíve always wanted to eliminate added sugar from my diet, and Iíve done that! And it feels great. I donít need that shit, and I donít crave it like I thought I would. So remember that. Obviously Iím going to keep away from it all for the full 12 weeks, but I want to try and stay off it for as long as possible and not even have a little bitÖ because I feel like having a little bit will make me crave more.

So Iíve been working on my meditation!!! Iíve done it for 4 days in a row now. Did 2x 5 mins and the last ones have both been 10 mins on the headspace app. Iím enjoying it cause my work life is just crazy right now. Iím going to keep up the daily habit, so that by PR I am comfortably doing 20 mins a day.

My mentor has been a great help as usual, with my meditation, he helps me with my questions and also supports me when Iím just starting out like a noob. But above all, he told me another great story in this weekís call! Fuck yes! I just love hearing it so much from him, especially hearing his thoughts and inner dialogue. Because itís the same shit I think and hear in my head when Iím in those situations but WITHOUT the great endings. So I love hearing his thoughts all throughout the stories cause I know when itís down or something shit happens, I know in the end thereís this great ending. I can learn so much from the stories but above all they keep me super motivated to stay focused and stay with my gaze up and at the prize.

To wrap up: How am I feeling? Well I feel really happy with myself and my efforts. I am grateful for what Iíve achieved so far & how disciplined Iíve been. I pray that the results continue. Iím excited to start cutting and becoming the most shredded motherfucker. Iím excited to really develop my meditation skills (in the past Iíve always failed to make it a lifelong habit) Ė meditation I know is SO IMPORTANT, so Iím glad the pressure from this peer group is making me achieve this and everything else. I feel much better about eating and going to the gym, Iím starting to enjoy it (probably more so because Iím getting results haha). I can't believe that Iíve gained all this weight & size AND itís all been through the cleanest of eating. I feel great about the future, but I am stressed out about work as usual. But Iím fixing that and getting my head around it.

Oh and I almost forgot, just before I started writing this I completed my Ab Ripper X & Stretch videos. And with the Abs workout I only took ONE BREAK. FUCK. Thatís incredible. Thatís my personal best now. I canít believe it, cause the first 2 weeks I thought, this is so fkn hard and I was barely progressing. And the last time I did it, I had to take 3 breaks. But my mentor kept saying that by the end of the 12 weeks you should be able to finish it without breaks Ė and that drives me, cause I never want to be at the back of the pack. So Iím really glad Iím only 1 break away from having no breaks. Iíll impress myself once I get there, cause Ab Ripperrrrr X is hectic.

Anyways, fkn oath. Letís keep getting it in.

Axel E
05-13-2018, 06:57 AM
Week 3
8 may 2018
I didnít really get a chance to write anything yesterday so Iíll try to make up for it today. In the end I don't really have to write everyday but I find it easier to follow progression, as well as get a more genuine input of what's going on.

So yesterday week 3 out of 12 started with an absolute monster workout for chest and triceps. The chest part was fine but the tricep part of the workout was more intense than anything we been facing so far I believe, it was horrible. Working with my body weight isn't really my strong suit right now, so doing dips was almost nothing but embarrassing (Today we did a bit of pull ups as well which was equally bad). This is something I want to improve in though so Iíll just keep pushing it, even if im using 40kg (thatís 88lbs for you AmericansÖ) counter weight. Sooner or later Iíll use extra weights instead, itís a promise.

Today was a different case. The workout was hard but it was manageable. I did end up reading some of the reps and sets wrong so I ended up doing more work than required on some exercises but hey, there's nothing wrong with a little bit of bonus. I did however wake up feeling pretty broke. I have an old lumbago that started spooking this morning and all in all I didnt feel really strong today so I decided to take it a bit slower at the gym today. Instead of intervals during cardio I decided just to walk and not push myself 110% just to give myself a little break to recover. The next two days are rest days which in this program usually means ab training but one of these to days are pretty much a pure rest day! Just a bit of cardio and some stretching so Iím really looking forward to that!

It's also time to cook again tomorrow! Since Iíve been eating chicken two times a day since the program started I feel like it's time to try something else even if it's just for a couple of days. Iím planning on going with minced beef and make a big chilli or something. I just need to find some good quality beef with not so much fat in it so it doesn't screw up my macros to much. Since my last mentor talk however we put a limit on my total carb intake and decided I should turn down my protein a bit though and increase my fat so it might actually be a pretty good switch. Iíll try it out for a couple of days and see how it works out. Worst case weíre back to chicken, not a problem. Iíll let you guys know how it turned out!
May 10 2018

So that lower back pain has really been punishing me these last two days. Iím not completely sure if it has anything to do with my old injury because I have a few exercises that I do whenever I start to feel it in my back that really really helps but no one of them has shown any improvements these couple of days. Iím really glad we didn't have any heavy workouts these days and to compensate for intensity on cardio Iíve been doing two hours of walks instead every day. It should roughly burn the same amount of calories so its something.

Iíve also booked a chiropractor tomorrow to take a look at my back. Maybe he can beat the damn thing into submission again. I can't help but laugh a bit because right now I feel like Iím 50 years older than I am. I eat a bunch of pills 3 times a day, Iím on a strict diet and cant have any sugar and my back hurts. All I need now is a decent cane and a flat cap and i'm all set. Iím already hitting the can ten times a day thanks to all the water so why not. One day I will be an amazing old man. Just thinking about all the stories and experiences I can tell the youngsters makes all warm inside. Iím obviously just filling out now so I better end it here and go eat somethingÖ Maybe something easy to digest that I can eat through a straw like a smoothie or something. #OldManDontCare
12 May 2018

Itís been a bit of an odd week. I been a bit off on the blogging, doing it every other day instead of every day. The plan is to get back to daily updates by the start of next week. So what has happened since my last post? Well, to start with I went to a chiropractor to have a look at my back yesterday and luckily it didn't seem to be anything spine related but rather some form of pulled muscle. This is of course a huge relief since I can continue to push myself in the gym. In fact my new chiropractor recommended it!

He did however notice that Iím a bit tight in my upper chest area which pulls my shoulder forward. Nothing serious, he just gave me a few stretches that Iím going to implement in my daily routine to get them shoulders to pull back a bit and get a better posture. I really liked this chiropractor, you could tell that we were roughly on the same wavelength which doesn't always happen so Iím going to continue go to him from time to time to make sure everything's is in order. Always good with a bit of service on the good old human body.

As weíre soon starting week 4 Iím getting less stressed out by the daily fluctuations in my results since more of a overall long term trend is starting to show now, and Itís definitely going in the right direction! I donít know if its just in my head but I start to feel like Iím seeing changes as well. I donít really care if its real or not, I take it! Since Iím tracking every weight and every rep I can certainly say that there are improvements in the gym so that's always something and the ab ripper is getting easier for every time as well.

I have felt a bit more tired the last week though, so itís been nice with a couple of rest days this week! We have another one tomorrow so Iíll make sure to get plenty of sleep. Been going to bed quite late these last couple of days. Another fun observation Iíve made is that Iím starting to look forward a bit to the end of the week when it's time for photos and mentor calls. It's a bit of pride I guess being able to see and hear that youíre making progress. Or at least hear it, I haven't actually checked any of my old photos yet. I have some idea that I donít want to do it until the end of the 12 weeks, as bonus to watch back and see how far Iíve come, but Iím getting curious so might check by the end of every fourth week, weíll seeÖ

But now Iím just going to get into my old worn sweatpants and just crash on the couch and catch up on some rest. Iíll make sure to post something tomorrow to summarise the week!

Elje M
05-13-2018, 03:40 PM
Week 3

Moving Right Along

Last week I talked a lot about the veil that had been lifted from my eyes. It was like an awakening. This week the amazement I had is gone and I’m really more just experiencing the happiness of my discovery. It’s a great feeling. I got a haircut last week and was talking to my hairdresser. I asked her if I looked any skinnier. She paused and I could tell she didn’t notice anything which is fine. I wasn’t planning on asking anyone if I look thinner. I[‘m just going to let people notice for themselves. Anyway, we started talking and I was telling her about my diet. She was excited to hear about it and said she was really into that kind of stuff. I told her I was weighing all my food and keeping strict calories and a strict percentage of protein, carbs, and fats. And she said “your macros”. She knew exactly what I was talking about. i looked at her kinda surprised. She was like, “yeah I do all that too”. She said someone came in one time and taught her all this stuff and she’s been doing it ever since. I was pretty impressed. I told her I was disappointed I hadnt learnt this stuff years ago and how eye opening it was for me. And she was like, “at least now you get it”.

Those were the key words. “I get it”. it’s like I finally understand. I get it now. I get it. I feel like I can now look to the future and be in control of my nutrition, diet, calories, etc. I no longer have to guess. I get it. that’s such a great way of putting it. it took awhile, but I feel like I finally understand what I’m doing now. When you’ve struggled with weight loss the way I have over the past decade, “getting it” is a big deal. It’s empowering. The amazement I had is gone. Now it’s more a sense of calmness and happiness that I’ve found it. it’s like I’m in a new club or something. My hairdresser was saying how she has her ‘food friends’ that are also in the ‘club’. Haha. Cool.

The other thing to point out is that it’s working. My weight high was on day 3 when I was 232.4. I went up a little the first couple days which, looking back, isnt surprising. Today was day 21 and I was 223.0. that’s 9+ pounds (4kg)!!! yeah. To say I’m happy with the way things are coming along would be an understatement. I’m thrilled!!! There’s still a lot to learn and I like playing around and fine tuning here and there, but I feel like the big picture is in place and won’t go away. Sounds crazy but learning this makes me feel like I’ve already gotten my money’s worth! Seriously!!! I’ve did my bod pod and got my resting metabolic rate and my metabolic rates for different activity levels. Doing Rockstar has forced me to do all this, count my calories, count my macros, cook and eat healthy, etc etc etc. I doubt I would have ever done any of this on my own. What price do you put on something that you consider to be invaluable knowledge??? There is no price. It’s truly priceless.

The other thing I wanted to talk about was my exercise. Some days I’ve done an hour of cardio on my bike. As the weight comes off I may have to back off on some of that and stick to the 40 min. it is a bit tiring when you still have to do weights. I did an hour in the arizona heat a few days ago and felt completely drained the next day. That’s something to keep in mind. Don’t overdo the cardio at the expense of everything else. I’ve been wanting to get rid of this weight for so long though, when I have the energy I like to spend any extra biking.

My strength has increased dramatically!!!! Wow. Especially chest and back. Legs too. I get some elbow soreness when doing bi’s and tri’s so that’s a little limiting. It’s not terrible but it’s there. I’ve had to go easy on ab ripper because of my lower back which was killing me in the beginning. At first I couldn’t even do all the exercises because of lower back pain. Now I’m at least able to do the program but with many, many breaks. Sigh. Long way to go there. That’s one thing that has come out of this, just how weak my core is. My abs and lower back were (are) incredibly weak. That has really come to light just how weak and just how much that can limit you. Moving forward in my months and years ahead I know I’ll have to continue to keep my core from being such a weak link.

The other thing I’m seeing is that my body is changing. My waist has gone from 43 inches to 41 inches. Yes!!!!! That’s really the biggest thing. Getting that gut off of me and seeing that shrink is my biggest reward so far. I have to remember not to be satisfied with just weight loss, although that is by far the most exciting thing for me and the most desperate thing Ive wanted to accomplish. Priceless. But I want to keep increasing my strength and muscle mass also. I don’t want to just be a skinny guy, I want to have some definition and tone too!

Well, week 4 starts tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it. I currently have my veggies steaming and have to cut up my grilled chicken and salmon for the week. Also have to cook my eggs for my breakfasts still. I cook those in advance and make my oatmeal fresh each morning since that literally only takes like 3-4min. then I pour my hot oatmeal over the cold egg whites and eat it all together. To my pleasant surprise I like my breakfast and can see myself eating this for the rest of my life every morning.

I hope everyone is doing well and bring on week 4!!!!
Moving Right Along..

- M

05-13-2018, 09:29 PM
Week 1
This is the first post so it’s going to be a lot longer than future ones (hopefully).

I got into Rockstar a few weeks behind everyone else. So while they are going into Week 4, I’m about halfway through week 1. I’m part of a crew of 4 people who got in after Andrew’s most recent 10-day. That was an absolutely amazing experience. So I’m really looking forward to what Rockstar will do. For anyone on the program who hasn’t met him in person yet, Andrew is an incredible guy, trust him and good things will happen.

I’m really excited about the fitness program. I compete in an Olympic sport and actually train with the Olympic team several times a year. Unfortunately, my health / fitness is pretty shitty right now. The long and short of it is that I was on some medication that really screwed up my metabolism and basically made it impossible to maintain a reasonable weight. On top of that I had a pair of injuries that limited my activity level and made the issue even worse.

Now that that’s mostly straightened out, my body fat is around 20% and I’m on the loser track. Most of the fat is in my belly which is horrible for my health and really depressing for someone who once had a six-pack and was being given deeply discounted gear because of how good it looked on me.

It’s also ground my progress in the sport to a halt. I started about 5 years ago. I made it to the national championships in Division III in about 18 months and have gone 4 consecutive times. (If I went this year, it would be my 5th in 6 seasons. I have until Wednesday night to decide and I don’t know what I’m going to to yet.) When I started, I was in Division III, but as of last season, I had worked my way up to the top end of Division II and the bottom end of Division I (there’s overlap).

Unfortunately, I made basically no progress this season. I even had my 3+ year streak of medals in state-wide tournaments broken. For now I’m basically maxed-out in terms of where I am technically. So, in order to get things back on track, I’ve absolutely got to lose the fat and get myself in much better shape. The problem has been that I don’t really have someone to keep me motivated and push me to go hard in this area instead of moving as gradually as I’ve been doing. If nothing else, Rockstar has already changed that. Being accountable to my mentor has motivated me to get back on the right track, and once I get in the habit of doing the right stuff, I doubt I’ll quit. (Esp. since I’m honestly enjoying it.)

Fortunately, although I’ve missed a lot of the fitness program, I’m not coming into it totally cold. Since October I’ve been losing about a pound a week by cutting my calories to around 1500/day. That’s cut about 2” from my waist already. On top of that, the nutrition aspect of this program is pretty old-hat for me. My dad had adult onset Type I diabetes. He worked closely with some of the top researchers in the country and was always adopting the latest and best stuff. (E.g. He was one of the first people to get an in-home blood testing device.) My parents used the whole thing as an educational opportunity. So I learned a hell of a lot about the ins and outs of nutrition in all the gory details. Having exposure to my dad’s situation also got me in the habit of cooking my own meals with “clean” ingredients. It also meant that I never really got hooked on crap food. Consequently, I don’t even know what a Coke tastes like and have no inclination to find out. (Furthermore, I’ve now got access to Olympic-level people that I can bounce questions off of.)

As a result, my diet hasn’t really changed significantly on the program, and I was already on most of the supplements. In fact the rules that Alex and Andrew have given us are quite a bit simpler than what I’m used to doing. Their approach covers the most important 95% of nutrition. But I’m just used to dealing with a lot more because of how I was raised. In practice it doesn’t make a real difference since I’m a loser and the sheer math of having limited calories constrains what you can do. I’d probably find the simplicity frustrating if I was a gainer though.

If anyone in Rockstar is genuinely curious about the finer details, Alex and some of his friends are extremely knowledgeable in this area and are very good at communicating it with others. In fact, they’re probably a more practical resource than anyone I know involved in the Olympics.

Anyone not in Rockstar who wants to know what they can do about their nutrition should just go Reddit’s Fitness subreddit and read their Getting Started information. See especially the article they link called “The Best Fat Loss Article on the Motherfuckin' Internet”. That’s 90+% of all there is to know. And you don’t really need to worry about the rest unless you are an athlete or have a medical condition.

So there are a few changes, but nothing really major or that takes time I wasn’t already spending. For example, I’m used to planning out my calories and macros on a 2-week basis and then going with the flow on any given day since I’ve set it up to average out in the end. (And since I train and compete on an irregular schedule, my calorie needs tend to fluctuate anyway.)

Another change has been that I’m back to weighing all my food and tracking everything in a spreadsheet. At first I couldn’t remember why I stopped but it didn’t take long to remember -- the reported macros and the reported calories on an item of food often don’t match. (The average error is around 5% for various technical and legal reasons.) So in the past, I got frustrated and just started guestimating and doing things back-of-the-book for stuff I was used to since it would put me within the margin of error anyway. I’d only break out the spreadsheet and the scale if I was unsure about something. We’ll have to see whether this new habit sticks once Rockstar is said and done.

Moving on to the fitness, this is actually a much lighter program than I was expecting. Obviously actual Olympians work much harder, but even for just general body image improvement, I think there’s a lot with our program that could be improved. Fitness knowledge has advanced a lot over the last decade and consequently there’s a huge gap in knowledge between the best people and the merely competent ones. (Alex and Andrew are always looking for new resources and contacts who can help make things better. So we’ll probably discuss this at the end of the program. I’m not sure they’ll want to change things though, there are always pros and cons and it might not be enough juice for the squeeze.)

As for me, I’m a little sore just from not having done this in a while, but it’s not nearly as bad as it’s been on other occasions. (The first time I trained with the Olympic team was *brutal*.) That said, I’m really disappointed by how weak I’ve gotten due to my metabolic issues and just not doing it. Hopefully, I’ll be able to convert some of my fat to muscle (instead of just maintaining strength). That would at least speed up the process of building it back up once my body weight is back down. But realistically, it’s going to take at least a year past the end of Rockstar to get to the point where I need to be athletically.

The main issue for me is that I had surgery on my elbow right after the Rockstar fitness program started (~3 weeks ago) because I assumed I hadn’t made the cut. Had I known I’d be getting in, I’d have put it off until after the program so that I could push the weights harder. It’d have been a little painful, but it wouldn’t have done any damage. But now that I’ve had the surgery, I have to be careful with that joint for a little while.

So far, it hasn’t been much of a problem for most compound movements, but it’s limited what I can do with isolation movements that use that joint. On the plus side, the workouts are actually helping it heal faster and have already noticeably increased my range of motion. I’ve got a checkup with the surgeon this coming week and since he’s a sports specialist, I’ll see if he’s got any advice on getting back into weight training quickly.

As for the goals of the fitness program, ideally, I’d like to be at around 8-10% bodyfat. I’m hoping that I can accomplish a good portion of that over the course of Rockstar, but I’m not sure if we can get all the way there.

Before Rockstar, I estimated that my TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) was around 2000. So I was losing about 1lb per week on a 500 kcal deficit. My mentor jacked me up to eating 2000 kcal a day and I’ve started slowly gaining weight. Some of that is just the creatin, but odds are that some of it is fat.

I’m not 100% sure, but he might have assumed that he was taking my current activity and *adding* the fitness program, but since I didn’t do my sports training this week, that subtracted slightly more energy than the fitness program added.

So we basically lost a week in an already short program. As-is, I’m estimating my TDEE to be ~1925 kcal/day. With a “normal” 500kcal/day deficit, that’s only 1lb per week, which is only going to get me 15% body fat by the end of things. Pushing the diet harder, I can just barely get in enough macros to maintain muscle composition at 1300 kcal/day which is a 625 kcal deficit and about 1.25 lbs per week. (I could probably push the dieting further, but I’m unsure of the safety or wisdom of this. Going below those daily allowances generally requires medical supervision and constant testing. It also could interfere with my ability to *do* the fitness program.)

That said, if we take a fairly ambitious approach and try to lose a full 1% of body weight per week while sticking with the “minimal safe amount” of 1300 kcal/day consumed, that means I’ve got to burn and additional 325 kcal/day over what I’m currently doing in the fitness program.

So the first thing all try is to add back in my athletic training on top of the fitness program. Fitting in in time-wise is going to be rough, but that seems to be the best option right now. Another idea is that since I’m behind in the program (and assuming my doctor clears it and a few other things go my way), I could try to “catch up” by having some of my Olympic contacts adjust the program for me to make it more aggressive (and thus burn more). Essentially, I’d have to change to a 2-day split instead of a 4-day or better yet, do a whole-body workout every other day. That’d be rough, but assuming Andrew and Alex are cool with it, that’s currently my backup plan if calorie cutting and adding the athletic training don’t do enough or can’t work for some reason.

(P.S. All of the stuff I used to do these calculations is in a spreadsheet, along with several other improvements. I’ll share them down the road. I doubt it would benefit anyone else for this Rockstar, but it might make things easier on the mentors in future years. If I’m wrong and it would benefit someone, I’ll be happy to share it sooner.)

Shiu Ming J
05-14-2018, 08:10 PM
Week 3 - Sunday May 13th, 2018 - Have you ever went running with a new pair of shoes? Parallels to our Rockstar journey.

Monday May 7th

I had another session of writer’s block for Week 2’s journal but I got it done and put a lot of heart into it just like week 1. I guess this week I will try a slightly different format and do a daily log that way I won’t be late and actually get ahead of the posting.

Lately I have put greater emphasis on meditation, whether it is the strict tradition form (standing straight up and focus on my breathing) or just owning the moment, clearing my mind and controlling my soothing breathing, I have been doing it. For a few quick moments as well as several minutes with a timer set to 20 to 30 minutes. These sessions really help me sleep better this past week. I am falling asleep faster and more relaxed and waking up calm, free with greater control over my thinking and emotions. I have and I know how to consistently achieve the “Clarity of Mind” that I need.

I have gotten out of my regular sleeping pattern in the past several weeks. That might be affecting my muscle growth. So I have another great reason to get back into my regular flow. There are nights that I find that I am supercharged without the alarm with only 3 to 5 hours of sleep and then there are times that a full 8 hours of sleep will give me the “Clarity of Mind” that I mentioned.

Today’s session was a little more challenging. It took some time to get used to the seated barbell twist. I made slow progress until completion. The new tricep trifecta: Lying Dumbbell Tricep Extension, Push ups (Close and Wide Hand Positions) and Bench Dips, was more challenging because my right triceps tightened up during my work out and I had to do several stretches to loose it up and not get injured.

Otherwise, it was a great day as I have been getting stronger: my dumbbell press has gone from 65 lbs/ 70lbs (Week 1), 70 lbs/ 80lbs (Week 2) to 85 lbs @ 6 reps failure. Other exercise have seen similar progress increase in weights.

Mentor Call
I was able to finish my last set of the new Tricep Trifecta, got my post workout drinks ready and fully set up on the elliptical before connecting with my fitness mentor via Skype. He provide some addition encouragement and guidance. It seems like I am gaining some weight but might need to increase my calorie intake to make sure I continue to make progress in gaining. Therefore, going forward I will each at least 3,600 calories with a bias towards protein and get into better sleeping regiment so that I am fully rested and allowing my body to holistically heal and grow my muscles.
Tuesday May 8th

I was better today. Finally getting a hang of eating early and often. With the goal of ramping up my bulking. I have decided to eat a cup of egg white 3 times a day to make sure I hit the calorie count and have a slightly protein bias so I don’t have to think about what to supplement in terms of food each day. I have discovered mixing in the egg white with the quinoa is quite delicious. This week I started phasing in some 93% lean ground beef into my meal routine. I avoided soy sauce the 1st two weeks and only sprinkled some soy sauce and salt onto the ground beef for taste. At this pace, I am totally making beef fried rice next week.

Decided to do an evening session at the gym. Today is “Back and Bicep” day. It will be our third “Back and Bicep” day on the program. For the Seated Barbell Twist, I used a 40 lbs barbell and then split the sets to 80 reps in between doing my wide grip lat pulldowns. The barbell twist got to be pretty draining near the end of each set but I could handle it and I was not sore. Maybe next time, I up it to 50 lbs on the 1st 80 and then 60 lbs on the 2nd 80 reps.

I was able to increase my weights by 5 lbs or 10 lbs to failure on each of my exercises. The V-Bar Pull Up (with legs elevated) was rather challenging, but I was able to power through those. Surprisingly, I had a big jump in Preacher Curl getting to 47.5 lbs to failure vs. 40 lbs a week ago and I was able to increase my weights and do more reps in the later sets on the Spider Curls. Then spent my time on the stairmaster to closed out the cardio. I was the last member to walk out of the gym that night while it was raining lightly in the parking lot. What a great session.

Wednesday May 9th

I did not get to the Ab Ripper until in late in the evening. I decided to do the 40 minutes of cardio first on my home treadmill and then attempt the Ab Ripper. It definitely made it tougher. Tougher than when I tried not using the Pre-Workout mix. I gotten a bit slower than the previous session and landed at 21 minutes and 34 seconds. Not a big deal. I will smash it harder next time.

I do find that I am enjoying it a lot more than before. I find myself being excited and pumped up during the middle of a couple of sets which gave me bigger burst while my core was hurting. I have noticed some slight improvement in flexibility in both the “Leg Climb” and “Mason Twist”. I bet it is the barbell twisted that we have been doing. More importantly, I am super happy that I am aware of these little tiny improvements, am able to control and direct my drive during tough and painful periods and am able to write it down to share and celebrate these small, but very consequential WINS.

Thursday May 10th

I just made a decision to get out and upgrade my car. In January, I had also looked at a 2010 Honda Accord with about 115K miles that was in pretty good condition, got it inspected (ended up costing the seller some money for some minor fixes) then agreed on the price and shook on it. I did not hear from the seller again after requesting for the VIN#. What a weird deal. So it got dragged out to now. Fortunately the belts on my car are still doing well.

I had to make a decision. Do I dumb another $400 to $500 into a car that I will likely get rid of by Rockstar or invest it in a new car that I will keep for 10+ years. I ended up spending most of my day looking at two cars: drove them, got professional inspection and then filled out the paperwork. Good thing I was able to get my cardios in for the day. I had no additional energy for the stretches so I made sure to allot time on Friday for them along with my day at the gym.

Friday May 11th
I was out of the house by 9am to catch the morning gym session. Today was “Shoulders, Calves and Abs”. I am happy with the exercises in terms of making good progress in them all and getting stronger. I did not like that I ended up spending 2 hours at the gym just on weights. I was able to up my weight to 50lbs on the barbell twist from 40lbs the day before, but I had to break it down to 3 seperate sets vs. before when I could push myself to do two 80 reps.

Saturday May 12th

I am grateful for our great mentor and good teammates! The Jocko Wilick videos help. GOOD.

Sunday May 13th

I got a little lazy today and woke up in the early afternoon. Yuck! You know one of those days that it is not that you are not getting enough sleep. It is that you feel a little less motivation, focused a little more than you should on the bad of the day/ night before and just feel like letting yourself go, a little more sleep will help alleviate this slight sadness. It never does. Our minds is trying to protect and help us, while it also sometimes tricks us into believing of a quick fix or a solution that “should” fix something but it doesn’t. It is not effective, but somehow it provides some comfort so we keep believing in it.

I am very grateful that I have been healthy and mobile. I do feel tired a lot but I think it is the side effect of me working on getting to my optimal sleep schedule for 11pm to 4am/5am. I am going to give myself flexibility during the rest of the program to sleep a full 8 hours if that is what my body is telling me. I also have been taking the garlic pills every once in a while to add an extra boost to my immune system. I know some people are not big fans of garlic or garlic pills but I actually find it quite tasty.

Anyway, I just ate my first meal of the day and will be eating around 3800 to 3900 calories today to make sure I continue to make progress in gaining. Its seems like a couple of things are trending positive: gaining more muscle, getting stronger at the gym in terms of lifting weights and my metabolism have kicked in on high gear due to more muscle and eating cleaner. So I am just happy to have the higher metabolism with the plan of eating a bit more to gain more.

I am going to run around Lake Harriet which is right near my house. The path will be about 4.7 miles. I am so happy and grateful because today is actually in the 70s degrees fahrenheit. So time to show off some progress LOL. I will record a brief message for you guys on my run. Cheers!

By the way, I totally forgot to take my pre-workout before the run so I noticed I got tired a lot quicker but I managed to lap the lake keeping a slower and steady pace.

Sharod J
05-15-2018, 12:23 PM
Week 3 Blog Post

May 13th, 2018 7:30 am Flying Over the Southeast United States

Man another week down already! I wanted to do these entries periodically during the week, but it was non stop from Monday until today. I made notes throughout the week, so hopefully, I can touch on all of the highlights. Right now I am sitting in the airport headed back into town. I traveled this week to my nephew's graduation which added to the hecticness of everything. To handle the trip without falling off the plan took planning and adaptation. I figured that I wouldnít be able to make it to a gym both Friday and Saturday (especially on Saturday as that was graduation day) so I had planned to move my workouts to that Thursday morning before I left and then do the legs Sunday when I got back in town. That plan went out the window when I wasnít able to wake early enough to get to the gym on Thursday. So this meant I still needed to do the cardio and off day stretching before leaving which I ended up doing.
I decided to work from home Thursday to make sure I could workout/pack and ďworkĒ before heading to the airport that evening. Made a mental note that I will need to use this benefit more to my advantage during the program. With the extra time pressure doing PR puts on your day. Cutting out my nearly 2 hours of commute time is a real time saver. Working remote isn't a big deal, and I am surprised my company doesnít encourage people to do it more often. While I have never had an issue working remote whenever I need. It isnít something that is promoted to take advantage. I can be just as productive from home or any city working remotely.
Traveling this weekend brought back my travel bug. I had planned to make weekend trips to visit cities in the States but havenít done any flights this year until now. Part of it was complete burnout from last years travel. And part of it was me holding back through the PR Interview process. I figured I would need to save travel days and money for the program. Which ended up being the case. I am using all of my vacation days this year to do PR. But afterward, I am going to get creative to get in the travel I had planned. No reason I canít make weekend trips to the cities I want to visit. Getting out of the city for even a weekend is refreshing. And I found it helped bring new perspectives.
This trip was the first time being around family since I let them know about PR. People were wondering what was up with all of the dieting but in the end, it wasnít too much trouble. People were curious and generally supportive. Sucks that the only two times I wouldíve had some cake this year has fallen at the beginning of doing the fitness portion. I had to keep myself from eating cake for the entire day. I donít know if I was tired from all of the running around or from using all my willpower.

Organic Gummies

My Mom had some organic gummies. I am a huge gummy bear eater, but that wasnít the point. It dawned on me how deceptive the marketing is for junk food. I caught myself looking at the organic and thinking healthy. But gummies are nothing but sugar.

Lunch with Mentor
Earlier in the week, I had lunch with a mentor. He didnít recognize me at first. He tapped me on the back then said, ďSorry. I am looking for somebody elseĒ. I thought that was funny. The mustache and losing weight are making me a new person. The lunch went well I had told him about the program earlier. And unlike my immediate supervisor who wasnít initially supportive, he was got why I would want to do this program and how it would help me throughout my life career included. That made me feel better than I already did on the decision to do this.

My Food Principles:
I am receiving so much information from various news articles on food and nutrition. It's tough to keep up with what is healthy or the best options. Because of this, I want to make food principles for myself to cut through the clutter. I also want to find out what from the Fitness and Nutrition program I can learn and take forward for the rest of my life to stay as healthy as possible. I feel like meal prepping will become a part of my routine going forward. It isnít that much of a pain to cook and prepare most of your meals. And I believe doing this 80 or 90% of the time will be doable.

Eat real food whenever possible - Take a banana before a processed candy bar
No added sugar. Limit added sugar: Only add sugar to coffee on cheat day. - Diet Soda, Fruit Juice, sugary drinks.
Make sure your diet is balanced. Include Protein/Carbs/Fats in your diet. They are all critical and essential.
Make it colorful - Food looks more appealing if there are colors. Red, Green, purples, and orange
Have variety: While to many options is a headache. Having a set number of

May 13th 2018 1:05pm

Low Fat Forgetfulness
I am just home and getting ready to head to the gym to get Cardio and Leg workout in for today. Moved my schedule around to get everything complete before the weekend. Even though yesterday was hectic, I got cardio and Ab Ripper done. So today I will do Cardio/Legs/ Stretch. The plan was to stop by the grocery store and get food on the way to the airport I forgot to do that so came home unpacked and then went to the grocery store. Gethin mentions in his videos that a side effect of a low-fat diet is forgetfulness. I will blame my episode at the grocery store on this. While in the store shopping, I thought I had left my wallet at home. So I have an assistant store my cart as I drive back home to get my wallet. As soon as I get back home, I tap my pocket and realize my wallet was there, in my pocket the entire time! #ForeheadSmack
Trying to get all of my stuff completed earlier today on Sunday so that I can get to sleep on time. And start my week out on the right track. So I am putting on my chicken breast/taking my pre-workout, and get to the gym. Time flies during the day. I really would already like to be there. Oh well. Let's get it done.

May 13th 2018 1:15pm

Lol dammit.

Okay adapt

May 13th 2018 2:47pm:

New crockpot purchased. And the chicken is cooking in it. The thought of my rubbery overcooked oven baked chicken was too much take. Even for a couple of days as I wait for replacement stoneware. Had to get a new one. I will order new stoneware for the older one. Now I can double my crockpotting on cooking days. Fucking Betty Crocker out here!
I just took pre-workout. And now I am getting psyched for this leg workout. I would have liked have this done already. But as usual seems to take a little longer than I plan during my Sundays for some reason. Cavs vs. Celtics game 1 is on. I will miss most of it. Headed to the gym. While I have the utmost respect for Lebronís greatness at this point, I still root for him to lose. Nothing personal but I have a couple of friends who love the guy. So my opposition is purely based on the joy that comes from hating on your friends' sports teams. This is the reason that fantasy football is so popular. This is male bonding through mutual hating on each other's teams.

May 13th 2018 7:00pm
Finished at the gym. Damn game was a blowout. Fuck these leg workouts are tough. Finding it hard to gauge failure range as we switch from low to high reps. Legs suck because I feel like I reach a pain threshold before actual failure. Leg extensions are the worse. I am DOMS person. So I will be sore as hell on Tuesday.

[Begin of Bitching for the week]
600 barbell twists. Is that necessary?
[End of bitching for the week]

General Thoughts On The Week.
In Tim Ferriss's book ďThe 4 Hour BodyĒ, He has a story of this guy who has ďHarajuku Moment.Ē Which is the moment you wake up and say I have to make a change. Harajuku Moments are critical for people who end up losing a bunch a weight. I had my own that prompted me to get in better shape years ago. I guess this is on my mind because I see the change that happens when you commit to something like this. And until you have this moment, you will be in denial. It is just another blind spot, which everyone has. And for me, I have some friends and family members who would benefit from healthier eating.

Final Thoughts:
I feel like I am getting the hang of things at the moment. This is starting to feel like a race to me. You start out fast with the adrenaline is kicking in and you start out quickly. The next few weeks will be the middle of the race where you find your pace and settle in for the race.

Mehendi S
05-15-2018, 01:30 PM
Hi everyone,

I am a little late posting my blog, but I will have it all up in the next few posts...

Week 1 is over and I have to admit that this fitness program is much tougher than I anticipated. This program is kicking my ass right off the bat and I have no doubt that it will shape us up to be in the best shape of our lives. It has been six months since I really worked out and I was very sluggish on the first day. I wake up every weekday at 5AM to get my workout in before work. My body aches in the good kind of way every morning since I am trying to push myself. I have learned quite a bit in the first week in terms of fitness than ever before in my life.

Each workout takes 2 hours in the gym and adding in the cooking, supplements, protein shakes, and tracking, you are looking at around 3+ hours each day dedicated to fitness and getting the correct nutrition into your body. My time has definitely switched from social time with friends to fitness in this past week. I don’t see that changing through this fitness program.

I never really dedicated myself to cardio in the past and I was really struggling to get through the cardio portion. As of today (Sunday), I was able to go hard on the elliptical machine without taking a break. I have never sweated as hard as I have after today’s workout and I recognized that I can go further if I listen to my body and not my mind. My goal for next week is to do the post workout cardio as hard as I can and burn some serious calories.

On the first day, my legs were shaking and I knew I was going to be super sore the next day. I was at the gym for two and half hours trying to complete everything. I told myself that I was not going to leave until I finished everything. Day two was tough, but not as bad as day one. The lifts were easier than legs, but the volume was still higher than what I am used to. The ab program was brutal for me. I had never finished the ab workout through many attempts in the past. It’s sort of crazy how much you can accomplish when you have a goal in mind. It’s much easier to push yourself when there are others on the same path as you. It was the first time I finished it through the end. The second ab workout was difficult, but much better than the first time. I hope I can get my abs showing by the end of this fitness program.

I noticed that I have been tracking my macros incorrectly all my life. I adjusted to the new calculations to get the correct macros while staying at 2000 calories. I’m hoping this midweek change will help shed off the body fat at a faster rate. I will admit that I am a little discouraged to see myself eating strictly and working out and seeing that I am only down one pound from day one when I weighed myself. I was expecting to be down at least two pounds by the end of week one. I’m just hoping that the midweek changes I made will see faster weight loss.

In terms of diet, I have been eating nearly the same food each day of the week since it is easy for me to keep track of. In the past, I did not mind eating brown rice since I used to drizzle it with ranch. Since, I have to watch my macros and calories, I cannot do that anymore. I changed up my sauce selection to keep things different. Many of the sauces have no fat and low calories in them. I’m going to stick with chicken, brown rice, and vegetables as long as possible.

Initially, I was unsure about taking all the supplements we were told to take. However, I can see how crucial they are to keep us healthy and staying on the path to our goals. The green tea extract and fat burner has really helped curb my appetite and I do not feel hungry all day as I used to when I tried to lose weight. The other supplements do their part as well and it is not difficult to keep track of if you use a pill organizer. I recommend it to everyone on this program if you do not have one yet.

I have not had any issues this first week socially as I kept myself busy and was off to bed by 9PM (except today; I can wake up late tomorrow). Today I had a friend who wanted to do breakfast, but I told him beforehand that I would not eat anything as I was on a strict diet. For some reason, I was not tempted to eat any of his pancakes or omelet. I cannot break the promise to the other Rockstars or instructors by going off of my diet. This promise of doing what I am told to do has made it easy to stick to my guns.

In the past, I always thought that I pushed myself to the max in the gym. This first week of Rockstar fitness has proven otherwise. I have learned that I can go far if I just keep working out instead of listening to my brain telling me I’m tired. You must have determination, discipline, and willpower in order to finish this program. I am way more productive, alert, and focused than I was before this fitness program. It is great motivation to be on this journey with everyone and I look forward to your progress as well. On to week 2…

Mehendi S
05-15-2018, 01:30 PM
Week 2 Recap

So today I found out that I will be moving in with one of my best friends starting in July. I’m already dreading looking for a new place to stay due to moving and location. It reminds of college where I wanted the perfect location, service, and rent while dealing with roommates that have different priorities. I am going to prioritize living near areas where I can go out during the week. My new residence will surely be further from work, but it will be worth it. It’s funny because as soon as I move into the new apartment, I will be heading off to Vegas. I’m sure he is going to have fun for nine weeks without me.

This week I had a mild scare during running routine on Tuesday. Usually, I run on the treadmill at the gym, but on ab days I workout at home. So on those days I run around the lake near where I live. I was ready to go hard, get my heart rate up, and run as far as I could in 20 minutes. I got a good 100 yards in when I saw a decent sized snake slither into the trees right across the trail. I am terrified of snakes and I noped the fuck out of there. I decided to take a new route that involved less trees and lakes. That was one way to get my heart pumping after seeing that nonsense.

Week 2 is complete and I felt as if I have made some great progress. My routine has become fairly solid. I can wake up everyday at 5:00AM everyday without feeling sluggish or tired. I used to hate cardio because of how out of breathe I used to be, but now I am able to really push myself after practicing on increasing my running without taking breaks. The 40 minutes of running/elliptical has definitely made an impact on my health, weight, and cardio. On Saturday, I played two hours of basketball in the Texas heat and I was able to go without running out of breathe. In the past, I would be exhausted after the first game. This progress has really motivated me to keep going further and see how much I can improve.

I thought I had really gotten this fitness program down and on cruise control until it decided to turn it up a notch. Today was by far the the most difficult workout I have ever faced in the gym. The hack squats were incredibly hard and I had to take breaks in between. The group chat really pushed me to make sure I finished the workout for today. I have a feeling that my legs will be sore tomorrow morning. Today’s workout was an ego check. I know that it’s only going to get harder and I have to be physically and mentally ready.

I have been very strict on my diet and sleep, but there were many occasions where I was tempted by others to break from it. I was offered sweets, pizza, beer, and all sorts of junk food throughout the week. My friends wanted me to go out just for one night to party. I would hear: “Just eat this once and you can go back to your diet.” or “Just come out one night and you can go back to your sleep schedule.” All of this is still tempting, but I know that I have bigger goals. I want to be as fit as possible and it requires discipline. I will say that it was easier than last week to hold off my urges to get away from my diet plan. I’m sure it will get easier and easier as the days and weeks go by. Fitness is my life now.

Making healthy food and sticking to the calories and macros has become much easier. I eat mostly the same chicken and rice everyday. I would be hungry sticking to only 2000 calories, but now it’s becoming difficult to eat that many calories. I’m not sure if it’s my supplements or my body has gotten used to cutting down on the junk food. Surprisingly, cooking the food for my diet has become the easiest part of the fitness program for me so far.

I knew the fitness program would be difficult. I heard that I would have to spend 3+ hours everyday just on my body and fitness. The program has been beyond what I imagined. It requires a lot of mental toughness and perseverance. I have learned so much about how I can push past my limits if I shut my brain off and just do the exercise. You just have to go and follow the program to the dot. I’ve made so much fitness progress in these two weeks than I ever have over a two week window in the past.

Overall, I am able to complete my work much faster than in the past. I do not procrastinate and I do not feel sluggish as I used to during work. A few people have already complimented me on how I have more energy than before (which is surprising since I’m exhausted by the end of each workout). After basketball on Saturday, I had a headache that would not go away. I went to sleep at 6:00PM and woke up at 6:30AM the next day. I don’t think I have ever slept that long before, but I’m guessing my body needed the sleep. I might use Saturday nights as a day to just sleep without an alarm. On to week 3...

Mehendi S
05-15-2018, 01:32 PM
Week 3 Recap

This week I realized that spending two to three hours in the gym has become easy. In the past, I would be ready to leave after one hour because I thought it was plenty. You can definitely find the time towards fitness and nutrition if you dedicate yourself towards it. I have seen some great improvements in my body over the course of the first three weeks and that all comes from the discipline that is required from this program. I have lost 7 pounds since the beginning of the program and I am seeing the results in my clothes. They are becoming looser and I have to wear a belt otherwise my pants would fall right off.

I am still on the chicken and rice plan. I still plan on staying on this diet until the end of the fitness program. I did have some lean beef this past week, but it became difficult to make it fit my macros and calories. I got a whole bunch of different spices to bring out different flavors for the chicken. It ranges from a lemon taste to something that’s very spicy. I like it quite a bit to change up the taste of the food. Keeping track of everything including supplements has allowed me to keep the energy needed to finish my workouts. Also, thank goodness for pre-workouts. The fitness program would have been ten times harder without it.

My workout routines have really polished up this week. I do not have any issues falling asleep in the evenings and I wake up fresh at 5:00AM for my workouts. I do not have much of a social life anymore if I want to stay on track with the program. I feel like I have much more energy to finish up work and take care of errands. The cardio has started to become bearable as well. I have always hated cardio all my life, especially the first two weeks. This has been the same as the previous week and I feel like I have become a machine now. My fat on my gut and back have lowered compared to the start of the program and I feel like I can get a solid body if I keep going at this pace.

One annoyance that I had this week was my knee pain. I had this sharp pain when I tried to do my cardio run. I really had to hold back on cardio exercises like running due to the pain. I was scared that it was something more serious, but it turned out to be nothing. The doctor said I was good to go. After a few days, the pain was completely gone and I feel good again. I will still be a little cautious as I do not want to have any long term damage to my knees. I will slowly build my cardio pace back up on Monday.

The chest/tricep and back/bicep days are my favorite so far. I felt sore the next day after those two workouts. The pump after the workout makes you feel strong and it motivates you to keep going at it. The ab program is still difficult for me. I have to take so many breaks in between, although I am taking less and less breaks than before. Here is to hoping I get some sick abs by the end of the fitness program!

Thursday was stretch day and boy did it feel good. My body was so stiff that morning and getting the stretches really loosened up my body. I felt really flexible afterwards. Even though it was stretch day, it felt like a rest day. My body felt great the next morning from this rest and I was ready to bring on the next day’s challenge. On shoulder day, I focused very hard my form. My form deteriorates really fast when my shoulders start failing. It took a little longer in the gym that day, but completing all the sets correctly was super important.

Saturday was leg day. Where to even begin. It’s the hardest day of the week by far. The 100 reps of leg extensions were just insane. The willpower to keep pushing was really intense. I did not move off of that machine for a while. My legs were burning and I had to do leg presses next. Great… The sweat was real that day. I’m on the first set of leg presses and the sweat is just dripping down my forehead. I was pushing myself to complete three sets of that exercise. The next few leg exercises were equally tough. I felt the leg soreness the next day.

Aside from a few active waves, everything seems to be on cruise control. It’s just taking everything one day at a time and before I know it the 12 weeks will be complete. The sugar, the oily food, and the alcohol cravings have nearly fizzled out. It’s really not difficult to stick to a diet anymore. This program has opened my eyes on how much I can push myself if I really want to. I want to have a good fit body that everyone can appreciate. I’m going to start focusing on turning this program from a 12 week program into a lifetime program after Project Rockstar. It’s good for my health, body, and mind. On to week 4...

Kristian H
05-15-2018, 02:37 PM
Week 1
Hey, everybody. A quick introduction before I delve into how the first week of the fitness program has been.
I am a 24-year-old student based in Scandinavia currently on my third year of a 5 year long economy program. I have been wanting to do project Rockstar for several years, but it was either not having the money or having the program crashing with my mid-terms exams after the summer which kept me from applying. When I heard that this was possibly the last time the program would be running I knew I had to apply. I have therefore decided to take a gap year after I am finishing my third year and time will tell if I actually go back to my studies for my two final years after Rockstar.

I was active growing up and did loads of sports, but it was mainly football (soccer) that become my focus during my early teens. I kept playing until the age of 16 before quitting due to several knee injuries. After quitting football, I continued to eat as I had always done and started to gain weight. It was not until after high school that I began to start training again -primarily with weights. Through my weight training I started to see great results which boosted my confidence and propelled my interest in weight training further. I began to get really serious with training and made myself a homemade gym and ended up becoming quite jacked. Although I still love lifting weights and I do it quite frequently to relax and keep my mind off things, lifting weights have been somewhat on the backburner as my main focus has been on doing good at university. I am therefore looking forward to beginning this fitness journey and get in great shape before the program begins in Vegas.

Leading up to the program I had a shoulder injury which kept me off from weight training for a few months, So I was a bit curious about how sore I would be during the first week as the instructors emphasized that it was an intense program.
Really happy that we started the beginning of the week with legs as Monday’s are the international bench press day and every bench was occupied and hardly anyone did legs. Being primarily used to doing squats and deadlifts and not exercises like leg extensions and leg press I experienced a burn I have never felt before. I basically walked around the gym like a duck going from one leg exercise to another. It is also refreshing that the fitness program contains cardio everyday as endurance is something that I have been neglecting for the past years.

This week has been super hectic, combining the fitness program with work and school has left very little time to anything else, and I have not had the time to really reflect on and digest that I am actually a part of project Rockstar. I am also beginning my exam period next week and have my first exam already on Monday (tomorrow) which has led to extra stress. I’ve only slept around 5 hours on average during the first week, so managing my time more effectively is something that I need to get better at. Sleeping only 5 hours a night is not optimal at all when it comes to training. Lack of sleep raises cortisol levels, reduces your insulin sensitivity and in general makes it harder to recover which is crucial on a program like this. Getting enough hours of sleep next week is something I am going to prioritize.

I was categorized in the gainer group which means having to daily digest roughly 3 700 calories a day. The actual workouts on the program are not the hardest part for me. I find the logistical things, like organizing my meals, having the time to do everything and fuelling my body with all the calories the toughest part. I think it will get a lot easier after a few weeks when you are starting to get into cooking habits and get a feel for what works for yourself. I also plan to eat pretty much the same food every week to make it as easy as possible and be more time efficient.

I believed the instructors when they said the program was hard, but I did not expect it to be this intense. We had zero rest days during our first week and every day I had at least one body part that was sore. In the original program on the bodybuilding.com site it is scheduled with rest days, but we have the Rockstar modified version with the ab ripper x program on those days. The ab ripper x program was the hardest part of the workout regime in week 1 for me. It did not look that hard when I first watched the video, but after a few exercises I realized that it was going to be brutal. It is basically 11 ab movements after each other with no rest in between. I found myself getting stomach cramps, but it was almost refreshing in a way feeling my abs getting fried. The next day my abs were sore, but my hip flexors were absolutely destroyed. I found myself not being able to fully stand straight and getting up after having several hours in class was a nightmare. But as the saying goes: “No pain no gain”.

I am already seeing improvements on my body, so I am excited to see how much my body will transform during the 12 weeks. We also have a fitness mentor who we can ask if we have any questions regarding the program or just fitness in general. Having Alec as a fitness mentor who has been going through the exact same program earlier and have him answering any questions almost instantly has been very beneficial.

Kristian H
05-15-2018, 02:39 PM
Week 2

This week started out super stressful with my first exam already on Monday. The exam went great and I had a killer workout at the gym. What a great way to start off the week.
I feel like I am getting more into a routine now with the whole meal prepping and getting my workouts in which is great. I find myself becoming much more effective and better at time management which has left more time for sleeping. I sleep around 6-7 hours on average now. This is something I am really happy about as this was something that I wanted to improve and prioritize after the first week. I can still become more effective and after most of my exams are done I will have no problem getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night.

I have started going to the gym when it opens at 6 am everyday now. It is a great way to start the day and I find myself with a lot more energy throughout the day. Another benefit is that there is not a lot of people at my gym that early, so I normally do not have to wait for others to finish which leads to my workouts being not just more intense but also more effective time-wise.
After speaking with my fitness mentor, Alec, we decided to bump up my calories some more to around 3900 a day. It is a struggle to eat that much every day, but I normally just fill in my remaining carbs and protein with vitargo and protein powder if needed. Drinking your carbs and protein does not make you so full either, which is great when you already have been stuffing your face with loads of food throughout the day. Something I need to get better at is eating more vegetables. I am buying some frozen vegetables tomorrow so that I can add that to some of my meals next week. Getting the vegetables frozen is genius and something that I realized after seeing a picture of food prepping from an alumni in the Facebook group. It lasts a lot longer when it is frozen and takes roughly a few minutes to get ready.

The muscle soreness I had after the first week is also reduced. I am still sore after my workouts but not nearly as much. Thank god my hip flexors do not get as sore as they were the first time I did the ab ripper x program. Being able to walk somewhat normal again feels nice. In general, after bumping my calories up, I feel like I have more to give on each workout than what I previously had, and I also notice myself getting a bit bigger. I am also seeing results on my cardio. This week I bicycled around 2km longer on my 20 min cardio session and was not as exhausted as I had been during the first week.

I had my second exam this week on Friday. I got up early to go over my notes and to organize what I was going to bring with me. Filled up a shake with what I thought was protein powder and brought it with me to the exam along with some fruit. Around halfway through my exam I thought it was time for some protein, so I slammed down the shake, but it tasted nothing like my protein powder. We have so much supplements on the program and being in a completely different head space this morning I somehow managed to bring with me pre-workout supplement instead of a protein shake. Not a good combo on a 5-hour accounting exam. I found myself having a hard time sitting still and was tapping my feet for what felt like forever. Hopefully I was not too disturbing for the people sitting next to me. I am definitely double checking my protein shake for my exam on Tuesday!

Today’s workout was brutal. Legs were on the menu, and normally something that I enjoy working out, but today was different. For today’s workout Kris had scheduled supersets on legs including 4 sets of 50 (!) reps on the hack squats. My gym does not have a hack squat machine, so I decided to go with Bulgarian split squats. I thought about doing regular barbell squats but with that many reps on a big compound movement like squats it is easy, at least for me, to go sloppy on the technique. Best case scenario you end up doing more good mornings on the last reps and hitting your lower back more than quads but in worst case scenario you end up hurting yourself. Also, doing 50 reps of squats would make you out of breath and might force you to take breaks not necessarily because your quads are fatigued, but rather being out of breath. The Bulgarian split squat is now officially the exercise I hate the most. Halfway through on the third set I found myself almost blacking out and after the fourth set I found myself feeling sick and almost puking. I somehow miraculously got through it but had to wait like 10 minutes before even trying to walk down the stairs to the locker rooms. It is a living hell during your workout but afterwards it feels awesome knowing that you did not skip a single rep and gave it all.

Next week we have some stretching scheduled which is something I am really looking forward too as I am not as flexible as I should be. We also have some yoga coming up in the coming weeks which is something I have never tried before, so that should be interesting too.

Kristian H
05-15-2018, 02:42 PM
Week 3

Time is really flying by. I cannot believe that we are finishing week 3 already. It does not feel long ago since day 1 on the fitness transformation program. I think it is combination of my exams, work and the fitness program. I always have something I need to be doing and constantly on the move, so by the end of the week when I am sitting down and taking the time to reflect on the past week and writing this blog it feels like the week started yesterday.

This week we had two days in a row off from lifting weights which is rare to say the least. Although I enjoy the workouts, I must say it felt nice to have some time to recover from the previous weeks. I still have nightmares after the sets of 50 reps on the Bulgarian splits squats and I cannot recall my legs being that sore ever. This week we had some stretching on the agenda which was something that I was really looking forward to. Turns out I was as stiff as I expected, so flexibility is something I will prioritize in the next weeks. Flexibility also mitigate the risk of injury which is important to avoid if you want to maximize your results from the program. Back in the days when I played football I actively put a big emphasize on stretching and was flexible enough to do the splits. Getting back to at least a decent level of flexibility again would be great.

I was hoping that Kris would not go as hard on the legs this week after the previous week hardcore workout of the legs. But I was wrong. I was still a bit sore from the previous leg work out and this week he had drop set of 100 reps on the leg extensions and rest pause techniques on various exercises, needless to say it was brutal. As of writing this my legs are sore as fuck and I had trouble sleeping on one side the entire night and found myself waking up and having to switch sleeping position a few times. I think it stems from, besides all the reps, drop set and rest pauses, that I am not used to be doing much leg work on machines. During the years my leg work generally revolved around barbell exercises like squats and deadlifts. I am still hitting the gym when it opens every morning. I find it is a great way to start the day and getting up earlier makes it easier to eat all the calories you are required to eat, and I almost have the entire gym by myself.

After talking with my fitness mentor, Alec, we decided to bump up my calories some more, so now I eat roughly 4 200 calories a day. Eating that many calories can be a pain in the ass, especially when I have long days at work. I had a 13 hour long shift this week and did not have that much time to eat so I had to squeeze in the majority of my food during a 2-hour period after work. On the positive side, I am getting stronger - Did dumbbell bench press this week with 42kg’s. It is awesome to feel I am regaining some of the strength I lost after my shoulder injury. I also feel like I am getting a little bit bigger, it is harder to see the difference when you see yourself every day, but I visited a fuck friend today (have not had the time to see her since we began the program) and she commented on me being bigger and having better endurance (all the bicycling pays off).

I feel like the cooking part and organizing my meals are getting easier by each week. I spend maybe 10-20% less time on the cooking part of the program now opposed to the first week. A big reason is that I usually eat the same things each week. I am sure I will be tired of chicken and tuna after the 12 weeks, but the time efficiency makes up for it. One thing that I did forget and something that I wanted to prioritize, as mentioned in last week blog post, was getting more vegetables in my diet. I will be buying vegetables tomorrow afternoon for the entire week after my exam.

On Thursday is our national day! It is the best day of the year. You basically wake up early, have champagne breakfast with your friends, continue drinking throughout the day, the entire nation is out in the streets celebrating and you continue partying throughout the night. As alcohol is restricted on the program I will be bringing protein shakes and Tupperware boxes with food to hit my calories goal. The gym is closed on that day, so I have to reschedule my Thursday workout to some other day. I will have a chat with Alec about it and hear what he suggests.

I am really looking forward to getting done with all my exams, so I can reflect on the fact that I am actually a part of Project Rockstar. Right now, it feels like I am just on auto pilot going from one task to another in a completely different head space. I have my last exam on the 5th of June, so after that I am thinking about really spending some time by myself and reflecting on what I really want to get out of Rockstar and prepare myself mentally about what is about to come during the summer. You only get one Rockstar, so it would foolish and suboptimal to be going into a program like this without being mentally prepared.

Nishant A
05-19-2018, 11:57 PM
Week 4:

Hard to believe that 4 weeks have gone by. It doesnít feel like that long ago that I was anxiously putting together the meal plan, the supplements and trying to imagine what itíll feel like to work out this intensely. The prospect of cooking so many meals was quite daunting too.

Having done this for a month I think itís been both easier and harder that I expected. Easier only in the sense that Iím surprised that it hasnít felt like a daily massive exercise in willpower and that I adapted to the new lifestyle more quickly than I expected. On previous diet regimes Iíve tried ,at about four weeks in it felt like every day was an increasingly uphill battle. That hasnít happened with this diet/exercise regime. I came in to the program expecting to have to deal with constant hunger given the fairly large calorie deficit we were expected to maintain. One of the more pleasantly surprising things has been that Iíve almost never felt hunger pangs during this period.

The other really pleasantly surprising thing has been the lack of cravings. Iíve had a really strong sweet tooth for as long as I can remember, and I think thatís almost single handedly responsible for the excess weight that I carry. On most diet programs Iíve tried before, typically low carb ones, around 4 weeks in my cravings were really intense and Iíd usually break down once my will power ran out and binge. I had some limited success in the past while trying Tim Ferrissí slow carb diet where he allows a cheat day once a week, but I think I the reason it was limited is because I was overdoing it on the cheat days. Anyway, I think the 30% carbs in the rockstar diet are keeping me sane and helping me fuel my workouts. Iíve also read that protein intake can dramatically increase satiety and I guess eating 50% of my calories as protein on this diet is what is helping to stave off the hunger. Iím hoping this trend continues into the future!

On balance this is a good diet and I can see myself sticking to something like this long term, which I feel really good about!

The workouts have been brutal - a lot harder than I imagined on day 1. Iíve also been humbled by just how physically out of shape I am as I struggle with Ab Ripper X and some of the other workouts. The Yoga workout this week was really hard for me too, and Iíve also realised that my triceps are pretty weak because I had a tough time supporting my full body weight on exercises like dips. Usually I have to sub them out for other exercises because I canít support my full weight. Sometimes thatís a discouraging feeling at the gym where I struggle with the very first rep of an exercise and realise that I have a long way to go before I can get into optimum shape. But usually by the end of a long workout Iím feeling pretty good about the overall effort put in, and try to remind myself that progress may come slowly but that I have to keep at it and itís bound to happen over time. On the whole though, am getting into the routing more and feeling like a habit is slowly forming. Iíve started looking forward to the workouts and that feeling of satisfaction that comes at the end when youíre totally spent because youíve truly pushed yourself to give it your full effort. My friends have been quite encouraging through the whole thing and urged me to keep at it.

Being in the ďloserĒ group, Iím always pretty anxious when I weigh myself each morning hoping to see a difference on the scale. On some days when the weight actually goes up due to water retention or whatever I have to tell myself that progress wonít be linear and that I need to trust the process and that over time weight will trend down. Overall Iíve lost approximately 7 pounds in 4 weeks and Iím really psyched by that! If I manage to keep this up and lose 21 pounds in total by the end of the program Iíll be at my lowest weight since I was 20, which would be awesome! Iím also hoping that Iíll put on some muscle with all the working out, though I donít know how realistic that is given that Iím eating at a calorie deficit.

I've also managed to more or less sort out logistics at work for the time that I'll be away from end July, so that's a load off my mind too.

All in all, Iíve settled into a routine and feel like Iíve taken the first steps towards what will be a long term journey on health and fitness that will likely go on long after rockstar. Claudio has been a great mentor throughout this process, constantly checking in to see if weíre doing okay and giving us direction and inspiration as needed! Iím very grateful for the opportunity to go through this journey with a bunch of like minded guys rather than attempt to do it alone.

Axel E
05-20-2018, 10:20 AM
Week 4
15 May 2018

So I just got completely annihilated by the yoga program we’re doing regularly starting this week. A big part of this frustration came from the fact that my mystery injury which I’m now pretty convinced is a ligament injury of lighter form in my upper hamstring/ass. I’ve had a few ligament injuries before from skiing/snowboarding accidents so I recognise the pain and basically how it reacts to stress. Where most other kinds of injuries will hurt more and get worse under stress, a ligament injury, while hurting to start with, usually gets better from training and stretching. It would also explain why my chiropractor couldn't see anything. This is great news since its means I have to keep pushing to get better.

Anyway, back to the Yoga. If you’re anything like me, a super macho manly masculine deluxe man (I’m not, but it makes me feel good to write it in my blog) you probably think something like “Get out of here man, yoga is for pussies!” and let me tell you in the most humble way I can……

YOGA IS F@#KIN HORRENDOUS! Yoga is a grim, nasty, cruel, ghastly, dreadful, frightful, scary and completely terrifying form of training, and YES I used thesaurus to get as many synonyms as possible in there! It will break you down and destroy your ego completely. You’ll want to cry but you can't because you’re scared that the video is going to start laughing at you. For one and a half hour you fighting for you life, crying on the inside, silently begging to for it to be over, but it never stops. It's a truly terrifying experience.

Here is how they get you: yoga will beat you down like a stray dog this is true. However, in the end when you laying there in a pool of your own blood sweat and tears praying to whatever higher power still willing to listen they lure you back in by doing some really nice relaxing movements where they basically just cradle whatever’s left of what used to be you and for a brief moment everything that is wrong in the world just disappears and you hear yourself thinking “That was actually kind of nice” or something like “I actually feel kind of good”

What I trying to say is you should try it if I guess. I mean if you’re a fellow rockstar like most of the people that will be reading this is you don’t really have a choice and I’m looking forward to hearing everyone's experiences later. I’m sure it will be mentioned in most people's weekly update. But if you’re not currently on project rockstar get a weekly yoga session in, it will do you good.
18 May 2018

On wednesday I decided it was time to to do a little travel trial so I called down to Ylab in stockholm which is the place I do my BOD POD measurements at and booked a test for today. I packed everything, scales, food, kitchen scales, training stuff and supplements and got into the car and I have to say so far so good. When you’re prepared these trips aren’t that bad actually! Next step is chicken and broccoli in a plastic bag at the airport, but I don't really feel I'm quite there yet.

The bod pod itself was really nice! Counting backwards I realised it’s only been slightly more than 3 weeks since I was there last time but during these 3 weeks I lost 3kg/6.6lbs of pure fat and gained 1kg/2.2lbs of muscles and my fat percentages has gone down with almost 3%! I still have a far bit to go but seeing results sure boost the motivation!

I also had to practise the good old power of self control these last couple of days. From having coffee with a good friend ording a huuuuuge cinnamon bun to having dinner with a friend where I was smart enough to pick my favorite meal box with home made chilli while my mate had a burger and fries. I’m not going to lie and say it was a walk in the park but it wasn't super hard either. More just an awareness that there was something unhealthy that I wouldn't mind eating. When I stopped drinking alcohol for a year I had the same experience and its just all about creating a routine. It's weird in the beginning but when you get into it it's not really that hard.

Tomorrow we have a planned BBQ with a couple of friends and that too won't be a huge challenge as long as you prepare. I think this is a really important lesson to learn actually. Sticking to a healthy diet isn’t really that hard if you isolate yourself from everyone, its how to integrate it with your regular life in a balanced way that can get tricky if you don't prepare properly.

I’m going back to the north on sunday so I only have two more days to get through and I feel like everything's under control. This trial has surely been a success, with a few good realisations (like getting a bigger cooler and prepare more food) but I sure am looking forward to get back home to my set routine again. This week has gone past so fast it's absolutely insane and now where ⅓ down the road already, which means only 8 more weeks to Vegas!

Can't wait to see all the other rockstars, this is going to a once in a lifetime experience for sure! So pumped!!! Until next time!

20 May 2018

I just got home from stockholm and I’m quite tired. I've been in the car pretty much all day so it's nice to finally sit down. Next time traveling on this fitness program I’ll make sure to have more food prepared so I don't have to think about it when I come home either. Just eat and go to sleep. Now I just made the simplest dinner I could possibly think of to get my macros in, minced beef with sweet potato and broccoli. Just spending the rest of the evening eating and watching Entourage. That show is pretty much how I expect our lives to turn out after rockstar. It's a pretty decent life, I think I could do that for a while. Minus the acting maybe but everything else.

This won't really be a long update since I’m really tired, but I’m going to smash a few hundred words out at least so bear with me. It's not supposed to be bear, right? It doesn't really feel right. Bear with me… I know it's not beer with me though… You get the point.

What's been fun really fun this week was meeting up with a few good friends of mine that havent seen me since we started the fitness program and just hearing what they had to say. It's not like they dont know whats going on, we have daily contact, its just that they haven't actually seen me since basically day 1 so that was pretty cool. I’m also starting to get more looks on the gym out of the blue and just feeling better in general. Feeling happier basically which always is a nice bonus.

Also feeling pretty optimistic for the remaining 8 weeks! If I keep this tempo going I’ll be under 80kg for the first time in I don't know how long! Years for sure. I’ve been going up and down basically between 82-83kg and up to 92-93kg, that's basically been my zone for at least my twenties, so breaking through 80 is kind of a big deal for me. I don’t really know what else to add really.. I’m super excited as always for this journey to just kick off and finally meet everyone is Vegas! But for now it's time to eat up and sleep up, tomorrow is Triceps & Calves, eaaaasssssyyyyy! That's almost like a rest day, might even throw in another stretch session because you know it's good for you. Take care guys!

Kristian H
05-20-2018, 02:57 PM
week 4

So, week four is finished and we are now done with 1/3 of the transformation program. I notice myself getting a bit bigger which is nice. Something that I am really happy about is that I have been adding a lot more vegetables into my diet now. This was something that I mentioned in my previous blog post that I wanted to put more emphasis on. I basically bought in a giant bag of frozen, mixed vegetables which I use in some of my meals. Super easy and just takes a few minutes.

I am still eating roughly 4 200 calories which takes a lot of time to eat. The cooking itself is getting better as I am now more effective and better at meal prepping. I had my protein at around 32-35% of my total intake last week and added some more carbs to hit my calorie target. After speaking with Alec, I was told to bump it up 40% which I have been doing this week. That means, for me, more canned tuna in water (Yummy… NOT). I eat other sorts of meat as well, but with tuna you can just eat it right out of the box, no prepping really needed, and it is also a lot cheaper. (This is what happens when you study economics – you eat food that, well, could have tasted better but since it is cheap, you eat it anyway)

I was allowed to add farmers walk into the training program which I am super stoked about. I have had really good experiences in the past with those, so I am curious to see what happens during the next weeks. I am adding them at the end of my back days, basically to destroy my back some more. I just hope back training is not right after the leg workouts, because the leg workouts are brutal as fuck. Today’s leg workout was no different. We had 85 reps with leg presses before hitting squats right after for 20 reps and 3 sets. That alone was brutal, but we were not done yet. The session ended with leg extensions with triple drop sets. One thing that was really cool, was that one of the biggest guys at the gym (huge motherfucker – probably on roids) actually commented on me training hard and how refreshing it was to see people really train and not just be on their phone.

This Thursday was our national day! It is the best day of the year and always a blast. This year we were super lucky with the weather as well – sunny and warm. Being sober on the national day was really weird as I have always been drinking a lot and getting hammered along with everyone else. This year I brought, instead of alcohol, protein shakes and Tupperware boxes with food. I started the day with breakfast at a friend’s house before we went to the place where we had rented tables for the day. It was so fucking crowded that It took forever to walk anywhere so after some hours we decided to chill at one my friend’s sailboat. It was really nice finally getting some more space, especially when you are sober and surrounded by drunk people left and right. All in all, a great day.

I am still not getting my 8 hour of sleep which is not optimal. I have some big assignments along with exams and work that takes up quite a bit of my time. Cannot wait to get done with those exams and just have work and fitness to focus on. I was allowed to add some vinegar to my meals and before bed to reduce the negative effect lack of sleep has on insulin sensitivity. It is not like I do not sleep at all, I sleep around 6 hours, but getting some more hours of sleep in would be advantageous. Since it is the end of week 4, we are doing our Deca/bod pod/ calipers test today. I am doing calipers later today so that should be interesting to see if I have gained some fat, reduced or around the same as when I began the program.

This week we were introduced to another ab program – SF ab program. This ab workout revolves a lot more around actual weights and not just bodyweight exercises like the ab ripper x. It was nice that this program had more rest in-between the sets and exercises than the ab ripper x. Although this workout was hard, I find the ab ripper x harder due to the high density. But the SF ab program will probably build your muscles bigger because of the intensity. Doing both of these programs I think will be a good mix and really destroy your abs.

We also had yoga and some stretching this week. I am still stiff as fuck, so not much flexibility there yet. Hopefully this will change with time as we are doing the yoga and the stretches every week. I did feel a lot better in my body after the stretching and yoga, do not know how to describe it but it felt like I was a lot more relaxed and my body was at ease. My parents have their own private yoga teacher that comes to their house roughly once a week. He has been doing yoga for 20+ years, so that is something that I should take advantage of and get some in real-life coaching from someone who really knows his stuff.
Next week is starting off with triceps, looking forward to that.

Jose I
05-20-2018, 06:36 PM
Week 4, 5.20.2018

Hey, everyone.

Week 4 in the books.

2 months to go. Pretty sure thatís a common statement that we all share.

Iíve been reading some of my fellow rockstarís posts. And quite a few have had epiphanies of some sort or other. Whether to do with freeing their minds from social constraints or acquiring a new perspective on our new diet and workout paradigm.

I donít feel as though iíve hit an ďa-haĒ moment in any one area in my life, just yet.

Who knows? This may just be a precursor to how iíll respond during the summer. I may just need more time for new thoughts, beliefs and habits to truly take hold inside me. I may just be a late bloomer, which is fine. I will NOT put any undue nor unnecessary pressure on myself in order to force myself into something which i may just not be ready for.

Thatís not to say that I wonít be pro-active in trying to stay with the pack. But, i also donít want my mind to resist all these new changes. I welcome this new journey that Iím about to begin, and I want to savor and enjoy every brutal, gratifying minute of it.

That being said, one thing has been in my thoughts these past two days.

The school shooting in texas. Welcome to Ďmurica, rt? ďWhyĒ you may ask. By now, these shootings have just become background news to most of us. Especially to our friends abroad.

I bring this up, because before any motive about the shooter was discovered, my immediate conclusion was that this dude did this horrible act because of a girl. It had to be. It just made sense in my mind.

Why did it make sense? It turns out that quite a few of these shooters are young males. And a lot of these guys turn to violence when spurned by a girl. Mental health illness? Maybe. I donít know.

What I do know is what itís like to be a teenage boy. Full of hormones, rage and frustration. Especially, ESPECIALLY, towards the opposite sex.

If guns werenít so easily available here in our country, then perhaps these body counts would be lower. Not sure. Iím not a social nor forensic scientist.

My blog is not meant to be a diatribe on guns nor mental illness. What it is meant to me is just a stance on dating and social programs such as Rockstar, and the countless other PUA courses available worldwide.

I know most of us get into the ďgameĒ to pick up girls. But, before we ventured into this world, most (if not all) of us probably had a negative view towards the pua community.

Those of us who have pushed through that negative stereotype are gaining the benefits of controlling our thoughts and using that ďfrustrationĒ in a positive manner: to properly pick up girls!

Weíre able to channel ALL that negative energy into something productive. Into bettering ourselves and providing value to girls that we want in our lives.

This is obviously not the case for a lot of other men.

Most ďnormalĒ men, just follow standard dating practices and eventually settle with someone. Some of these guys may just get lucky and find a good, high quality woman who will be loyal.

But most other men end up with a borderline girl that they donít mind fucking, but probably arenít too proud hanging out with in public.

And the remaining men? A lot of them accept a life of loneliness, sadness and without much fulfillment. They may resort to ďmail order bridesĒ, arrangements or some other type of hook up.

But, there are a few guys who end up lonely and alone who CANNOT stand to be this way and do not know what to do. They fail to see the relevance of the pua community and resort to handling things the only way they how to: with destructive violence.

Some of these uber aggressive dudes, may have just found ďsalvationĒ at the last second and enrolled in a bootcamp, bought a book or downloaded some content that saved their (and otherís) lives.

But not all of them.

In an ideal world ALL women would recognize these ticking time bombs that walk amongst us, and they would step up, ďtake one for the teamĒ and just give a mercy/pity lay to these guys that need it.

Imagine how less violent our world would be if more of these dudes just, you know, got laid?

But, we donít live in that world.

We live in this one.

And itís thanks to an amazing program like Rockstar, that not only will we be acquiring high quality hotties into our lives, but, we will also be making the world safer, more ďlaidĒ back place.

Hereís to all of us!

05-20-2018, 08:16 PM
So, I had a long post this past week. This one is going to be pretty short.

Because of my elbow surgery, my ability to grip weights currently sucks. Early in the week, I pulled some muscles in my upper arm because they were compensating for this lack of grip. As a result we had to shuffle some of the exercise days around. It wasn’t that big of a deal, but it was kind of demoralizing. Since then though, I’ve gotten these hand-hook things (at the suggestion of a former Rockstar who had a similar issue). They’ve really allowed me to start moving significant amounts of weight. There are still a couple of exercises I have trouble with, but I can do 98% of the routines just fine now.

I also had my first meeting with the exercise physiologist from my gym. By working on my forms, he was able to significantly improve my performance with both cardio and weights. So I’m going to keep working with him and hopefully will continue to make progress.

Also, at the advice of some Olympic contacts, I got a different kind of body scan than the one I had originally gotten. While the one I had gotten was on average off by no more than 5%, in my case he felt it would be off by much more. And he was right. My new DEXAScan shows that I’m at 27% body fat instead of 20%. This more or less means that my diet from October until now didn’t really accomplish much in terms of body composition. That’s probably because I wasn’t adding strength training to ensure that I preserved muscle mass. Hopefully going forward with Rockstar is going to produce better results. (Though so far, it seems like I’m treading water. Hopefully results will show in a few more weeks.)

I’m still adjusting my schedule to account for my gym time. And while I’d like to be going out and implementing a lot of the stuff I learned on the 10-day, I’m usually just too tired from the workout to do it. I think it’ll get better once I’m in the rhythm of things though.

A lot of the other Rockstars have asked what they could do to prepare for the stuff Andrew is going to be having us do based on what we did during the 10-day. This is a tough question because everyone is coming from a different place and we were all selected *because* of the diversity of our experience.

Furthermore, it’s hard to say what would benefit someone coming in cold. We haven’t done any experiments or anything. So this is just going to be an educated guess. The people who try it will have to report back about what works and what doesn’t. But maybe if you get a cross-section of the four of us who were on the most recent 10-day, you’ll get some solid recommendations.

I think all four of us will agree that outer game issues are basically irrelevant at this point. The real money is dealing with inner game stuff. Nothing is going to exactly replicate Andrew’s unique mix of techniques and perspective, but I’ll try to list some books that point in the same general direction. That’ll at least get you thinking about the relevant concepts.

Speaking broadly, anything with the “Self-Help Seal of Merit” from the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies is going to be a quality book. There are a lot of them, so if you’ve got some particular issue that you are interested in, that list is a good place to start.

For what Andrew does specifically, I think McKay, Fanning, and Ona’s _Mind and Emotions_ is a good introduction to the key concepts. There are some other books along the same lines, e.g. _Calming the Emotional Storm_ and _Get Out of Your Mind and into Your Life_. They have their strong points. But I think that overall _Mind and Emotions_ fits best in terms of getting you to reflect on the issues Andrew is going to focus on. I like it because it is deliberately eclectic and tries to just incorporate all of the stuff that’s known to work without getting bogged down in theoretical or ideological squabbles.

You may also want to get some more experiential resources to go with it. I like _The ACT Deck_ which is 55 flash cards that ask you questions and give you things to reflect on. The overall theme of the cards is very much in line with Andrew’s approach. A more extensive resource to help you start grappling with things would be _The Big Book of ACT Metaphors_ has a ton of useful material.

Another possible thing you could read would be Russ Haris’s books, _The Confidence Gap_ and _The Happiness Trap_ in particular. These are written in a less academic style and may be more accessible for some people. They are quite good and are written by one of the top experts on these subjects.

If anyone does read them, let me know over the course of the summer whether they were helpful or not.

Michael A
05-21-2018, 01:42 PM
On the advice of my coach I reduced my calorie intake to 1800 per day this week. It seems to have done the trick as I’ve steadily lost fat as the week has progressed. In total my body fat is down almost one percentage point from the week before and I’ve maintained muscle mass. This program is the first time I have ever run a calorie deficit, or even counted calories at all. In the past when I was going through a “bodybuilding” phase I would just eat more food with a focus on protein. My body fat percentage has always been in the “healthy adult” range so as a skinny guy going to the gym I just wanted to try pack on more muscle. This worked to a certain extent but doing this pre rockstar programme has made me realise the value of more precision.

Having 1800 calories to work with has turned my daily meal plan into a kind of constrained optimization problem. I need to keep within the calorie limit and hit the right macros (40%/40%/20% protein/carbohydrate/fat) using only the permitted foods while optimising for energy levels, taste, micronutrients, satiation and a whole host of other things. I’ve not got the perfect balance yet but it has lead me to thinking a hell of a lot more before I shove something down my gob.

Yesterday was a good example. It was Saturday and I was out and about in the town all day. This was largely unplanned so for the first time since week 1 I was freestyling as far as food was concerned. I realised I wasn’t going to be back in time for my evening meal so as I was walking by a health food shop I had a sudden notion that maybe I could eat a protein bar. I walked in and took a look at the options. I could rule out a lot of them based simply on the sugar content. There are a million different diet programs out there, and they often wildly contradict one another, but they are basically unanimous about one thing: refined sugar is bad. I could therefore rule out those bars that had “glucose fructose syrup” or whatever as the first or second ingredient. I’ve been aware that my diet didn’t need more sugar for a long time, but in the past I would have just picked up one of the low glycemic index bars and felt that it was a decent healthy option. This time I stopped and thought about it. I looked at the ingredients of one and realised I had no idea what all these artificial sweeteners were or what they would do to my body. Do they provoke an insulin response? Do they cause bloating? Cancer?? I googled them and the scientific literature seemed to be inconclusive. But stopping and thinking about it was enough to put me off. Outside of protein shakes, I have eaten exclusively whole, natural foods for the past 4 weeks and I feel really good about it. My measurements are going in the right direction and I don’t want to do anything which could impair that progress. In the end, I found a sushi place and ordered 5 slices of salmon sashimi. I was pretty shocked at how high the calorie count was for that according to myfitness pal, I suppose it’s a very fatty fish. Regardless, I’m sure it was a much healthier option than a protein bar.

As far as workouts go, this week was really good. I felt the DOMS in every single muscle group. I find the ab workouts the toughest but I’ve come to think that perhaps the muscle groups we find the hardest to workout are the ones which need strengthened the most. Legs day on Sunday was great. I felt dizzy as I marched back and forth between the squat rack and leg press machine during the superset. I didn’t bother with cardio immediately after and instead went out for a jog in the evening. My legs were like jelly and I think I normally walk at a faster pace than that jog but managed to bash out 5k or so.

I am really glad that Yoga X is part of the program. I’ve done a decent amount of yoga before and it helps so much both physically and mentally. I think I might become a hardcore yogi later in life. I’ve thought in the past about the way I want to plan out the exercise aspect of my life as I get older. We hit our peak physical fitness as human beings in our early to mid 20s but I think that is more important for some types of exercise than others. Yoga, for example, can be done to a really high level even when you are in your 50s. On the other hand, I am 29 and I suspect that I have only a few years left not totally sucking at football. So it makes sense to play quite a bit of football for the next few years. I have a notion to get a really good marathon time at some point and I think that I will probably try to do that mid to late 30s. And while I may always lift weights to some degree, I think that aesthetic bodybuilding will become less of a priority as I get older. Anyway, it’s a bit ridiculous to try and plan all this stuff out so far in advance when life could throw us a curveball at any point. It was mostly just a thought I had about why I don’t just do yoga every day when I get so much out of it.

Lastly, I read a lot of the guys' blogs over the weekend. I wanted to say thanks to the people who talked about having a tough time mentally throughout the week, be it connected to getting over ex’s or just a general malaise. I have my own struggles and reading those posts helped me appreciate that I’m not alone in that. Stay strong and we will face our demons together in the summer!

Shiu Ming J
05-23-2018, 04:59 PM
Week 4 - Sunday May 20th, 2018 - Discomfort is your friend!

Monday May 14th

My day started off nicely. I got much needed rest. A good friend was able to stop by the car dealership in the north metro where I had bought the car and drop it off at my place. I got to meet his fiance who was a very nice, personable and sincere person. I am so happy for him. We have been friends since 6th grade and have stayed in touch through thick and thin. In addition, his first marriage was to one of the most controlling psycho bitch I have ever met. So I could not be more over joy to see that he has found someone that is a complete opposite of his ex-wife.

After chatting with them for a good long while, they had to take off to do other errands. I immediately grabbed my gym bag, took my pre-workout and smoothie for after the gym and headed out.

Everything went smoothly, as it usually does. It was “Back and Biceps” day. I am now up to 205 lbs on reverse grip lat pulldown and failing at the low range of the reps. I hope next time I am at the high range or can add on another 10 lbs. I really liked the EZ-Bar Curl triple drop set. Before today, I had built up to being able to do a full sets of curls using the 70 lbs barbell and was amazed that I am now able to do several reps at the 100 lbs, 90 lbs and 80 lbs levels. I got a couple looks at the gym as I was pulling out and using the four barbells and pushing myself on the 100 lbs which I barely got out a 2 reps. My last one was 2 reps on 100 lbs, 2 reps on 90 lbs, 2 reps on 80 lbs and the final 7 reps on the 70 lbs. When we have this exercise again, I look forward to topping it.

After the gym, I got all my shopping at Aldi and Costco, got home to stuff my refrigerator, nuked my meal with 1 minute to spare before sitting down to skype with my mentor, Gordon. The last two weeks I was only able to chat with him over audio at the gym. This time I made sure I got my ass home so we can do Skype right.

We went over my weight log and noticed it is mainly fluctuating between 156 lbs and 159 lbs this past week, so Gordon suggested I increase my calorie intake to 3800 this week and lean more towards protein. I did not mind that and had already bought an extra package of egg whites from Costco to use as the key ingredient.

Tomorrow will be the first yoga session. I have attended several yoga session and know the extent of my flexibility. I am not looking forward to it.

Tuesday May 15th

Yoga. I love yoga. I want to immerse myself in yoga. Some sarcasm yes. However, I know yoga will be good for me so I am going to make it a point to squeeze in more mini, partial or full yoga/ stretch sessions throughout the next several weeks. Since flexibility has been my biggest weakness to date, doing more sessions and getting slightly more flexible each time can only be a good thing to my overall fitness and health.

I had trouble with the shoulder stand and tumbled multiple times throughout the session. I did my best on each of the positions and got better as the video went on. I am looking forward to making significant improvement in this area before the 9 weeks is over.

Wednesday May 16th
I had an excellent night of rest where I decided it is more important to wake up with an empowered, clear and excited mindset rather than hitting a specific time like 5 am or 7am. I have been having trouble getting back to my waking up naturally in the morning and had a tendency to beat myself up if I don’t get up early or at a specific time.
Today was “Shoulders/ Calves” day at the gym. The Barbell Twists are getting better. I have been using the 50lbs straight barbell the past week and it is still tough to complete the 5 sets of 60 reps straight to get to the 300 reps. I start feeling the pain in the arms and my traps/ shoulder area where the bar is resting getting tired at around 40/50 reps, but I know I can push through to the 60 and so I do. I will be moving up to the 60 lbs barbell next session. I am going to keep pushing.
I saw that Andrew posted some of the reviews from the most recent 10 day bootcamp. I started reading through some of the reviews to with the goal to get mentally prepared for Project Rockstar.

Friday May 18th
This was the first SportsFood Abs day. The weighted sit-ups were not too bad as I was able to rom 32.5 lbs to 50lbs. I found the Hip Thrust to be the most grueling of the exercises of the day. I don’t remember how many times I had to pause to get to that 40 number but a lot. Other than that the rest of the work outs were challenging but they went well and I felt my abs getting bigger and bulkier. I feel like the Ab Ripper requires more endurance from your core and the SF Abs actually attempts to bulk it up. Great session.

Saturday May 19th
My weight continued to fluctuate from 156 lbs to 159 lbs this week, so I decided to up my calories to over 4200 going forward. I am basically eating a cup of egg whites each meal and adding additional food items throughout the day to make sure I hit those numbers. I don’t care if I look like a pudgy guy for a while. I got to gain so I am going to gain. Period. I am not hoping for anything. If my body weight does not increase tomorrow. I am upping my calories even more.

I ended up being out most of the day as there was a lot going on in Minnesota this weekend. I helped organized a Meetup to do some Whiskey Tasting at a local bar called Pourhouse. It was just something that I thought would be fun to gather people for. Nope. I did not drink anything whiskey. I enjoyed about 5 cups of water. The people that came had fun. I met and befriended some people there. It was a good social event to start the day.

I made my way over to Art-a-whirl which is a kind of like a art, beer and music block party but throughout the entire “Nordeast” neighborhood. You can check out art, be social and have fun. Initially none of my friends wanted to go, so I went by myself. It was I sampled some art and just walked through crowds and crowds of people and stopped to check with groups of girls when I saw an opportunity. I talked to a bunch of people at this event but still felt a little approach anxiety.

A little later that night, I met some friends at a bar/ lounge called Honey nearby and was totally social, loosened up and in my body. I approached as many group of girls as I could and made all the interactions fun and carefree. Yeah, there were girls that weren’t interested. There were approaches that fizzled out quickly. There were some good conversations. I danced by myself or with my friends every once in a while. I enjoyed the music and just focused on being in my body and moved. I approached every girl that I wanted to. I was awesome. The best part is that because I focused on having fun, I was in my body and I took action and approached every opportunity I saw, my mind was clear and joyful. It made it easy to focus on the positives: I took action. I had fun. I actually enjoyed the music, being there and it was fun just being social and not caring.

Sunday May 20th

Today is my last day of sleeping in. Yeah it feels good sometimes but my goals are too important. There is too much life to live and I am just getting started!

I had a great mindset when I fell asleep and then I woke up with an even more engaged mindset. A mindset that focused on everything I did right the day before and looking forward to the day ahead. In addition, I am in a phase where I am working to proactively and consciously focus and cultivate positive feelings. I get to determine meaning to things that happen to me. Therefore, I get to feel whatever I want to feel when ever I want!
I am not sure how long I will need to be in this phase until things go on auto-pilot. I am grateful for being on this track.

Back to the fitness front, it was probably not the best day to help my friend move, especially on the same day as the most brutal leg day workout. I survived. I spent a couple hours in the early afternoon helping my friend move some furniture to his new place and then hit the gym after chatting with the over lunch. No I did not eat at the sports bar. I ended up eating my prepped meal in my car right outside the gym. Love it!

I don’t know what got into me, but for some reason I did a couple supersets of 4 sets of 20 reps on the leg press along with the barbell squats sets. Then I caught myself and realized it was 3 sets of 85 reps on the leg press. What a dummy! Once I caught mistake, I racked up the leg press again and pushed. I was able to do a set at 185 lbs total and then one more set at 205 lbs total alongside 60lbs, 65 lbs and 70 lbs per side squats on the smith machine. I kept pushing myself on the leg press but at certain points I just had to pause or I feel that my squats would spasms. I worked in a couple squats just to be on the safe side.

When I got home, I felt like I needed a reward motivation and came across another Joe Rogan video. He mentioned, “Discomfort is your friend.” I could not agreed more. It is a dramatic paradigm shift. I feel like “Discomfort” should be an honorary 18th member of Project Rockstar. Always stalking us to be better than we were the day before.

I am proud of the mental, physical and at spiritual breakthroughs I had this weekend. I hope everyone is proud of the effort, progress and breakthrough they have achieved for this week!

Keep going!

Nishant A
05-26-2018, 10:57 PM
Week 5:

So last Sunday I was going on and on about how I havenít ever felt hungry on the rockstar diet and how the 2000 calories was really keeping me satiated. Famous last words as it turned outÖI was at the gym on Monday morning mid way through my workout, when Claudio messaged, saying that after consultation with the other fitness mentors they decided I needed to reduce my calories to 1700. I couldnít help laughing when I saw that because my first thought was that the reduction was in response to the blog post. I told myself ďMan, Iím an idiot for talking about how comfortable the diet has been for me so far. Of course thatís gonna lead to a reduction in calories!Ē. Hahaha

Jokes aside, Iím sure the reduction had more to do with the rate of progress Iím making. Claudio confirmed that too. I lost 7 pounds over the first 4 weeks. If this reduction in calories can get me to something closer to 10 pounds lower over the next 4 weeks Iíll be really psyched!

The adjustment was slightly uncomfortable for the first couple of days. I made the switch immediately by cutting out chicken that Iíd cooked for dinner that first day, and I also switched out the beef I was eating at lunch for chicken because that has fewer calories. I also put together a new meal plan that evening which Claudio gave me immediate feedback on.

Since then Iíve been adapting to the new plan. There was occasional hunger during the week, but nothing I couldnít handle. Over the week I realised that the reduction in calories has reduced the cooking I need to do too, so thatís made things easier! On balance Im happy that I was able to adjust reasonably quickly to the new meal plan.

My hope/goal at the end of this process is not just to get shredded, but to have built a habit that I can see myself following long term. So far, so good on the diet section.

The workouts on the other hand were really hard - I continue to struggle with Yoga X, especially with all the planks that are involved. The video makes it look simple, and the fact that Im struggling with it was a little discouraging. This was also the second SF abs day weíve had, and that was pretty hard too. I started to feel lower back pain during the hip thrusts which made a lot of the subsequent exercises quite painful. For reasons I donít completely understand at the end of both SF abs days I felt the good kind of fatigue, the kind I usually feel after a 2 hour tennis game where you feel like youíve gotten a good workout and you just know youíre gonna sleep well that night.

Iíve also been intensifying my cardio. On multiple days Iíve done that by splitting my workout into two sessions, once in the morning before work where I do the weight training, and another during lunch which I dedicate to cardio and focus just on pushing my heart rate up. My colleagues at work have been impressed at the discipline, though itís taken quite a bit of willpower to go to the gym for two intense sessions instead of one. Iím hoping Iíll get used to that routine soon!

On four days over the past week Iíve fallen asleep by 9:30 pm, right after dinner. I havenít felt this sustained sense of exhaustion in a long time. Perhaps itís because of the intensified cardio, the lower calories, or just the built up exhaustion from over a month of daily intense exercise. I have to admit that dragging myself to the gym on Friday morning was a herculean task. The fatigue was really intense on Friday night. I was really glad to be able to sleep an extra couple of hours to rest on Saturday.

On Saturday I had a friends wedding to attend. It was over lunch, and local weddings are notorious for indulgent meals. I happened to run into a couple of former colleagues whom I hadnít seen in a while, both of whom said they thought Iíd lost some weight, which was really cool. Iíd also hit a new low on the scale that morning, though not by much.

I managed to abstain from alcohol during the lunch (which wasnít easy since I was catching up with a bunch of old friends and colleagues, all of whom were egging me on), stuck to meat and veggies, but I had no way to track the oils or calories theyíd used to prepare the food. So I gave myself another 100 calorie buffer on my calorie target for the day.

Iím hoping all of this effort translates into accelerated fat loss soon. Fingers crossed. On to week 6!

Jose I
05-27-2018, 12:01 PM
Week 5, 5.27.2018

Hey, fellas.

Week numero cinco!

I feel like things are either starting to pick up some momentum, or, maybe the end of july is starting to become a very ďrealĒ thing and a closer target, all of a sudden.

In other words, first day of RS is not some far off date that seems like itíll never get here, because i can see it creeping up on the calendar.

I was in the Navy for 6 years. But one of the moments i remember SO vividly was my reporting date to bootcamp (and here i am, about to embark on another bootcamp of sorts. Deja vu, haha).

At the time, when i signed my papers, my ďreport toĒ date seemed like such a foreign concept. A a far away date that put me in a mental limbo where i was just ďwaitingĒ and ďwastingĒ time until i reported. And man, when that date finally came it hit me like a ton of bricks!

Iím fairly sure that I will feel somewhat overwhelmed when i meet up with everyone. I know I will do my best to have as much positive energy as possible, but i also know myself. And I have a strong feeling that a lot of my resistance will pop up and probably put me in a bad mood for a while.

But thatís the point of this program, rt? To find a way past these ďweirdĒ feelings and push myself into and past ALL these horrible thoughts, strange feelings and limiting beliefs.

I mean, itís still about girls, of course. But, thatís just a symptom of the underlying problem. We get our heads ďstraightĒ and everything else falls into line, rt? Right.

Gaining weight like most of you. There are days when i look in the mirror and Iím like ďwow, iím starting to see some cool definition. Fuck, yeah!Ē But, then there are other days when i look in said mirror and question the integrity of my reflective friend. Canít seem to either hold onto the definition that I like to see, OR, maybe i perceive myself to be more shredded on certain days than i do on other ones.

Or maybe, it just depends on my mood that day, haha.

At any rate, trusting this process till the end.

But, what makes it a little more difficult is that i suffered a mild injury to my right elbow. Some random guy at the gym dropped a barbell on the floor while i was foam rolling. And that thing caught me square in the elbow as i protected my face.

It felt like just a casual bump. But it turns out that i suffered a mild, hairline fracture. Not truly damaging, but just enough to limit my workouts.

Pressing and certain types of weight extensions (ie, mainly anything involving tricep extensions) are really difficult for the time being.

Will have to let that body part heal for the next few weeks before I go full bore again.

That injury, along with my still recovering knee issue, are preventing me from going 100% at the gym. Which is a bummer, since i felt i was starting to see some nice gains in there.

Just another obstacle to overcome, rt?

Thereís a girl (there always is, isnít it?) in the gym i go to. Weíve been connecting there recently. Sheís even invited me to some yoga classes out of our gym time and wants to see a movie with me.

Under normal circumstances, I wouldnít think much of it. But lately, iíve noticed myself thinking about her a little bit. Sheís nice. Probably a 6. Maybe a 7 when sheís all dolled up, haha. And she has a super friendly infectious attitude. I think Iím taking advantage of this situation to get my mind off of my ex-gf.

It was working for the first few days. But now itís working a little too well. I almost felt like I was starting to get a bit of one-itis. Which is NOT what i want right now.

Iím not sure if she truly finds me attractive, or is herself trying to get over her ex-bf.

Itís an interesting dilemma. And normally i would advise against this to anyone. Even including myself. But, to be honest, i think i needed something else to get my mind off of my ex. And this new girl is helping tremendously with my mental well being.

So crazy to think about the power that females have over our lives if we let them.

I see all of this through a logical perspective. The dynamics of attraction and the longing for emotional and physical contact from another person. And even then, Iím not immune to the effects of a cool, friendly girl invading my physical space, flirting with me, inviting me places and such.

Itís a tightrope to walk, no doubt. And I can just hear all of you telling me to keep my distance from her. To not fall into a relationship at the last second. To keep my eye on the prize. Which i will. And which is why Iím telling you all of this. So that you can hold me in check and accountable.

Itís easy to say that I trust myself to, well, myself. But in the heat of the moment? Who knows.

But, for the first time, in a long time, it just feels great to be around a cool girl with no shared drama nor baggage between us.

That being said, i CANíT wait to hit the clubs with all of you!

Those upcoming experiences are going to crush me and build me back up into something that Iíve always wanted: someone who decides their own fate, instead of just settling.

05-27-2018, 08:48 PM
Not that much to really add this week. The week 3 workout has 3 days that are abs or stretching. So it was a nice break in intensity from the earlier weeks. It also gave my elbow some more time to heal.

Until today, the fluid in the joint had been pressing on my ulnar nerve which made my ring and pinky fingers numb and made it so that I couldn’t (safely) flex the joint past 90 degrees or move it repeatedly without great pain. Today, the pain and numbness have substantially subsided. There’s still *some* fluid there, and I can feel it as I move the joint around. But I’ve got the full range of motion back and feel pretty good about the progress on that front.

I’m also very pleased with the personal trainer I hired to help with my forms and to help me work around my injury. He’s been a huge help, and has really boosted the amount of calories I’m burning during cardio and the amount of weight I’m able to move with the weight lifting. Looking at my weight tracker, I was basically flat (maybe up like half a pound) until I started with him, and since then I’ve lost about 3 pounds.

I’d recommend that everyone pay for a few sessions, but competent people are fairly expensive. (I got a deal at $45/hr, but his usual rate is $70/hr.) If you do hire someone, look for someone certified by the American College of Sports Medicine or the National Strength and Conditioning Counsel. These are the two most rigorous certifications and they turn away around 50% of applicants. (Some of the others are basically a mail-order thing.) That doesn’t guarantee you’ll get someone you like working with, but at least you’ll get someone knowledgeable and with the appropriate academic background.

Speaking of the tracker spreadsheet, there are a ton of improvements I’d like to make to it. In particular, I’ve made some of them already. But I’ve got some further things I’d like to do. I’m not sure if I’ll have the time, but if anyone else is good with spreadsheets maybe we can work together on this. There are lots of convenience things we could add like having the Navy method auto-compute based on just inputting the measurements. But I’m particularly interested in incorporating Reddit Fitness’s total daily energy expenditure estimator. And the charts from “The Hacker’s Diet” (along with a few improvements given that statistics is better now than it was then).

Re: the book recommendations last week. I reviewed Russ Hariss’s books. I really like the content, but I’m not really a fan of his colloquial presentation style. So I’m sticking with my recommendation of _Mind and Emotions_ as a primary book. A second book would be Bev Aisbett’s _illustrated Happiness Trap_. It sums up Russ’s first book and extracts the exercises from it, which is really what you want anyway. Between those two, you’ll have a decent background in the ideas that Andrew is going to introduce and talk about.

Anyway, if you haven’t read the reviews from the recent 10-day, you may be wondering what these books have to do with getting girls. The point is that this isn’t really about the girls, at least not directly. The point of the program is to make you into a better version of yourself. And that comes with the side effect of being more attractive to women. To borrow a phrase from a book I’m reviewing for Andrew, Rockstar is the “long short way” instead of the “short long way”. The short long way seems to be the shortest route between the two points (learn and practice a bunch of pickup routines), but it has a lot of hurdles along the way and will take you far longer to get there. Andrew’s long short way is a winding path, and it will require every ounce of emotional and mental energy you can muster, but it will get you steadily and surely to the destination you have set for yourself.

Axel E
05-28-2018, 02:55 AM
Week 5
22 May 2018

Dear friends of the internet,

This week has been a little bit though to get started. Yesterday's workout didnt feel nearly as easy as I thought it would. This might have to do with the fact that I skipped my PWO completely, so Iíll probably not do that again. In fact I just ordered more. My biggest problem when it comes to the PWOs are that they come in the wierdest tastes. What the hell is ďSupercar CandyĒ?! What does a Supercar Candy taste like?! I ended up getting sour cola, praying it will mix well with my Strawberry champagne BCAA. Seriously who comes up with these names?

Today was Yoga X day and Iím happy to say that It felt way better this time than last time. I only cried for a few minutes this time, and that was specifically during the stretches of my injured muscle. I can definitely say that my ligament is getting better even though still not perfect and I think the Yoga X and the X stretch helps a ton with this!

Iíve been on a pretty good roll this past week when it comes to results so you can guess I got quite shocked on my weighing this morning when it said Iíve GAINED 1.5kg overnight! I double checked to be sure, but the scale didn't change. Now obviously this isnít a realistic gain, considering that one) I didnít binge eat like a mad man yesterday and two) You canít build that much muscles that fast (I know it sucksÖ.). Iíll just wait until tomorrow and see what happens on the scale, maybe it was just an anomaly. I mean I did overshoot my calorie intake a little yesterday and ate roughly 15g to much carbs but come on body, donít be an asshole. But I said it once before and heres the proof, If I look at a donut the wrong way iíll gain 5kg.

Anyway, tomorrow it's the Sport Food Ab workout! Iíd enjoyed it last time we did it and I expect it to go even better tomorrow so looking forward to that! Wonít skip the PWO this time though. Until next time lads!
23 May 2018

So today was SF Ab Day, a workout designed to build volume of that sexy sixpack that I donít really have yet! But Iím sure it will show up sooner or later as long as I keep pushing. Today I took half a dosage of my PWO and I can say that it definitely makes a difference. It might be pure placebo, but that doesn't matter to me. Iím one of those guys that donít really care where my results are coming from, as long as they keep coming, placebo or not. Iím also (or used to) not used to coffeen since I donít really drink coffť, so even half a PWO dose for me is infinitely more caffeine than Iím used to on a daily basis.

On a more personal note, Summer is officially here in Sweden now and it's absolutely lovely. Might even get a pretty decent tan on this pale white body before Vegas and that's always something! Iíve read through all the reviews from the past 10 day boot camps as well so now Iím even more pumped for getting to Vegas and going through this entire journey!

May 28 2018

Man do i have some catching up to do! So last week was quite a mess to be honest. Everything felt completely upside down, the workouts that looked easy was horrible and vice versa. The plain old meals felt just a bit more tedious than before. The results wasn't quite as exciting as the week before, and so on and so on. And to top it off everything kind of collapsed on friday morning when I got call from my dad saying he needed my help. They were heading on a 2-week bus trip along the coast of England, that they thought would depart from Stockholm on saturday morning.

However, Friday morning they got a call from the busdriver asking them why they weren't on the bus yet. So to not miss out on the entire trip they, or rather I, had to drive down to MalmŲ, the third biggest city in Sweden located almost as far down south as you can get where the bus was stopping overnight. Now Sweden is not a huge country, but this is still almost a 500 miles drive (Yes, that your American mile, I converted it for you), one way.

So I rushed to the gym to get as much of my workout done as possible. I had to cut out the cardio part which Iím making up for today. Then rushed back home and did an emergency packing with what meals I had, my supplements and whatever I could come up with that I needed in 15 min before getting in the car, which I spent the following 15 hours in. Lets just say that this ďlittleĒ trip messed up my entire weekend when it comes to nutrition as Iíve had a hard time getting my macros right and Iíve either been under or over my calorie intake.

I did decide to stay at my sisters on my way back home who lives in a small town in southern sweden with her family. I know I said in the video that I would visit my skydiving club on the way home but I ended up just staying with my sister instead. Itís always nice to see her as shes been quite sick for the past year. She got diagnosed with cancer that she's been battling which has obviously been rough for all of us, but considering everything she's doing pretty good and is responding very well to her medicines. Sadly this also put me in quite an uncomfortable squeeze between running out of supplements and wanting to stay longer. I ended up staying as long as I could which was two nights but made it back home late last night.

While visiting my sisters I did end up getting in two nice workouts though! I ended up sneaking in to this really high quality gym that you just wouldn't expect to find in a small town like that, but I was seriously impressed with the quality. I met the owner, a former cop, that was a really nice guy and he even gave me a discount even though I had just sneaked into his gym on my brother in laws membership. Lets just say I didn't mind doing my workouts there!

Another highlight with this trip was on my way home late last night when a guy in a pretty sweet mercedes and I started messing around on a pretty much completely empty highway. It wasn't like things ever got out of control or risky and dangerous or anything like that. I donít know, I donít really know how to put this is words without potraing myself as a dirtbag haha. Lets just say I like high speeds.

Anyway, I got home at around 2am last night, didn't fall asleep until 3am or so and now its monday noon and Iím making up for what Iíve missed these last couple of days. Luckily there's no workout today, just stretching so I got some extra time to catch up.

Iíd like to finish off with a special shoutout to Dainis my dear friend from down under! As I wrote to you earlier this week, always remember whenever you feel a sense of pride or accomplishment, remember that Iíll always be there to beat you

Sincerely, your good friend Erik

Sharod J
05-28-2018, 08:07 AM
May 21st 11:24pm

I just finished with day one and watched all the blog posts that were available. I appreciate every one of the posts. And I love that people are sharing the good and the bad. I was about to go to sleep but decided to get started with week 5. I shut down the gym again today. It still feels good to be one of the last people out of the gym. But I do have long days. I didn't get back home until after 9 pm. That was just enough time to eat then watch all of the blogs for the week. These workouts are insane I may have spent close to an hour just working my triceps today! In the past, one hour would be a complete workout for me.
May 26th 7:39 am
It has felt like a ton of stuff has happened this week as the time continues to fly. I just finished my morning cardio today. I usually jog, but this week I have been doing incline walking and rowing. I decided to take the week off from jogging to give my foot a needed rest which seems to be working. Also this week I began sticking to doing morning cardio. This Wednesday, I woke and finished my session while listening to a learning course. And by doing this, I noticed an increase in my energy and focus throughout the day. Because of the extra focus, I am determined to make this a part of my daily routine.
Also, I am listening to podcasts, TED Talk youtube videos, Audiobooks and other things during my cardio. I am working to be more deliberate with my learning as I work on my personal development. While I haven't been the best in the past, to keep me motivated I have shifted my mindstate on learning to think of it as "Exercising My Mind." I don't have a problem going to the gym for and exercising for 2-3 hours a day. I should be able to apply that same discipline in this area of my life.
Tuesday Was A Bad Day
Tuesday was a down day for me. I had 1 on 1 with my supervisor, and for some reason, I always leave the meetings with him feeling like shit. I don't think he is intentionally trying to do this and does want to be helpful. But I guess our personality and styles don't mesh. Anyway, I was in a foul mood after work as I ruminated on the meeting. Allowed myself to wallow on the drive home so that I could feel and analyze my emotions. But I also remembered that action is the best medicine when I feel like this. So even though I wasn't motivated, I forced myself to complete the yoga. I find that "Action" is vital when I find myself in these situations. Move forward don't wallow.
What I am reading:
Brave New World - Going back through the classics and recently finished this book. For a book written in the 1930s, I found the themes in the book to still be relevant. I guess that is why its a classic.
Deep Work - Started listening to this audiobook over this weekend which discusses strategies to overcome distraction and be more focused and productive at work. The key thing on my mind from the beginning of this book is it explains how in knowledge work things are becoming. "Winner Take All" which means more of the spoils are going to the best in any given field. I don't know why but when I heard this I could feel the negative self-talk in my mind begin. "You can't be world class"...etc. It is the same feeling you get when you see a beautiful woman, and you instantly think she is out of your league. This is what I hope that Rockstar will begin to fix

as all of these thoughts come from the same place. And if you are able to conquer it/ or effectively deal with this in one area of your life, then it can be applied to all.

What I am watching:

Catching Feelings: A new movie I am checking out on netflix.

Comedians in Cars Grabbing Coffee: Short shows where Jerry Seinfeld interviews comedians taking them in car rides. The shows are short and quick, but I find it interesting getting to see the mindstate of Jerry and other uber successful comedians who made it to the top in a grueling occupation.

May 26th 12:58 pm

I feel like I am finishing off this week on a good note. I went for my DEXA scan yesterday, and the results were positive. Since my previous scan, I had lost 12 lbs total and 15 lbs of fat, gained 3 lbs of muscle, body fat was down 5%. I weighed 214.8 pounds this morning which was under my goal of 215 lbs. I lost 5 pounds this week which has been the most since we have started. So 210 pounds is now my new goal! The girl who administered my scan was curious about what I was doing to get these results which I took as a good sign. For most of her clients, she recommended them aim for 1% change in body fat per month. Fuck that! I'm so glad that these changes show so quickly. I notice something new every day. It was cool earlier this week when I begin to notice muscle shred as I was lifting! Never thought I would ever see that in my life. Made me feel like a bad-ass. I was also wearing a tank top (Not a nipple-exposing one. I'm not there yet). Socially, I did try to meet some friends out that I haven't seen a few weeks since the program has started. It is different going out to bars now, especially not being able to eat or drink anything while there. I was out for a little bit last night to watch some of the NBA Playoffs. But ended up calling it an early night and was in bed by 12pm. Getting to bed early was a good thing as I was waking up to get to the gym at 9 am this morning.

Getting to the gym early on the weekend was money. I was able to complete the giant set and superset without issue. I felt this made the workout go by faster. I am getting to meet up with another Rockstar who resides in the same city.

That will be cool. We are grabbing a coffee. I can't think of the last time if ever I have grabbed a coffee with someone. It is usually a drink now that I think about it. He is the only other person in the city at the moment that can relate what we are doing and about to do at the moment.

Tomorrow is a holiday for most of us Stateside. And it is an "off" day for lifting. So that means I get to chill...err meal prep for the week and try to relax some. Yeah, that is what will happen :).

Sharod J
05-28-2018, 08:08 AM
Week 4
May 16th, 2018 12:07
The fourth week is already off to the races. I decided I would take some time at lunch to get some of my thoughts for the week down. Last night, I did the P90 Yoga, and it was difficult. Flexibility and mobility are things I have been working to improve the past couple of years. And I have let my routine of stretching every morning slip with all of the other stuff that we do for PR. I found myself procrastinating a bit and didn't start until 9:30ish (I usually sleep around 10:30). Watching videos from the other PRs helped with the motivation to get started. Anyway, I found myself being slightly frustrated as I struggled with many of the moves in the video. And I underestimated the intensity of the workout. The multiple rounds of downward dog are quite the shoulder workout. I was able to work through the frustration by reminding myself "This is your first time doing this. You will get better." The video does a good job also of mentioning everyone isn't at the same level. Just do what you can.

As far as progress goes. Things are still progressing positively. My weight has been around the 222-223 range for a week, but its trending in the correct direction. I also see other signs of progress. My waist measurements are still going down. I am even noticing more muscle definition in my arms and legs. My mentor cut my calories to 1800 this week so having to adjust to eating slightly less food. And I hope this will also lead to the weight begin dropping.

Last One Out The Gym:
I shut the gym down this Monday. I was the last one out. I thought that was cool for some reason. Maybe I am just slow. But I I know it is because I am working hard. Also for the first time, I feel like I belong when I am working out in a gym.

May 18th 12:24 pm

I just finished the morning run and stretch today. I am starting to enjoy the stretching more now. And I found the session this morning was needed. I may have to lay off the jogging as my foot is sore again after today's run. I have been thinking of trying to get back into swimming for my cardio. But I will likely just start doing more cycling or even turning to rowing for my cardio.
Overall this has been a good week. While I have had to adjust slightly to make my new calorie mark (1800cals), it hasn't been much of an issue. I do notice, and this may be mental, that I have slight hunger pains during the day. The good thing is that it usually is time for me to eat again. I just make sure to do that. This week I ended up doing mainly chicken breast and kale mix salad for all of my meals. I am finding that I enjoy the ease it is to make a salad. And I also like the flexibility it provides with meeting my macronutrient targets.

The Mutherfuckin Best Fat Loss Article on the Internet
One of the other Rockstars recommended finding this article in his blog post. So I decided to check it out. I also found it informative. It validates things we are doing with nutrition on the program. With the amount of protein we are eating, I not experiencing any cravings. The article also helped clarify how to modify the way I eat to maintain whatever weight I end up being. In the past, I have failed with the maintenance portion after losing weight. I have learned my lesson, and this time I plan to be more vigilant.

SF Abs
SF Abs was brutal...I need my abs to get stronger quickly or my legs to begin weighing less.

May 19th 8:54 am

A good college buddy of mine was in town for the weekend. It was good to see him, but it was also another situation where I had to explain my not drinking, diet and why I am working out all the time. As seems to be the case often when I mention my diet, he also had changed his diet earlier in the year and had dropped 30 pounds since the beginning of the year. Anyway, I spent the day hanging out with him and his family. This was another party that had cake and drinking. This is the 3rd time in 3 weeks I have had to turn down cake and alcohol at a party. I am getting pretty good at this.
Not having alcohol at functions like this is likely good practice for Rockstar. You have to learn how to handle yourself and have fun without the aid of alcohol. At the party, they were having people do karaoke in front of everyone. I could feel the anxiety in me rise as they passed out the song request slips. At this point, all of the negative thoughts begin to rush through my head. Then I thought about Rockstar and how this would be 1/1000th of the things I will be pushed to do...I ended up singing Wonderwall by Oasis and had a blast. After driving through the initial hesitation, I ended up singing multiple songs with my buddies. This was cool because we had a good time. But we also helped the entire party enjoy themselves!

Compliment Time!
I keep mental notes when I get compliments I get on my physique change. I received a cool one last night from one of my buddies as we were leaving the bar. As I was walking out, my friend massaged my shoulder area then commented, "Whoa! What the fuck is this. Dude you getting swole!". I probably had the biggest fucking grin on my face.

Slacks Let In.
This program is giving me some good problems. I had to take my work slacks to the tailors this week to be let in. When having this done, I thought about how I almost backed out of doing PR. If I had, I really would be regretting it right now. It is amazing the transformation I am witnessing with my body. I can see new changes each morning when I wake up. If asked before the fitness transformation started, I would have been thrilled to have the physique that I have now. But I have an extra two months to continue to progress. Can't wait to see where I end up.

Getting Excited!
I am beginning to get excited about Las Vegas. I started making my Project Rockstar 2018 Playlist with songs that get me hype. I can see why Rockstars are ready to explode by the time you get to Vegas. With all the working out and limited social interaction I can feel the pint up energy building. At this point, I can honestly say this is fun.

Kristian H
05-28-2018, 09:56 AM
Week 5
So, week 5 is officially over and we are getting closer and closer to completing the fitness transformation program and arriving in Vegas!
This week has been hectic as usual, had some big assignments along with an exam that I felt went really well, so hopefully I will get a good grade. During the last 2 weeks we have had some really warm weather, like record breaking temperatures. It is above 30 degrees Celsius and as a Scandinavian who is not accustomed to temperatures like that it has been a nightmare. The first two days were awesome but now it is just getting too much. I find myself sweating constantly which is annoying. It also greatly reduces my energy levels so staying hydrated is something that I have really tried to be aware of during these weeks. I drank around 8(!)liters of water on Thursday as I had a hectic day at work combined with the workout regime. Falling asleep is next to impossible on certain days as well. Vegas in July will probably be quite a bit warmer so that is going to be interesting…

We decided mid-week to bump up my calories with 200 a day, since my weight has been stagnant at my current level of calories. I have been working quite a bit this week as well, and since my job is pretty physical, I burn a lot of calories on hectic days at work. So that is probably one of the reasons to why my weight has been quite stagnant this week. This week has been a lot harder when it comes to eating. Not sure what it is, but this week my appetite has not been that great. Maybe it is the warm temperatures that is killing my appetite. It has been a lot lower than previous weeks, so getting all my calories in has been hard. I also spent a lot longer on each meal which is frustrating when you have a hectic schedule.

You guys probably remember that in my last blog post I talked about how I was allowed to add farmers walk into the program and how excited I was about it. I usually enjoy doing the farmers walks, however, this week was different. This week legs were scheduled the day before back and bicep. And as you guys have probably read in the journals, leg days are no joke. I find it to be the hardest part of the program and I always have lactic acid due to all the drop sets and number of reps. Being sore from yesterday and having to do farmers walk today was not a fun experience. I noticed it straight away from my warm up sets that the farmers walks were going to be challenging. I pushed through it and did 4 working sets at around 40 meters. I have to admit, the last 20 meters of the 4. Working sets could not have looked pretty technique-wise and thinking about it afterwards I should be more aware about when the technique starts to get sloppy as it is easy to get injured on an exercise like that. I am really curious to see the effects in the following weeks. When I have used farmers walks in the past they have really boosted my strength levels and hopefully that will also be the case this time. Such a great exercise.

This week was also the champions league final in football (soccer). As a guy who used to play a lot of football growing up and football has really been a big part of my life, the champions league final is something special. This was something I had been looking forward to the entire week, although none of the teams playing were my favourite team. It is just such a good atmosphere bringing friends together, throw in a few bets on the outcome and watch it a friend’s place or out at a bar. It was really weird watching football without having a beer…or six, as that is something I have been doing almost automatically for the past years. We watched it a bar, and as the majority of the people I watched it with were Liverpool fans ( they lost ) the mood quickly plummeted. However, after some more alcohol the atmosphere got a lot better and we decided to go out clubbing which is something I have not been doing since we began the fitness program.

Watching the match with friends and heading out clubbing afterwards was something that I really needed. It has been mentally exhausting lately juggling university, the fitness program and work. Week after week, fitness, calories, blog posts and exams have been on my mind, so it was really nice to head out and do something else and get my mind off all those things.

I am still stiff, but I am actually getting a little bit more flexible, but I still have a long way to go. I find myself sweating like crazy during the yoga sessions and this week, I found myself slipping and having to reposition a lot in certain positions just because of the sweat (Yummy!). Although I work out hard with lifting weights and doing cardio, yoga is still by far the part where I sweat the most, which is kind of weird. Although the yoga and stretching sessions are awful as you are doing it is something I am actually looking forward to, as they give me such a relaxation afterwards. I also try to be in the moment and not think too much about upcoming tasks which is mentally liberating.

We are starting the next week with stretching which I am looking forward to, it also suits me perfectly as I have an exam on Tuesday.

Shiu Ming J
05-29-2018, 12:04 AM
Week 5 - Sunday May 27th, 2018 - I Fucking Want to Be ALIVE!

Monday May 21st

I know we had just completed Week 4 of this fitness program and many of you have already mentioned the fears you had in the beginning. I will be honest.
I AM AFRAID! Fear is hitting me again.
Being a “Hard Gainer” on this program, I am afraid that I am super behind and I am not gaining the necessary weight to help me bulk up in time. Since we only have another 8 weeks, I am a little more concern about it and have been eating as much as I can.
I am afraid. I have been working out non-stop since March on these fitness programs but I am not getting the results that I need to. I feel like the progress that I have made isn’t enough. If I am not able to bulk up and put on size, I would have failed on this fitness program.
I am afraid that I am not pushing myself hard enough at the gym. I mean I am hitting failure as well as progressing with increasing weights. Shouldn’t I be doing more?
I am afraid that Project Rockstar would not work for me. I am afraid that even when I am jacked I would still have confidence with women.
All this hit me during and after tonight’s gym session. I had to write them down and work to let these thoughts and fears go.

Tuesday May 22nd
I ended up meal prepping late in the afternoon while watching some of the other Rockstars video blog. On a good day, it takes me an hour and forty-five minutes to complete end-to-end meal prepping. On a bad day, it has taken over two and a half hours. I talked about this with my roommate the other day. Sometimes meal prepping seems like a complete drag. It take less time than a session at the gym, it saves me time if I actually cooked every lunch/ dinner and I am eating healthy. I realized it is my mindset. I tend to stress out and think that almost anything that I do, with the exception of some good habits and unfortunately a couple bad habits, I shouldn’t be doing it or I should be doing something else. Having this realization the last time I meal prepped, I made a conscious decision to enjoy this moment a little more, to give it the credit it deserves and to appreciate that this habit is absolutely awesome for my life.
Yoga X got a little better for me this go around. I was able to reach a little beyond my toes on a couple of the stretches this time which is a huge improvement from the previous times where I was just at above my heels. I was able to hang onto some of the stability exercises longer.
Lastly, many of the other Rockstars have already mentioned this. I did not do a good job of spacing out my meals today so this is the first time I have actually felt and came closed to puking from the eating. I really don’t like eating so much when I have difficulty spacing them out. I feel heavy and tired. I was doing intermittent fasting for a while and found that I was more alert while being on an empty stomach for 12 to 18 hours. I am glad I am gaining a bit of weight over the last several days. I am feeling positive. I am feeling powerful.

Wednesday May 23rd
My abs weights have increased significantly. Last time I was at 50 lbs and this time my last set was at 65 lbs. It really made me sweat from head to toe. I can't wait until next week to see how much further I am going to progress.
Hip thrust is still difficult but it got a little easier with more breaks on the 3 set. I am also noticing my lower back is aching on these. I am going to look up for lower back stretches, exercises and strengthening.
I was able to increase my weight leg up from 30 lbs max to 40 lbs max and increase my weight for kneeling rope crunch from 67.5 lbs max to 75.5 lbs max.
I am very happy with the progress and enjoy the pain that comes with the abs growth!

Friday May 25th

I am very happy with my day today and can visualize a greater tomorrow with each upcoming moment. During the session at the gym, at some points it definitely did not feel that way. I really hate the feeling when the gym session drags on. I really pushed myself harder on today’s Chest/ Tricep workouts and had a difficult time pushing much further than where I was on the close grip bench press. I spent over two and a half hours just on the weights portion.

During the cardio, I continued to think. The two and half hours in the gym is worth it. The cardio is worth it. Everything I am doing right now I choose to do because it makes me better moment by moment. I know I am still working on gaining more size. I have faith and trust in the system and the process that I will continue to gain over the next couple of weeks. I am just a regular guy, but I feel and know that I am so much more. I am fit. I am ripped. I am action oriented. I am focus on being disciplined and acquiring goal oriented skills built upon being mentally, physically and spiritually being disciplined. Achieving goals/ milestones and getting the thing(s) is just part of the process of being disciplined, mastering skills, going for what I want and getting better as a person.

When I was little I was very playful and light hearted, somewhere over the past decades I have lost the sense of play, fun and joy. I have lost the inspiration that drives all great human beings. As I continued to think I realized, I have been doing a better jobs just being more fun, lighthearted and playful on a daily basis either by myself or when I am with other people.

On another note, maybe it was just all the dopamine kicking in from all the grueling weight lifting kicking my ass.

Saturday May 26th

Leg Day! My favorite day in the whole wide world!

I kid you not. I was actually pretty darn pumped for leg day. I was all ready to go kill the work out in the ass. Then I actually started working out. The first exercise was “Standing Leg Curl” where Gethin demonstrated by using only one leg each time on a lying leg curl machine. It was BRUTAL. Those 4 drop sets on each leg seem like an eternity because both my legs were so tight, especially my right hamstring. I spent probably 3 times the time doing stretches to try to loosen them up versus actually doing the exercise. The rest of the exercises were challenging and I continued to push myself by adding weights and really utilizing those drop sets.

After weights and the cardio, I got back home and met up with my roommate and his girlfriend to check out a local block party call Memory Lanes because it is held at the bowling alley, bar and restaurant Memory Lanes. They have many local hip hop and rap artist performing there. It usually attracts an interesting crowd of neighborhood folks, hipsters, college student, young professionals and families.

For me, it was just a good way to officially celebrate summer in Minnesota. This weekend is truly our first warm weekend where temperature is truly summer-like in the 90s. It is an opportunity for me to be social and make friends. I approached as many people as I could. Most were receptive, fun and social. Some good light conversations. A few fun blowouts because my approach was shotty. Thats just how it is. You have to do to truly learn and get better. By the way, the whole time that I was standing/ walking around, my leg muscles were sore and tensing up. Totally uncomfortable, but so worth it.

Project Minneapolis (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)

Thursday Night

I continued pushing my evening by meeting up with some friends in the Uptown area. I actually met them for the first time on Thursday. Each one of them seem very engage, supportive and motivated in becoming better version of themselves and getting better with women. Many of them are much younger than I am, but on Thursday each one of us opened up and shared our experience in game, our sticking points and our goals. We shared many common pitfalls and similar painful experiences with women. One of the leaders, Ben, shared with us some of the things he has learned on his travels as well as from a recent RSD bootcamp. We went out shortly afterwards on Thursday but many of the bars were quiet. We approached with whatever opportunities was available and made the night actionable not just talk.
Connecting with this group and taking action got the ball rolling of what would one of the funniest weekends I have had yet. Basically, I went out every night: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and full day Sunday for Soundset.

Friday Night

On Friday, most of these guys were going out so I definitely jumped onto the bandwagon. Since it is the first official warm weekend in Minneapolis, people fucking came out in droves. All the bars were packed. Initially the night started slow where I was waiting to go to the rooftop of a bar and loss my frame when chatting with these three girls standing in line. I then met up with my friend Manjo at the Pourhouse nearby and things got fun.

I realized that I have done a lot of great inner work that, although not visible, has come through in huge ways in terms of my way of thinking, my feelings, my actions and my attitude. My mind was clear before getting into Pourhouse. Once I got in, I took a quick stop to the restroom to truly let things sink in. I focused myself to have fun, being curious and approach people openly. Then once I got back onto the dance floor and found my friend, we owned the fun and playful vibe. We were dancing by ourselves. Pulling in girls to dance with us. Approaching sets to just have fun. There was one approach that was memorable and I would say is the “I see the light at end of the tunnel” moment for me.

My friend opened the girl by complimenting her on her shirt. That ended quickly. He comes over to me and was like, “You should go and open her with the same line.” I DID NOT even hesitate. It was so fun. The girl was gorgeous. I just went and did it with a calm, straight, confident and genuine smile on my face. I said the same exact line to her. She couldn’t help but smile back at me. It felt like she was ready to open up with me and be receptive. I took in the moment, thinking this through. Unfortunately I couldn’t hold my frame and said something stupid (bad transition, I am still working on this). I realized this is just where I am on the learning curve. I haven’t unlearned all my previous unconscious and reflex tendencies and this moment was one of them. If I would’ve simply stayed composed and introduce myself and had a fun and playful conversation with her things would’ve worked out differently. The key lesson and gift from this night and the interactions is that I know I am doing a lot of things right (taking massive action priority) and I can immediately notice and attempt to calibrate instantly when possible.

More importantly, my journey being a gift to women and achieving an abundance of women is a matter of effort and soon. Not “What If”. A key lesson for me is that the root cause of many of my sticking points can be solved by “Being Bold”. Vici had mentioned this in our interview, “You need to cultivate an aura of a man who is weirdly dangerous and is willing to take what he desire/ want.”

Saturday Night - Happy Cleaning Puke

On Saturday, after the Memory Lanes event, I joined my group of friends in Uptown again for our 3rd straight night of going out. It was great. My approach anxiety is still there, but my goals are more important than the anxiety. I was able to quickly wing for one of my friends talking to a group of three girls. Then there ended up being like 6 of us in the group just having fun at a table for a bit. I made a couple approaches just to gain momentum. We later split up and my friends, Ricky, Andrew and I went to Stella’s (restaurant, bar and rooftop). We chatted with some girls while waiting in line, but those conversations fizzled out quickly. I later realized what I did wrong.

When we were on the rooftop, I joined my friends talking to two other girls. The girls were seated at a table and seems to be engaged in the conversation, but as I stood at listen to some of their conversations, I picked up that the girls weren’t really engaged and was kind of killing time talking to my friends. I learned from one of my mentors that women love to talk about: drinking, partying, fun, social interactions, relationship, sex. As the conversations were going nowhere, I threw out a new topic by asking her, “Tinder or Bumble”. That got us on a roll for another 10 minutes of engaged conversations. It was great experience. Initially standing in the set and just observing the interactions provided me with a sense of calm and confidence. It taught me to slow down my interaction and be in the moment. It taught me that the interactions I had earlier on the night was being I was rushing through them and turned the girls off as possibly coming across as needy.

Later on, I approached a set of three girls who were receptive and fun. We pretty much bantered the rest of the night with one of them showing a lot of indicator of interest (IOIs). I was able to pull her at the end of the night and her friends were cool with that. They were just average looking girls. That is not important. The important thing is that getting the IOIs from her, experiencing winning her friends over and interacting to increase her attraction taught me a whole bunch of stuff unconsciously that I am not exactly sure how to explain. Oh yeah, there is a funny ending to this story.

So we left the bar and went to a grocery store to use the bathroom, she and her friend was find. I agreed to hang out with her at her place and drove them home. She ended up puking inside and outside of my car. When we got to her place, she was so drunk and stumbling that she ended up hitting her head on the ground when she got away from us. Yeah, it was epic. Good thing she is alright and we texted each other the next day. I ended up spending an hour or so cleaning up my car at a nearby self-serve car wash and cleaning up the seat with whatever I had available in my car. I was fortunate that the stains were easily cleaned and there was no major damage or lasting stains.

So yep. A great night! No sarcasm intended. I can truly say that I was as happy as I can be. I felt I was a giant leap closer to my goal. So what if I had to clean up a little puke at 3am on Sunday morning.

Sunday May 27th

Today is Soundset day, the once a year hip hop music festival in Minneapolis/ St. Paul held on the state fair grounds with 3 different stages and some classic musicians like, Atmosphere and Ice T, and some up and coming superstars like Brother Ali and Logic. Personally, I lean towards Rock, Pop and EDM, but I love pretty much everything if I am there live. I have even once attended a country concert by Zach Brown Bag and found that entertaining and a good time, but would never in my life voluntarily listen to country.

Did I mention, leg day was pretty brutal. As I was walking, standing and jumping throughout the day long/ 8 hour music festival, I could feel my hamstring cramping and feet burning the entire day. I added some of the clips to my video blog. I am little bummed that my last clip when I recorded the closing act, “Everyday” by Logic did not capture the video and only go the audio. So bummed.

I got a ideal parking spot where I was able to get to my car during the festival and drink my smoothies and get back in. For the event, there is no re-entry, but I told the security people that I needed to eat every 2 hours and my food is stored in my car. They were able to scan my ticket to allow re-entry, but I only made it to the car once. There was no way I was going to miss my calories and macros for the day. So I ended up preparing 4 smoothies, 2 double dosed protein shakes for the trip and ate oatmeal on the way to the festival. The food and beer was not tempting because I have already been doing this for the past 5 weeks (several months if you count my 4Weeks2Shred meal prepping). What sucked bad was that they only had 2 water stations located far away from the stages. Unbelievable!! Yep, I made my walks. I waited in long lines just to drink water. The major plus of the event was that I could finally feel proud walking around without my shirt. Nah, my six pack isn’t as apparent but its there. It didn’t really matter anyway. It was just hot and the shirt was a drag. Other people have their shirts off too. I guess it is just nice to NOT have to be self conscious anymore about my body and furthermore be proud of the effort I have put in just for myself.

Ah, the Joy of Discipline!

Overall, I enjoyed the festival and was in the moment most of the time. I still found myself thinking about stuff when all the action was happening. Therefore, it became a pretty good exercise to train myself to “be in the moment” and enjoy. I had some approaches here and there. A girl added me on instagram. This was an event where all ages are allowed. So I was actively looking for the 21+ wristband before approaching. What a headache.

When I got home at around 10pm, I wasn’t tired and knew that my friend Ben was out at Up Down a local arcade bar. I wanted to “Keep Pushing” and made it out to help wing with him on a couple set. It was great practice. I missed a major opportunity when I was looking around and locked eyes with a cute girl coming down the stairs. We literally held eyes from when she was a fourth of the way down the stairs and then walking pass me. At that time, I was in the set with my friend Ben and we were playing giant jenga with the two girls. In hindsight, I should’ve stopped that girl, introduced myself and pull her into our jenga game. Again, my old tendencies are breaking down but they still rear their heads up throughout my interaction. The plus side is, I am actively aware of these mis-steps, learning from them and commit to taking action when the next opportunity arise.

Monday May 28th (Memorial Day)

The theme of the day is: Bad Case of Stomach Ache.

I woke up a little later today to fully recover from a full day of exhaustion as well as pushing myself to continue approaching after Soundset. Half way through my first meal of the day, my stomach was in pain and aching. There were times when it was extremely painful to move and at times mild uncomfortable. The pain did become manageable later this evening and with memorial day the gym has shorter hours. Therefore, I missed today’s Back and Bicep workout which I will make up on Tuesday morning and moving the SF Abs to Tuesday evening. Once my stomach felt better, I was able to get my 40 minutes of cardio out on my home treadmill and took time to do another P90X stretch session.

I am going to try to eat another chicken meal even though my stomach doesn’t feel 100% up to it. I am drinking 3 smoothies today to make up for those full meals I don’t think I can stomach right now.

I haven’t had time to journal since Friday so I wanted to make sure I make up those entries tonight. Share my embrace for the exceptional discipline that we are all undertaking.

My stomach manage to get better later this evening and I was able to eat one more real meal (chicken) and drink 2 smoothies to make my calories.

Hope every had another kick ass week of gaining/ losing, breaking limits and progress! We are another week closer to an EPIC life changing summer.

David I
05-29-2018, 08:46 AM
Hey guys,

I started the fitness transformation last Monday, so Iíve been on it for a week and a half. I feel pretty good in general, but to be honest Iím also pretty overwhelmed by this whole thing. Itís taking a lot of my timeÖ Iíve never lifted any weights before, so it takes me a bit longer than it should since before each exercise I watch the videos in the Kris Gethin App to make sure I get the form right. Iím also pretty stiff so I spend a long time stretching. And last week I slept for about 10h each night, so my days feel pretty short. Iím glad weíre doing this though. Iím constantly sore, but I have energy. I feel more flexible and Iím rested and in a general good mood - And I get to eat a lot, which is pretty awesome. I do get a bit frustrated sometimes with all of the details required to succeed in this program though, for example weighting the food, tracking workout reps, even writing this blog seems a bit excessive because Iíve never been in an environment where this is normal, which is why, I confess, I havenít been doing it until now. But everytime I take on a new bit of the requirements I understand itís there for a reason and that itís for our benefit. For instance just seeing your posts itís been really inspirational and as I write my own I realize itís good to take some time and put down my thoughts to take stock of whatís been going well and what I still need to improve:


- Cancelled my two-month road trip across the U.S and came back to the Bay Area to join a gym and commit to the transformation.
- Started working out and pushed myself to the limit in every workout I did.
- Iím getting into the programís rhythm and shifting my mindset to make it my number one priority until Vegas.
- Said no to alcohol in many (many, many) occasions.
- Cut out the junk food (big deal for me!) and started eating the right foods as instructed by the program.
- Intentionally missed the ďBay to breakersĒ event in San Francisco. And this might sound silly, but itís actually been the biggest sacrifice of all for me. This event is one of my favorites in SF and it happens only once a year. Since Iíll move out of the Bay Area soon, it might be a while until I get to go again. Itís unfortunately not the kind of event you can do sober - The whole point is to put on a custom and get absolutely wasted since 7AM, party a bit with your friends and then join the race/party in the street where everyone is shit-faced going fucking crazy. Hahaha good stuff, but it was too much temptation, so instead I slept late that Sunday and then went to the gym to do the Legs Workout.

- Iíve been taking the program Responsibilities in the manual mostly as guidelines, instead of true requirements.
- Iíve been buying my food at Wholefoods, so tracking the quantities hasnít been very precise. e.g. Eating a bunch of different kinds mixed veggies without breaking it down individually in the tracker, so Itís led to miscalculations on the food logs.
- I havenít paid attention to the 40/40/20 rule (as a gainer) for food intake, so even though Iíve eaten the right amount of food, I wasnít fully compliant with the macros breakdown.
- On "rest days", I did the cardio part, but didnít do the abs.
- I havenít tracked any workout details on the tracker.
- I havenít tracked my body fat at all.
- I havenít taken any supplements (ever).
- I didnít pay attention to the deadline for the Blog and Vlog submission last Sunday.

- Start grocery shopping and cooking (I canít even remember the last time I did that). That should help with the food issues above.
- Order and start taking the supplements.
- Start including the required logs and submissions into my routine

As I expressed before, behind the overall personal feeling of wellness and accomplishment, thereís a bit of frustration because even though I feel Iím putting in a lot effort into the program and into adopting new behaviors, it became clear during my follow up with Claudio, my mentor, that itís still far from being enough for the program standards and expectations. Iím glad you guys have been doing this program for a few weeks now so I can keep the motivation. Even though sometimes I donít understand why we gotta go through this level of detail and a small vein probably pops up in my forehead :), after the 10-day NYC bootcamp, Iíve learned to put my complete trust in our mentors/coaches, so Iím willing to follow their advice unconditionally with this kind of stuff and put in the work necessary. I know weíre in good hands and Claudio has already shown his dedication to help me succeed. I will get there and I appreciate everyoneís patience while I adjust to these new habits and behaviors.

David I
06-01-2018, 01:25 PM
Hey guys,

Last week I did my first DEXA Scan. Iím actually pretty happy with the results. I went from 21% body fat (In January) to 16.8%, and from 130 lbs to 124.2 lbs. I had been having doubts about the accuracy of the (old) scale I was using because I didnít think I had lost weight in the last few months. I had been putting some effort into exercising (mainly running and some high intensity training), but there were mostly cycles of exercising for some weeks and then going back to work a lot and eating junk food for another few weeks. Moreover, I received my new scale today and it showed 122 lbs, which means I lost a couple of extra pounds in the last week. I have mixed feelings about this as the good side of it is that some people I hadnít seen in a while told me this weekend I was looking great and that my face looks a lot thinner than before, so that was great to hear. However, Iím a gainer here at PR so Iím supposed to be gaining weight, not losing. But OKÖ Now Iím ready to start gaining some weight in muscle!

This week Iím starting the program 100%. I went grocery shopping, so Iím gonna start cooking and counting the calories and the macros properly. I found it hard to do the tracking accurately when buying food thatís already prepared - If you guys have a trick, Iím all ears. I probably thought I was eating a lot more than I actually was, so that might be why I lost a bit of weight while in the program. I also received most of my supplements, so I started taking them today. Iíve got a fucking bunch of them. My roommates were looking at me funny when they saw all of those bottlesÖ As if they were concerned I went nuts since I quit my job and Iím now dreaming of becoming Mr Universe all of a sudden haha. Iíve never taken any supplements so Iím really eager to see any positive effects.

Last week was a little bit of a roller coaster for me. I wanted to go to a festival over the weekend, so I skipped the resting days and worked out instead so I could have my rest days on Friday and Saturday. I was exhausted, but I made it work and joined my friends at LIB (Lightning In a Bottle) and we had an awesome time!. It turns out that festival was pretty physical as wellÖ Camping in a sort of desertic area, walking a lot (My Garmin shows 25 miles on Friday and 22 on Saturday), dancing, etc. I drank tons of water, ate healthy food and didnít drink any alcohol - so proud of myself for that! - but It was still pretty rough and I ended up getting sick, so I had to take it easy for a couple of days. I think this program is intense enough so we have to really make it our lives. Iím personally gonna cut off festivals and other hardcore events because I now know thatís too much for my body. Iím sure itíll be worth it and weíll see the results once weíre in Vegas baby!

Michael A
06-01-2018, 03:26 PM
My body fat percentage came down to 13.1% on Saturday. Not only is this the lowest Iíve had during this training program but I think itís probably the lowest ever in my adult life. Itís hard to be sure about that because I never measured it when I was doing long distance running but looking in the mirror would certainly suggest it is. Itís pleasing progress but Iím not done yet. Iím hoping to be firmly in the 12ís in a week's time. Itís fun and motivating to follow the progress of the measurements but I do need to be careful not to be too attached to them as there is a lot of fluctuation from day to day.

My coach said at the start of the program that I will be turned into a gainer at some point. I am looking forward to that since I do get a bit hungry through the day. Having said that, noticing the physical changes so far and feeling the leanest I ever have done is more than enough to stave off the temptation to snack. I think it was Kate Moss who said, ďNothing tastes as good as skinny feelsĒ. Thatís probably a pretty terrible maxim for someone who is a role model to millions of teenage girls to come out with but this week I was kinda digging it.

Workout wise this wasnít actually my best week. I felt like I was phoning it in for a couple of the workouts. There were probably a few factors that caused this. Getting a bit sick was one, being sleep deprived another. Anyway Iím determined to improve on that this in the week ahead. Iíve caught up on sleep and will be able to get into the gym totally fresh for what looks like another intense week coming up. I decided not to play football last week but Iím going to play this week. My cardio so far has mostly been running at a steady pace along the river. I enjoy this but according to some stuff I was reading this week, high intensity interval training is more efficient for fat burning. Football involves a lot of stop-start sprints so probably works pretty well in this regard.

Iíve been doing a bunch of reading about fitness and nutrition to see what I can optimize. One thing that is probably not ideal is that I am eating quite a bit late at night before I get to bed. There seem to be a lot of conflicting opinions about whether calorie count is all that matters when it comes to fat loss and muscle building or if meal timing makes a significant difference. I donít really have time to read the scientific literature on that subject. I donít even know if I would be capable of doing so in a meaningful way. I donít have a medical degree and I know very little about what constitutes a scientifically valid trial. So Iíve been reliant on seeing what the consensus seems to be on bodybuilding forums and reading the odd mainstream article. My conclusion is that itís probably not going to make a huge difference but that it wouldnít hurt to switch some of my carbs to earlier in the day.

Probably the most interesting thing I read about in this research was about intermittent fasting. I already know a few people who swear by it to keep their weight down and it was cool to read about bodybuilders who do it. By chance (or more likely by Google spying on me), a Joe Rogan clip with the UFC fighter Georges St-Pierre talking about time restricted eating was suggested to me on Youtube during the week. GSP talks about how his body fat percentage went down a lot while his muscle mass stayed the same when he switched to intermittent fasting. There also seem to be a bunch of other benefits like improved concentration, lower blood sugar and reduced inflammation. Itís definitely something I want to try at some point but during this program is probably not the best to to start experimenting. Iíve already made a lot of changes to my habits and things are going in the right direction so best stick with that for now. I think there might be a week or so after the fitness program and before the official start of Project Rockstar so perhaps that could be an opportunity to test it out.

On the subject of Youtube videos, I decided that my information diet needs a shake up. I listen to a lot of podcasts and youtube videos when Iím commuting, cooking, doing housework and sometimes even in the gym. Iím quite interested in politics, ethics and philosophy but Iíve come to realise that the content Iím consuming is having a negative impact on my mood and not really teaching me anything. Youtube in particular is constantly feeding me really divisive content. Someone is always OWNING or DESTROYING someone else in a debate. Itís always tempting to watch stuff with these click baity titles but it basically never furthers my understanding of the subject. Instead it leaves me feeling a bit angry or frustrated or whatever emotion was present in the argument. I suppose videos that have taglines such as ďTwo intelligent people have a calm discussion with reasonable, but conflicting, points of viewĒ just donít really get the view counts so don't get promoted. The stuff Iíve been watching or listening to has been less about thinking about interesting issues and more about that feeling of being right which we all crave. So I decided to cut youtube out and see how that affects my mood. I don't think it will hurt to be a bit more present for my chores from moment to moment but in particular I don't want to get distracted in the gym by this stuff.

Things are coming to a climax in the course Iím doing so my time management is going to be even more challenging in the weeks ahead. Iím glad Iíve got a solid routine in place and my meals are all prepped. Looking forward to seeing continued results!

Nishant A
06-03-2018, 01:29 AM
Week 6:

We’re at the halfway point! Time is really whizzing by quickly now.

Looking back its somewhat hard for me to believe that I haven’t eaten any processed foods whatsoever in the past 6 weeks. In particular that I’ve managed to go without eating anything with added sugars is….shocking!

I’ve realised that I had always defined my identity as being the type of person who couldn’t resist sugar. I’d go so far as to tell people that ice cream was my weakness, that I couldn’t resist it, that I’ve eaten mammoth quantities of it in single seatings in the past etc. I don’t know why I was doing this. Perhaps I thought confessing and sharing such a weakness made me more likeable or relatable? Perhaps it was to reduce pressure on myself, because when I go on a diet (or pretty much do anything else) I tend to be very hard on myself and expect perfection? I expect this kind of thinking has kept me from raising my own standards in the past, and likely in many or all areas of my life and not just fitness.

I’m hoping that by the end of 12 weeks, or at least the end of the summer, that I would have adopted a healthier identity. I have to admit I’m really far from that point - I still see myself as someone who can do difficult things (this fitness program for instance) for stretches of time by exercising my willpower and pushing myself, but at the back of my mind I fear that I haven’t made a change to who I am at the core. I think I’ve complied with this program in large part due to the external support and my own need to not disappoint the other guys who are going through this with me, or my mentor, or betray the faith the instructors had when they picked me on the program. In all honesty if I was doing this without the external accountability, there are days that I would have skipped a workout or two or perhaps included a cheat meal or two. The fact that I can’t see myself doing this without the support structure tells me I haven’t changed at the core…at least not yet. I don’t know how long it takes before the ‘flip’ in identity happens, but I still need to work at it as it relates to fitness.

This is also one of my fears regarding the upcoming summer. I’m telling myself that I will push myself hard and make the most of it. But the “will it work for me”, “will it really change me at the core in just 9 weeks” type of questions refuses to go away. I’m sure there’s a deeper lesson to be learnt here too - sometimes you have to take action without knowing if it’ll really work for you. But for now I’m too focused on trying to keep that anxiety down to really absorb it.

The instructors were right - focusing on this program makes fitness an all consuming pastime. During the work day when I find myself with a moment to spare, I find my mind drifting towards thinking about my workouts or my diet or my progress.

I was thinking back to day 1 and how I felt - the eagerness to get started, the intimidating feeling of taking the first step of a very long journey, the uncertainty about whether I’d be able to maintain the discipline to see it through. Once we got started though, the effort was all consuming, the weekly videos and blogs from the rest of you guys has kept me going, and Claudio in particular has been great at keeping us on track.

I switched to 1700 calories at the end of week 4 and didn’t see a lot of weight loss in week 5, so I was a bit worried. I started to see some progress again in week 6, bringing me to my lowest weight since 2014 and a little more than 9 pounds lost since the beginning. It’s a nice milestone to hit, and it’s also great to notice the difference in the mirror, but I still have lots of room to improve.

I’ve started to see some progress on the exercises too. I can last through more of Ab Ripper X though I still can’t do it end to end without stopping, I can push myself more during workouts and my ability to lift has improved. All in all, the workouts have continue to wipe me out by the end of the day leading to long nights of blissfully deep sleep. The muscle soreness tends to come and go, being extremely intense at times and surprisingly low at other times.

The next week is going to be a bit challenging - have three external meals that I can’t skip and will need to make good food choices. But otherwise I guess the routine is familiar to us all by now - push really hard during the workout, eat right, sleep well, rinse and repeat.

Hope the rest of you are doing well!

Jose I
06-03-2018, 03:28 PM
Week 6, 6.3.2018

Hey, everyone.

Week 6 in the books. Damn.

Not sure why this occurred to me the other day, or why it even matters, but I just ďnoticedĒ that our 12 wk fitness program is actually LONGER than the 9 weeks of actual gaming. Wow.

Maybe i thought of this because, at first, 9 weeks seemed like a long time. But now? When compared to the 12 wks? Maybe not as long as I first thought.

From this perspective, it sorta bums me out. Knowing that those 9 weeks are going to go by in a FLASH!

But, the perspective i now choose to adopt, is that A LOT can be accomplished in 9 weeks. Already, in 6 weeks of the fitness program most, if not all, of us have seen dramatic changes in our physiques.

And thatís because weíve stuck to a structured program from our mentors and coaches. And weíve taken the approach to either ďbelieveĒ or ďtrustĒ or even flat out ďcomplyĒ to the process.

Whatever the approach that weíve committed to, the results are speaking for themselves.

And maybe, ultimately, thatís the goal of this entire program. That a foundation (physically, emotionally and socially) has been laid out in front of us by those who have walked the path before us. And this foundation has produced consistent, beneficial results for those in the past.

Of course, itís relatively easy to follow a nutrition and fitness program as opposed to a gaming regimen. But some of the social pressure is already being instituted.

For instance, we could all commit to a diet/workout program on our own. But, thereís something about being held accountable in a group setting that pushes us harder!

So, with this in mind, most of us are pushing harder with our diets and gym time than we normally would on our own. And that extra push comes from not wanting to let our fellow rockstars nor mentors down.

That, and no one wants to get a ďstrikeĒ, haha. But again, thatís the power of social accountability.

This ďcomplianceĒ that weíre now adopting for 12 wks should help us all in our time of need out in the field.
Iím sure weíre all going to have our ďbattlesĒ to win with whatever girl(s) weíre trying to game. And there will be countless moments where we wonít know what to do, or will be afraid to do something.

But, having put our collective faith in our instructors for 12 wks will allow us the flexibility and belief needed to trust our coaches in the ďdarkest momentsĒ yet again.

From this perspective, it excites me. Donít get me wrong. Iím still nervous and scared as hell. Iím about to push past my comfort zone for the LONGEST amount of time iíve ever pushed myself!

Iíve run marathons (6 total), and Iíve always prided myself on pushing past pain and discomfort. But that ďdiscomfortĒ was only for about 3hrs or so each time.

NOT 9 weeks!

Even when iíve gone gaming on my own, or with some wings, itís only been at about a day or two at a time.

Again, NOT 9 weeks!

Everything Iíve done (including crossfit) past 9 weeks has only pushed me past my comfort zone for a certain amount of time before I settle in to a nice rhythm.

Something about rockstar tells me that I will likely not find this comfortable rhythm anytime soon.

And if I do? If i find some semblance of ďsafetyĒ? If i just happen to find a rhythm where Iím good with girls who are 6ís/7ís?, what then? I may tell myself ďYeah! Iíve got game! I can get a consistent string of above average girls and now iím happy!Ē Iím sure my mentors and fellow rockstars will NOT let me settle here in this nice, comfy, ďsafeĒ zone. They will continue to PUSH me past this for as long as it takes until i truly achieve a level of growth and not some limited skill in getting some ďokĒ girls.

Because, that just means Iím cool with an ďokĒ life and nothing more.

And thatís NOT why i joined RS for.

With that in mind, now that weíre halfway through the fitness program, Iím fully realizing that we donít really have much time left to get things squared away for the end of july!

I mean sh*t. I need to start getting my things and affairs in order. Traveling, packing, shopping and planning ahead has seemed like such a far off distant concept. At least thatís the way it felt 6 weeks ago.
Heck, it even felt that way just last week!!

Now that I realize this, Iím starting to the get that nervous, excited ďsh*tís about to go downĒ feeling. And itís waking me up like hell!

Wow. this is going to get real, like REALLY fast!

I can foresee that my next few calls with Claudio are going to pretty intense. Asking him a ton of questions about packing, preparing, flights, shopping, etc that I should already know that answers to.

Hope heís patient with me, haha!

Until next time, guys!

06-03-2018, 09:17 PM
So this is going to be pretty short because there's not that much to add. My weight has continued to come down. Although I'm concerned that my body fat doesn't seem to be dropping nearly as fast as my weight. I guess we'll see come by next DEXA scan.

This week was the first time doing the Yoga. Not much to say that hasn't already been said.

My elbow injury is getting better and the fluid isn't pressing on my ulnar nerve as much so I'm able to do more stuff as far as workouts go.

I honestly can't think of anything else to comment on that this juncture. Hopefully my overlong posts before will offset this one and we can average out the length.

Elje M
06-04-2018, 05:54 AM
Week 6

June 2, 2018

19 lbs of fat in 38 days

Hey guys, Iíve got some really great news that Iím thrilled to share with everyone. I did my 2nd bod pod body fat % testing and my results were through the roof!!! I was blown away by how good the results were. My first bod pod was on day 3. Today was day 41. So 38 days apart (5-1/2 weeks). Using their scale and data:

Parameter Day 3 Day 41

Body weight 231.5 lbs (105 kg) 217.0 (98.4 kg)

Body fat % 24.6 % 17.4 %

Fat weight 57 lbs (26 kg) 37.8 lbs (17 kg)

Lean weight 174.5 lbs (79 kg) 179.2 lb (81.3 kg)

Quick Summary:

Body fat % dropped 7.2 % !!!!

In 38 days I lost 19 lbs (8.6 kg) of just FAT !!!

I gained almost 5 lbs (2.1 kg) of MUSCLE !!!

Everyone at the bod pod place was in awe. I had a different tech today. I saw the tech from my first appointment as I was walking out the door. He said ďhowíd it go?!Ē. i told him ďmy body fat dropped 7%!!!Ē

He looked at me in shock and said ďno way!Ē. He walked over and I handed him the results. He looked at them in disbelief and just held out his hand and said ďway to go man!Ē. He couldnít believe it. I said ďIíll see you in a month!Ē hahaha. Awesome.

My mom is still staying with me. I thought she was leaving today to spend some time with my brother, but sheíll be here til Tuesday. It does cramp my style some since Iím used to my space but itís not too bad I guess.

Iíve been having some difficulty staying motivated recently. Still, Iíve been trying to push through. This has definitely rejuvenated my motivation. Weíre half way thru and I feel like I can get back to where I was when I first started. I had a ton of motivation then and I feel like I can get that back now. Looking into the mirror and being able to see some muscle and some definition is something I havent been able to do in YEARS!!! Iím looking forward to putting on some serious muscle over the next 6wks. I also want to get my abs more and more defined. I started out really slow with abs because of some lower back stiffness so I feel like Iím still lagging behind everyone. Still nowhere near getting thru ab ripper.

I think the nutrition continues to be the best part of this entire thing. Iím eating > 200g of protein per day which has obviously done wonders for my lean muscle weight. Iíve always been quad dominant (very weak in the hamstrings and ass) so I am trying to even that out. Itís nice to be able to look in the mirror and see some curves to my backside. Iíve also always been very lacking in the upper chest as you can probably tell from my pics so Iím putting more focus on that too. Iím seeing that improve also and am enjoying the changes. Might as well focus on my weaknesses.

I am doing 1cc per week of Testosterone which is not a huge dose for someone my age. Iíve been doing that on and off for years. I canít say thatís responsible for my changes. No doubt it definitely helps, but like I said, Iíve been doing 0.5 to 1cc of that for years and have never changed like this before. And my leves are really just normal for someone in his 20s. Otherwise trying to gain muscle for someone almost 50yrs old like I am is extremely difficult.

i'm going to cut this a little bit short again today. My mom is still here and is still up for some reason. i find it distracting. usually she's been going to bed by 9pm. it's 1030 and she's still up watching tv on the couch which is where i'm typing this and was planning on doing my video. ugh. i've got to get to bed so i'll add my video in the morning.

my results are awesome so i hope everyone is doing great!!!!

- M

Francesco P
06-04-2018, 09:49 AM
What a crazy fast week this has been. It feels like within a blink of an eye the week is already done and time is flying by. It has gotten a lot easier to get into a rhythm with working out and eating. My body is starting to change and I can notice a lot of changes not just physically but mentally. We are almost a MONTH in! LETSSS GOOOOOO

My body has been craving food at all parts of the day. Even after a big meal my body is hungry like an hour after. FINALLY just 2 weeks ago I remember my body rejecting the copious amounts of food I was eating and now its starting to embrace it which should make the gaining process easier. By now I figured I would be absolutely sick of eating chicken but so far so good, thank god. Im not going to lie I am really surprised how the results are looking so far. When I thought of gaining I thought I would develop a lot of fat in my body and that it would hide a lot of the muscles I worked up to get. If anything I have gotten more cut. I saw some of my friends for the first time in a while and they told me that I looked like I put on a lot of muscle and that whatever I was doing was working. This was so cool to hear because we all have been putting in a tremendous amount of work these past couple of weeks. It was nice to hear and more of a motivation to me that my friends can start to notice the hard work I have been putting in.

I used to really focus on my upper body and not push myself on my legs. But I am afraid of having chicken legs with a bigger upper torso so I have really been pushing my legs to the point where I can barely walk the next day. Leg day was yesterday and today they feel like jello lol. Not my proudest moment but I shaved my thighs so I can see my own personal growth. I have really been pushing my triceps as well which I did neglect before this program. In doing so I can comfortably bench a lot more. I kind of plat-towed in my bench and could do 3 sets of 225 Pounds around 6-8 reps per set with not the best form. Switching to dumbbell presses which I think are harder Im doing 115 per arm and doing around 6-8 per set. The max dumbbell weight at my gym is 125 pounds so that is my ultimate goal to reach and be able to do comfortably if I exceed it then I'm going to go back to the bench press to add more weight. I do believe though that all the tricep work I have been doing is helping me out a lot and it shows.

I don't think I have ever realized how unflexible I am until now. Since we started to incorporate stretching being the competitive person I am it is frustrating not being able to do the full stretches that we are supposed to do. I am honestly scared to start doing yoga because I know its going to take me like 5 hours to finish. On a scale of 1 to 10 on flexibility and mobility I'm probably a -20. It is going to be very interesting to see how I do in yoga because I do know it is hard. Hopefully not as bad as the ab workouts that we do. Man talk about something I love and hate so much. The ab workouts have gotten easier but they are still a huge bitch to complete and painful.

Since we are not allowed to drink any alcohol I went out 100% sober for a birthday and this is kind of sad but made me realize that I couldn't even remember the last time I did that. Usually I spend the night at least drinking a couple of beers or mixed drinks. This was refreshing because I saw how dumb people looked like especially as the night went on. Guys were sloppily hitting on girls and it was no surprise on how they were getting blown out because they were acting so ignorant. I just observed everything around me and I was so clear headed. Again I was there for a birthday party for a great friend at the club so I did not focus on approaching anyone but I did approach a couple and it worked out really well. It is harder to approach sober mentally though for me because you don't have that one or two drinks in your system as your crutch to approach. It was a lot more nerve-racking hopefully something I will get over once in rockstar.

I see people eating junk food all the time now and it makes me not want it even more. In the beginning my body wanted the sugar and junk carbs but now seeing the results I have no interest in them. I want to grab them from the people I see eating them and tell them to give them up and that they will feel soooo much better. This upcoming week is going to be very difficult and hard because we will have few rest days but I'm excited and ready for week 4!

Francesco P
06-04-2018, 09:50 AM

We are a third of the way there and just two weeks away from being half way done. Time is flying by and it feels like just yesterday we were just starting the program. The biggest thing from week 1 to now is how much more in a rhythm I’m in. Not just work out wise but just my everyday routines for this program have become very in sync. Its just become more easier. I feel more accomplished when I get workouts done now and can’t picture myself not working out anymore. In the four week time period I can 100% see a difference in size. I feel stronger and believe that I am the strongest I have ever been in my life.

The past couple weeks I have some distractions that I let affect me. It definitely showed in my personality everyday because I had these headaches in the back of my head. My mentor helped me out and suggested a book to help me out. It is essentially about the obstacles in our life that we face everyday but we have a choice on how to handle them. I have really been in my head lately between work and getting ready for the program I haven't had much time to socialize. I know everyone has there own shit they are dealing with and its how you deal with it that I think defines you. Im learning that a long the way already just from the fitness portion of this program.

I don't think I have talked about this before but a month of really clean eating does wonders. I was looking at old photos of myself when I was in a really toxic relationship a year ago. After a long term relationship that ended terribly I was in of the worst shape of me life. In that moment in time I cannot believe that I didn’t see what I did to my body. I promised myself I will never let myself go back to that again. After intensely working out a decent amount I lost the weight I put on but my body plat-towed it seemed like. I didn't really grow that much muscle. Now I know why, my diet was complete shit and I wasn't getting nearly enough protein or carbs to grow my muscles. Everyone always says that in order to change your body its 80% diet 20% working out and I can understand why now.

The fitness aspect and the class so far has made me much more accountable for myself. Our choices of sticking with the program are going to pay off years into the future. Holding myself accountable for making sure I do the meal plan and fitness aspect has made me look at past things that I didnt hold myself accountable for. Its shed new light onto issues that I blamed someone else for in the past but now I realized I should take some of the responsibility as well. Wether it was a failed relationship, arguments, etc. It is really easy to just give an excuse to why you didnt go to the gym or why you couldn't do something when in reality its mostly bullshit you feed yourself.
Im starting to silence the lazy thoughts in my head that complain and try to deter me from doing a workout or really pushing myself on a last set. Yes certain days are harder than others but I've gotten better at silencing my thoughts from it. In the first two weeks when I got home from work I would want to relax and just sit around till the last second to go work out and it would pretty much waste the majority of my day. Now as soon as I get home I just do it right away, then before even relaxing as soon as I get back from the gym I try to accomplish as much as I can before enjoying my limited down time. Its crazy to think how much my mindsets are changing already and we haven't even reached Vegas yet.

Workout wise we started to incorporate yoga and I fucking hate it. It is a 1.5 hours long of me in totally uncomfortable positions that I am absolutely terrible at. I am not flexible at all and it has become my least favorite day. But after the end of doing it I feel absolutely great completing it. I love and hate yoga. There have been certain days where we have a small amount of workouts and I think it will be an easy day but I am completely wrong. These are usually the hardest days and we end up doing like 1000 reps. My body is always extremely sore after the high repetition days and hurt like a bitch pushing yourself through the workout. You cannot lift with your ego on the high rep days which I learned as well.

Through all the pain and intensity that we have been doing I have this clear picture in my head. I pull up to the destination in Vegas in an Uber and in front of me I stand in front of a huge house. Eager with excitement to finally see everyone I open the doors to the house and have a sigh of relief through the past intense months, I drop my bags and kiss the floor that we finally made it.

Axel E
06-04-2018, 01:36 PM
Week 6
This is the first week I havenít written anything at all during the week. This is the results from laying in bed pretty much every hour not spent at the gym. Iíve been sick and that always suck. So in a desperate attempt to fight my flu Iíve been doing my best to O.D. on Vitamine C and Garlic in combination with sleeping as much as possible. This havenít been an easy task since its been pretty hot here in sweden this week as well. Between 27-33 degrees celsius, so my apartment has been like a hot box. Iím convinced this flu is the doing of my two little nieces from visiting them last weekend on my way home from MalmŲ.

However, considering Iíve been sick, I must say Iím pretty pleased with my results from the gym this week. Even tho Iíve been under the weather I haven't missed (Skipped) a single workout. And even tho I cut down the intensity of my cardio I didn't really do so on the weight training. I Was seriously considering doing it, but in the end I ended up telling myself to see how it went and how I felt. I even got a new PR on the leg press, 140kg/308lbs for 25 reps. Just knowing that I did this while sick gives me a boost for the next leg session!

I believe these weeks to be real big lessons for the fitness leg of the program and the mentality of pain from discipline over pain from regret. During the weeks when everything works out just as planned donít really teach you anything, it's only when you hit a bump in the road you actually have to exercise them brain muscles. I love when this happens! Nothing beats a challenge, like when you have to plan a trip somewhere you didnít expect and still manage to get all the nutrition in, all the workouts. It's like a puzzle and it's funny when all the falls into place.

But the problem has to be the right size. In Sweden we have this magical word called ďLagomĒ. As far as I know Swedish is the only language in existence to have this word but you can roughly translate it this one word to ďNot too little, not too much, but just rightĒ or as its also known as (from now on) the Goldilock Principle (Trademark pending). So any challenge you face has to be lagom or just right in size. If itís too small you donít really grow anything from it, but if itís too big chances are you wont be able to solve it or even worse, give up before giving it a chance.

And I believe this to be foundation of rockstar or any really good course really, to under a controlled manner slowly increase the complexity on challenges you face on your desired path of learning. Breaking personal bests while sick is a perfect challenge right now. Bring the next one!

Besides killing the workouts, Iíve also reduced my calorie intake with another 100 calories this week after my last check up with my coach, so my calorie intake right now is set to 1600. Iíve been losing a kilo a week quite steadily so this is mostly a test to see if its manageable or if Iíll get hungry and so far so good Iíd say. I have a few days this week where Iíve been a bit over, maybe 1650 or so but not really a huge problem. Iím still losing weight in a fast and controlled manner, and Iím not hungry or anything so it's still a win in my book. Iím also getting quite comfortable traveling on this program, or at least these little road trips Iíve had to do the last couple of weeks, and since I love driving that's really rewarding for me!

One of my closest friends came visiting me this weekend with his family's new BMW. It was the first time I had a chance to drive a fossil fuel car with a a decent engine. Iím not going to lie it's a fun car to drive. I mean it's a beast for sure, but Tesla got a permanent VIP table in my heart, you just can't compete with that acceleration. Last friday evening we decided to go for a drive and see how the nightlife is around where Iím staying at the moment and let me tell you that this is simply not the part of the country you go for a good night out, I know that now.

Even though none of us had any plans on drinking (obviously) its was fascinating to see how quiet it is up here during a friday night. We drove between three different towns to see if we could find any action and the most active place we could find was one of the gas stations in one town where it seems like all the hillbillies got together with their cars to play horrible music and drink moonshine. Lets just say we felt a bit misplaced when we rolled in there to refuel.

On the way home however we almost hit a moose that was crossing the road in the middle of the night. Now these situations are probably the next big teacher in life, the almost accidents. Seeing this huge animal crossing the road really got the point across how dangerous it can be driving even at night when there's no traffic out. Not more than a km down the road from the first moose we saw another one just standing at the side of the road eating. We literally stopped the car maybe 3 meters from it. Now I donít know if you ever been up close a moose but these things are huge. If you hit one you can say bye bye to your car and your life if lady Justice is not on your side that night.

All in all its been a really interesting week with many teachable moments, and In the end these are the moments we live for. The moments that if you treat them right lets us grow as humans. In 6 weeks these moments will be our entire life. It's crazy to see how far we come already. The insane results many of the guys have gotten from the fitness program and how my own body is changing right in front of my nose. It's like magic and I think Iím talking for all of us when I say that I literally can't wait to see what this summer has in stock for us!

Until next week friends!

David I
06-04-2018, 03:25 PM
Week 3

This week I got serious with the nutrition and started counting the calories properly. I now see the value of tracking the food as I realized that when I used to just ballpark the food I was often underestimating the fat consumption. For instance, there’s a lot of fat in olive oil. Just one Tbsp contains 14 gr of fat, which is about 25% of what I’m allowed daily - Not sure if my calculations are wrong because that seems like a lot. I’m therefore cutting olive oil, avocado and other high fat sources that mess up my macros. I was also overestimating the protein intake. I wasn’t consistently reaching the 40%, so I’m now compensating with the protein powder. I also found it hard to balance the 40%, 40%, 20% distribution as when I eat a piece of lean meat or some other protein source, the fat also raises quickly. I’ve been finishing the day with a couple of cups of shrimp, which I found is rich in protein and low in fat. If you guys have examples/recipes of how to easily balance the macros, I’d be interested to hear what you’re doing!

I also started taking the supplements and drinking the pre and post workout shakes. I’m not sure if all of these new things are too much of a change for my body, but sometimes I feel dizzy during the workouts and have to take a break. Also, a couple of times, I felt really energized and motivated before the workout, and then like an hour into the workout I suddenly felt really tired and weak, so I had to work extra hard to even finish the session. I’m hoping this is a temporary thing while my body gets used to all of these new changes with the food, the supplements and the physical activity.

Regarding the workouts, I’ve been trying to play a bit with the cardio so that the sessions don’t become too routinary and boring. So sometimes I’m running outside and sometimes mixing up the treadmill, bicycle and elliptical at the gym. That trick is kind of working to shake things up a bit. I’ve included stretching sets in my routine and I’ve been gaining a bit more flexibility. I’ve also been discovering my weak muscle groups, like for example working biceps is specially hard. I’m pretty psyched about next week to check if I can start improving my weights and my reps!

Kristian H
06-06-2018, 10:18 AM
Week 6
So, we are now officially halfway through the fitness transformation program! It still feels like last week since we began.

This week has been hectic as normal but also very rough (I will explain it later). I find myself getting better at food prepping which saves a lot of time when you have to eat as much as I do. I made two different meal plans and switched between those the entire week. This is something I will continue doing through the next weeks as it is predictable and easier to track your macros. I made food for 7 days and just froze the meat that I was supposed to eat later that week. Worked like a charm. Most of this week has gone to studying, working out and eating. I am starting to feel a bit mentally exhausted as it is tiring to always have something hanging over you, week by week.

During the last days of this week, I received some horrible news which really drained me emotionally. My cousin at the age of 22 was diagnosed with stage 3 brain cancer. He was rushed to surgery and had the surgery this Sunday. That is also the reason to why this blogpost is somewhat late. I spent the majority of my Sunday at the hospital, completely drained and was falling behind on my last two exams that I had the following Monday and Tuesday. The surgery went well, but they did not manage to remove all of it and as of right now, I am not really sure if he will have another one or just go on treatment. It really put things in perspective I think - I am soon about to go on a program that most would dream of and gotten a chance that not many people get, while my cousin on the other hand, is having brain cancer and fighting for his life. I am not going to go all YOLO on you guys, but I think it is important to do the most out of your life while you are still healthy because you never really know what the future holds. Also, a quick shoutout to Alec who was flexible on the deadlines this week, supportive and understanding in this situation.

This week we decided to bump up my calories a bit and I have been eating roughly 4500 calories a day. It seems to be working as I am slowly but surely gaining weight. The highlight of the day is when I am eating 3 canned tuna straight from the box (sarcasm). My buddy does not even give his cat canned tuna, but you actually become immune to it after some time and it tastes “less” shit now opposed to a few weeks back. My strength is also increasing which probably is a combination of gaining weight and my farmers walk. The leg workouts are still by far the worst day of the week for me. All the supersets and drop sets really kills me, and it is actually really painful pushing through with all the lactic acid that is building up. This week one of the supersets for legs were leg presses and squats. Unfortunately (lucky), the squat rack was occupied, and I had to train them separately. That probably was not a bad thing, since I tend to fuck up my squat technique when I do supersets like that.

This week we had the x-stretch again. This is actually one of my favourite days although I am stiff as fuck. I am making progress and is a getting a little more flexible each time, but I still have a long way to go. This time I really focused on breathing properly and focused on actively going deeper in the stretch as I was exhaling. In both the yoga and stretching videos the instructor emphasized that breathing was important, but I never really focused that much on it. The difference is actually quite big. I noticed myself getting a lot deeper in the stretches than what I normally do after breathing properly. Moral of the story; listen to the instructor in the videos.
On Tuesday next week I am done with all my exams and officially have a bachelor in business and leadership, which is pretty cool. I am really looking forward to being done and have at least one less thing hanging over me. I also think that it will have a positive influence on my fitness as I will be able to sleep 8+ hours a night ( although I struggle to fall asleep now due to my cousin at the moment). It will also reduce some of my stress and make my day to day life a little more manageable.

Next week the football world cup begins! I cannot wait. The matches will be shown at a giant screen in public with loads of people and the atmosphere during previous world cups has been amazing. Really looking forward to getting my mind off things and just watch some good football with friends. We have all made some bets between us, so it is going to be interesting to see who actually wins. I betted on France winning, so fingers crossed. I have not really missed drinking alcohol at all, but I must admit it is going to be weird watching the world cup without having a beer in my hand. It is just something about watching sports and having beer that seems so natural to me, but I guess it is just a habit that probably will reduced/gone after watching an entire world cup without having a beer.

Jose I
06-09-2018, 07:44 PM
Week 7, 6.3.2018

Hey, everyone.

And just like that.

5 weeks to go before we begin.

Before we REALLY begin.



Now, more than ever, itís starting to feel real.

I can tell that the rest of the fellas are feeling it as well from all the chatter on FB messenger.

Aside from ramping up my focus on my diet and exercise (still dealing with an injured elbow and a recovering knee issue), iím now going to pay attention to what iím going to bring and HOW iím going to arrive in vegas.

Some of the fellas are talking about getting there a day early to settle in.

I may do the same. Looking forward to my call with Claudio this week to start squaring away some of these details.

The RS mentors and coaches have provided most, if not ALL, the information we need to prepare for our trip. But me, being the worry wart i am, just feel as though iím going to forget an essential item or detail.

Whatever it is i forget, iím sure i can figure it out or buy it along the way. So, if I do forget something, then iím sure it wonít be a deal breaker. But, itíll add just enough stress for me to freak out a bit, haha.

Anyway, will just have to pay attention to finer details from here on out.

Perhaps this attention to focus that Iím embracing right now will pay off dividends in the weeks to come.

Aside from the nervous energy iím starting to feel right now, i STILL have yet to come to some huge realization or an epiphany of any kind.

I only bring this up, because it seems like every week, one or a few of the fellas, shares a new insight or some inspirational moment that further pushes them to a new level.

I think itís great that they can do this. Thatís what this journey is all bout.I know i will too. Iím just so surprised at the number of these moments because I have yet to be a part of it.

But i feel like these, or any, new discoveries will only happen when iím the field in the lectures. And also AFTER the fact.

But as for now? It just feels like iím grinding away. Prepping my meals. Committing to my workouts as best i can with my injuries and focusing on the task thatís coming up.

Maybe part of my issue is that i still have my ex-gf on my mind. Not so much that i constantly think about having her back in my life.

But more that we had quite a few things tied together. Accounts. Car. Gym. and friends. Lots and lots of friends.

So, if the friends arenít bringing up her name, inadvertantly or otherwise, then she and i need to communicate every now and then for a car payment, bank account or just the simple fact of packing her belongings for the ďfatefulĒ day she comes by again to pick them up for good.

So, yeah. Sheís on my mind a bit more than iíd like. And perhaps thatís blocking any new mental growth during these past few weeks.

Having said that, iím not really bummed out. Iím very well aware that we all go through our own lessons at our own pace. Iím accepting whatís happening to me, because well, it needs to happen.

I have very little doubt that I will start my new learning curve once i hit the streets in vegas. How much and how fast? Well, thatís the magic question, right? But itís one that Iím SO looking forward to answering for myself.

Aside from looking forward to the butt whupping that awaits me, that awaits all of us in vegas, iím slightly concerned about sticking with my diet and workouts.

In talking to Claudio, it seems that fellow rockstars will break off into primarily two groups: those who prioritize sleep above all and those who donít.

For the ďsleepersĒ, it becomes readily clear, that in order to perform at the tip-top of our effort, sleep and recovery help tremendously!

For the ďnon sleepersĒ, they sleep ďjust enoughĒ (and by just enough, perhaps 4-5 hrs a night). They seem to want to continue with training and other activities (perhaps, daygaming?) while in vegas, primarily.

Being a non-sleeper is what seems ideal. Well, not ideal for sleep. But ideal in squeezing more out of and more into our time there.

But, i know me. I know myself very, very well. And the lack of sleep will catch up with me quickly!

And if thatís the case. If iím a wreck out in the field because Iím sleep deprived? Then i know my game will suffer. And my results and growth will also suffer. And i canít have that. I will have committed TOO much to this program to deprive myself of the this once in a lifetime opportunity.

I know what i want to do while iím out there. But i also know what i have to do. So, hopefully i can find a balance. A sweet spot for me to continue with some training and daygaming, and other activities, and still catch up on as much sleep as possible.

I guess weíll see.

Five weeks to go and I will see.

Nishant A
06-10-2018, 01:39 AM
week 7 :

So another week has gone by. Hard to believe weíre at the beginning of week 8 and almost 75% of the way through the program. Part of me is proud of myself for keeping up with this rigorous program. Part of me feels a sense of urgency to push harder, because there isnít much time left on the program, and while Iím in much better shape than I was on Day 1 Iím nowhere close to being Ďrippedí. Gotta really push it!

Iíve been trying to do just that over the last week. This week my body felt really beaten up. Late last week I decided to intensify cardio by including multiple HIIT sprints into my cycling routine. That was seriously exhausting and I couldnít keep up with that daily, especially on leg day. So Iíve decided to do it with cardio maybe twice a week or three times if Iím feeling good.

I woke up on Friday with really intense muscle soreness in every muscle group. I was expecting my legs to be sore because Thursday was leg day, but my back and abs were intensely sore too making it hard to get out of bed. I usually work out early in the mornings, but on Friday I felt completely unable to do that. Wound up snoozing the alarm and telling myself that Iíd workout at the end of the day instead. I think the extra hour of sleep helped and I managed to complete Fridayís ab workout late in the evening, though Iíve realised that psychologically working out later in the day is a lot harder for me. When I work out in the mornings thereís the sense of accomplishment of having started my day by pushing myself really hard. But because my abs were sore that morning I was dreading Fridayís workout all through the work day. Anyway, was intensely grateful that the week was over and that I could sleep in on Saturday.

All the effort seems to have paid off though - the weight loss seems to have accelerated quite a bit. I started the week at 171.4 pounds. I felt good when I hit 170.2 pounds because that was the magical 10 pound mark from the day we started this program. A couple of days later I was feeling even better as my weight dropped below 170 for the first time in a long time. By Saturday I had dropped down to 168.6, or almost 3 pounds in week! I know by now that weight can fluctuate a lot depending on water, meal timing etc, so I probably havenít dropped that much in reality. But it still feels good psychologically to have the scale move down so fast.

More broadly, it feels good to have a ďformulaĒ that seems to be working! When you know what youíre doing is producing results, and quickly too, it makes it that much easier to push through the difficult sets and reps in the gym and stick to the diet. Iím hoping thatís gonna be the same dynamic when it comes to approaching in Vegas. Fingers crossed! (Still have a lot of anxiety about whatís ahead. And Iím beating myself up for having that anxiety. Itís a weird weird state of mind. )

Claudio had recommended to the guys on our fitness chat that we read a book by Robert Glover called ďNo more mr nice guyĒ. He said it was compulsory reading for the guys in his PR class. Iím about 25% of the way through the book but already there are so many behaviours in that book that seem to describe me perfectly! And from what Iíve read so far, different guys wind up with the same problem for completely different reasons - family, culture, religious upbringing etc. Anyway, I expect this is the kind of stuff weíll dig into deeper on PR. Looking forward to finishing the rest of the book.

At Blakeís recommendation Iíve started a 10 minute daily meditation practice again. Iíve used headspace in the past and earlier in the year I was even on a 60 day continuous streak of daily meditation. I didnít see big changes in myself to be honest, but then again I canít expect miracles from 10 minutes a day. Once the streak was broken I stopped doing it regularly - another bad habit I have. When I fall off the wagon while pursuing something Iíve not gotten back on quickly enough. Applies to the diet and exercise programs and even post-bootcamp approaching that Iíve done in the past. Anyway, will keep at it, and see how it goes. One of the interesting things I realised recently was that exercising, and weight training in particular, is ďmeditativeĒ in itís own way. While lifting something heavy and giving it my all it really forces me to stop thinking of extraneous things and focus on how my body is feeling. Oddly enough cardio doesnít have that same impact. Feels like its easier to do cardio on Ďautopilotí and let my mind drift.

Anyway, on to week 8. Iím hoping the rest of you guys had an awesome week 7! Looking forward to reading your posts!

Michael A
06-10-2018, 04:42 PM
As with almost every week so far on this program, the last one has been a bit of a rollercoaster. In some ways it was probably my best week of the program so far. I had a very full schedule with a group project with deadlines and a presentation on the Friday. I really wanted our groupís project to be of high quality and found myself taking responsibility for the more difficult technical aspects. At the same time I was able to stick to my meal plan and put in a solid workout every day. On Thursday for example, I coded from 9am until 3am on some pretty tricky stuff with my only breaks being to eat and to fit in the dayís leg workout. Itís really satisfying to come to the end of a day and feel like you got a lot done.

The next day was the presentation and that was where things went off the rails a bit. Every group in the course had to present their work and everyone had been given the same deadlines. We were selected to present first and during our presentation a bunch of groups still had their laptops open and were whispering amongst themselves, making finishing touches to their projects. They were explicitly told at the start not to do this and I felt myself getting really angry about it. Iíd stayed up until 3am working to meet the deadline and I felt they were totally disrespecting the effort I put in by talking during our presentation.

Iíve always felt pretty uncomfortable dealing with situations like this. I donít think I am very good at confrontation. I become quite emotional and angry too easily and am not able to just deal with things in a calm, rational way. I donít know what the best play would be in this situation - maybe making an announcement to everyone calling out the bad manners? I just didnít feel confident enough to do that in front of everyone without coming off as overly emotional. So I basically just shut up and stewed as people continued to do this while another member of my group presented and during other peopleís presentations. At one point I did tell one guy close to me to be quiet and shut his computer, which he did, but it left me feeling like I was being a moany so-and-so. It put me in a pretty bad mood which continued over the weekend as I toyed with the idea of writing a message on the courseís group chat. I was annoyed that I even continued to be annoyed about it. Itís clearly a pretty trivial thing that I should be able to deal with and then let go, but for whatever reason I couldnít. I read some stuff in the rockstar diaries from previous years about conflict resolution so I am looking forward to becoming better at this (although as I write the words ďconflict resolutionĒ my mind conjures up the image of a NATO peacekeeping mission more than some stupid kid talking during a presentation :D)

On a more positive note, my body fat percentage dropped nicely this week. While it feels like a good reward for consistent efforts, I am paying less and less attention to this. Itís a useful metric to record progress but at the start of the program I set my goal to be to do my best in that which was under my control, and that measurement is far from under my control. This week will be the final week of my course so it will be another intense one in terms of time management. Iím looking forward to the course being over so I can focus solely on being mentally and physically ready for the summer. Iíve put in a good effort over the last 7 weeks but there are things I think I could change given more free time in order to optimize. For example I have no flexibility in what time of day I work out. Most days I go to the gym after a long day of work and feel pretty exhausted while working out. Iíve looked at the weeks ahead and there are a lot of high rep sets. I know these are going to be absolutely brutal so going into them with my peak energy levels will help maximise my results. Iíve also got a lot of back pain from sitting in front of a computer so Iíll be looking to add 20-30 minutes of mobility work/stretching when I wake up in the mornings.

The last 8 weeks of learning something new in this course have made me realise how critical a sense of progress is to my well being. I was doing reasonably well financially in my last job but the sense of progression and learning had gone and with it my fulfilment. With Project Rockstar Iím looking forward to pushing all aspects of my life and being on a constant course of growth. Iím sure it will be extremely uncomfortable at points, but the alternative of stagnating and living a life I donít want to live is an even scarier prospect. Iíve been enjoying the facebook group chat and people have shared some great stuff in there - Tim Ferrisí podcast with Terry Crews and Ray Dalioís video ďPrinciples for SuccessĒ youtube video come to mind. Itís good to know the other rest of the group appreciate similar content and that we are on the same page. I had a thought this week that the fact that Project Rockstar is rather expensive is actually a great selecting mechanism for candidates. Everyone that is taking part in Project Rockstar either:

1. Has made enough money where the cost of this programme isnít a big issue for them
2. Is so motivated to develop themselves as a person that they have made big sacrifices to come on the program

Either (or both) of these qualities is going to make for someone that I really look forward to meeting, learning from and developing with. So as I go into week 8 my sense of excitement for the summer ahead is growing. I just need to keep going full pelt with the fitness programme to make sure I arrive in the best shape possible.

Sharod J
06-10-2018, 06:58 PM
Week 6

May 30th Wed 10:36 pm
Yesterday was SF Abs. SF Abs is taking me forever to complete. It is taking me 2-3 hours with cardio to finish with the breaks that I have to take. But I can see the results. It is a source of pride when you find yourself in the gym longer than most people just working one muscle group.

Now to today, which was a good day. I got to sleep on time, so I was able to wake up and complete my cardio in the morning is the plan. And as usual, this again got my day off to a great start. During my morning cardio, I made it a point to listen to a lesson from the learning course that I am taking. I want to take on the mindset that reading/learning is an exercise for my mind. As was the case before doing this gave me the energy to attack my day.
During my commute into the office, I listened to Deep Work. The book gives suggestions for limiting distractions so you can focus your attention on your most value-added tasks during the day. I like to listen to audiobooks on during my drive but admit I don't like the fact that it is a passive way of acquiring knowledge. Many times I will listen to something that inspires me but by the time I get into the office and get my day started. I will forget that one thing or never return to it to implement. Today I decided that this would be different. First thing I did when I got into the office was to try and implement one of the suggestions from the book - Schedule your times to be distracted. So I set 3 times during my day to check email or surf the internet. It will be a challenge, but I will stick it out for a week at least to see how the experiment goes.

It is past my bedtime. I will have to finish my thoughts on this in the morning. Sleep and gym in the morning. I can't wait!

May 31st 10:49 am

I realized this morning that deep down I hold the belief that I am not an active fit person. I would never describe myself as an active/fit person. This goes back to me noting that for the first time I felt like I belonged in the gym. It is funny how you can have an inaccurate picture of how you see yourself.

June 1st 7:59 am
It is a new month, and we are almost a month into this Fitness Transformation. It is a weird moment as this is process feels like it is going fast and slow at the same time. While I can't believe the 6-week mark has arrived this quickly, It feels like the next six weeks will take forever to get here.

I realized this week that deep down I hold an internal belief that I am not a fit and active person. I felt like it was something that just surfaced or unearthed itself to me. This thought came to me while thinking if someone saw me now they would assume that I was always in this type of shape. I believe this when I see other people in excellent shape in the gym my thoughts are "They have been working at this for a while!". But this change has only taken a month.
Back to my internal belief, I realized that me seeing myself as not a fit person was a belief that was still dormant in my mind. Even before the fitness transformation, I was probably more active than 90% of the American population, but I didn't see that. Others would even notice it; I didn't. I remember a conversation with a friend who was trying to hook me up and she specifically mentioned: "You need someone who is active and works out." It didn't dawn on me until she said it.
I am still surprised by how inaccurately we view ourselves. I also see myself as an introvert of sorts. And at my nephew's graduation, I was shocked to find out that my mother considered me the social butterfly of the family (probably because I was out a bars a fair amount). I am pretty sure this is something that PR is going to work to address which is making this program something I can't wait to begin.

I had my first bonk workout yesterday. I didn't have the energy I would like. Combined with the fact that my rear delt shoulder was feeling tight from the previous day's workout. Because of the discomfort and I didn't get the same intensity on this chest workout as I would have liked. Which sucks because the chest is one of my favorite body parts to exercise. Anyway, I will charge this workout to the game as they say. I powered through and did my best. Hopefully, I feel a little soreness tomorrow in my chest area (DOMS notification of the session working).

Inspired by one of the instructors, I am making it a point to do more veggie smoothies. I def see the benefit of making sure to get a variety of micronutrients in the body. My main hesitation for doing this before was laziness in trying to fit into my macro count. But I have found the weekend is an excellent time to experiment and try new things. So I will do that this weekend to work out my new eating plan.

Deep Work:
I tried two recommendations from the book this week. One was scheduling the time during the day that I check email and use the internet. The rest of the time should be spent on value-added tasks. This week wasn't perfect, but I like to have the added structure during my day. I find when I don't schedule something that I tend to squander the time. So really would like to focus on this going forward.
The second recommendation that I am trying from the book is to end the work day at 5ish with reflection time and then not work during the evening. This one is easier as after leaving work and doing my evening workouts I usually don't have extra time to spare with work. I believe having the time constraints are a good thing as it will force me adapt and better utilize my time at work.

The podcast I am Unpacking: Tim Ferriss Interview with Terry Crews
- You get what you want! -> If you wanted something different you would change it. I didn't do what it took to get it.
- Self Sabotage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Master Key System: You are fit before you get in shape. You had to be your idea.

- Have. Do. Be.

- Don't Compete. Be Creative

Final Thoughts:
This week for my breakfast I did overnight oats along with egg cups. This breakfast worked well for me. With there never being enough time in the morning it was nice to have an easy to reheat meal. I was also inspired to begin doing more veggie smoothies which I did over the weekend and tried this morning. While I love smoothies, I may go back to the oats just because of the ease.

Sharod J
06-10-2018, 07:00 PM
Week 7
June 10th, 2018

I woke up this morning to the PR blogs from the future. Seeing one of the blogs mention it was week 8 threw me off for a bit. I guess mentally; I had been anchored to the fact that we are only half-way done. Time doesn't stop, and this fitness transformation is ticking along.
This week was somewhat uneventful. Mentally I just kept plugging along trying to keep my head down and try to continue building the momentum into Las Vegas. I continued my routine of getting morning cardio sessions in before heading to work. While it would be nice to complete an entire workout before heading to work, I don't think there would be enough time. The positive is that I still get the benefit of increased energy and the feeling of accomplishment to start out my day. I modified my routine to include doing ten mins of meditation every morning. Like many of the others, I had done some meditation before but dropped it once PR Fitness started. But I have enjoyed integrating it back into the routine, and the headspace guy does amendable job leading me through the meditations. The 10 minutes seem to go by pretty fast. If PR ends up going past this year meditation should probably just be added as another component of the fitness transformation from day one.
I'm still satisfied with the progress that I am making every week. My weight was down to 208 pounds during the week. I logged 211 this morning when I weighed in. But was back down to 209 after my gym session and cardio this morning. At this point the changes in physique are noticeable. My abs are starting to show which this is the first in my lifetime. I never thought of myself as an abs person. This fitness transformation is smashing through some beliefs (false ones) I had about myself. When I started getting in shape 6 years ago I got down to 218 pounds which was the lowest I had been in years. And I mentally thought that 220 pounds was my ideal weight. After breaking the 210lbs barrier, I now have a new image of what a healthy me looks like! Losing this much weight, funny things start happening. My face is slimming down which is cool. I have noticed the same thing in some of the other guy's blogs also. I noticed that my shoes started feeling bigger; so I must have lost some fat in my feet. And speaking of feet, my foot issue that has been nagging me since January is finally starting to clear up. I am pretty sure the reduced weight is helping with that.
This week we I had the halfway point discussion with fitness mentor. I got another week 1800 calories. I was glad to see my weight continued to drop after it bumped up earlier this week. Looking at the average, I still lost 2 pounds for the week. I wanted to see if my body had plateaued before making the drop again. It always seems to be on the fence. If I keep losing weight at this pace, I will likely hit a weight of something close to 200lbs. I guess the decision to drop will depend on the body fat percentage I hope to reach. At this calorie level, I am still having little cravings usually for something sweet. My go-to treat has become a banana with a tablespoon of peanut butter, which does the trick along with eating my regular scheduled meal.

* This is a biggie* - The past couple of weeks I started tracking my blood pressure again. I have been taking medication for it the last few years. It was going on that medication that leads me to lose weight. I hadn't considered it, but there may be a chance that I can get off of the drug if I keep my weight at this level.

Power of Network and Community:
I went out this past weekend with some friends and realized I hadn’t done the best job of creating a network of friends contacts that inspire me to be better. While I love my friends, It's just different when you begin working on improving yourself with this new level of intensity. When you are pushing yourself to grow like this, you naturally start looking for other people who share a similar goal or drive for improvement. PR provides that network. I am continuously inspired by Rockstars to keep going and improve.

Broke another crockpot!
Two crockpots have now bitten the dust in my seven weeks of the transformation. Dropped and shattered the lid of my new one this Friday. I promptly went bought another for $20 bucks. So I now have three crockpots... smh. All of this made me think about value. A crockpot is only 20 bucks, but I get considerably more value from it than that. This tool has become an essential component of me eating healthier which in turn has to lead me to look and feel better.

Experimenting I am doing:

Intermittent Fasting (IF) - I had been circling around trying IF this past week. I wanted to give some thought about how I could implement in my schedule. I have decided to start with doing an 11am - 9 pm feeding window. It is not as dramatic as the recommended windows that start at 2 pm. For me, this change will only be a slight adjustment. I basically will "skip" or move breakfast until 11 to 12ish which is around the time I usually eat lunch. And finishing at 9ish means I will still just get my last meal in after the gym in the evening. I will try for a week or two to see how I feel. I am breakfast person so there will be a mental/emotional hurdle giving that up. Breakfast was always my favorite meal and it was one I remember having with family. I was holding on to this as a reason not to try it. But I am single and usually eat breakfast by myself at the moment. So there is no solid reason not to give it a shot.

- Working in HIIT back into my Cardio: I will likely start working in HIIT treadmill sessions a few times a week for one of my cardio sessions. I did one this past week. It sucked in the right way. These will likely be during my morning session, so I get the benefit of Fasted Cardio with HIIT.

New App I am Trying:
I downloaded a podcast app. Been listening to podcasts using Spotify but broke down and got a dedicated app. Continuing emphasis on trying to look to more productive things than music during my workouts and commutes.

SF Abs and Ab Ripper Update:
SF Abs is still a beast. It takes me about one and half hours with breaks to complete. But I can see my abs forming after each exercise. A couple of the guys have completed Ab Ripper with no breaks (Congrats!). I am not there yet, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. With it being week eight that is motivation for me to push myself. Time is ticking for me to progress to finish with no breaks at my beginner level of doing it. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is almost like a video game. You have to get the stamina to make it to the rest points and through the painful movements.

New Books I am trying:
Moonwalking with Einstein: Got the audiobook for this from the library. I will listen to it this week during my commute. I only have 14 days to read/listen to library books, so I move them up the queue.

Ulysses: I got this from the library and will give it a quick read. Trying to go back and read some classic literature when I get the chance.

The Master Key System: Started listening to this audiobook also this week. It has started off discussing the conscious and subconscious mind how they work together.

What I am watching:
My youtube watching has continued. Trying out youtube red so that I can listen to TED talks while working out. But I have mainly been falling and watching video's from a couple of fitness "influencers" (that is a thing now). Interesting to see people wholly committed to the fitness lifestyle. You also just see what people that are in fantastic shape are doing. And it is not far from what we do in our program. Watching these has exposed me to different things to try (like Intermittent Fasting).

Books I will add to the queue from recommendation:
1. The Obstacle is the Way
2. Mind and Emotions
3. The Way of the Superior Man

New One Thing to try this week.
1. Go to the pool and swim laps!

Still working on implementing suggestions from the book Deep Work. Trying to cut down on distractions during the day. I will likely start putting my phone in airplane mode until lunch every day to avoid distraction during my most productive time of the day. Also still working on only checking and responding to emails at a set time during the day.

That is enough for this week! There is seems to be so much happening every week. These were some of the high points for me guys. Let’s continue to crush it for week 8!

Shiu Ming J
06-10-2018, 09:58 PM
Week 6 - Sunday June 3rd, 2018 - Pain + Reflection = Progress. I need to work on that.

Tuesday May 29th

Today was Back and Bicep day. The day actually went very well before my left forearm muscle tensed up and I had some trouble closing out some of my bicep reps. I had enough time to get my meal prep done before joining on my weekly Skype call with my mentor Gordon. It was great. It seems like I have been gaining pretty good. We talked a bit to figure out what my physique goals are: to be ripped or have a physique that would draw more girls. I definitely want a physique that draws more girls. Gordon mentioned that since I am a shorter stocky guy, I should focusing on getting bigger as I want to come off with great presence and have an aggressive physique. Therefore, he recommended that I focus on gaining for this week as well as next week and then work to start shredding again. I will have to look up my pictures from before the 4Weeks2Shred program and see how many calories I was eating during that program.

He told me a good bedtime story starting from his first success on Rockstar after the initial 10 days. It was very motivating. He reiterated some of the key points that he had to overcome to start having more success with women. I can’t want to have similar break throughs and stories to share with my brothers on Rockstar and am looking forward to hearing and being apart of many of my brothers’ stories.

Wednesday May 30th

Due to my crazy weekend and stomach ache I had to switch some things around. I ran low on egg whites so I had to make a quick stop to Costco and loaded up on three boxes which should last me for the next two weeks. When I got home, I quickly got another meal prepared and ate that. The stomach ache returned with a vengeance. I think the brussel sprouts had turned bad. I microwave-steamed the bag just a couple days ago and then refrigerated it. I am not sure what happened. Maybe the spot where we put the butter is not the best place to put perishables.

I was able to get my 40 minutes of cardio in and attacked the Ab Ripper tonight without the pre-workout. With the switch, I will be doing the SF Abs on Saturday morning and I plan to get in a stretch/ yoga session in before going out Saturday night.

Thursday May 31st

This morning I tackled Shoulder and Calves. I thought it would be a routine day at the gym, while I was doing the superset on the “Side Lateral Raise” and “Front Plate Raise”, my right delt begin to tighten up. My left forearm is still sore and tight from the previous back and biceps on Tuesday.

I noticed a lot of gains from previous Shoulder sessions. The last time I did a military press with barbells (not on a smith machine) was on Friday April 25th. At that time, either I wasn’t strong enough or I did not have the right stance, I could barely do 10 lbs on each side of the bar. Now I am able to start at 35 lbs per side and down to 30 lbs per side reaching a rep of 15. That is pretty cool. Weights for all the other shoulder exercises have been steadily improving.

After the gym and some time at home, I stumbled upon the video I have been meaning to watch for a while, “Principles by Ray Dalio”. I have read through these principles before several months ago and had loss sight of them and thought it would be a good time for a refresher. Boy was I glad to have took the 30 minutes to get re-engaged with these principles and make them my own. If you haven’t watched it, it will be one of the best 30 minutes will ever spend. The key is to live these principles, build upon them and like he said, “Struggle and Evolve Well”. The key points were and they all apply to life, game and Rockstar:

Truth is the essential foundation for producing good outcomes.
Dreams + Reality + Determination = Successful Life
Think for yourself
Decide what to do
Have the courage to do it
Meaningful work. Meaningful relationships. (Meaningful experiences.)
Pain + Reflection = Progress
High Caliber/ More Capable leads to Greater Challenges
For me, taking less risk would mean having a less great life.
Ego and Blindspot Barriers
Focus on the joy of learning what is true
Ascend to greater heights and greater challenges.

These were ALL major points for me. It is one thing to read these principles. It is a whole lot of separate effort to apply this to my life. This is a commitment I made to myself to live by them and add more empowering principles going forward.

Friday June 1st

Since I was only able to make the gym this evening and the gym closes an hour earlier, I was only able to get most of my legs workout done with the exception of the one more set of the Standing Leg Curl, full sets of Hack Squat and full sets of Unilateral Leg Extensions. I will have to make them up tomorrow.

I listened to the "Terry Crews” interview on the Tim Ferris show that was being shared in the Messenger group. It was very enlightening. All the lessons he spoke about applies directly to having the right mindset. They all apply to Rockstar. I saved it in my Overcast so that I would listen to it a couple times over. The key thing that he said really resonate with me: “What you are doing is what you want. If you don’t want that, you would have changed it.” That hit pretty hard for me.

I was able to meet up with a couple friends/ wings tonight where we started off at the local arcade bar and then moved to Stella’s a bar with a rooftop, DJ dance floor and a live music dance floor. My friend and I did approaches after approaches. I felt “fun” even before going out tonight and I felt fun doing all the approach, even though most of those were short and a couple were major blowouts. I definitely see going out and approaching girls as fun, exciting and play.

Saturday June 2nd

It was Chest and Tricep days for me. For Dumbbell Bench Press I am now up to 90lbs at 5 to 7 reps. I grabbed the 95lbs for my 2nd set but was still not strong enough to push through. On the Decline Barbell Bench Press, I had totally underestimated myself but was able to finish the triple drop set at 60lbs per side to 55lbs to 45lbs. I will look to up it tp 70lbs or 75lbs on my next go around.

My left arm continue to be sore. There is probably a knot in my left forearm. Back to the workouts. This go around the Tricep Trifecta was a bit easier so I definitely pushed myself by doing a full set with a 60lbs then upped it to 70 lbs with a couple pauses for the pullover and press motion and then upped it to 80 lbs for the extent while pushing out another 10 reps with the 70lbs on the pullover and press.

My Bench Dips improved significantly. Last time I did these, my triceps pretty much had enough and I really pushed hard to do them with just my own body weight. I was able to do a set with 45lbs as well as a set with 70lbs on my lap. After the workout, my left tricep wanted to cramp several times. I was able to stretch them out and go easy on them so the feeling of cramping went away.

I made it home around 9:30 pm and was eating my last meal of the night with the plan to go out. The chicken was motherfucking tough as hell. I spent the next half an hour biting a little bit and drinking a bit of water to help with the swallowing. Not sure why the chicken got so tough, but it was just like a quarter of the remaining chicken so I sucked it up and took those small bites.

The plan of the night was to go out, but I decided to re-prioritize stay in and slow myself down for a bit with the plan to do some serious reflection on the past week. Some of the motivational videos watched along with the podcast I had mentioned earlier helped trigger this sense of reflection in me. Although I did have a great relaxing evening, I did not use it to reflect on my week. I just went with the flow and ended up watching some youtube videos or shows until early morning. Another missed opportunity to reflect.

Just something fun, I will share my Project Rockstar Bucket List that I have so far:
Eat/lick chocolate out of a Swedish model’s belly button
Eat a giant pizza with my fitness team Gordon, Matt and Dainis celebrate our achievement on the fitness program

Sunday June 3rd

I felt like shit. I felt like shit all week. I pissed away boat loads of time, because I was afraid. I let that fear trigger my pattern of disempowering habits on auto-pilot. I think this is what Jocko Willink called, “The Quitter” instinct. I texted my fitness group when got to the gym thanking them for their support and grateful that I am on Rockstar, because if I wasn’t, this would’ve definitely been one of those days I fall off the wagon, stayed home and continued on the spiral of depression.

I almost did not make it to the gym today. I still have a work out to make-up (Shoulders & Calves on Tuesday). If I missed today, that would have seriously put my progress and program in jeopardy. I completed the SF Abs today. I felt like shit. I didn’t feel any better eating my 1.5 meal because I got up late. I didn’t feel any better getting into my car. I didn’t feel any better walking into the gym. I didn’t feel any better even up to the moment I hit the gym floor. Once I got in front of the weights and decide that I am going to do 70lbs weight sit up, that was when I focused my ass on the work outs.

On Day 31, I was at 55lbs, 60lbs and 65lbs on my weighted sit up. I was so proud that I was able to do 3 sets at 70lbs. They were grueling sets. The Hip Thrust is still pretty challenging for me as I usually stop half way and then try to push through the rest of the set with as little pauses as possible. Otherwise, the weights improved on the rest of the work outs. I can definitely say I gave my abs a nice wiping for the day.

Although I had a great successful day at the gym, I ended up crying my ass off when I pulled up to my house and subsequently afterwards. Yeah, this has not been a great moment. It had to do with some truths that I have to deal with when I was reflecting on my life and current situation. I guess that is another story for another day...

Hope everyone had a great Week 6. Best of luck on week 7!!!

Shiu Ming J
06-10-2018, 09:58 PM
Week 7 - Sunday June 10th, 2018

Monday June 4th

Focus on Your Big Dreams, Stretch Goals, Positives (Any, All, Big, Small, Weird). When in doubt, reframe it to your advantage!!

I realized that every day or every so often I would always reflect back on a bad moment in my life or a recent moment that something didnít go my way and seeing how far away I was

I realized that I focus only reflecting many of my bad moments in my life and use that as a time measuring stick. Today I am almost 2 year from my major drawdown or today is several months from this moment that I let this opportunity go. I keep looking back and all I can focus on the ďlack of actionĒ. This is 100% demotivating. That is what I am getting. What I focus on I get more of the same. Total the wrong idea and approach to life. I need to be forward looking and doing everything I can right now and each coming day to achieve something worthy in the future.

Gym Progress - Gains and Frustration

Tonightís gym session was not ideal, but I got my ass there, I pushed myself hard and I got 95% of it done! It was ďBack and BicepĒ day for me. There were some highlights:

I made a mistake of doing the High Row instead of the Hammer Pulldowns, but I was able to push myself to get out 9 reps of 130lbs per side and added in a couple reps at 140lb and 145lbs. My One-Arm Dumbbell Row is now up to 95lbs at 14 reps with my right arm and 10 reps with my left arm. The reverse grip bent over barbell took a little time for my to adjust to. I was able to get to 60lbs per side at 10 reps.

It is the first time I did concentration curls. My left arm is definitely weaker in terms of weight it can curl as well as number of reps. One of my goals is to get my left arm to be as strong as my right arm. I guess that explains why my entire left arm has been sore this entire past week. That stupid knot is still there and doesnít seem to want to go away. On the spider curl, I was very proud of myself. On May 8th, I was just able to do 20 reps on a 17.5lbs. Tonight I was able to push from 60lbs to 70lbs to 80lbs at about 10 to 13 reps. I was definitely surprise about the 80lbs barbell because it feels super heavy whenever I lift it for my barbell twists.

When I got to the reverse grip pulldown, I had nothing. The 195lbs was not moving. It could be related to my slight pull on my upper back muscle. Since I only had 10 minutes, I quickly moved onto the Machine Preacher Curls. I felt a little frustrated on that exercise. I could barely do 9 or 10 reps at 70lbs and the same thing happened even when I dropped down to 60lbs. I pushed to finished out the 7 sets, but that definitely frustrated me.

Aside from the weights, my abs feel fucking sore today. I guess the SF Abs did the trick. The preacher curls, made me feel like I am losing strength. It just felt like I can do heavier weight and more sets on that. Then on the bent over row I think I went too hard on the last rep and might have used bad posture. It somehow felt like I had slightly pulled one of the upper middle back muscle. I quickly did some stretches at the gym to help it feel better. It feels a little sore, but it should be ok.

Reflection - Do everything that is asked of you.
Focus on doing everything that is ask of you regardless of day, time, mood, shit coming up, etc. If you shortcut or cheat any part of the program, the only person you are screwing is yourself.

Tuesday June 5th

It was Shoulders/ Calves day. I think I can go heavier on the Dumbbell Shoulder Press but I had trouble getting the 65lbs weight from my lap and pushing it up to my shoulder. So for now I am still at 60lbs. With soreness and muscle knots across my left arms it made it difficult to do the Side Lateral Raise and Front Dumbbell Raise. All I could do was take time to stretch them out and press on.

Thursday June 6th

Did I mentioned my left arm has been sore this whole week? Since it was sore and I had knots throughout my entire arm, I feel like it limited some of my progress on the arm related workouts. Therefore, I ended up spending my morning using a racquetball and massage my entire left arm. It was brutal. It hurt like hell every knot it came across. If you have been to massage you know that feeling. It is not like you press on the know and it goes aways. You have to work around the area for some time to help loosen up the whole area. Then you work on the actual know. Then you repeat the approach. If you are lucky, the knot will get loosen up after several back and front. I rather be lifting.

Friday June 8th

I made a decision to stop this ďOff CycleĒ sleeping today. I decided to go to the gym in the morning and get my SF Abs done. I surprised myself that I am up to 85lbs on the weighted sit ups when I was pushing myself last time at 70lbs max. The hip thrust are getting easier even though they are still a pain to finish to 40 with several pauses in between. I was able to reach the max weights on the kneeling rope crunch of 100.5lbs to 95.5lb to 90.5lbs. I only noticed the two 1.5lbs were already lowered after I had completed the first set. Pleasant surprise indeed.

I had some motivational videos playing in the background during part of my workout. These have been very helpful. They are helping to make my internal dialogue empowering.

Saturday June 9th

Saturday morning. Why are my legs sore now? I did them on Thursday?!?!

Sunday June 10th

Today was another lazy lazy day. I woke up early, ate breakfast, fed the cat and looked over and prepared the exercises for the Back and Bicep day. Since I only got about 2 to 3 hours of sleep, I quickly fell back asleep after laying on my bed briefly.

I have been in a better mental state overall these past several days. As I was laying in bed, I asked myself this question, ďWhen I love myself, when I have love in my life and when I am easily showing affection every day. What would I do with my life?Ē

I think I was able to ask this question of myself due to the call I had with Gordon earlier on in the week as well as things I took away from re-reading some of last yearís Rockstar journals and reviews again. At some point, each person had to just make a decision for themselves and ask themselves, ďWhat do I love about myself and all I need is one good reason.Ē Then things took off for them. It seems like it all comes down to flipping that switch. The rest of the things in life can all be solved as a person that has love in his heart. The work down the road seems to be are you cultivinat this seed that you have by practicing this love ďfeelingĒ everyday and do you choose to actively use this lens to view and deal with life. When you do, you will consciously (eventually unconsciously) favor an empowering approach to your life vs. any approach you used beforehand.

For the first time in a long time, I said these word out loud, ďI love myself. I am ready and willing to accept love and intimacy into my life.Ē This was a great feeling and one that I cherish and will build on. I am definitely looking forward to building upon this when I am on Rockstar with you guys.

Keep Pushing and Good Journey!

David I
06-11-2018, 01:30 AM
Sunday June 10, 2018

This week was rather regular. I started including the workouts and duties of the program into my routine in the morning and Iím get into it. Iím starting to get a feeling of the calorie count, Iím managing to balance the macros (a few weeks ago I didnít even know what macros were), Iím experimenting with my shakes, etc. It feels good not to feel so overwhelmed by these things anymore.

The workouts have been going well in general, but Iím having a hard time working biceps and triceps. Iím pretty weak there so my muscles start giving up quickly after they go to failure during an exercise, and I have to finish the sets with lighter weights. Iím mostly doing my cardio outdoors so I can get some sun and a good breath of fresh air. It takes me a little longer since I have to drive to the trails, but Iím enjoying the runs so I think itís worth it. Iím also taking advantage of the run to reflect about life a bit (instead of focusing on how tired I am or how fast Iím running) and Iíve had a few good insights. Itís pretty great.

Iíve been sleeping a lot less than usual. I can easily sleep about 8 hours per night (and I slept about 10h during the first two weeks of the program), but this last week Iíve slept about 6 hours per night, and couldnít go back to sleep. I hope this is not affecting muscle recovery.

Axel E
06-11-2018, 09:25 AM
Week 7
5 June 2018

So today was an Ab Ripper Rest Day, which by now you know means 40 min cardio and a horrific ab workout. Today also happened to be the first time I managed to do the entire workout without any breaks! To put some perspective for the potential readers thatís not a part of the program this program is, without breaks, 15 min long, but when we started out it took anywhere between 30-45 min to complete. So being able to finish it in one go is a great ego booster! It also makes me curious where weíre going to be in another five weeks when the fitness program is officially over. Only time will tell!

Rest day also means cooking day. It continues to amaze me how cheap and time efficient it is to bach cook! I generally cook for 5 days stretches so that's 15 meals. This usually ends up costing me roughly between 50-70 bucks depending on what I decide to eat and takes roughly 3-4 hours of cooking. Today I ended up on 60 bucks and 3 hours of cooking. I did however only cook 10 out of 15 meals but that still puts me on 6 bucks and 18 minutes per meal!

Now Iím a foodie and love to cook so these numbers are just amazing to me since Iím used to spending 2-3 times that per meal and can easily if we count the entire time to finish a meal from prep to eating, spend multiple hours on a single meal. Especially if you want to cook the perfect steak and you both brine and sous vide the meat, I mean that process can easily take 24 hours. But then again you can do 10 steaks that way and it wouldn't really increase the time so maybe Iím not really thinking straight.

I got one more day home before its time to go down to Gothenburg to celebrate that my oldest nephew finishing high school! Iím not sure what Iím getting him but apparently, he started working out quite a bit so I know Iím bringing him to the gym. Maybe Iíll put together a little gift basket of my favorite beers since I can't drink myselfÖ I'll figure something out.

Ta ta for now people!
11 June 2018

While writing this Iím in the middle of catching up on my deadlines and this blog is the last thing I have to complete to get my shit together haha. It's 18:38 at the time of writing and Iím in the middle of food prepping for this week. This is basically the first food I get to eat today since breakfast so Iím pretty darn hungry right now. It all comes down to a miss in my planing since I got back from Gothenburg late last night and I didn't really want to start cooking in the middle of the night. I did manage to get my hands on some eggs though so I had something for breakfast at least.

Today was supposed to be ab ripper day but since I spent all day yesterday in a car I had to hot swap the workouts so for me it was back and biceps which I did look forward to right up until it started. Man did I feel weak today haha, it was just rough with a giant monster set running between 3 different exercises hammering more or less the same muscle. I got it done though and it felt great afterward. I also got the new training t-shirts I ordered last week so that boosted the moral a little bit haha.

All in all this week has been a great challenge of the good old self-control. I was visiting two of my three sisters, one of them celebrating that my nephew just graduated from school so we had a huge party with all the foods Iím not allowed to eat. It wasn't that bad, however, because Iím so close now breaking through the magic line of 80kg now so I just kept my eyes on the price really. I haven't been under 80kg in 7 years I think and Iím pretty sure I haven't been under 84kg in 5 years, which I am right now so that makes me super happy!

I am however starting to get moments of hunger now after getting into the routine with a calorie intake of 1600 a day. Usually, this happens in the morning when I wake up and/or in the evening sometime. It's definitely manageable, it's more of an interesting reflection that Iíve lost so much weight in the last 7 weeks and haven't felt any hunger up until now.

Another interesting reflection Iíve done recently is that when I actually do get hungry I don't automatically think of pizza anymore. We got so deep into the routine that my natural reaction to hunger is ďDamn it would feel good with a chicken boxĒ. Especially now when I really started to find my recipes so to speak. The chicken isn't as dry (no wonder after 7 weeks of practice), the meals in general feel juicer and my box with lentil pasta & bolognese is just amazing. I do miss ketchup a little bit but that about it. Coming to think of it I might not even miss ketchup, it's just that I want a little touch of sour so Iím going to experiment with lime and lemon a bit.

The closer weíre getting to Vegas though Iím getting more and more curious about how this health part will take shape after rockstar. Right now health and fitness is my life but I know it can't continue so forever. Especially since Iím planning on moving back pŚ Asia this fall sometime and over there Iíll have a much harder time getting my hands on a lot of the supplements Iím taking and so on. I know this is something theyíll go through during rockstar since life after rockstar is kind of a big part of Rockstar itself. Another big factor in Asia is that I wonít really cook my own food like I do here so counting macros won't be nearly as easy. I know one of the guys is living in Bali and gets all his food prepared by a third party so Iíll probably talk to him about that quite a bit in Vegas as well. But for now, Iím going to stuff my face with all this food I made! Talk to you next week white paper ark on a computer screen!

06-11-2018, 11:25 AM
Week 5
I’m finally starting to see some progress on my body fat %. My trainer said that the gut was the last thing that will come down. But now that it’s finally moving, it’s happening *fast*. Over the last 10 days, I went from a 36” waist to a 34”. I’m no longer pear-shaped and am now mostly tube-shaped. I’m hoping this continues and I end up back at a 32” like I was before I put all this weight on. I’m really excited about my DEXA scan on Wed. so I can get a better feel for how much progress I’ve made. (Though it’s already showing in my clothes; they are already super-baggy).

I don’t really know what else to add here. The exercise is what it is. It’s rough, but nothing unexpected. My injury continues to get better, so I’m able to do more and more.

My mentor and I are working on setting up an instagram account and various dating apps. He’s also having me read _The Way of the Superior Man_.

I’m getting excited about Vegas and gradually getting my gear and such together for the trip. This is going to be great.

Mehendi S
06-11-2018, 02:01 PM
Week 4

Today I felt like complete shit both mentally and physically. My workout felt very weak and I could not get out of my head. I felt like I haven’t done anything in my life and I’m not making any progress. Also, I kept going back thinking about my previous relationship and how I felt like a shitty person. All of this combined made me stop my workout half way through the exercises. I just was not giving the full effort needed. I appreciated the mentor’s advice and some similar things he went through. I went back to the gym after work and completed all my sets and cardio. I feel like I have many issues, but today was the first day since the fitness program they really took over and prevented me from giving it my all. I just hope I can feel fresh and in a much better mood tomorrow. I hope to hear from other Rockstars if they have faced this type of issues through this program.

I feel better mentally today than yesterday. I actually woke up later than usual and I’m not sure if it was my body or mind needing the extra rest. Since I woke up late and it is yoga day, I came into work two hours late. I have done the yoga program in the past and it was one of the most difficult exercises ever. I actually pulled my back nerve in the past from this yoga program which I still feel at times. After doing the yoga program again, I realized I have low flexibility along with poor balance. The poor balance reminded me of the time I took surfing lessons and the instructor told me I had the worst balance he had ever seen. It sucked hearing that at the time, but it's just another part that I will work towards improving. Just bitching about it won’t get me anywhere.

Today, I felt a small pull in the back of my neck doing lateral raises. At the time I'm writing this the pain is minimal and I'm hoping it is gone by tomorrow. I don't want it to affect my future workouts. Today, was also the first time I really pushed myself on stair masters. I saw great improvement in my cardio when it came to running, but this is a different beast. I was exhausted after two minute stair warmup and three minutes of pushing it. My legs were getting tired and my mind was telling me to stop. I kept pushing to do at least five minutes of intense stairs. I spent the next 15 minutes on the treadmill walking trying to catch my breathe. I've got new goals to work on for the next few weeks. It's going to help me really lose the body fat.

Today is also my friends birthday. There is going to be alcohol there and it is going to go late. I also live 45 minutes away from him. The funny thing is that I don't even want to drink alcohol or stay there late. I don't really want to go. It's not a sacrifice anymore. I'm enjoying the progress I made in these four weeks that I don't want to jeopardize it. I will be drinking water and leave the birthday party early so I can maximize my sleep.

Everyone at the birthday party was drinking and acting kinda funny. I guess alcohol makes you look a little stupid when you look at everyone. I didn’t miss the alcohol or the greasy pizza and wings that they served. It felt good to have this discipline. I got home later than expected the night before. I planned on being in my bed by 9PM, but ended up getting home at 11.

I had an early morning meeting that day that forced me to do my workout during lunch time. My goal was to improve on the stair masters and my cardio. There is a long way to go on my cardio and I’m going to tackle the stair masters again tomorrow. Before I went to shower, I looked at myself in the mirror. I felt like I have not progressed. My belly was still round and it seemed like my arms, chest, and legs were getting smaller. Am I not doing something right? What if everyone else makes great improvements and I’m the only guy not progressing? It’s such a discouragement right now and it makes me want to just eat less to speed up the fat burn.

With that said, I’m going to still trust the process. I hear that other Rockstars have gone through this as well and I need to just keep following the plan. It’s only week 4 and there are still 8 more weeks after this. I just have to keep pushing everyday.

All of my friends headed out to Dallas for a night of party and alcohol. They were trying to convince me to go and even though I felt like I was missing out, I knew I had big goals. Not sure why my mindset was different earlier in the week than today. If I went to Dallas, I would eat bad and possibly miss my workouts. It sucked seeing the snaps of my friends all having fun, but I know it’s going to be worth it if I stick to the road getting better. Also, I cannot let the other Rockstars down. I got myself some good stretching exercises in today and sleep.

It is leg day and I have to admit that it’s not my favorite. In the middle of my workout, I see other Rockstars posting their videos and challenging others to push more. I got pumped up by the videos and I went from slowly decreasing weights each set to increasing my weights. It goes to show you that when you are in the right frame of mind, you can go so far. Getting that extra rep or increasing weights by 20 pounds just because you can do when you are pumped up. That is what is going to make you better. That is how you progress. This week felt like a dud until today. I have a feeling that Week 5 is going to be much better for me than Week 4. Let’s freaking go! On to week 5…

Mehendi S
06-11-2018, 02:01 PM
Week 5

Today was a very busy day with work. We had an inspection that required me to go in early. This meant that my workout would have to be in the afternoon. I hate working out late and it's usually busier than mornings. Nonetheless, I went and killed it. I went hard on the cardio portion as well. I think the new preworkout that I got has been more effective than the previous one. I was stuck on 166lbs for quite a while and today it finally went down to 165. Getting over this hump was super awesome. Iím hoping it's fat instead of muscle. Iíve dropped 10 pounds in 4 weeks which is actually crazy for my weight. Hopefully, I donít look too skinny in front of the other Rockstars when we meet in Vegas.

Today was Yoga day and it was much easier than last week. Itís still hard and there is lots of sweat, especially when there are some ridiculous exercises that I could not do. After the workout I felt good. I felt happy. I felt like I was making progress until I went in for my dexa scan. The lady did the scan and she asked what I thought my body fat was. I told her that I expected it to be around 12%-15%. The results came back with 30% body fat. What? Thatís completely off from the other two methods I was using and I certainly didnít think I was that fat. But it is a dexa scan. Itís way more accurate than anything out there.

This was completely out of left field. All of the sudden I felt weak and upset. I wanted to go back to eating lots of food and packing on muscle. I was angry at myself for not trying harder in the past. I felt I was behind. My fitness instructor reminded me that itís about the trend and the progress in the past four weeks. He was right. I just gotta keep plugging away and keep reducing this fat. As long as the trend is going the right way, I will come to Vegas in the best shape. This scan just motivates me. Iím ready for tomorrow.

After yesterdayís results, I felt a little extra motivated on the cardio. I wanted to go the extra distance just to burn off a few more calories than I usually do. My weight has been going down steadily during these past 5 weeks and I know I have dropped body fat. All I can do now is just stick to the program and really just try to get the most out of the fitness program before it is complete. Thatís all I can ask from myself. Trust the process.

I still have trouble doing the stairmasters all the way through after my workouts. I followed an advice I read online to watch a Netflix show while covering up the timer. This actually helped me out quite a bit. Itís funny how much more juice you have in the tank when your mind is distracted from the pain you are feeling. Tomorrow is my birthday. I turned off notifications for my birthday on facebook because I know people are going to want to go out and celebrate. I just want to focus on my fitness journey without any distractions. I donít want to spend any additional energy on things that are ultimately bad for me. I donít want to slow down my progress.

Today is my birthday. The only people that knew it was my birthday was my family (I guess everyone depends on facebook these days to remember peopleís birthday) and of course they brought cake to eat and celebrate. I told them that everyone could have it, but I had to stay strict on my diet. Usually the birthday person gets fed a piece of cake by everyone over in our family, but I got them to feed me a pieces of chicken instead.

Fitness has become part of my daily routine. I donít need any willpower to get myself to go to the gym. I just go now. I took my preworkout and was ready to give it my all on leg day. I was halfway through my workout when I got a call to come celebrate my cousinís graduation. It was supposed to be at night, but they moved it up to the afternoon. Great. I left the gym to get ready for the party. Again there was cake and food that I could not eat.

Once the party was winding down, I headed back to the gym to complete my workout. I donít think I would have ever went back to workout once I left. Itís still crazy to me how easy it was to go back again and finish what I started. The cardio after the leg workout felt very intense. I believe it was because I felt uncomfortable. My mind wanted me to stop, but I kept running. It felt awesome to finish the workout when it was easy to stop.

Iím not sure if my body is really tired or I am just more sleepy now, but itís become normal to sleep for 9+ hours. I was in the gym for 3+ hours today trying to finish up all the workouts. I have been taking long rests in between the sets and supersets. I feel exhausted, especially after really going hard on cardio with incline walking and running. Iím always sweating both times Iím doing cardio.

I met up another Rockstar for coffee today. We got to know each other and how we were doing in the fitness and nutrition. It was good to hear a little of each otherís backgrounds and similar struggles we were going through fitness wise. This week was really good in terms of sticking to diet and workout. Fitness has become a routine for me. I mentioned it last week that I want to take fitness seriously for the rest of my life. One thing I hope is that I do not stop fitness after Rockstar is done. Itís easy now since I have the Rockstar program to look forward to, but what happens after Sweden? I donít want to go back to my old habits. On to week 6Ö

Mehendi S
06-11-2018, 02:01 PM
Week 6

Monday’s are always busy for me since a few days of work seems to pile up from construction. Work it starting to get a little stressful and with the month of June coming up, I have to start planning my two months off. Today’s stretch workout was much needed since my body felt tight. I injured my left hip flexor when I used to squat in the past. That was when I didn’t know about proper form and injuring myself was common. The stretching really helps loosen my hips up. I now understand how important stretching is to the body. It just feels good.

I’m now consuming 1700 calories. I remember talking to another Rockstar about how I was still on 1900 calories and wondered when my calories would be bumped down. Well it’s here now and I wonder how it is going to affect me. I want to lose body fat as fast as possible without losing muscle. I also don’t want to feel skinny compared to everyone else. I’m 5’11 and around 164. I feel very conflicted mentally about it, but I trust the program. I’ve seen some great results already and we aren’t halfway finished yet.

Today was a weird day for me. I did my normal workout routine and headed off to work. I was busy all day and did not get home until 10 PM without eating dinner. I usually try to finish my dinner by 7 PM and head off to bed by 9 PM. So I ate the late dinner and finished out my gallon of water for the day, but I feel like my routine is off. My sleeps have started to get longer and longer as the weeks go by. I’m not sure what time I will wake up tomorrow since I try to let myself wake up whenever my body thinks it’s ready. I may have to set an alarm for tomorrow around the same time I usually wake up. Hopefully tomorrow will be normal and I’ll be back to my usual routine.

Work has become more and more stressful for me. There is some pressure on me to finish up construction paper work for one of our projects by the end of Monday next week. I feel like any personal time to just relax has gone out the window. I just have to take it one day at a time until Vegas.

Someone ordered pizza at work and I have to admit that it was tempting. Usually, it's been easy in the past weeks to just say no and not eat it. However, dealing with stress and work made it hard to say no. I was happy that I did not eat it, but it goes to show where I am mentally. Anytime I am put into tough situations, the discipline starts to waver. I start to think that it’s okay to take one day off or eating one slice of pizza won’t do anything. Hopefully this situation helps me become stronger on sticking to my discipline and future temptations will not be as difficult.

I feel as if I’m strong now on sticking to the plan and achieving fitness goals, but what happens after Rockstar? Right now, I don’t want to let anyone on this program down. That’s what is pushing me to keep going everyday. I do worry about this.

The week is finally done and everything is in place for finishing up paperwork by Monday. Everything feels much better today and the best part is that I completed the leg workout. It’s still not one of my favorite workouts, but I don’t want to have chicken legs. It’s an important part of the body that cannot be neglected. I spent most of Friday night listening to motivational and entrepreneurial podcasts before falling asleep.

We are back on Ab Ripper X and I was surprised at how much longer I was able to go without pausing. Yes, I still have to pause a bit, but it’s much later into the video. Today, I had some work issues that came up. The general contractor and the cable installation guy had a fight where he refused to install the cable. I was so angry at the time with the general contractor. All he had to do was let him install the cable into the building and there was no reason to get upset at him not finishing up the work fast. Now I have to wait on someone else come in to finish the installation on Monday. I’m not looking forward to that. I need to learn how to deal with people better when there are disagreements going on.

I decided to stay home and listen to more podcasts laying in my bed. To be completely honest, I wasn’t happy with the rate at which my weight was dropping this week. I lowered my calories yet it was slow. I went back to a completely empty gym on a Saturday night and did 45 minutes of cardio. It felt good to do some cardio before calling it a night.

I woke up exhausted in the morning. I felt like I had no energy and I felt it in my workout. I was doing the exercises, but they just didn’t feel right. It felt like my body was giving out and I had to lower the weights to keep going. It felt very upsetting, but I forced myself to finish through each set and rep. All I felt good about was the stair masters and going faster on it than ever before. The only reason I went faster was to compensate my lack of energy during the lifts.

I’m back home now and I still feel tired. Why am I lacking so much energy today? Whatever the case is, I need to bring more energy for next week and the 2nd half of the fitness program. There will be barriers that come up, but it is what you do to get through them.

Mehendi S
06-11-2018, 02:02 PM
Week 7

This week has different than the past weeks when it comes to working out. My workouts have started to happen in the middle of the day or late afternoon. I’ve been busy with work right when I wake up that I can’t get to my workout routine until later in the day. Sunday was the first day where I was able to start my workout in the morning, but even then it was late in the morning. I’m hoping to start next week off with my usual workout timing. I’ve started to notice the same 5 - 10 people at my gym these past 7 weeks. No matter what time I come into the gym, at least a few of them are there. I’ve gone in the early morning, afternoon, evening, and night. At least one of them is there grinding it out.

I’m sick of salsa on my chicken and rice. I hate the taste of salsa and I don’t want to ever taste it again. I haven’t had a chance to change it up to a different sauce yet, but when I go grocery shopping, I’m picking up some sriracha and mustard. Fitness mentor recommended it to me and I know mustard sounds weird on chicken and rice, but I’m at the point where I just want to stay in my calories and macros range. I’ve been eating the same food since the beginning of the program and it’s been working. It’s just much easier to not have to think about getting everything to fit properly when you just eat the same thing everyday. I encourage other Rockstars to share any sauces that do not have sugar in them with me.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I prefer baking my chicken with different spices everyday. It taste way better than using the same spices that I used in the past. The new ones have more kick to them and they taste different. Eating dry chicken has become normal to me. I’m not sure how many chickens I’ve eaten on this program, but it’s probably enough to where it’s increased the stock price for the chicken market.

I have been steadily losing weight through the fitness program, but this week, my mind has been on my stomach and love handles. I keep pinching my belly and end up discouraged at how much body fat I still have on me. I wish I took care of my body earlier so I wouldn’t be carrying this much fat. I can see how I was 30% body in the dexa scan three weeks ago. I need to stop touching my love handles and just grind it out. As long as I’m consistent then the body fat should get lower and lower. I know another Rockstar gave some motivational bod pod results and seeing this numbers really encouraged me to go harder in the gym. Everyday is a new day and a new opportunity to crush it in the gym.

I’m starting to listen to some audio books in my spare time this week. I have a month free of audible membership and I got a few books that I want to listen to. They are mostly for entrepreneurship as I’m looking to do something else outside of my real estate and construction business. I have so many ideas in my head, but it’s about the action you take on these ideas that is important. I’ve taken a few actions in terms of some of the ideas that I have, but with Rockstar coming up, it may be best to really go after it once I’m back. I know there is a business portion on this program and maybe it will teach me some new ideas or mindsets needed for starting a business. I have taken action on work items that have been looming over my head for weeks. I’m starting to see how getting the work done lifts so much weight off my shoulders for the next day.

This Friday was a very difficult day for me. My dad started experiencing high blood pressure and shortness in the breathe. My mom called me right after I took my preworkout asking me to come home. I’m not sure what is up with my dad, but it was a little freaky getting a call like that. By the time I got home, he seemed fine and more relaxed and we decided not to take him to the ER. Honestly, he takes so many medication and thinks he has all the problems in the world. I tell him to just eat right and work out and he will feel much healthier and with more energy. He will take 10 different pills, but he isn’t willing to work on himself. It’s really annoying that he still wants to go to work on his business instead of getting proper rest. I feel like my dad would choose work over anything out there. The relationship I’ve had with my dad is more like a business relationship than a father/son relationship. I know I’m getting off topic, but it may be something Rockstar will help me explore in the future.

My sleep schedule has become longer and longer. I know I talked about it in the past, but getting 8 - 10 hours of sleep is normal. I actually worry about how much sleep I need right now and what will happen on Rockstar. I know sleep becomes minimal on the program so I hope I’m able to adjust to it quickly. I don’t want to miss out on anything and want to get the maximum out of the program. It will be interesting to see how everything plays out in Vegas. It’s crazy to think there is only 5 weeks left on this fitness program. I’m gonna have to grind it out hard towards the end here since I want to lose as much body fat before I come to Las Vegas.

Kristian H
06-12-2018, 04:33 AM
Week 7
Another week done, and we are one week closer to Vegas. I am really looking forward to meeting all the guys and get to know them better.

As I mentioned in my previous blog I made two different food plans that I followed last week. That really made the eating part easier for me and this is something that I continued with throughout this week. The eating part now is basically on autopilot after being used to stuffing my face with so much food. The food plans also help in that sense as I have everything planned and just have to look at the plan and eat accordingly. The weather here is FINALLY getting colder after 3 weeks of really high temperatures. As of writing this it is only 20degrees Celsius and raining. Looking forward to not sweating like crazy when sleeping tonight. Ask me again in 3 weeks and I will probably complain about low temperatures and lack of sun as every other Norwegian. The only thing that sucks a bit is that the football world cup begins this Thursday. So typical that the weather is getting shitty when I am supposed to be outside and watch the different matches on a giant screen in public along with friends. Worst case scenario I watch the match at a friend’s house, which is not bad at all, but you just do not get the same atmosphere compared to several hundred watching it together.

This week I had my last exams and now officially have a bachelor in business and leadership! Due to a stressful finish on the last week ( as I mentioned in my previous blog post) I was not as prepared for the exams that I wanted to be. The first one actually went really well and expecting a good grade on that. The 2nd one did not go as well as I wanted. Hopefully it did not go as bad as I think, and the grade will not be too bad. After my last exam I felt completely drained and had no energy whatsoever. I think it is a combination of actually being done with all the exams, everything around my cousin’s situation and constantly having had things to do for weeks. I had to take 3 scoops of pre-workout just to get the energy to do the ab ripper x program.

The workouts this week were not as productive as they have previously been. I did all the exercises and loaded up on the weights and all, but my headspace was somewhere else. It felt like I was just going through the motion on certain days and did not get that mind-muscle connection that is crucial to get the “right” muscles to work, get a nice pump and in general just have them grow. It did get better at the end of this week, but this is something that I seriously need to stop doing and have completely focus on the workouts. I found my focus drifting away and having all these different thoughts about my cousin. We are only 5 weeks away from Vegas, so it is really time to take the training to another level and crush it. I did begin to do some meditation at the end of this week and this might actually be the reason to why I managed to focus more on my workouts at the end of this week opposed to earlier this week.

This week we had yoga on the schedule again. I feel like I am making improvements but some of the movements during the video I seriously struggle with. I struggled more with them a few weeks back, so I am definitely getting more flexible. After my shoulder injury, that I just healed from before the fitness program began, my shoulder mobility was not optimal. I find the yoga exercises which involves a lot of lifting your hands above your head etc. really has helped with my mobility. I think yoga combined with meditation is something that I will continue do after Rockstar as it gives great mobility, clear your head and all in all makes you better suited for your daily life.

The leg workout this week was not as bad as the others. There were no super- or giant sets. It was still painful with all the drop sets, but I find the supersets the worst. Especially when you combine it with heavy compound movements like squats. A cool thing that has happened is that I have gotten loads of tips on technique and exercises by on the of the biggest guys at my gym. He also trains in the morning right when it opens and earlier we have just acknowledged each other but the other day he asked me to spot him and we actually started talking a lot. Big as fuck but super humble and a really nice guy. The tips on technique is something that really comes in handy as a guy that has spent the majority of his lifting career at his own home gym with merely free weights, my technique on machines and cables was suboptimal.

My focus for the next week is to be completely present during my workouts and stop thinking so much about other things while I train. Also, to go all out and try to up my intensity on the workouts some more from the previous 7 weeks. Next week is starting off with the ab ripper x. No better way to start the week than to completely destroy your abs.

Nishant A
06-16-2018, 10:56 PM
Week 8:

And just like that another week has gone by. Monday was the 50th day of the program. Felt good to have reached that milestone.

I remember falling ill during week 2 and feeling like ďManÖthis fitness transformation is going to be ROUGH. Iím sick, feeling pretty miserable, and thereís no end in sightĒ. That was by far the hardest of the weeks for me. This was the first week when my mind completely switched. As the days have gone by I find myself saying ďwait! this is going by too fast! Im making progress but I need more time to get really ripped!Ē. At some point during the week when I caught myself wanting the fitness transformation to go on for LONGER, I couldnít help but chuckle. What a difference a few weeks makes.

That being said, as we begin this last phase of the fitness journey, Iím also starting to think more long term about fitness. I feel like the journey to peak physical condition is more a marathon than a sprint, and will come down to long term consistency. And weíve all been Ďsprintingí through the fitness journey these last few weeks to make the biggest changes we can before Vegas. Iíve said quite a few times on previous blog posts that I think the diet weíre on feels super sustainable to me. But I definitely think the intensity of the Gethin program in the gym isnít sustainable on a long term basis. It may even be counter productive to health to try to exercise with this intensity for years instead of just 12 weeks.

So Iíve been starting to wonder what a long term fitness/gym plan might look like, something that provides a good balance between sustainability and growth. I donít know if thisíll be covered during our time on PR, but Iíve started to do some reading on my own of some other fitness programs out there. The ones Iíve dug into seem to emphasise a few exercises where youíre focusing on doing heavy compound lifts, generally at a pretty slow cadence to reduce the odds of injury, with an emphasis on progressive overload and gradually increasing the weights used. It strikes me as a bit odd because thatís very different from the Gethin program where the volume of sets and reps is very high (the ĎDTPí routine weíre on now is a B****!), where multiple isolation exercises are layered on top of the compound exercises sometimes targeting the same muscle group, where he seems to do his reps on his videos at a pretty fast pace etc.

Iím a big fan of Tim Ferrissí work (as many of you guys seem to be as well), and in his book Ď4 Hour Bodyí he recommends doing one set to failure for each muscle group for a comically low volume of exercise - quite literally 4 hours in the gym during a full month. He put on MASSIVE amounts of muscle in just a month using that routine. Itís really hard to believe that you could get such big gains with such a low volume of work despite the high intensity. Has anyone tried that approach before? Am curious to find out what the results were.

I love Calvin and Hobbes and was always amused by a recurring theme where Calvinís dad keeps telling him that he needs to do various things - eat his veggies, rake the leaves - because it will Ďbuild characterí. (https://riteshjsr.wordpress.com/2011/10/08/recurring-motifs-in-calvin-and-hobbes-building-character/). I feel somewhat that way about the Gethin program now. Regardless of itís merits, forcing us to do something really difficult and daunting has Ďbuilt characterí. Even putting fitness aside, there were things Iíve wanted to do - playing the piano, writing a screenplay, starting a business - that were vague and ill defined but that I always told myself I would do in the future Ďwhen I had the timeí. Whatís incredible to me is that we all Ďmagicallyí found 2-3 additional hours of time in our day each day for over 8 weeks now to dedicate to fitness. The time has always been there. I hope and expect that Iíll use this excuse less going forward as I pursue all my goals.

Going back to Tim Ferris, one of his podcast releases over the last week was an excerpt from Ryan Holidayís book ďThe Obstacle Is The WayĒ. Iíve read the book a while ago, and while I thought it was a good read it didnít make a huge impact on me. Somehow listening to the excerpt in the context of going through this program caused something to Ďclickí - the need to focus on the process and whateverís right in front of you, to love whatever happens to you, to domesticate your emotions. Would highly recommend the podcast, and I thought Iíd put it out there in case itís helpful to the rest of you guys too.

Focus on the process in particular is something I want to keep in mind as we wind up the fitness program and head to Vegas. Every time anxiety has come up over the past week about whatís ahead, Iíve told myself ďDonít worry about Vegas. Focus only on what you need to do today. Do todayís exercises as well as you can. Thatís ALL you need to doĒ Hoping that habit would have formed by the time we get there so I can take it one day at a time.

Iím also mid way through ďNo more Mr Nice GuyĒ and started ďRadical AcceptanceĒ by Tara Brach. So two book reports coming up from me for the following week :)

Hope you guys had an awesome week 8!

David I
06-18-2018, 12:52 AM
Week 5

Hey guys,

This was a really long week for me. I moved out of California on Thursday night, so the first part of the week was focused on preparing my move. I’m still uncertain about where I’m going to be based after Project Rockstar, so I came back home until we head to Vegas. Here’s a summary of the week:

Part 1: Monday to Thursday

I took my weekly pictures on Monday morning just after I woke up and I was really proud of how I looked like. I saw how taking this program seriously had started to show results. However, I realized that same night that my belly had come back to its original state and that those pictures in were probably the illusion of the early morning look. I’ll just keep working until that morning look becomes the permanent look.

I had two regular workout days on Monday and Tuesday. Every time that I do triceps I have the same experience; after a certain set, there’s some kind of tipping point when my muscles just give up and I can’t use them anymore. I push myself to finish the sets with rather light weights, but even those feel heavy. - Same thing with biceps. Additionally, when working biceps, my lower arm sometimes gives up before the actual biceps muscles. I’m trying to get the form right so that doesn’t happen, but I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong. Other muscle groups feel easier to work on. I don’t feel as sore as I used to since I started taking the supplements. I raised my BCAA and Glutamine intake from 2g/day to 8g/day as suggested by Claudio, and it seems to be working.

I’ve also been experiencing a feeling of high energy/hiper activity about 10 mins after drinking the pre-workout shake, which is great to start the cardio session and the workout. But most times, half way through the workout, that effect wears off, my body cools down and I feel extremely tired. I really have to make an extra effort to finish the workout. I’ve been experimenting a bit to solve that problem and something that seems to work is drinking half of the pre-workout shake before the cardio and the other half afer. That seems to give me a bit more of a boost.

I think that fatigue was also happening because I had been sleeping so little. I had so much crap to take care of for the move - packing, moving my stuff to a storage unit, canceling contracts, meeting with people, etc… besides, my credit card got hacked and I had to deal with that as well. So I slept about 4 hours/day for several days. I was so tired when I got to Colombia on Friday, that I slept for 16 hours straight that night. I did manage to do the workouts on Wednesday and Thursday though. I squeezed the cardio on Wednesday by running (about 4 miles) to Uhaul to rent the moving truck and again on Thursday when I returned it. I went to the gym for quick workout sessions on those days, but unfortunately didn’t track the reps and weights. I was just on a big hurry every day until the very last minute I got in the plane. I almost missed my flight.

Part 2: Friday to Sunday

Well, this is the interesting part of the week as it’s been even harder than the previous one for very different reasons. The minute I landed, it was like if I had started a whole different life. A great life surrounded by my family, but unfortunately, one that wasn’t necessarily coherent with the goals of the program and with all of the efforts I had done the previous days to achieve those goals. Since I arrived, I’ve been visiting my aunts and cousins (and my new little baby cousins!), and everytime I went to a different house, there was a big feast. Even though, they’re aware I’m going through a diet, their concept of diet is not necessarily the same as the one of the program and the meals are therefore not necessarily cooked with the allowed program ingredients. It’s obviously considered extremely rude not to eat a meal that’s been prepared to welcome you, so I’ve been struggling with the nutrition for the last few days. I’ve been eating a little bit of the meal, but refusing the second dish, the fruit juice and the dessert. It’s been a lose-lose situation since I’ve been neither accepting their food as it’s expected, nor meeting the program requirements in terms of nutrition. I can’t help being upset about this situation as I’m in this wonderful environment with people who love me and who I haven’t seen in ages, but I’m not allowed to eat the food they’re sharing with me. Therefore, I haven’t been enjoying those meals to the fullest as I’m feeling guilty about eating them - not because of me, but because of the program rules and because I don’t wanna let you guys down. You guys have been a great example of effort and perseverance. I wish there were some flexibility in the program with these kind of stuff, though. When the intention and will to comply with the rules and achieve the goals of the program depends only on me, I can make a significant effort to make things happen as I proved to myself in the first part of this week, but when there’s a special situation and a larger community involved, maybe there should be room for accommodations. Anyway, the weekend is over and I won’t have those kind of meals anymore for a couple of weeks, so I’ll start cooking again tomorrow, but if you guys have some advice about how to handle these kind of situations, I’d be happy to hear some advice I'm not even in my hometown yet and I have only a small part of the family here. I’ll reach my hometown in a couple of weeks, and I definitely need to avoid these kind of situations again. I truly can’t wait to start the program in Vegas so we can be immersed together in an environment that’s supportive and congruent with both our personal and group goals!

06-18-2018, 07:14 AM
Week 6
So, I’m doing this on Monday instead of Sunday again because I wanted to incorporate some stuff that wasn’t happening until Sunday night / monday morning.

I got my second DEXA scan on Friday. It says I’ve lost 6.1 lbs of weight, 5 of that as fat and 1.2 of that as muscle. (There’s obviously some kind of rounding happening here.) That brought my body fat % down from 27.1% to 25.5%.

I was pretty disappointed that this was such a small change, since you need a very low body-fat% for your 6-pack and other muscles to show clearly. But one of the other Rockstars in the fitness program pointed out that I was being stupid. Since my weight is dropping at the same time by fat is dropping, the % will not change as much, but if I keep dropping fat at the same rate, my % decrease will keep getting faster. I should have known this because “doing math” is more or less my job. But I was too “in my head” about it to see clearly.

I wish I had *gained* muscle instead of losing it, but that’s next to impossible to do while you are on a diet (unless you are just totally out of shape and have never worked out before). And what I lost is actually about half of the typical amount. So that’s a huge win.

Another aspect of this is that most of the fat I lost was in my back and legs. I also lost about .5 lbs of gynoid fat. This has all been *really* visible. My “slim fit” jeans are now extremely baggy, especially around the legs. But even the area just above my hips has gotten a *ton* smaller too. My safety gear for my sport is *way* too loose now (by about 4” around the hips), and I’m going to have to get another set made.

The measurement around my belly button (which is used for the Navy body fat method) dropped dramatically over the last 10 days as well because of the fat-loss across my back. Since it’s only been a little more than a week, I don’t have a stable average out yet, but it went from about 36” to a bit less than 33”. The narrowest part of my torso (which we don’t track for Rockstar, but that my trainer is making me track) has also gone down by about 2”. So my android/gynoid ratio is also improving. My body calipers measurement (again ordered by my trainer) has also been going down fairly quickly as well and I’m down from 28 to 24. For purposes of Rockstar, this is the important measurement because that’s what lies between my muscles and my skin. That said, I’m still disappointed that my visceral (organ) fat hasn’t moved. I’m under doctors orders to keep dieting until it goes down significantly. I was hoping that the fitness program would help with this, but it so-far hasn’t. My trainer says that it’s the very last thing to go (right after the fat around your belly), so I’m still hopeful that it’ll be gone by Rockstar.

One thing I screwed up on with my first DEXA scan was I forgot to the get the 3d-fit measurements done so I’d have a baseline. I got them done on Friday, but I don’t know how much they’ve improved. I’ll know in another 4 weeks though.

My trainer has been pushing me hard in our training sessions as well. He decided that some of the yoga poses were “too easy” for me and started using TRX suspension straps to put various parts of me in the air to make them harder. That was pretty brutal. For some of my cardio, we’ve been doing ladder drills and balance exercises. I hate doing them, but it’s actually important for my sports performance, so it’s a good thing in the long run. We’ve also gotten my form on the rowing machine down pretty pat and I’m burning a lot more calories now.

Because I was thinking that I wasn’t really getting results. I scheduled a meeting with a dietician to take place right after my DEXA on Friday. It turned out that my DEXA showed great results, but she was still helpful. She wanted me do start doing *more* work in terms of the meal stuff -- taking into account glycemic loads (not index; look up the difference if you need to), and various other things. In particular she wants me to focus on trying to consistently eat every 3 hours (so 5x a day) to try to keep my insulin as level as possible. This is a total PITA, but the gainers are already doing this, so I can’t really bitch about having to do it as well. These are all very marginal tweeks but I’m hoping it will make a difference by the time the program starts.

Just to be clear, the program doesn’t require either of these people to be involved. But I needed to retain both of them anyway after Rockstar to help improve my sports performance. So my mentor said I might as well get them now to help maximize my situation going into the program.

So, since I had to do an extra shopping run to make the food adjustments the dietician wanted (one of the perils of having a small sports car). I wasn’t able to start with her adjustments until this morning. It’s going to take a little bit of time to get everything down right. I also had to order some more precise kitchen equipment. But that was an upgrade I’d been meaning to make anyway. I upgrade some of my kitchen stuff about 2 years ago, but got distracted by life and didn’t upgrade my measuring gear, my mixing bowls, and a few other things.
The main upgrade I *did* make back then was to stop using the cheap walmart cooking pots and pans. I bought a top-of-the-line professional Cuisinart set when it was on sale at Amazon. I’d actually have liked to have bought AllClad, but it was 2-3x as much and several chefs I know told me the upgrade wasn’t enough bang for the buck. The Cuisinart upgrade was worth it though. Food became a lot easier to cook precisely and it tasted *way* better as a result. So I’d recommend that purchase to anyone. (And it comes with a lifetime guarantee because it’s practically indestructible.) So my other gear will be catching up to the level of my cooking implements.

Axel E
06-18-2018, 10:23 AM
Week 8
What's up internet friends and trolls, welcome to another week of tantrum with yours truly. This week has not been all sunshine and rainbows, in fact it has probably been the shitiest week since we started out for me. Not because of any extra tough workouts or hunger or anything like that, that entire part has been pretty fine. My weight hasn't moved that much this week which is never fine, but it really grinds my gears when it's the same week as my bod pod. Iím sure everyone just want a little bit of extra results right before the big day of real numbers. Iím not complaining however, the guy at Ylab where I do my messurings was really impressed with my numbers.

Fat was down with another 6 kilos since my last test and muscles was up with another 3 kilos if I remember correctly. Body fat was down to 21%, started out at 29%, so Iíve been steadily losing 1% a week. If I keep this up that should put me on around 15% by the start of Vegas assuming I continue after the program which Iím planning. I am however going on a wedding the weekend before Vegas and darn it Iím having a slice of cake!

I stopped and talked a bit to the ďtechnicianĒ after the test and talked fitness and nutrition in general for a couple of minutes, and as I said he was really impressed with my numbers. Funny thing tho, we started talking about calories in vs calories out before I left and if a calorie is a calorie is a calorie no matter where it comes from, and what fascinated me is that he actually told me that a meta study released only a couple of months ago stated that the source of the calories don't matter and that it's basically just become a popular opinion in media recently.

Donít worry Iím not changing my diet in any way (Screw you big soda!) This has been working like magic for me and Iím sticking to it. In fact Iím the lightest Iíve been in years. Not by a lot yet but Iíve passed my old threshold so Iím sticking to it. I just found it amusing that this lad working at a ďHealth institutionĒ telling me I can have all the sugar I want as long as I stay under my calorie intake. Luckily my dentist don't agree, so thatís always something.

However, it wasn't until after my bod pod that my weekend started to go downhill. Later the same day, after my dentist appointment, clumsy as I am I managed to (as I know now!) forget my credit card in the parking ticket machine. I thought I forgot at the dentist office but when I went back there no one had seen it (obviously) so I went straight to the bank to block it and order a new one. This happens to me on friday noon, which means I have the entire weekend in front of me with no card. I don't know if you know this but Sweden is kind of famous for being a cashless society so without a card you are a little bit fucked.

The bigger stores generally take cash but a lot of places donít, like the dentist or the parking outside my apartment so not having a card gets frustrating fast, no matter how much cash you have on hand.
Anyway, the situation wouldn't/couldnít change so I just rolled with the punches as well as I could and even if cash isn't super duper useful in sweden, it still makes you feel like a drug lord.
Me and my buddy later went out to our skydive drop zone to do our first jumps for the season. The season really starts in the beginning of may but neither of us have had the time this year to get out there earlier. Before your first jump of the season however you have to do what's called a ďsafety talkĒ with an ďExperienced instructorĒ, and for some reason we ended up having this talk with a slightly unbalanced madam neither of us really like. She goes from being a nice lady to a hellhound in a blink of an eye, and ends up blaming it on us for some reason.

I know Iím not a saint in any way but I take this pretty serious because you know, I donít want to die. But when a question pops up that you know the answer to and halfway through your answer the instructor suddenly changes the question it pisses me off. If you want to throw in a follow up question be my guest I do that all the time, but for god sake don't tell me my answer is wrong to the original question just because you decided to throw in new factors in the equation.

After that it just spiraled down and it was all blamed on my ďbad attitudeĒ and that ďshe didn't really have to do this, but she offered her free time to do itĒ. Iím sorry lady but none of us requested you by name and Iím pretty damn sure no one ordered you to do it, so stop whining about how you rather eat dinner than talk to us because trust me the feeling was mutual.

In the end I didnít get to do any jumps this weekend because my license renewal wasn't done either. This too was blamed on me because I haven't paid yet, which I did before I applied to renew my license but this was not solvable so before rage kicked in completely I decided to go back home to stockholm instead. I donít know what Iíve done with my karma but hopefully Iíve been punished enough now, and the wind kind of changed on sunday when I went to the gym and explained to them how I lost my card and they decided to just give me a free pass since I come there to work out every time Iím in stockholm.

But all in all, this weekend gets a huge thumbs down from me and I hope this week will be ten times better. Knowing that weíre only four more weeks away from vegas keeps me sane I think and how all of our lives will be completely changed for the better after this summer. It's like Iím getting ready for the next phase of my life, and I can't wait for that to kickstart.

Take care for now champs and enjoy the week!!

Kristian H
06-18-2018, 01:54 PM
Week 8
Another week done, and we are officially done with week 8! Time is flying by as usual.

This week my main focus has been on the workouts. I mentioned in my last blogpost that I felt like I was just going through the motion and found my mind drifting. This week was better. I managed to focus more and found myself with some nice skin tearing pumps – Great feeling! I think the meditation plays a big part in that since after implementing it I was able to focus more and control my brain, in lack of a better word.

Some of the workouts this week were absolutely brutal. We had sets with 50, 40, 30, 20 and 10 reps with no rest in-between and then immediately after had 5 drop sets of 10 reps. It must have been a funny sight for the people next to me. I had so much lactic acid building up which made me make noises I have never ever heard before. The worst part was that I did not even hear myself because I had music on, but in the transition from one song to another I heard all these fucked up noises which I did not even know I was capable of making. Oh well, go hard or go home.

A good thing is that I notice myself getting stronger. I truly believe it is the farmers walks, as it is such a great exercise that really trains your entire body and fixes energy leaks. Instead of having it at the end of the back workout I decided to put them first on the back and chest workout this week. It really boosted my central nervous system. Grabbing a pair of dumbbells after feeling like your arms would be torn off during farmers walk, felt like nothing and I found myself training with 48kgs. It is nice to regain some strength after my shoulder injury. Fingers crossed this trend continues and maybe I can come close to my all-time high strength levels.
As I am done with all my exams, I have began working a lot again. As it is always chaotic and loads to do during the summer I find myself not being able to eat that regularly as I did in past. Not only that, I have several times been forced to eat 1500 calories at like 1 am do get all my food in which is not that optimal. I do however, get 8 hours of sleep every night now which is something that I previously did not due to exams. This week work has been extra brutal due to all the crazy drop sets schemes scheduled in this week’s workout plan. Not fun feeling completely destroyed from a workout then rush straight to a very physically demanding job. Even some of the guys at work pointed out that I work more slowly now than what I have done in the past.

This week was France’s first world cup match. As I have mentioned in my previous blog post I betted on France winning the entire thing, so I was quite excited to be watching their first match against Australia. On paper, that should have been an easy match (no offense to the Australians reading this) but that was not case at all. France did not impress at all, and I have started to have second thoughts on them actually winning. On the other hand, the other “favourites” have also under performed, so I am really curious to see who actually wins in the end. Sadly, I will not be able to watch that many matches during the world cup as I am working a lot all the way to Rockstar begins, but it will definitely be worth as I will have more money available to spend on the program.

I have noticed that there are a lot more people at the gym these days, which can be a bit of a pain in the ass when you have a tight schedule. I find myself spending quite an amount of time waiting for others to be finished. Usually that has not been a problem as I am always at the gym super early, but I guess since summer is literally right around the corner, there are many people who wants to get in shape before the summer starts. It is also a lot of younger guys at around 16 or so who usually comes in groups. It can be a bit funny to watch them sometimes as they show up and train arms every time and one guy had 2 people helping him with skull crushers! He was doing skull crushers with 2 people spotting him. One in front, literally standing over his thighs helping and reminding him to tuck his elbows in and one in the back standing ready just in case he needed help with getting the bar up. Ultimate gym bros, haha.

This week we also had the x- stretch. I was actually stiffer this week opposed to the last time I did the stretching part. I think it might be because I have began working a lot again. Having a physical job combined with the fitness program has made my body even more sore, so hopefully it is just sore muscles.

Next week we have Yoga on Monday. Before we started doing Yoga on the program I always thought it was just a few poses and quite an easy form of training, but that is not the case at all. Hopefully I have more progression in yoga than my stretching this week.

Jose I
06-18-2018, 11:06 PM
Week 8, 6.17.2018

I know iím starting to sound like a broken record by now, but damn! Time is flying!

Crazy to think we have 4 weeks to go.

Just simply unbelievable.

Havenít been thinking much about my ex-gf lately. Not sure if itís because iíve been hanging out with a long lost friend, who happens to be cute, 11 years younger than me, and possibly kind of, sort of into me. Maybe just a little.

Or possibly because Iím SO focused on trying to get killer abs for the start of the program.

With the abs, i can do something about it. I have a formula. A structured diet and a commitment to a physical fitness routine.

But, as for this girl? I have a clue. Well, more like i know what i want with her. But i just DONíT know how to get it from her.

If i had an inkling of game or belief in myself, then i would know how to proceed. But, i have so much self doubt and lack of experience.

I can almost see in my mindís eye what i need to do. I just canít...well, i just donít know how to put it all together.

That, and iím also worried about blowing it with her.

More than ever, iím SO aware of my need for a program like Rockstar.

How i need to understand the rules of attraction and seduction in a classroom setting, and then be given a seemingly endless amount of opportunities to practice.

After this kind of deep, intense immersion will i then be confident in my belief and set of skills to make something happen with the current girl iím pining for.

But the funny thing after acquiring all this knowledge and newfound belief? That i probably wonít think much about this current girl. As iíll walk around with the abundance mindset iíve been needing and craving ALL my life.

Why does life work this way? That the knowledge iím currently lacking will not really help me acquire what i want at this moment. Instead of helping me ďseal the dealĒ with my one-itis, it will only push me further away from her as i probably wonít want/desire her as much as i do now, or i think i do.

Weird. Maybe that will be one of the epiphanies i will acquire in the coming weeks. Weíll see.

Aside from the blue balls iím getting with this girl, all thatís been on my mind is packing and getting ready for RS.

Iíve begun ordering and buying a ton of sh*t! Laptop, luggage, clothing, shoes...and i still need to make space for my gym equipment and supplements.

Not sure how iím going to fit ALL of that in such a limited amount of space.

I suppose that as time closes in, iíll feel the pressure to ďmake it happenĒ. Well, at least thatís what i hope for.

At first, i felt annoyed by all of this work. Primarily the logging and blogging. But aside from keeping track of my progress, all of these notes and videos have allowed me/us to get to know each other more...before we even meet in person!

Iím getting a better feel for the personalities that will be there in vegas.

I find myself thinking every now and then who iím going to hang out with most often.

Maybe itíll be one dude or a couple. Or, maybe iíll go through some phases of ďbffĒ status with a few of them throughout different parts of the summer.

Excited to find out how this part plays out!

Iíve also noticed that Iíve plateaued in my physique lately. I went through a few weeks there were i felt like i was getting tons of definition. But lately? Not so much. Perhaps i need to play around with my macros some more. Or maybe, these injuries iíve had are starting to hamper my results.

If so, then iím really fucken annoyed! Iíd be doing SO much better if i just slightly healthier.

I want to be in the BEST shape of my life when i get to vegas! I feel as though iím working extra hard to get around my limitations, and that Iím not getting equal amount of results, which really pisses me off.

I keep thinking, that once iím in vegas, that Iíll feel better, and that iíll be able to work out more efficiently. But, at the same time i have a deep feeling that my workout desire wonít last long as iíll be craving sleep (and sleeping with girls) above ALL else!
So many conflicting thoughts and so many mixed emotions that Iíd like to get squared away in the next few weeks.

But, i canít force any of it.

Itís my journey and i have to embrace the ďbeforeĒ part of it as I will embrace the ďduringĒ and ďafterĒ.

Ok, time for some meal prepping.

Peace out, gents. Till next week!

Michael A
06-19-2018, 02:28 PM
This was a rather tough week. It was the culmination of a project which required working round the clock to complete to a good standard. Iíve gone to the gym slightly tired before but this was different. Usually once I start warming up the blood gets flowing and I start to feel a surge of energy which is enough to get myself through the workout. On several occasions this week I felt like a zombie while working out; half awake just forcing myself to keep going through the mental fog of tiredness. To top it off, there was a national holiday which I didnít know about. This meant that:

1. I showed up to the gym and it was closed and I had to reschedule the workout
2. People were partying in my street into the wee hours as I struggled to get my precious few hours of sleep

I reached a new low body fat percentage at the end of the week but for my overall health it was probably pretty terrible. I think that sometimes in life you have to live like this to get to where you want to be. Working insane hours and sacrificing a lot can be a necessary evil, but I want to plan my life such that I am only ever doing this on my terms and because I have made a solid cost-benefit decision.
Anyway, the good news is that the project is now complete. We did a good job and now I can move onto focusing purely on preparing for the summer. Iíll be able to optimize my workout times, add a bit more variety to my cooking and hopefully just generally kill it with regards to training until the start of Project Rockstar. Fitness will be priority number one but there is a bunch of other preparation I want to do. Some guys in the facebook group have mentioned books that their mentors recommended so Iíll be reading them as well as the Inner Game of Tennis which I think is required reading for the fitness program. I also want to get my head in the right place. I dropped my meditation practice since the start of the fitness program and have had a tough time reintegrating it. I now have sufficient time to rectify this and hopefully will enter Vegas in top mental as well as physical condition.

The world cup has just started and Iím planning to chill a bit over the next week and enjoy watching it. I used to beat myself up about watching TV or taking any sort of downtime to do something that wasnít super focused on my personal or professional development. I now think this is a pretty bad mindset though. My current view is that you should enjoy the these things, but that moderation is key. By limiting the amount of TV you watch or days you spend lying on the beach, not only do you ensure that you continue to get stuff done, but you enjoy them way more when you do indulge in them. I actually think that this restriction is key to enjoying basically any luxuries. We get used to them and after a short novelty period they just become the new normal. To truly appreciate a normal bed, try hiking and camping in cold weather for a week. The simplest hotel bed will feel like a 5 star paradise. If on the other hand you constantly rent luxury apartments or stay in fancy hotels, you just get used to it and no longer appreciate it.

One area I had never really thought about this before was with my diet. Before the start of this fitness program I used to eat out in restaurants probably +80% of the time, and when I cooked at home it was with little regard for nutrition. Since the start of this fitness program I ate basically the same meals every day. It was monotonous, but it was efficient. It meant I could just copy and paste in my tracker and not spend mental energy calculating new macros every day. So when I changed things up and added a salad with tomatoes I couldnít believe how much flavour they seemed to have. Just simple whole tomatoes - a food I was never particularly fond of in the past. I guess because Iíve not been eating any sugar they tasted incredibly sweet. I think that when this program ends and I eat in a restaurant again I will actually appreciate it and savour the food. With that said, I really donít think I could ever go back to eating out that often. Having control over what I put in my body has become really important to me through this program. When I pass by a lot of restaurants now I just have no desire to indulge because I know they will be using tonnes of vegetable oil, sugar and artificial ingredients.

I would like to start writing more. My friend sent me a Whatsapp message the other day where he quoted someone who had said, ďwriting is how I find out what I truly thinkĒ. I basically didnít write before these blogs but I have found it quite nice to just put some thoughts down in writing. Up to and including this current blog, Iíve squeezed all the writing into the weekend, but given my new found spare time Iíll be able to take my time with it and write down my thoughts as they come to me during the week and edit them to produce something more polished.

The workouts in the weeks ahead look increasingly intense. The are basically all dramatic transformation principle (tonnes of rep) workouts or supersets. Iím sure they are going to be really tough but Iím grateful that now my course is over Iíll be able to charge into them with a proper sleep and peak energy levels.

Shiu Ming J
06-19-2018, 07:13 PM
Week 8 - Sunday June 17th, 2018/ Monday June 18th, 2018


*Past two weeks - Sleeping better, waking up early in the morning and morning gym sessions
*Past week - On track for giving daily little gifts of meditation, gratitude and appreciating my strengths
*Gym days got switched around to be more productive/ due to muscle soreness/ weakness
*Dramatic Transformation Principle (DTP) training has been a BITCH. Echoing what many of you have already realized.
*Arm soreness/ weakness limiting my progress and spending half the time at the gym stretching my arm
*Mantra Before Going Out: “Be authentic. Being the fun. Be the gift. (With the snap of my fingers at the end.)”
*Night not going well: Say to yourself, “Today is a gym day!”
*Minor game/ field report for a crazy Friday night.
*Program Assistant on Rockstar - Challenge Accepted!

Monday June 11th

I am super excited for my morning gym session. It took a little while to get ready and I did not forget to pack anything so it is all good. I felt a cold coming this morning after a couple sneezes and the feeling of stuffy nose, so I quickly popped in another zinc, vitamin C and garlic. I felt all better after the gym session. No additional symptoms.

It was Back and Bicep day for me as I was not able to get to it on Sunday.

I had my call with my mentor tonight Gordon. Last time we had talked about starting to do 3 key things on a daily basis to help shifting my internal dialogue for the better: meditation, gratitude x3 and review of my 10 best qualities. I was more cognizant of those things but did not started to do them until today.

Tuesday June 12th

I talked to my mentor Gordon and got some much needed encouragement in terms of making progress in the fitness progress, mental framing, career and life in general. Some of my concerns stem from not knowing what I would be doing or where I will be living after Rockstar. He did mentioned that some of the Rockstars continued traveling after Rockstar last year. So I am open to traveling for several weeks to a month after Project Rockstar. I am going to spend some time looking at my finances and take action to improve my finances before Rockstar so that I can make this “Project Rockstar PLUS” possible, enjoyable and enlightening.

Wednesday June 13th

I was up early and ready today! Got to the gym at 5:30am started my DTP lat raises a little before 6am. In the evening, I was able to a different gym location to complete my leg session. I really pushed myself on the leg workouts and far exceeded many of my numbers from prior weeks.

For Barbell Squat, I am up to 115lbs per side at 12 on the smith machine (as the free weights were occupied)
For Leg Extensions, I am up to 205 lbs at 20
For Seated Leg Curl, I am up to 170 lbs at 20

I am happy with these progress. Just to think several years ago I had sprain my left knee and had barely any muscles on my left leg after that injury and screwing up the rehab. After months of jump roping, running and weight training, both my legs are in their best shape of my life.

Thursday June 14th

I finished the book, “No More Mr. Nice Guy”. Wow was that an eye opening experience. There were literally sections and big chucks of the book that describes word for word how my life has been for the past 30 some years. I know this is what Rockstar is based on and I am looking forward to doing the exercises now and making much much more progress on Rockstar with you brothers.

It is a definitely a glass shattering moment for me, where everything I thought was wrong with me or all the pain and suffering that I had imposed on myself suddenly make sense and became a little lighter after reading and facing those chapters.

Friday June 15th

Thank God Its Friday. I stayed in bed a little later because that was what I felt I needed. I took the time to go the session of X Stretch in today since I did not get to it yesterday. I got in my meditation and gratitude session and am preparing now to head to the gym for the Bicep/ Tricep day. It was another DTP training day. Therefore, it was definitely tough and I pushed myself on the weights as well as the reps.

When I got home. I had to eat. Eating was tough. The chicken just didn't want to go down. Even though I have gotten better at spacing out my meals today, it still feels like I am stuffing myself in this last meal of the night. I always feel bloated and heavy when I go out.

Anyway, while I was eating, cleaning and pretty up to go out, I did put on a YouTube video about game. Although I was only half listening, I was actively filtering out what is relevant for me and what is not. Basically the video is about preparing for a successful night out: inner game, home environment and those things you can control. The key takeaway that the instructor mentioned was when you go out for the night: (1) you are either learning or winning and (2) if things aren't going the best, treat it like a "Gym Day" by literally saying to yourself “Today is a gym day!”. There were like 100 other things he mentioned but those two things stuck with me. They would come in handy later in the night.

In addition, I actual felt great. I made a decision earlier in the day or the other day to reaffirm my goals to continue to take massive action on a daily basis to be the best version of myself, eliminate approach anxiety or cultivated consistent courage to overwhelm the anxiety, just fucking “BE” (or outcome independent). To reinforce this both at the conscious and unconscious levels, I repeated this mantra on my drive to the bar:

“Be authentic. Being the fun. Be the gift. (With the snap of my fingers at the end.)”

Therefore, if I needed an instant reminder I would just snap my fingers and be re-aligned promptly.

At some point this turns into a field report, so I will try to summarize:
I met two of my wing mans at the bar and was immediately being social with them and approaching sets. Before leaving our first bar, my friend Travis saw that some girls were taking pictures nearby and dared me to go over to them, ask them to take a picture of me with them and tell them that the picture is for my ex. I hesitated for about a couple seconds, but it somehow turned into something fun for me. I just went and did it. At first the 3 girls were hestinate, I played it cool and was able to convince one of the girls to do it for me by calling her “My Model”. It was fun. There were some mild awkwardness initially, but it all ended up being fun and everyone had laugh.

We moved to another bar called, Cowboy Slims. Strategically there are only a few places in Minneapolis that are great for night game. This is one of the best in the Uptown area. One of the first girls I ran into was a girl named Jessica that I have ran into several times over the past two years. It was great to see her and I guess we are “friends”. In the past, my game was a lot shittier than right now and I was a lot more needy. When I met her, she was actually receptive and was interested as I chatted with her on one of my “ON” nights. Long story short, we never ended up going on a date or anything. My text game was horrible and things just didn’t go anywhere. Anyway, I chatted a bit with her and her friend, but made a quick decision that I needed to prioritize my night for approaching. I already have her number and just gracefully invited her to another bar and will text her. I did text her at some point later that night but she was at another bar and I ended up in downtown.

Fast forward an hour or two, I have already opened 15+ sets, most of them were pretty light and short. My wingman had to go at midnight. I had a make a decision: do I continue to push through? The night was not going particularly well as none of the interactions were really hitting. At some point, I said to myself, “Its a Gym Day.” and continued with as many more approaches where I saw an opportunity. After I realized, I had exhausted my approaches at this bar. I went to the 1st floor and looked around. I didn’t see any great opportunities I made my way to the doors. I ended up bumming into two really nice guys, DeShaun and Devante. Somehow we ended up chatting and just thought they were really fun guys. Since I didn’t have a my wingman, it wasn’t a bad idea to tag along with them if they are cool with it.

For some reason, they wanted to Exchange in downtown Minneapolis. Usually downtown is not the best for Friday, but whatever, I went with the flow. They knew the bouncer so we were able to get in for free. Once we got in, we realized the place was absolutely dead. There were 40 to 50 people there tops. It was funny. We were trying to teach Devanta (DeShaun’s son) how to approach women. This guy was at least a foot taller than me, built and good looking but had no idea how to approach and talk to women. It was like looking into a mirror of the person I was even just several years ago.

Since there wasn’t much there, I just focused on having fun. There was slight bigger girl dancing near her friends, she gave me a quick look as I was walking by. I took the signal instantly, walked up and started dancing with her. I didn’t think whether she was attractive or not, my type or not or anything else. I just acted based on the signal I got. She was actually pretty fun and was pretty aggressively grinding on me, but I had to go to the bathroom so I thank her for the dance and went.

When I left the bathroom, I was making my way to the dance floor. As I walked by the bar, this blonde in a tight dress about my height gave me the up and down look and then looked away. Instinctively, I assume it was a signal and went over and introduced myself by looking her in the eyes, reached out my hands, “I haven’t met you. I am Joe.” She seem receptive. We chatted for a while as I did some cold read on her initially guessing she was a teacher and she later let me know that she is a personal trainer. Pretty soon we were joking about squatting and me and her was grinding.

The guy that bought her a drink left and soon her friends returned. Initially her friends ignored me and she went back to chatting with her friends. I didn’t need to prove anything and just let her chat with her friends while I lean back onto the bar. It was a good several minutes before she was done chatting with them and was making their way to another side of the bar. I stayed where I was. Somehow, she stopped and signaled for me to come along. I took that as an extremely good sign worked up some more courage to be more aggressive. We continued to grind at the bar and I was checking out her booty. At some point we were hugging and I called her my “Little Jessica Simpson”. She loved it. She usually gets “Britney”. There were two chances that I probably could’ve kissed her but I missed them.

She ended up moving me to the VIP area where her friends were and then we later moved onto the dance floor. At that point, I lost her and she was hanging out with the DJ. For me, I persisted and stuck around. When bar was closing, I was able to re-opened her with good receptiveness but her guy friend was trying to block me. Earlier in the night, she had me take down her phone number and I also added her on Instagram. Either way I tried to stay with the group for as long as I could. Things weren’t moving along and my car is about a 10 min car ride away. I eventually called it a night knowing that I have shattered many barrier and made some significant strides in my game. I took in some moments of pride and soaked in the joy of noticing tangible progress. Then got more engaged that I need to do more to improve for the road ahead.

Saturday June 17th

Initially I had planned to work on Chest and Back today as this was initially scheduled for Thursday, but my shoulder were still super sore and tight from Tuesday’s workout and my left arm remains sore and knotted. Therefore, I pulled the “X Stretch” to Thursday hoping it would help give my muscles some relieve later in the week. I kept the Biceps and Triceps on Friday. Then reserve Saturday for Chest and Back day. I was able to do my chin-ups just fine, but I struggled a lot the dumbbell bench press. I am sure it was a combination of the fact that it has been a while since I worked on the Chest muscles and the weakness in my left arm. I know the rest of the work outs would be affected. Therefore, I just made a conscious decision to knock out the SF Abs today and focus on massaging out the kinks in my arm when I get home. Live to fight another day for Chest I guess.

The plan of the day was to meet up with some friends late afternoon to go to the local Stone Arch Festival. That did not happen. I was so exhausted from the weights and cardio, once I got home and leaped onto my bed, it was game over. The nap was magical. I did miss a great opportunity to socialize and game, but FUCK that. I needed that rest.

I woke up around 11pm and there was still a house party going on nearby. Of course, I was totally feeling lazy after the nap but somehow decide yeah I should at least go and socialize for an hour or so. I went. There was theme for the party but I did not partake. I ended up staying there for a couple house. Met some nice and interesting people and also gave a girl my number. Good stuff.

Sunday June 18th

There was not turning back from Chest/ Back day. I massaged my arm as much as I could before the gym. The soreness was still there in the left arm. At times, there was weakness. I just decided to push through with everything I got. Yes, I ended spending a lot of time at the gym just pausing and massaging the arm so that I can complete another set. So it ended up being a 3 to 4 hour session at the gym including some cardio. Yeah, not happy about that. I am happy that I was able to push through and get back to DB bench press of 90lbs at 8 reps. I felt like I had regressed a bit as my initial set was 85lbs, but getting back to this milestone is huge.

All in all, I feel like I have been plateauing for the last couple weeks. I am getting stronger, but not necessarily getting bigger. I compared my photos vs week 4 and see just some minor improvement. I am not going to bitch. I am just going to work harder, push my sets and make every one of them count.

Oh yeah, I think I checked my email on Friday or Saturday and realized I am going to be one of the Program Assistant on Rockstar. I had initially poked fun of Peter for being an “Errand Boy”. So now I will be one too. Can’t wait. Challenge accepted.

Looking forward to having a great week 9, 10, 11, 12 and on and on with you guys!!

Francesco P
06-20-2018, 09:20 AM
Week 5:
This week was long as hell and glad its over. I get extremely busy during holidays so I have been running around all weekend. The workouts have become really intense and my body is not recovering as fast as before. I did legs earlier in this week and they were hurting bad for at least 3-4 days after. My body is also demanding more rest as 7-8 hours is no longer enough for me. Through 5 weeks time I definitely can see a big improvement in my size as a gainer.
Im really curious and excited to see how I look after I cut off all the body fat I have been putting on. Blake has me as a gainer for the first 6-8 weeks then cutting before Vegas. Im hoping to look shredded but we will see.

The week started out good but after legs I was struggling hard to really push myself at the gym. This has been the most sore I have been in the whole entire program. My body was hurting all week. At the gym I had to really push myself and double up on my pre-workout. I have reached a point this week where I enjoy the cardio more than the actual workouts. In the gym since I am there so much I've become a lot more social to the point where its a little to distracting so my workouts are longer because I'm talking to a lot of people throughout my workouts. Thank god I got a cheap second gym membership to a 24 hour one because this weekend my gym had weird hours for Memorial Day. I can only imagine how hard it is for some of the other guys in the program who are always traveling a lot. Getting in a groove is probably way harder to do.

This week food is just starting to all taste the same. Just going through the motions. However I think I might need to start added more calories to my meals because my weight has started to become stagnant. I added vertigo to my shakes and I really enjoy it. I finally just decided to get like a 10 pound thing of protein powder because of how quickly I am going through it. Im weird and always get the unflavored which I have accustomed to taste. It is really crazy to think of how much we are eating but look so much more defined. Ive become a food snob when I grocery shop now and am always reading every label now to make sure there is no shit or junk in it. I have a picture of me when I was really unhealthy and overweight. I am now almost the same weight and it is already night and day of a difference. Muscle mass and body fat are totally noticeable so I am now not putting to much stress over your total weight. You could be 180 pounds with more muscle mass and look totally different than you being 180 without muscle mass. I don't know why I am so surprised by this.

One of the big things I have started to focus this week was to just do it and to not complain. Wether that is on the workouts or stuff going on in my personal life. I had multiple situations this week that went completely wrong at work. At these moments I could of complained and let it effect my state but I forced myself to just accept what was going on and laugh at it. It has made situations 100 times better just accepting things as they are and laughing at the shitty situations. I have my new motto of “just do it” working out. I have been getting really good at silencing the negative thoughts in my head when I work out. They are there but I just tell myself to just do it and remind myself of how great I will feel after I complete the workouts.

We are almost half way done with the fitness portion and time is flying by. As the weeks go by I'm getting more and more nervous to get to Vegas and see everyone. I can only imagine how much anxiety I'm going to have the week before the program starts. This has been such a long process from start to finish and I cannot wait for the fitness portion to be over so we can start.

Francesco P
06-20-2018, 09:21 AM
Week 6

Half way done into the program and I cannot wait for the 12 week transformation to be done. This week started with really good news as all of my financial stuff was completed which was something that was stressing me out. I have been looking at everyones transformations in this group and it is so motivating seeing everyones massive body changes.
I was really ready to go through this week but on Tuesday I got a stomach bug. I was working and just got a really sharp excruciating pain in my stomach. I immediately ran to the bathroom and knew something was wrong. My friends all had the same thing and I know it wasn't food because I've just eating my meal prep. Just for precaution because I'm a slight hypercondriact I threw away all the chicken I made just incase it was that. I couldn't keep any food down for about 48 hours so I was just drinking protein shakes and gatorade. I lost a lot of weight that I gained in the past couple of weeks and I spent extra time at the gym to get my abs done that I missed when I was sick. Im feeling a lot better now but I really vamped up my caloric intake to catch back up. Im back up to where I was but it is frustrating because I almost lost a week of gaining. I was thinking about how different my mindset is to when I first started out in the program. When there was an obstacle I would let it dictate my emotions instead of just fighting through it and accepting it. I wasn't really upset with getting sick I just accepted it and knew I had to put in more work and catch up afterwards.
Body wise I don't think I see a difference which is why its so nice to have the photos and weight tracker week by week. Whats really motivating is that my friends have told me they have seen huge difference. Someone at the gym keeps asking me to customize a workout plan for them because they see the results I've been getting and they want me to help them out. This made me realize that I am getting bigger and my body is drastically changing. We judge ourselves everyday in the mirror and its hard to notice the changes looking at yourself everyday.

I spoke with some of the rockstars on what made them join rockstar initially and they were sharing some of the storys that their mentors shared. They didn't go into too much detail but this really got me fucking amped. Its easy to get lost in the workouts and forget how this is only step 1 of the program. What we have waiting for us in 6 weeks is going to be something that all of us could not even imagine or make up in our minds. I always had the mindset of going into something with zero expectations but holy shit am I really excited. We have this group of great guys that all want to better themselves and we each have no idea the smallest clue of what is to come, the stories we are going to have and the experience we are going to share. Your body could be getting tired, you could of had a long day at work but I feel like it will all be worth it times 100 in the end. We all have our own shit going on and I can't wait to go on this journey with all of you.

Since working out and kind of being on a 12 week hiatus of going out I always thought how could I talk to girls without getting a drink or two in as a crutch at a night club or bar. To give you guys a backstory I was an avid drinker when going out, I only knew how to just drink to get fucked up with my friends. We knew no one that would stay sober throughout the night unless they were on medication. So my initial thoughts were will I even fit in? Im probably going to be so awkward talking to drunk people while being sober. I went to watch the NBA finals at a bar while everyone else asked me if I wanted a drink my body almost gagged to the thought of drinking now. While everyone was getting sloppily drunk people trying to assert their dominance and just the way people carried themselves was a mess. I felt so much more confident talking to people sober. I can't really explain it but it was definitely a huge tipping point for myself. The first time I did this I was really reserved but the second time I really enjoyed it. Not only did I feel great the next morning too but it just felt like everyone was poisoning themselves and drowning out their insecurities using alcohol as their crutch to approach or be social just because of insecurities with themselves. I am all about this lifestyle now.

This week is going to be a long one because I have to cover for people taking vacation but I am ready for the challenge and excited to be another week closer to being in Las Vegas. Still have no idea whats in store for us but my excitement grows everyday.

Francesco P
06-20-2018, 09:22 AM
Week 7

Jesus the time is flying by. This week was extremely long but my attitude has been pretty good about it. We are in that awkward “oh shit” time line where were starting to realize how close project rockstar is and realize all of the shit we have to get done beforehand. This week was absolutely crazy and this week is going to be even more hectic. I had to fill in for people taking vacations because they know Im going to be leaving soon and won't be able to do so during the weeks I am gone. On top of work I have a ton of weddings that I have to go to that are not even remotely close to me.
The weddings are making me appreciate my life choices so far. I was extremely close to getting engaged because I thought it was what I was supposed to do with my life. I went to the jewelry store to pick out a ring but something was holding me back and I just couldn't pull the trigger. I also was given an ultimatum with the girl I was with that she wanted to be engaged by X date or the relationship was over. I realized that I was at a point in my life where I was no were close to being ready for marriage. I still had so much I wanted to do and see that I knew I wouldn't be able to do if I did get engaged. So here I am today apart of rockstar 5 weeks out taking one of the biggest journeys of my life that would of never happened if I decided to buy that ring.

The routines have become habits, I know what my intensity level has to be at for each workout. I know what my weight limits are to really push myself. My body is consistently feeling hungry for the amount of meals I have been eating. Weekly I have been taking photos to see my progress but it wasn't till this past weekend where I could really see the results with my clothes on that I wore to go out in pre rockstar. I saw a picture of me and could see how much I have grown. I looked the biggest and strongest I have ever looked in my whole entire life. Everyone could tell the difference and the progress I've made.

Ive really focused on making my perception of things not so negative. I know no matter what we are going through the sacrifices etc how we view it is all based on our perception of the situation. We all have our own shit going on and I've been trying to stay motivated and positive by looking at the bigger picture ahead of us. This week could of been really easy for me to complain about but I made sure I was in a good mood all week and just did as much as I could. Reading what some of the rockstars are going through is crazy because I see how much more shit some of you guys have going on.

My time has become really limited with the amount of time we are putting into the workouts and meal prepping that I have gotten rid of a lot of time wasting activities. My time management has become night and day compared to before I started the program. I still make sure I watch my westworld on HBO though. Its crazy to think about how overwhelmed I was in the beginning to start the program I thought how am I going to do all of this stuff. Im so happy we all got the hang of things and have been kicking ass with this program.

I have been pretty reserved with my personality so far but between all of the group chats and blogs Im feeling more connected with you guys and really excited to have a good time with all of you in Vegas, this is going to be one hell of a journey we have lined up.

Francesco P
06-20-2018, 09:23 AM
LETSSSSSS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Im so freaking sleep deprived right now. But this is it guys, we are on our final stretch of the program. Are you freaking out yet? Because I 100% am freaking the fuck out. I am officially checked out of work my mind is stressing about the million things I have to get done before we leave for the trip. I am most stressed out about my dog and my buddy who is taking care of him even more so than the business side which is very odd.

This week has been the longest week of my life I drove a ton and am so exhausted but have this energy for whatever reason. Project Rockstar I believe is all about breaking beliefs and having an open mind so I have been reading a ton of books on some topics. I was told to read the "obstacle is the way" and I absolutely loved that book. So my next book I wanted to challenge my sexual beliefs and see if I could break any social norms. I read “sex at dawn” and it totally changed my perception of marriage and sex. I grew up in a pretty closed and reserved small town were everyone knows each others business and it was frowned upon to get with a lot of people so I always had to keep my business very hidden and private. I wanted to push my boundaries more so I watched a documentary someone recommended called “Rocco” for those who don't know he is a world famous porn star who just really pushes the boundaries but is a good guy deep down. Extremely interesting documentary not only that but also just how he carried himself. Girls kinda of melted in his arms and just had this insane sexual vibe. Hopefully we all walk away with that same vibe at the end of this program.

My buddy is getting married and we ended of course at the end of the night at a strip club. For whatever reason probably because I am working out so much and spending so much time on my body I think I have more confidence now. At the strip club I was kind of pushing my friends to socialize and just have a good time. I met this one dancer who was by far the coolest most down to earth dancer I have ever met in my life. I know your thinking dude thats her job but something was so genuine about her that I loved. We just talked the whole time and I swear on my life I would of tried to date her if I lived in the area I didn't spend a dime to talk to her. Anyway the club closed and we were waiting outside for our uber. Her and her friend yelled out to me while they were in their car confused I ran over and my one friend came with me. She was asking what we were doing and telling me how they had no plans. In the moment I cannot tell why I said what I said but I told her nothing and we were going to go back to bed and to have a good night. Confused, they drove off. My buddy called me a fucking idiot for saying that and told me she wanted to hang out so at that moment I realized I missed a great opportunity. I just couldn't think that this gorgeous stripper would want to hang out with me so it never clicked in my brain. Definitely a major issue that I hope I become better at.

I am about to start cutting this week and am sooooooo excited that I don't have to eat as much as I've been eating. I know that Im probably going to regret that statement but I am up for the challenge. Hoping that I end up shredded at the end of this 4 weeks just in time for rockstar. The workouts have gotten really intense with the superset and I'm drenched at the end of the workouts now.

I am scared and nervous on what we are in store for. I have no idea what to expect and have negative thoughts in the back of my head like what if I don't gain anything out of this. Deep down I have faith in everything this program has in store for me and I cannot wait for this journey now that we are in the final month.

06-21-2018, 11:01 AM
Catch Up: Fitness and Video Blog for end of Week 2

For some reason I have been procrastinating putting these posts up, and its the last thing I have not been compliant on so here is upload 1 of X over the coming day. I hear people are starting to get strikes for not keeping up with project requirements and I really don't see a reason to take a hit for something I have been working on, but then allowed my ADD to get the better of me on.

So I'm a late addition to Project Rockstar along with a few others.

A bit about my background:

1. I'm 34 and been looking at improving my skills with PUA since I was in university and in my early 20s.
2. Life priorities have always seemed to take precedence over dealing with "this area of my life" - I'm sure whatever excuses I have made up over the years were great and very convincing/believable.
3. I'm in a very stable part of my life: my background is in operating a small consulting company specializing in supporting "Project Management/Controls" of mega projects, primarily the refurbishment Nuclear Power Plants. It's hard to describe what all that entails without making this write-up an even longer essay, but needless to say, it provides me a very comfortable life (although I'm a workaholic so it is a double-edged sword).
4. I'm currently "semi-retired" - some people have described it as a "sabbatical" or "a break from work", but I prefer semi-retirement. I don't believe I will ever truly "retire" and I don't buy into the concept of working continuously for 45 years of your life to then all of a sudden stop and play golf until you die (what a silly silly concept). Due to my realization that I'm such a workaholic, I made a promise to myself many years ago that I MUST take a break every 5 years to step back, relax, gain some perspective, and ascertain if everything I'm doing in my life is still what I want to be doing.
5. Once I entered my "semi-retirement", I hit my life, nutrition, and fitness HARD: I cleaned up my act, changed many of my habits, identified and reduced negative ones, I brought positive ones from my work life into my personal life (like use of SCRUM), I started tracking everything I put into my mouth using MyFitnessPal every day, set nutrition caloric/macro restrictions/goals, I started hitting the gym 2-3 times per week in January, I made sure I did some physical exercise even on off days (even if it was snow plowing) and I joined a PUA community here in Toronto and started going out at least 1-2 times a week since New Year's Eve. As of my acceptance to Project Rockstar, I had lost ~43 lbs of body weight.

Since entering the program (up to week 2), here are some major things to journal about:

1. The fitness program doesn't seem anywhere near as difficult as I thought it would be (boy am I wrong... see future posts).
2. The nutrition program was a very natural and seamless transition from what I was already doing using MyFitnessPal - boy am I glad I did it for so many months ahead of the 12 week program. That said, stay tuned to the many crises that ensue in coming weeks...
3. I spent the first 2 weeks investigating and then developing excel integration methods to minimize the amount of data double-entry I would have to do to comply with the maintenance of the Project Rockstar spreadsheet... success.
4. Completed my wire transfer to Andrew and shopping trip to get the required/suggested supplements - my first $900 (Canadian) spent outside of the initial registration fee. Figuring out how to spread the consumption of about 35 pills over the course of the day is week 3's challenge.
5. Got my first DEXA scan 5 days into Week 1 (only one place in all of Toronto appears to have this technology, but they are pretty flexible with appointments). Sadly I realized two major things:
a) Despite al lthe good work I have already done, I'm still 25% body fat and the target would definitely be to be closer to 15% or below. However, the silver lining is that with the losses I already harvested, that goal is more attainable than ever over the course of this 12-week program!
b) My previous life-style has seriously impacted my bone density - even though the t and z-scores are still within "green", they are low for somebody with my build. I will be stepping up Calcium, Vitamin D, magnesium, and Vitamin K supplementation hard-core to maximize the gains and be able to see some improvement in subsequent DEXA scans.
6. Quitting drinking altogether was a bit of a surprise to me during the fitness program (although it shouldn't have been), but so far I have been managing it very well. Most of my close friends know I'm doing this "leadership program" (the close ones know more of the details), and so I've pre-empted a lot of the potential peer pressure over the last few months.
7. On the PUA front - caught up with the Toronto Hit Squad this past weekend and had my first "Make-out openner" in the club. The halo-effects from the NYC 10-day were still in effect as I didn't do anything consciously different, but definitely felt great that night and had a few more interactions that seemed to be going great, unfortunately the night ended in the girl getting sick on the way back to her place so I just made sure she got in her home safe and took off. Unfortunately, with all the work for project rockstar, I only managed to go out for PUA purposes once each weekend (instead of the 2 targeted).
8. Relationship - during the course of the last 4 months, I also got myself into an "open relationship" - something I've never tried to manage before but something I felt would be in the spirit of this project. The past 2 weeks can be characterized as "reunion bliss".

Anyway, I've been typing away for way too long. I'll leave some stuff for my next post.

06-21-2018, 11:03 AM
Week 3 (22-May-18 to 28-May-18)

1. I was wrong in the first 2 weeks about the fitness program not being anywhere near as difficult as I thought it would be: this week I felt like I got my ass kicked again and again:
a) Major cramping has started all over and its affecting my workouts but also my "regular days" (seems to occur at relatively irregular points).
b) Chronic fatigue is setting in - I'm constantly tired despite sleeping 8-11 hours/night.
c) I'm definitely eating my words about fitness "not being that bad" last week
2. The nutrition program is probably one of my bright spots - MyFitnessPal continues to work extremely well for me (I loaded up my supplements and now I just add the previous day's meals to the next day and most of the data entry is covered that way - then I just tweak my actual food intake based on what I consume each day). I find that pre-planning what you eat is never really 100% achievable (at least for me), but having the entire day's calories spoken for makes it crucial for me to think twice and refer to the app before I consume something that wasn't on the plan. This has thus far been a decent craving-management strategy.
3. Quitting drinking has sadly not been as easy for me as I though it may have. I seem to crave a drink at least every other day and have an internal crisis once or twice a week where I am soooo close to having a drink but then I don't. Recently on Sunday, I had one of those and although I didn't crack, I did turn to cannabis and due to the ensuing munchies and lack of full discipline on my part, I indulged in ~350 calories of "extra" nutrition. All in all though, this week I still hit an average of 2000 calories per day and all of my macros so I'm still in very good shape.
4. Thanks to one of the Toronto Rockstar alumni, I got to meet a fellow rockstar this week. We hung out in the hot tub on the terrace over-looking the city skyline and then had a pretty epic night out. Good times, HUGE shoutout to my man!

06-21-2018, 11:05 AM
Week 4 (29-May-18 to 4-Jun-18)

This week's major journal points:

1. The onslaught of cravings continues: smoking, drinking, food/hunger - almost over-powering
2. The various muscle cramps have persisted into this week - a couple serious incidents at the gym - a large "charlie horse" cramp derailed my leg work out... but I powered through to the end (after trying to massage it out for 20 mins), albeit at reduced weights to avoid injury that day
3. After consulting with the RS coach, he recommended taking a single "protein break" day and relaxing with friends, to take the edge off the cravings, pain, fatigue, and cramps. This small treat had very positive effects - I hit the gym the next day, hard and early!
4. We talked about setting a new mission in my life: identify those things that make you uncomfortable in the moment, note them, and then just do them right away if possible. I'm slowly ingraining this into my daily undertakings - these fitness posts are finally getting uploaded!

06-21-2018, 11:06 AM
Week 5 (5-Jun-18 to 11-Jun-18)

This week began with the most exciting news - my second DEXA (full body) scan was conducted and over the last 3.5 weeks the following results were noted:

1. I lost 10 lbs total mass
2. I lost 12.3 lbs of fat
3. I gained 2.4 lbs of lean muscle mass
4. I reduced % body fat from 25.3% to 19.6% (from being as fat or more than 88% of the population, down to the 49th percentile)
5. I increased bone density by 0.5 standard deviation (0.023 g/cm^2), something that is not easy to do because your body absorbs calcium very very slowly!

It's summer, and my place has a lot of infrastructure that I have been working on making sure is functional to help with the fitness portion. SO this week I opened the pool this week and invited close friends over for an inaugural pool party.

However, the chronic muscle fatigue, pain, and constant cravings got the best of me, and I ended up, late at night, "munching out" on left over snacks (ie. instead of cleaning up and reveling on how well I had resisted indulging in the snacks during the party).

The good in all this: this was one of the “best” (lowest caloric intake) “cheat days” ever @ 1250 calories over the 1900/day target

The bad in all this: there are no cheat days on this program and succumbing to eating the excess of sugar and carbs is a failure of my discipline and commitment to my transformation.

Mitigation: I spent the next days doing extra cardio and my body weight and fat reduction appear to have stabilized back to a consistent decline.

The unfortunate: the day after the “cheat day” was an SF Ab Day workout. I was so "out of it" the whole day, that it was an incredible feat that I managed to get my butt into gear and make it into the gym. In my ernest to make up for the excess calories consumed, I gave the workout all I had; however, in an unfortunate twist of fate (really, a twist of my abs during a weighted decline sit-up), I seem to have seriously injured a portion of my abs. It hurts to move, twist, pick up heavy weights... I really hope this isn’t a small hernia! Going in to see the doctor!

06-21-2018, 11:08 AM
Week 6 (12-Jun-18 to 18-Jun-18)

FINALLY - with this post going up, I am now caught up on my fitness journals and the last part of my (only outstanding) PR obligations... huge weight now lifted off my shoulders!

Also, HOORAY - with this post, I am officially half-way through the fitness program!

This week was riddled with personal CRISIS: I finally started freaking out about all the things I need to do, that have piled up, and are not getting done. Consulted with my coach who managed to walk me off the ledge:

Based on his advice, I started to implement mitigating strategies which include better micro time management (pomodora time management), and focusing on the “light at end of tunnel” motivation - the "down week" ahead of Rockstar.

That motivation got me very excited, and I have been leveraging this to hit the gym even harder than before! I'm excited about the ability to have a few “treats” when I’m back home the week ahead of Rockstar for my Aunt’s birthday and retirement party.

My home city's salt pretzel is something I never get enough of when I’m there, but I haven’t eaten bread in over 3 months (maybe even longer?) and was previously dismayed that I would have to miss out! Now I get to look forward to a sanctioned "break" weekend in the future which helps to keep me on the righteous, motivated path in the here and now.

Implementing Pomodora Time Management method to get more efficient with my tasks - only 3 weeks left! The pomodora method advocates chunking the day into 25-minute intervals where you focus exclusively on 1 task and 1 task only, to the exclusion of all other distractions. At the end of the 25-minutes, you take a 5 minute break, and you cross 1 item off your to-do list (assumption is that you already have a to-do list, because the physical act of crossing things off the list, is a huge part of the utility you get from this method).

This is a great addition to the bigger "SCRUM" methodology that I use to manage my week to week efforts, along with my short term planning (out 3-5 weeks). Hoping this micro time management technique continues to compound to bigger over-all gains and prevention of future "Crisis" moments (per the beginning of this post).

PT (Physical Therapy) sessions appear to be accelerating my calve's recovery - it’s not really that I’m doing anything differently, as the coach confirmed most of my effort before were solid, but the psychological benefits of having a coach specifically confirming the progress I’m making, seem to be making all the difference! Stepping up calves workouts to 2-3x per week has also helped.

Massage therapy this week: it’s unbelievable how much relief can occur from the pain of massage, and more importantly, how much pain can originate from relief! The intensity of this training program has layered pain, soreness, and tenderness on top of each other and the body is not adequately equipped to make one cognizant of all the pain it has, all at once. Only when one pain releases, do you realize how much more (slightly smaller) pain/soreness lay underneath. Having performed the StretchX routine after the massage, I can confirm both the benefits of stretching, as well as the pain associated with relieving the pain that is top of mind - know that relief comes at the price of new pain!

Jose I
06-23-2018, 07:50 PM
Week 9, 6.17.2018

Are we serious?

Is it really just 4 wks to go?

Weíve put in a ton of work guys, and a lot of it is paying off in our progress. But, the real payoff will be out in the field.

A story that claudio shared with us about a girl he recently pulled touched on the fruits of his labor. Not just in his polished game, but in the hard work heís put into his body.

Apparently the girl he hooked up with could not stop admiring his physique. And complimented him to the point that it did nothing but further establish his high value in her eyes.


Something like that could very well happen to one of us, some of us, most of us. Heck, maybe even all of us!

And itíll be in that moment that we will come to terms with, and better understand, all of the teachings, drills, advice and constant pushing by the instructors and mentors.

In other words, itíll be in that moment that we will realize that coming to Rockstar was/is/will be the BEST thing to have ever happened in our lives. And every penny, every ounce of sweat, and every grueling day of prepping food and eating the right way will start to pay amazing dividends.

But, itíll take time, obviously. The physical fitness portion is just that. One portion of the entire program.

And as hard and time consuming as this has been, the 9 wk classroom/infield portion will probably blow this part away in terms of intensity and time commitment. Not to mention mental fortitude.

Just even thinking about 1 night out with the group is making me anxious.

Performance issues? Social awkwardness? Rejection after countless rejections? Yeah, maybe some of that. Or, quite possibly, ALL of that!

I wouldnít necessarily say iíve built a bond with the group just yet. Maybe some members feel like they have. But, i am getting more and more familiar with the different personalities every day. And that just lets me know that a stronger bond is just around the corner.

And that bond is what i will lean heavily on in my darker, weaker moments.

Iím going to need that brotherhood to help me push through.

And i can see more and more, why the fellas up top structured the program this way. Because weíre all going to need each other at one point or another.

I feel like iím at a crossroads mentally. Iím single for the first time in a long time. I find myself still thinking about my ex, but not quite as often. Or rather, i do think about her, but the thoughts arenít as painful and the pangs of missing her arenít quite as strong.

Iím mingling around more socially. Going to the gym and interacting with a lot of people. Iím hitting the dance floor at least once a week, specifically salsa.

I danced salsa for about 3 years. But then the gf came into my life and i stopped. Never had a real desire to dance with her. Maybe thatís just a snapshot of our broken relationship. I liked her. But i donít know if i really desired her.

I looked forward (sometimes) to the occasional sex iíd have with her. But aside from that? Didnít really look forward to doing many things with her. Sheíd tag along to a lot of my activities. But honestly, i just wanted to be left alone. Her constant presence in EVERYTHING i did was more than i could handle.

And because of that, i started to shut myself down around her. Obviously she picked this up and began critiquing and berating my treatment of her. And her negative energy just fed more and more into my withdrawal from her.

Looking back on things, iím truly surprised we stayed together for as long as we did.

We shouldíve ended our farce of a relationship a long time ago and saved ourselves the countless headaches.

Funny. This is the first time iíve gone this in depth about my troubles with her. And, in a way, itís therapuetic. I feel like iíve needed to do something like this for a while. And i either didnít have an outlet, or just didnít the words to properly describe what was going on.

I feel more at ease now. I hope it lasts. Iím sure Iím going to continue going through my rollercoaster of emotions from now and all through summer. But, for the first time in a while, i feel calm. And more accepting that itís over between her and i.

I guess i just didnít want to say it out loud for fear ofÖ.? For fear of maybe not getting back together with here again? Of being alone and never finding anyone else again?

Maybe a combination of the two and something else that will become apparent in the coming weeks.

Of course this could ALL be irrelevant the moment i pull a hottie from the club :)

The sooner, and more often, the better!

Thatís it for now. Time to hit the kitchen. My tupperware ainít gonna fill themselves.

Nishant A
06-24-2018, 12:27 AM
End of week 9. 75% of the way there and almost exactly a month before we start in Vegas. The weeks are going by fast now.

This was quite a difficult week for me, fitness wise.

I woke up feeling truly terrible on Tuesday morning. Iím sure weíre all accustomed to muscle soreness by now. This felt like something else - like every muscle group in my body was either hurt or out of energy, much like how the body feels with a bad case of the flu. I initially thought that I must be down with something, but I had no fever or any other symptoms. But I still couldnít bring myself to go to the gym in the morning before work like I usually do. Instead I slept in for another hour and even wound up reaching work a little late.

I hoped that after having a regular breakfast and lunch that Iíd have more energy later in the day. I had a client lunch on Tuesday too, so that added a bit to the stress to try to make healthy meal choices. Wound up working out only really late in the evening, and unfortunately the extra rest hadnít allowed me to completely recover. Add to that, it was DTP Shoulder Day, which wouldíve been really hard for me even if I was fully healthy. All in all, went to bed feeling completely drained, hoping Iíd feel better the next day.

I was still pretty tired on Wed morning, but it felt a lot more like regular DOMS than the previous day. I was also eager to get back on Ďscheduleí i.e. doing morning workouts instead of later in the day. So I had to push myself quite a bit since I had complete the previous workout only late the previous night.

Progress wise, my weightís still going down but this week was slower. Claudio told me I might have to reduce by another 100 calories or so next week onwards. Iíve also added an extra 10 minutes of cardio in my routine. I expect iíll be a bit more hungry, but Iím now quite used to the diet routine so it should be fine.

Have been reading a fair bit about fitness in my spare time, and Iíve read about how the body adapts to a lower or higher calorie threshold after a while. But I havenít been able to figure out how my body will adjust again to a Ďmaintenanceí level of calories. Having started at 2000 calories and now likely ending at 1500-1600 calories, does the body just metabolically adapt to the lower calorie level by burning fewer calories as we taper down? If so, does that mean eating 2000 calories now or after PR would now result in weight gain? Iím sure there must be something Iím missing because it canít be a vicious cycle all the way down to zero calories.

Work wise the stress levels were higher this week too - I have a lot of complete before leaving for PR and timelines are getting squeezed. I was hoping to bring a new team member on board so some of my responsibilities could be taken care of. Thatís turning out to be somewhat delayed. Iím guessing the next few weeks in the lead up are going to be difficult for me as I try to tie up all the loose ends before leaving. So Iím feeling a certain amount of stress because I donít want to leave my team high and dry without me.

Given the busyness of the week I couldnít get down to reading anything, though I did use my commute to listen more to ďThe Obstacle Is the WayĒ. That book continues to produce insights. Iíve got a really long flight to get to Vegas, so I think Iíll listen to it again on the way over! I also want to do Tim Ferrissí fear setting exercise a couple of times before coming over.

Managed to complete some of the administrative stuff required for the trip. Iíd needed to wait for a new Identity Card before I could apply for my Visa. I finally got it through the local authorities on Saturday morning and applied by Saturday evening for my ESTA visa. Now the application is done and Iím pending a response. Fingers crossed that it comes in successful in a few days!

Had to work on Sunday morning and be up really early. So I couldnít get my customary rest on Sunday. Will probably go for a walk and try to sleep early today to make up for it.

On to the last mile. Hope the rest of you guys had a good week!

Axel E
06-25-2018, 02:35 AM
Week 9
Iím roughly a 100 grams from breaking through and under the magic limit of 80kg. This is mindblowing for me since I havenít been in the 70-80 kg range since High school I believe, so this makes this the lights Iíve been in probably 8 years. Iím really happy to see these mad results, this has truly been an amazing journey and we have barely started yet. I know it's really starting to sink in for most of us that it's only a few weeks left until the Vegas portion starts and the real work kicks in. I for one keep going from pure excitement to panic, looking forward to the man Iím going to be while dreading the idea of rejection over and over again to get there.

Obviously, this is a part of the process that I signed up for and everything comes with a price. Iím just glad I donít have to go through it alone and that I have a bunch of other great guys going through this together with, sharing the same experiences and feelings with. Itís really nice to see that we all seem to get along better for every day that passes as we all get more comfortable with each other. The group chat lately has been hilarious and it feels like more people gets more active for every week that passes. I think this is really great and it will feel more like meeting up with friends I haven't seen in a long time than meeting new people when we all finally get together in Vegas! A lot of us are flying in a day before so I believe the plan to be for all of us to meet up and just hang out and get to know each other a bit in person before we really get started.

This week we lowered my calories to the all-time low of 1500 calories a week. Considering that the heavy gainers are eating up to 4000 calories a day this is pretty low and it's been noticeable. I haven't really been hungry other than when I wake up in the mornings. However, I have felt more fatigued at the gym and sometimes had trouble handling the same weights as I did last week. This past Thursday however, thanks to Dainis being as competitive as he is, I broke my PR on barbell rows! Dainis ended up doing 11 reps on 80kg so not only did I have to beat him, I had to annihilate him by doing 12 reps on 85kg. I even sent him a video of me doing it so there will be no mistake who is the real king. Stay down @Dainis, I mean it.

Talking to my mentor about the fatigued he told me that two days this week I get to eat 150g of carbs which usually stay under 100g, and it just happened to be midsummer this week in Sweden, probably the biggest national holiday we have so to hear that made me crazy happy as it meant that I could pretty much get together a traditional midsummer dinner with all the potatoes I could eat! This has been an absolute bliss and I feel like my energy levels have gone up a bit more since. I did, however, have to switch around a few workouts again this past Saturday since every gym in all of Stockholm seemed to be closed the day after midsummer. I guess pretty much the entire country is closed the day after midsummer. I ended up doing the yoga from this week instead and push up the other workouts with one day. Itís nice to see that Iím getting more flexible as well and that my hamstring injury is slowly healing as it should.

Another interesting discovery this week has been the book No More Mr. Nice Guy that a few of the guys in the group recommended. I ended up listening to it two times back to back and Iím completely blown away. It felt like it was written almost word by word for me! Itís almost funny because I learned about the existence of this book probably 8-9 years ago or so but never read it as I never seen myself as a very ďniceĒ guy really. Iíve always seen myself as more of an asshole, but what I now learned is more of an ďIím so badĒ nice guy based on this book. I found this very fascinating and Ií really looking forward to working with all the guys to solve this and become a better and genuine man. There are a few other books that have been recommended by the guys that Iím going to take a look at and since Iím spending quite some time in the car this is the perfect opportunity to listen to audiobooks instead of just the radio or Spotify.

Today Iím going to my new dentist to finally get rid of my wisdom teeth that my previous dentist just wouldn't do. I only have my upper wisdom teeth as the two in the lower jaw never grew for some reason. Maybe Iím not wise enough. Anyway, since I donít have them, the upper two are completely pointless as they can't chew anything and basically just risk getting infected and inflamed. This happened to me once a couple of years ago and it was the worst pain Iíve ever gone through so Iím really happy about finally getting rid of them!

Iím pretty sure that sums up my entire week so far. I hope everyone else is doing great, growing and learning every day just as I am. Iíve been reading everyone blog and its really cool to see how we all improve on so many things while sharing many of the same weaknesses and problems, so I think weíll have a great time together.

Until next time people!

06-25-2018, 07:55 AM
Week 7

Doing this Monday again because I got back too late last night from being out.

I’ve only got one week to go on, but the dietician’s recs seem to be working I’m losing weight faster, and by all indications most of it is fat and not muscle. I’m still not in the shape of the other Rockstars though and that’s kind of demoralizing. I did find out from a medical test that I’ve somehow manages to develop an iodine shortage, and that may be affecting things. I’m going to try to correct it and we’ll see if that helps.

My mentor has been wanting me to set up a dating profile to practice my text game. And this past week I did a professional photo shoot at the suggestion of an actress I know. The photos obviously worked because I’m getting hits like crazy. They are actually coming in faster than I can handle. So it’s a good look into what the hot girls on these apps have to deal with. As a result, even though it’s only been a few days, my text game has been improving *very* quickly.

So I’d suggest that anyone who has gotten in half-decent shape try this if they can find a good rate on the photos. You come away looking *amazing* and it really helps. That said, be warned, the shoot was literally the hardest day of work I’ve ever done in my entire life. And that includes working in a warehouse carrying around 100lb cases of stuff in the summer heat with no AC. Being a model is insanely difficult. Dire Straits lied when they said entertainment was not work and easy money.

I also read No More Mr. Nice Guy. I don’t have the “nice guy” problem, but the book was illuminating in other ways and helped me understand a lot of my past experiences in a new light. I’m not reading The Inner Game of Tennis. I’m curious to see how much overlap there is between this and what my sports psychologist and I do.

Also, I ran a link-back search on this thread. There are a lot of people who seem to think we are all fake as part of some giant conspiracy. I hope we are real because I’m going to be very disappointed if I find out that I’m a figment of Andrew’s imagination. But if someone who is legitimately concerned about this posts here with a way for us to prove our reality without giving away who we are, I’ll happily do it. (Andrew has said he’s working on fixing this problem BTW.)

Kristian H
06-25-2018, 10:08 AM
Week 9
Another week done, and it is now 1 month until the program begins in Vegas.

This week has been brutal, not because of the workouts, but due to me overestimating my ability to recover. I have been working 15-hour shifts 6 days this week. That combined with the workouts completely shattered my body. At the end of this week I was not able to fully open up my hands from lifting luggage the entire week. My nervous system also took a hit and I had to take 4 scoops of pre-workout before every workout. I have already accepted working 15 hours shift four days next week, so I just have to suck it up (and buy more pre-workout).

This week started off with Yoga. I did my yoga-session after my work shift, which was not optimal at all looking back at it now. I was tired from work and got home late which lead to me somewhat half-assed it. I also had some remaining food that I had to eat to hit my calorie-target. lesson learned, Yoga BEFORE work next time.

The rest of the week was full of supersets and DTP-sets which are all brutal. I really had to dig deep finishing the workouts at the end of this week. It is easy to hit the gym when you are fully energized, feeling good and workouts are going great. It is funny how many excuses you start to make when you are tired and do not feel like working out and your body is aching. It really just comes down to discipline. What worked for me was just stop listening to my own bullshit and move my feet – before I knew I was at the gym. From there I just had to small chunk it and not think about how much I had left, basically just think about one set of the time. Such a great feeling afterwards knowing that you followed through and not gave in to your own bullshit.

My main problem this week was to get all my calories in. I do not have that much time at work eating as it is the busiest season of the year with loads to do. I usually end up having 1000 calories or so more to eat after I get home around 11-12PM. I am really happy that I managed to follow my meal plan every day although I am not able to eat every three hours. I am thinking about maybe taking some more BCAA during work, as it is quite physical, and I sometimes end up going many hours without any food. Might be wise to have some amino acids in my blood to prevent it tearing on my muscles. It also just a shake which takes 10 seconds or so to slam down which I should be able to squeeze in on my work hours.

We also had the x-stretch scheduled this week. I started the x-stretch in good faith that I would be more flexible than last time, but after 5 min or so, I realized that it was not the case at all. I was even more stiff now than my first time doing the x-stretch! I guess it is because of me feeling completely shattered and my body aching. We also have x-stretch next week, so hopefully I feel less shattered and actually have some progression on my stretching.

If you guys have read my previous blog-posts you will remember that I betted on France winning the world cup. This week they won again, and now have 2/2 victories and are already advanced. None of the favourites have really impressed me, France included, so I hope things pick up during the next weeks.

This week I got the results from some of my exams that I had this semester. I was quite anxious as I had devoted so much time to the fitness program opposed to study as much as I should. So far I have A,A and B, so I have to be happy with that. Did not expect to get B on that one exam which I felt did not go as good as I wanted and hoped. I also got my gap year officially confirmed from my university this week, so no university for me right after Rockstar. I am really happy about that as it gives me some time to really digest Rockstar and think through what I really want in life. It also gives me flexibility to travel (if I have any money left) and explore the entrepreneur direction.

Next week I am invited to a summer party. It is an event that goes over 2 days where everyone just gets completely wasted and hangout for 2 days straight. It was such a blast last year, so I am really looking forward to that. This year, however, I will not be drinking, so while people bring alcohol I will be bringing loads of boxes of food. Going to be a bit weird being the only one not drinking, and I have not really mentioned Rockstar to any of my friends, besides one of my fuck friends. Fortunately, it is a friend’s giant mansion, so I can use his fridge to put all my food and not bring a cooling bags which makes everything a bit easier. I am also going to bring training shorts and a t-shirt, so I can schedule my x-stretch in the morning when everyone is sleeping hungover.

Shiu Ming J
06-27-2018, 10:28 PM
Week 9 - Tuesday June 26th, 2018 - Project Rockstar: The Process to Develop Self Love, Personal Empowerment, Meaningful Relationships & Preparation for Powerful Contribution

To Truly Reflect & Make the MOST of the Last Four Weeks

I had originally recorded a 10 minute video at the gym on Sunday before heading to a local Food Truck Festival even but I ran out of storage on my phone so it ended up cutting me off in the middle of recording. I had written a whole bunch of stuff for this past weekís blog outlined in a per day structure but it seem dull and uninspiring. I had wanted to record and post a brief video during the middle of last week to help motivate those who has plateaued in the gym, but I hesitatedÖ

In terms of my fitness, meals and daily routine, much of these were pretty uneventful so I will just write a few highlights near the end. I decided to take this opportunity to truly reflect on our journey thus far as I have been so impressed with everyoneís video and journal. I am so grateful that we have this Facebook group, the weekly blogs, the weekly video log and the Messenger group!!! We only have less than 4 weeks to get to know one another before things gets super REAL.

To think that just 9 weeks ago none of us knew one another. Sure, a few of us mightíve met and connected at last yearís Super Conference. Some or maybe many of you went to all the Project Rockstar sessions and were already envisioning yourself being on Rockstar and in this position right this moment. Others mightíve been to the recent 10 day bootcamp and was lucky enough as well as worked hard enough that the instructors see value in adding them to Rockstar while it was already several weeks under way. Some of you might have even applied several years in a row and have been kicking ass in game, life or more and just wanted to up your level. No matter how we each got here. My life has already gotten better since 9 weeks ago and hopefully each of you feel the same way.

Stop waiting for a ďDefining MomentĒ. It will never come.

To be honest, I am still surprise I am here (on Rockstar) at this moment. A little over 10 months ago, Project Rockstar was not even on my radar. My first thought was, ďI have to pay how much to learn game. Who are these guys?Ē I still have the agenda from the 2017 SuperConference. They had sessions sprinkled throughout the 3 day weekend and I had selected none of those sessions. It started to peak my interest when I caught the tail end of one of the Project Rockstar sessions during course transitions. I started asking around what the cost was and at that time people were throwing around the $25,000 number which I thought was a lot at the moment. The thought of 9 weeks to focus on game was interesting to me but the cost was definitely a challenge.

* ďDefining MomentĒ #1: I kept a mental note to look into Project Rockstar and decided to ďat leastĒ apply.

After months of up and down progress post SuperConference. I knew there is something in my core or certain core beliefs that is misaligned that is the root in hindering my development in game as well as other areas of my life.

* ďDefining MomentĒ #2: I decided to take a closer look at Project Rockstar and started reading reviews, attending YouTube chats, reading blog journals and reaching out to past participants.

As I learned more about Rockstar, things started to line up. I started to feel some of the some beliefs resonating between the blogs and chats. More importantly, it came across laugh and clear that ďgameĒ was a very small piece of a much bigger picture.

* ďDefining MomentĒ #3: I decided to complete the application to Project Rockstar thinking that either way it would be a great exercise to get to know myself better in addition to learning some more from Project Rockstar during the interview process regardless if I get in or not.

Yeah it took me a long time to complete the application. At some points, I procrastinated. At certain times, I did not know what to write. At certain times, it felt like a chore and I didnít want to do it. On a few occasions, it just felt uncomfortable as fuck to write about embarrassing and painful stuff. Somehow the deadline kept getting push back and somehow I ended up procrastinating. Soon the last deadline was THE DEADLINE and somehow still ended up submitting my application at the very last moment.

* ďDefining MomentĒ #4Ē: Maybe a week before the final deadline, I had committed to applying and drafting the best application that I can . I realized that the last section, ďWhyĒ section, was the most important section anyway and focused on getting that as polished as possible. Then filled in the gaps in the other sections.

When I got selected for the interviews, I honestly did not think much of it. I wasnít nervous. I did not do anything special to prepare. I filled out the application as honestly as I could. So that is who I will be during the interview(s). At that point, yes I wanted to be on the program but there wasnít much else I could do other than to take each interview one at a time and do my best.

I wrote all this to personally reflect on my process for getting to this moment. I wanted to reflect on the past weeks as I am wrapping up reading the ďThe Obstacle is the WayĒ and digesting ďNo More Mr. Nice GuyĒ. Focus on the process. Focus on finishing. Focus on doing your job the best you can do it. The other lesson that I learned is that there is NO single ďDefining MomentĒ. I used the term above sarcastically because none of these were ďdefining momentsĒ. I took the most appropriate action at the time. At any point, I couldíve said ďFuck ItĒ and not ended up being here. I made ďsmallĒ decisions. I did enough to move the process forward. I kept an open mind and did my best regardless of the outcome. Once I committed to applying, everything felt right and I was and still am highly determined to make the most of the opportunity.

Oh yeah, of course, once we got accepted (reached the peak of the first mountain), it wasnít all roses and unicorns. We had to keep working to get better so that we can handle the next challenge, which is to get in better physical shape with a grueling and structured fitness regiment while at the same time develop greater discipline and mental toughness.

It hasnít been a cake walk either. At times, some of us felt like we are on top of the world. At other times, we felt like all the work we have done have been for not. No gains to show for it. No weight/ fat loss. Maybe we regress in the amount of weights we can lift for the day. Maybe we got injured. Maybe our schedule got super crazy that we ended up missing a meal or two or even a workout or two. Maybe certain parts of your body was sore or injured that we had to shuffle the around the workouts schedule. Maybe some days, our mind was so jammed up with other things going on in our lives or that we let our guard down for a moment and started to listen to the negative inner dialogue that in some way somehow got us off track.

We are still here. We persisted! We have already won many many small battles! Well done everyone!

We are nearing the peak of this ď2nd MountainĒ!

When we reflect again at the start of Rockstar. We will KNOW in our hearts that each of us is already several folds better than the person we were who heard about Rockstar in passing, who applied to Rockstar, who started day 1 on the fitness program and who is even better than this ďWeek 9Ē person we currently find ourselves being at this moment.

See you at the top of the ď2nd MountainĒ while we get as prepare as we can for our journey up an even more rewarding and challenging ď3rd Mountain aka Project Rockstar LIVEĒ.

Week 9 Gratitude & Appreciation

I am grateful I was selected to among such a great group of guys. I am grateful as well as surprised that I was able to make the series of progression that I had outlined above and somehow landed me at this moment with each of you. I am very curious why I was selected as I am sure many of you are.

Currently, I am not in the greatest place of my life right now but I am truly grateful that I am long past being at the bottom over these past two years. I am looking forward to sharing more about myself and my struggles on the next blog/ vlog as I have been inspired and impressed by each of your openness, honesty and sincerity over the past few weeks.

Jose I
06-30-2018, 06:04 PM
Week 10, 7.1.2018

As time races by, i can practically feel as though iím in vegas already.

Or, maybe i just find myself thinking, and even dreaming, more and more about it every day.

Iím sure that when we arrive to within a week or so of vegas, the anticipation will reach a fever pitch and itíll probably kill me, haha.

Aside from the nervous/anxious energy Iím anticipating for vegas, thereís also something else thatís been on my mind ever since RockStar was just a twinkle in my eye: Night game.

I really havenít touched on this before: About my true feelings of night/club/gutter game. And my utter and sheer disdain for it.

I bet most of this has do with my countless epic failures at night.

Failures so overwhelmingly disastrous that itís left me traumatized.

In fact, I donít even have to dig very deep to recall my first meltdown in a night time social environment: the 5th grade school dance.

I remember vividly how I was not able to get at least one dance. How, organically or otherwise, I just wasnít part of the ďcoolĒ social circle there out on the dance floor.

It shook me to the core!

I couldnít understand it. It made no sense. I felt as though everyone liked me enough during the day in class and out on the playground. But, for some reason, I just wasnít accepted or cool enough out on the dance floor.

Maybe I didnít dress the right way. Maybe I just didnít even know how to dance, which I didnít, but it was held against me apparently.

All of that was enough to scare the shit out of me and force me to stick to the wall all night long while the other kids danced, had fun and probably hooked up.

I think I just accepted my fate right then and there. That I may just be a cool dude during the day, but once school ended? I was to be avoided.

Quick introspective break: Itís interesting. Iíve mentioned this before. That chronicling these thoughts seems to be therapeutic. Iíve NEVER taken the time to look into these childhood traumas and analyze them this carefully with the skills and knowledge that Iíve acquired these past few years from the gaming community.

The mere act of typing this experience is forcing me to really face my fears and understand them. Even if i donít understand every subtle nuance from these horrible events, i feel...better, somehow.

It could be because iím coming at this from an older, more understanding version of myself instead of the scared, hateful misguided tool i was most of my life . Or, and this one seems more likely, i am for the very FIRST time willing to share these painful memories to you. To everyone of you who quite possibly understands where iím coming from and has had similar experiences.

Experiences that have shaped me, and all of us, to a less than adequate version of ourselves and have prevented us from becoming our truly most attractive, worthwhile selves!

Just typing that sentence alone is flooding me with a calming sense of serenity. Of acceptance of my ďmistakesĒ and a realization that maybe, just maybe, i may be able to re-write my own destiny as i see best. And not let these tragic events sentence me to a life of mediocrity and fear of girls for the rest of my life.

That thought is exciting. And thrilling and terrifying. Because, for these last few years, iíve fancied myself as a man ďwhoís seen everythingĒ and doesnít let ďanything faze him.Ē

If thatís true, if i am to believe my own words, then i shouldnít be scared to face these demons, to not let them control me as they once have. As they, even NOW, probably still do

And that terrifies me. That, at this point in my life, where i feel as though iíve passed most, if not most, levels in this game called ďLifeĒ that I have an ďEvil Boss LevelĒ thatís going to push me to my limit! That will require every ounce of strength, wit, wisdom, knowledge, skill, tactic and fight i have! And, ultimately, it wonít matter because it may not be enough.

That i may not get through it in one piece. Or, that I may just not be the same person that I am now. That the real and current ďIrving of 2018Ē may no longer exist after Rockstar.

And...i just donít know how to feel about that. For right now, I feel sad that I may lose ďIrvingĒ forever. That after taking the red pill of RS I will FINALLY have to bury him never to be seen nor heard from again.

And, that should be a good thing, rt? It has to be. I want it to be so badly that it hurts. But, just like my failed and broken relationship with my ex-gf, i will feel a sense of loss and longing for ďIrving pre-RockstarĒ like i do fer her, no matter how nonsensical that sounds.

Stupid human emotions, haha.

Logically, in the aftermath of my newly bourne persona, i will embrace ďold IrvingísĒ death because i will need to in order to finally, once and for all, become the person, the truly amazing person, thatís been SCREAMING to get out ALL my life!

But for right now, iím just scared shitless honestly. And i know that i canít do this, any of this, without your help!

Ok, end of side note. Back to my main point about night game.

Without thinking too much about it, once i learned about the concept of Game, i immediately knew that anything ďnightĒ related was to be avoided. Which is why i was super excited to discover ďdaygame.

My best, and i say that with not much weight to it, results have come from daygame.

Iíve been ďdoingĒ daygame off and on for about 5 yrs. And Iíve gotten 2 lays out of it. And of those lays came from my ex-gf, which required about 7 or so dates in which i inevitably spent money on her each and every time.

Chump status for sure.

Those 2 lays came within weeks of each other, and i thought I was the man! I truly thought iíd found my calling. That, if i could pull a new girl once a month, that iíd be living the dream!

Fast forward to now, and well, iíve got nothing. No more lays, No Gf. Nothing. But, maybe i shouldnít be so fast to judge myself so harshly. Because now, for the first time in a LONG time, iíve got freedom and a desire to finally do something about my meager existence.

And in about 4 weeks this shitís going to get real!

Bring it.

Nishant A
07-01-2018, 12:37 AM
Another weekís gone and weíre one step closer to Vegas.

My weight continues to go down, and I feel like over the past couple of weeks Iíve found a certain calmness from the sheer regularity and predictability of the process. Earlier in the process my emotions were more of a rollercoaster - Iíd get really happy if I had a week where my weight dropped significantly, but Iíd be disappointed in myself if it went down slower the following week. Now I feel like Iíve come to accept that

1. I donít have 100% control over my daily weight, and a bunch of factors are going to push it up and down,
2. some weeks are going to be better, other weeks are going to be worse, and the important thing is that Iím moving in the right direction,
3. I donít gain anything by being anxious about the rate of weight loss. I should just focus on doing the right things - trust the process! - and be happy as long as Iím doing that.

I recall the PR fitness manual we were given said that people on the fat loss program are expected to lose 15 to 20 pounds on average. Iím down 15 pounds as of this morning relative to day 1. Iíd be surprised if I hadnít put on a little muscle too, so perhaps actual fat loss is slightly more than that. I hope to make as much progress as possible over the last two weeks, but Iím certainly going to have to continue working on fitness during Vegas and after to get to a really ripped condition, and thatís okay.

Tony Robbins says ďprogress = happinessĒ. Weíve all made a lot of progress over the past 10 weeks. I donít know if Ďhappyí is the word Iíd use to describe how I feel though, and Iím curious to hear how the rest of you are thinking about it. Iíve certainly gotten the satisfaction that comes from accomplishing something difficult. But I think the truly deep satisfaction (i.e. Ďhappinessí) will come from an identity level change, when Iím able to go from ďI proud that I stuck with a really difficult fitness program and lost a bunch of fatĒ to ďBeing fit is just who I amĒ. That's when you raise the minimum standard for what you're willing to accept from yourself. To be honest, I donít think Iíve made the transition to that latter mindset yet. But again, Iím sure itíll happen slowly over time as long as I stick to it- trust the process.

Coming now to the week itself, I reduced my calories to 1500 calories this week. It wasnít as hard as I thought it would be, though I did have hunger pangs every now and then. Based on Claudioís advice - and heís been great at keeping us inspired and engaged throughout - Iíve also started pushing harder on the weights, generally try to start at higher weights and seeing how far I can push it. Between the lower calories and the higher weights, I was feeling the muscle soreness more intensely than before. But itís definitely worth pushing the boundaries for this last stretch.

I had another bout of flu during the week - seems to be going around the office - which made a couple of the workouts pretty miserable. Loaded up to my ears on Vitamin C and tried to get a good nights sleep, though I havenít fully recovered yet. The extra rest was hard to fit in as well, because my work is really ramping up and we have a major deadline coming up this week. I had to work a good chunk of Saturday and a few late nights during the week too. Iím gonna be working pretty much non-stop all the way until I get on the flight to Vegas, so getting enough rest is going to be a challenge. Good thing I have a long, long flight during which I can sleep!

Also coming up next week - my annual health screening. Iím quite curious to see how all this work will impact my blood markers, triglycerides, cholesterol, my blood pressure and everything else

Iíve gotten more compliments on my weight loss recently, and my shirts at work are really starting to swim on me. Am looking forward to buying new clothes in Vegas!

Hope the rest of you guys had a good week!

Kristian H
07-02-2018, 04:16 AM
Week 10
Another week flown by and only 2 weeks left of the fitness portion of the program and 3 weeks until Vegas!

The week started off with legs on Monday, which is something that I really like as the majority of the guys train chest on Monday. On the schedule today was DTP supersets. It is basically sets of 50,40,30,20,10 and then reverse. DTP is officially what I hate the most of the fitness program. At the end of the leg workout I felt like I was going to black out. I still had dumbbell lunges left, but after some more pre-workout and a banana I was ready to get back in there. The worst part actually came after the workout. I had work right after my gym session and a work I sit a lot on my knees which led to me cramping continuously on my 14-hour shift. Looking back on it, it was probably due to lack of salt, as I had a hard workout and then right off to work. I might also buy some magnesium. Lesson learned for next time!

On Tuesday we had yoga again, if you guys remember from my previous blog post I mentioned that I did not really have that much progression last time on both stretching and yoga. This time however, was much better. I really focused on breathing properly and I did way better than last week. Yoga really makes me relax and doing yoga late night after work I slept like a baby right after. Being tired from work probably played a role but doing yoga with focus on being present and breathe properly really feel like detox for my brain and I sleep much better. This is also something I have experienced when I have not been working and just done Yoga, so it is definitely something to it.

On Wednesday it was time for my beloved DTP sets for chest. This felt a lot better than the DTP sets for legs. I do not know why, but the leg workouts always really kill me. This workout went great – slept like a baby the night before and killed it at the gym. Great feeling! Had a super hectic day at work and was up to 2 am just to get all my food in. I really find the eating part of the whole fitness portion the hardest. Having hectic days combined with working out and the eating really takes a lot of time. I am trying my best to eat every 3 hours or so, but sometimes that is just not possible for me as work is so hectic these days.

I had to do some changes on Thursday. Originally it was supposed to be x-stretch, but I saved that for when I was going to the summer party on Friday and Saturday and hit the shoulders instead. Shoulders is something I really enjoy training. Having big shoulders really makes your physique 10x better and really helps for the V-shape that everyone wants.

Friday and Saturday, it was time for the summer party. Such a cool thing. It is basically a party that last for 2 days and everyone sleeps over at the place and start drinking again the next morning. It is almost like a festival without live music. It must have looked so weird as I brought with me tons of food and some training clothes and no alcohol. I did get some questions about it, but I just said I was focusing on my fitness for a while and having some months without drinking. All in all, a great party!

Sunday it was time for back and arms. We finally had some more deadlifts. That is something I have missed during this fitness program. Some old school heavy deadlifts where you feel like your eyes are about to pop out and your entire body is shaking. Good shit.

Another good thing was that France beat Argentina. Mbappe basically beat Argentina on his own and only 19 years old! What a player! Mbappe 4 president. France will meet the winner of Brazil vs Mexico which will most likely be Brazil. France vs Brazil is going to be one hell of a match. If France beats brazil I think they have very high chances of actually winning the world cup, and I will be $1200 richer which will come in Handy during the program (cocaine and hookers).

This was the first week since I was allowed to introduce Farmers walk into my training that I was not able to do them. Work the last 2 weeks has really taken a toll on me, and I find it hard to recover, and especially my grip has been completely destroyed for the last 2 weeks. On some days I was not even able to fully open my hand. From my experience farmers walk can be quite taxing on the CNS I decided to drop them this week to try and recover a bit faster. Also, I would not have been able to walk with very much weight before losing my grip, which probably would reduce the effectiveness of the exercise.

Next week we are starting off with Yoga. Hopefully I am able to keep progressing in both yoga and the stretching sessions. Since it is only 2 weeks left. My main focus during the last weeks is to go insanely hard at the gym and try to up my intensity some more. I am also not working as much this week as I have done the last 2 weeks, which really makes things a lot easier when it comes to eating every third hour and recovery.

Axel E
07-02-2018, 10:15 AM
Week 10
Its Monday evening and I just got back to my skydive drop zone to try to squeeze in 10 or so jumps. However the second I got here it was like all my energy just went out of me like hot air from a balloon. Itís a bit cold and not a lot of people I know here at the moment and since Iím just not in the mingle mode at the moment I just went back to the room and laid down, might as well catch up on this blog sooner rather than later.

This past week havenít really been anything special workout wise or nutritional wise. We are getting closer to the end by every single day that passes and next week is the official last week of the program. But I believe we already reached maximum intensity so I feel like I got it under control. Iíve managed to break through the mythical 80kg line that I passed many many full moons ago and Iím now down to 79.1kg. This means Iíve lost 10.5kg since day 1. However this is only half the truth since I been burning fat like a madman while building muscles almost at maximum efficiency, sŚ the total amount of lost weight in fat is probably up to around 13-14 kg. However, I won't find that out until I do my last bodpod after next week.

I can't really say what my exact body fat is neither but the two home methods weíre using are telling me my body fat at the moment is around 17% already. Now I donít know if you remember any of my earlier blog posts but on my last bodpod, the technician and I estimated that I should probably end up on around 17% by the end of the program and honestly there is quite a bit of error margin in both the navy method and my super scale so Iím most likely a bit off, but since Iím lacking any other more precise means of measuring at the moment Iíll stick to 17%, which means Iím ahead of schedule and that 15% by the end of the program looks more and more possible.

In a perfect world Iíd like to be down to around 9-11%, but even at 15% I should have a visible six pack which depending on who you ask is either a first time for me or a very very long time ago. I wonít stop working on my fitness now that I have a pretty solid understanding of what works and so on, but I won't be able to get down to 10% before rockstar. Still, 15% is a win in my book since I started out at 29% 10 weeks ago. It's crazy to reflect back on how much my body has changed since day 1.

This week has also been interesting because Iím starting to get a lot more compliments and feedback from people. It might just be me passively filtering but it feels like the compliments started raining down on me as soon as I broke through 80kg. (Can you tell Iím super excited about weighing less than 80 kg?) Some people get confused saying did you get bigger or smaller and I can only answer: Both! Some get absolutely shocked when they learn that I lost over 10kg in 10 weeks. When I checked in for my first jump this weekend and they had to enter my weight into the data system the girl in the manifest said ďwow you lost quite a bit of weight since last year.Ē and when I said that I lost 10 in 10 she screamed ďWHAT?Ē and then she was silent.

Ironically I didn't know what to say or do. I almost felt bad for losing so much weight, because I donít want anyone to scream at me hahaha. I have to say however that I find it increasingly fascinating how much better people seem to treat you the fitter you get. I donít think this is done on purpose but I definitely notice a difference. Iím not going to get into any discussion if this is right or wrong because frankly, I donít care. Anyone can get a gym membership and get into shape so not doing it is basically leaving money on the table.

Roughly a week ago one of the other guys shared a link to a forum thread dedicated to discussing our, the members of rockstar, existence. But not only was the topic of our existence popular but also the topic that you have to look like a model to even get in on rockstar. Iím sorry to bust some of you people bubbles but I personally don't think anyone looked like a model 10 weeks ago and frankly no one looks like a model after either. However we all look a hell of a lot better so here's my tip to you: If you believe your looks is what stands in the way for you getting your dream girl, get off your ass and start lifting something.

Also, a little side note, not only is every member of project Rockstar real, they are all highly motivated people that want to become the best versions of themselves, and we are all ready to make sacrifices to get there. In the end, thatís what will really separate you from the heard.

Iíve also started to get some heavy attention from this new chick I met roughly a week ago. It's a girl I heard a lot about through some of my other friends who met here way back on Thanksgiving but since I was in the US on Thanksgiving I haven't met her until now and I have to say we really seem to click. It will be interesting to see how that plays out!

For now, Iím just going to catch up on some sleep I think and then get up early tomorrow and get my workout done so I can spend the rest of the day in the sky hopefully! Talk to you all soon!

07-02-2018, 12:32 PM
24-Jun-18 Week 7

The “down week” carrot, spoken about/posted on FB this past week, has continued to fuel my positive progress on the Fitness front. This week I have taken extra care and effort to ensure I am pushing all my maximum weights at the gym and my body, although still in chronic pain and fatigue, has generally accepted that it will be in pain and I’m able to subjectively say I have been feeling (and looking) “great”.

Another big achievement this week has been getting my older brother into the gym with me!!! He recently returned after “living the life of indulgence” for a month in Asia (Japan + Bali + Hong Kong), and was saying he wants to go to the gym. So I offered to keep him accountable, and on Monday, despite it being a “rest day” (rest days are still at least 40 mins of cardio + 20-100 minutes of abs or stretching/yoga workouts), I went into the gym with him! This means I did a full day’s workout + the rest day all in one day! That means I’m one less day behind everyone else in the fitness program and I stuck with that!

I also had a bunch of personal and business things happening and intensifying, but I stayed true to all of the nutrition and fitness requirements!

Finally, huge progress this week on the Physical Therapy (PT) front; in case I didn’t specifically talk about this before, this is my effort to complete the rehabilitation of my right leg calf muscle after experiencing an Achilles’ tendon rupture several years ago. So the progress: I have been consulting with my PT to begin jogging ahead of my trip to Poland where I plan to do jogging 2-3x per week over 2 weeks, and we actually pushed it and started sprinting instead! I know this may not sound like much to people, but I hate jogging, always preferred sprinting, and I haven’t sprinted, for fear of re-injury, for at least 7 years!!

The bad: my right calve was on FIRE! Continues into second day; I have been limping, but feel the tension slowly releasing. Third day was a little better, only half limping half the day. Continue to stretch the affected part on a daily basis and still sort of limping at the end of the week.

As if the calve muscle injury wasn’t enough, on Friday I experienced my first food poisoning episode in months! I was tired and lazy on Thursday and didn’t get any fresh chicken breasts. So I decided to utilize a few frozen chicken burgers that I had procured for guests who come visit. The food had very decent macros, and most importantly, the right proportion of protein for the calories I had remaining that day. So I fired up the barbecue, and fed myself and my brother who was visiting with these tasty chicken burgers. Now, it’s not that they were bad or under-cooked; it’s just that after a month and a half of no processed food, having 3 of these burgers (over a period of 6 hours) was probably a bad idea. The next morning I had a bad stomach ache, and although the good supply of fiber I maintain helped in having smooth bowel movements, the stomach pain persisted with 0 appetite. I decided to try and go to the gym (getting my brother in to the gym for a 3rd day in a week), but my stomach pain only got worse as the workout progressed. At 90 minutes, I decided that there was no point in trying to push through the full workout (I was a solid 20-60 lbs off my max weight and struggled to make full sets).

I spent the rest of the day curled up in a ball until I finally smoked some green, felt a little hungry, ate 400 grams of strawberries (not the richest source of fiber but strawberries are local and in season here in Canada) which managed to kick-start my metabolism a few hours later (albeit with very stinky after-effects for the rest of the night).

07-02-2018, 03:43 PM
1-Jul-18 Week 8

This week was riddled with side-tracks and emergent issues. Our house network became infected with a VPN Filter Malware that caused our ISP to suspend our internet service every day for a bit over a week while we attempted to troubleshoot and clean all infected routers and servers – what pain since I haven’t been able to upload anything! This threat is not a trifle and the fix was more so not trivial, so check out the link! I’m now in the process of (remembering and) changing all of my passwords on all of my devices. It isn’t until something like this happens that you realize how much you rely on stored passwords!

The fitness this week started a little choppy as I needed to re-organize my workouts while my injury/fatigue/irritation in my right leg/calve worked itself out. I was still half-limping at the beginning of this week and after checking with my coach, I was allowed to skip the one and only one “Leg Day” while my leg recovered.

I went in for my last physio appointment and heavily put my leg through its paces to get the green-light from my PT (Physical Therapist). His professional opinion was that the leg suffered no permanent damage and it was just a case of a “pissed off” muscle (ie. Forced to do something it hasn’t had to do in years) which simply requires a prolonged recovery from an intense workout. We did some running on the treadmill but my leg was still full of cramps and we decided to give it another day or two to recover.

I also scheduled a massage therapy session the same day (after PT) and this was just exactly what my muscles needed! I spent 90 minutes with my MT (Massage Therapist) who is amazing and I’m sorry to say that I’m losing her as she is moving away from Toronto back home across the country to Victoria (west coast). I’ve been in to see her every other week for about 2 months now and we’ve developed a relationship that I have come to rely on as part of this general fitness program.

I described to her the pains and limited mobility with my legs after the sprinting session the previous week, and she got straight to work. When she got to my legs, it became apparent that it was not just my injured leg that had become “pissed off” (words of my PT lol) but also my “healthy” leg. Of the 90 minutes, I’m certain we spent ~60 minutes just on my legs. I used a combination of the hypnotropic breathing techniques I learned during my 10-day in NYC, and the breathing techniques learned from doing the StretchX and YogaX sessions we perform during our “Rest Days”, to disconnect my mind. This allowed the MT to do what she does best without my mind freaking out from the intense pain and causing a cramp/spasm to develop during the massage, thus hindering relief.

LESSON: As with all the meditation, stretching, and yoga we have done so far, if you just allow yourself to endure the discomfort a little longer than your mind tells you that you can endure, the results are often AMAZING! By not allowing your mind to freak out (by focusing on your breathing and not the mind’s chatter), usually within 2-3 minutes, the pain subsides and your body releases its tension with much gratitude. But be forewarned: the experience raises your pulse, it feels like you’re going to die (or something else horrible), and it definitely feels like doing a workout (even though you are just “lying there” getting a massage lol).

All told, I walked out of the MT session with a full on limp, but OMG, every one of my leg muscles that were in spasm/lock/cramp, had been worked out. We agreed that I would delay the calves portion of my shoulder/calves workout until the next day (which happened to be a leg day – good fit), and to my utter amazement, the next day I was able to jog for 10 minutes and push every one of my leg workouts to new max weights with minimal pain (of course I stretched a solid 20 minutes just to make sure I didn’t cause any new injuries).

From this point, my fitness has progressed pretty amazing with a 4-in-a-row “non-rest-day” workouts where I have pushed and surpassed max weight on almost every exercise. I feel like I have pushed myself in a very healthy way and have felt a very high level of intensity. Furthermore, all the pain that used to be crushing me (both physically and mentally) has finally started to turn into something I look forward to (probably just a new addiction to the intense amount of endorphins now regularly released by my body).
This week I have also glimpsed the much discussed DTP workouts – at risk of eating my words next week, I kind of really like this approach to working out. Let’s see if I still like it in a week’s time!

My nutrition has stayed mostly on track, however, in the last two weeks local strawberries came into season, and I have indulged a tad too much, pushing my sugar intake above the targeted 50g per day. Despite this indulgence, I have hit an all-time low in both my body weight and fat levels:
Average Week 8: 172 lbs (~78 kg) and 13% body fat based on the average of the daily Navy Fat Measurement and handheld scan device (while minimum weight was 170.2 lbs, an all-time record).

Sadly I was not able to schedule a week 8 DEXA scan as I miscommunicated with the operator who is away on vacation. Since I will be out of the country for the next 2 weeks, I hope to get a 3rd and final DEXA scan when I am back for 4 days (July 20-24) before I fly out to Vegas.

I was hoping to validate the body fat % to be sure that I have finally hit <15% body fat, but based on the several social functions I attended this past week, everyone who hasn’t seen me in >1 month is utterly blown away by my new appearance. Even guys at the gym are paying me compliments acknowledging that the last 2-4 weeks have really been noticeable in my progress on the loser track (#shredding).

07-04-2018, 03:44 PM
Week 8
This is late getting posted because my plans all week kept getting screwed up. In particular, I had a 7.5 hour flight delay on my way to a sports competition. (It would have been faster had I driven, but the airline credits I got mean that I made money on the trip.)

Traveling on the Rockstar diet is hard, but not impossible. I’d still recommend that you try to avoid doing it if possible. (Honestly, if I’d known that I was going to get accepted to Rockstar a few weeks into the fitness program instead of being definitely rejected, I’d have done a lot of stuff differently to better prepare.)

I got a lot of complements from famous coaches and athletes on how I’m looking so that has boosted my morale somewhat. OTOH, my elbow is still not fully healed, so it’s basically limited me for the entirety of my fitness program which kinda sucks.

My weight continues to go down and it still seems like mostly fat loss. There’s still more belly fat to go before my abs start showing, but it’s improved enough that I look completely ridiculous in my current clothing. I’m hoping that I’ll continue to improve during Rockstar and eventually get to the point I want to be at.

Because I wear glasses, Andrew suggested trying to get lasik or at least considering contacts for Rockstar. I had tried contacts a long time ago and couldn’t handle it, but I’m going to give them a try again. I looked into lasik and found that one of the top guys is in my town, but because of the way my eyes are, he wanted me to try doing orthokeratology first and coming back if that didn’t do it. Unfortunately, *that* process takes about 6 months with regular visits for adjustments, so I’d have had to have done it way back.

I’ll do all of that when I get home, but in the meantime, I’ve got an appointment to get fitted for contacts to try them out. And I’ll get a better looking pair of glasses for use during Rockstar incase the contacts don’t work out. I usually like to have two pair of a given type so that I have a backup, but I’ll get one for now and either get the other during the fitness transform or wait until I return.

I’ve mostly tied up the loose ends I need to finish before Rockstar. The only thing still on my plate is the annual meeting for a charity I’m on the board of and a few other meetings related to that. So I think it’s going to be good between now and Vegas.

Nishant A
07-07-2018, 06:40 PM
One more week to go!

Iím now pretty much down to the weight I was at when I first graduated from university at age 21. But the scale doesnít tell the entire story. Iíd never done a day of resistance training in my life until well into my mid 20s. So while I was at this weight when I graduated, I was more a 73 kilo amorphous doughnut-like blob at the time. Now Iíve definitely gotten some muscle definition, so my overall body composition is better at the same weight.

I still have some road to travel when it comes to fitness - Iíve gotten down to about 20% body fat from nearly 30% at the start of the program. I want to keep working on steadily cutting till I get down to 10-12% and then work on increasing muscle mass and end at 15% or so. Of course I wonít be able to get there in the next one week, so this is going to take some work during and well after Vegas.

But overall, while I didnít get to that ideal state over these twelve weeks, Iíve learnt to appreciate what progress I have made. While that might seem like a small thing, itís quite a big deal to me. I have a very strong tendency to focus on the negative no matter what I accomplish. I usually beat myself up for getting to anything short of ideal, and sometimes even if I get to whatever I deem Ďidealí, I retroactively tell myself that it was only because I set my sights too low. Itís a very odd feeling to continue to beat yourself up even while youíre simultaneously receiving a lot of external validation, for instance compliments from friends for having lost a lot of weight. A lot of my Ďachievements' in life have been motivated by that insecurity, to avoid letting myself down or feeling like a failure, rather than because of positive, healthy reasons.

Over the last couple of weeks Iíve sort of forced myself to catch those thoughts when they arise and say ď Im far from perfect, but I have made good progress, and I need to take a moment to appreciate that and maybe even cut myself a little slackĒ. Intellectually, I know that mind set is messed up. But I havenít been able to break out of it. (And Iíve beaten myself up for my failure to break out of that mindset too. The mind is a funny thing).

On to more positive things -

I had my annual health screening checkup earlier this week and I got the results late in the week. The numberís donít lie so Iíll let them tell the story:

Total cholesterol: previously 181 now down to 151
LDL: previously 112 down to 109
Triglycerides: 151 down to 81
Blood pressure: 140/90 down to 109/44
Fasting glucose: 99 down to 82

The blood pressure in particular was impressive to me because the last month has been extremely stressful at work, Iíve had to go in to the office 3 weekends in a row, and I figured my blood pressure would be higher while I juggled that and the 2-3 hour commitment for the fitness program since my cortisol levels mustíve been high.

The only areas of concern were a low HDL (down 47 to 32) and a high uric acid measurement, putting me at risk for gout. The doc recommended I eat more fish, avocado and nuts and a little less meat/protein to reduce the purines in my diet. That was somewhat ironic because I was avoiding avocado and nuts intentionally these past few weeks due to the 20% fat requirement on the diet. Perhaps I need to re-calibrate a bit once the program is over. Claudio tells me thereíll be a session on long term diet and fitness, so lIím ooking forward to that. Thereís quite a bit of conflicting information out there on diet and exercise, so itíll be good to get some credible information on these areas.

The results gave me a bit of a boost to get through the DTP workouts. They continue to be crazy difficult - my legs are still sore from the leg press DTP workout a few days ago - but with just one week to go I intend to give it my all. With Vegas getting closer I find anxiety creeping up now and again, but so far Iíve been able to keep it in check - focus on the process, focus on the workout, focus just on the next rep you have to do. Hope that continues to work!

Thatís all from me for this week. Hope the rest of you had an awesome week 11!

Shiu Ming J
07-07-2018, 06:44 PM
Week 10 - Monday July 2nd, 2018

Vlog - I will share some of my background and the ups and downs in my life on the video and maybe summarize/ highlight a couple things on this blog. I can’t wait to meet and get to know each and every one of you in person. We are still close!!!

Great Week & Many More Ahead for Us!

Fitness - For the first time in my life I started to having a headache while at the gym. It was on Monday’s leg day. It was unreal. I was pushing through those DTP sets the best I could and dealing with the headache. It doesn’t matter. I FINISHED. The rest of the week wasn’t too bad. I am back to being annoyed that I am spending 3+ hours at the gym. Since that is the only issue, no major soreness, injury free, weights looking good and body looking good, I am very grateful with the discipline and progress. Looking forward to a lower maintain fitness routine.

Oh yeah, I went to a friend’s birthday party on Friday. I haven’t seen that social group since March. They were all amazed how built I have become. I was obviously flattered and accepted their complements and ended talking about fitness with them for a bit.

Gym/ Yoga/ Stretch - Aside from the headache above, I am really starting to like going to the gym, yoga, stretch and even the ab ripper. I still have trouble with a couple of the ab ripper exercise and still need a couple break in between. I still can’t do the shoulder stand on the yoga but I have noticed a huge improvement in my flexibility.

Social Circles & Communities - With greater discipline with my fitness, mindset and daily routines. All the positive actions I have taken over the past months and weeks has led to me being a part of a new community of friends. I love our FB Messenger group of guys where we continue to know each other and support one another online.

I have also met some local wings who have been working on themselves for quite some time and continue to take action in both game and life. Last week, one of the guys lead a talk which walked through high levels of game with the focus on being the Best Version of Yourself. I am sure Andrew’s seminar will be this talk on steroids. He has been in game for about 8 years and could probably past off as a Rockstar alum if you meet him in person. Basically, we have a handful of guys that go out during the weekends and we would organize to have weekly thursday learning session among ourselves. Yeah, some of the guys could be flaky, but we are all in the growth mindset and everyone is open minded, eager to learn and taking action. I truly can not wait to be with you guy to live and breath this with you for 9+ weeks!!!

Game - My friend and I pull two girls after the bar but we didn’t close. Ended up being a great learning experience. In addition, I have been getting looks when I am out like Friday night at my friend’s birthday party and at a rooftop bar. It was interesting. I was talking to one of the girls we ended up pulling and this one girl walks by and did a double take on me. She was cute too. I gave her a brief look but stayed in the set.

An Old Friend - It is absolutely true about law of attraction. I ran into an old friend last Thursday when I was out gaming. We went to college together and lost touch afterwards. We chatted for about half an hour but we have so many similar interests and in a way aspiring for similar things in terms of business and career. We have similar interest in stocks and real estate. He has taken a lot of action over the past several years to an accumulate an impressive portfolio and continues to work his ass off. I shared with him some of the rough patches of my life over the past several years and he provided encouragement. Even offering to have me stay with him if I need to after Rockstar even though I did not ask.

3 Daily Gifts - Practicing daily affirmation and gratitude had helped enormously and I have found them very rewarding and easy to do at the start of the day. I have been able to meditate here and there and am working on getting in a consistent 20 minutes per day. I have noticed that this practice had helped had a positive influence on my internal dialogue. This past week have I been waking up later which I could better use the time. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to get back on track with my morning routine and more effectively use my time to work on the important areas of my life before Rockstar.

In any case, the feeling of love for myself is starting to take hold. Much of the weight of shame and unlove is being lifted. I am still scared of the uncertainties lies ahead but I will do it with love and by being exceptionally capable person.

Shifts after reading No More Mr. Nice Guy, Obstacle is the Way & Way of Superior Man


These books are embodied the wake up call I need in my life in my life right now. As a 35 year old adult having been through good and shitty times, I have started coming to realization many of the concepts from the book in piece meal. It is definitely not an understatement to say that my mind is blown and I have become a much better and enlightened person after reading them. I am going to re-listen/ read them again and note the key points to make sure these concepts and lesson stay with me and grow with me long after reading them.

The NMMNG book definitely called out 100% the person that I was a growing up and up to several years ago. I am still working on having strong boundaries. Its funny. One of my friends from SuperConference mentioned, “You are a nice Asian guy living in Minnesota.” Talk about not being able to project masculinity. After reading this, I understand I have to be selfish when it comes to my purpose, direction and desires and be ok with wanting what I want and going after it. My default setting was to always be friendly and help others. I am still going to own but just on my terms and for people that deserve my help.

The Obstacle is the Way. The chinese word for “Risk” has two parts: Caution and Opportunity. This book focuses our mind and energy on the opportunities that life’s obstacles provide us. In a way, we are all offer different sets of obstacles/ advantages. When you turn those obstacles into advantages that often are not available to other people, you become way better. Of course, exceptional and very difficult obstacles require exceptional and often superior perseverance along with other skills that one has to acquire along the way.

Superior Man was a great read on its own. First be a purposeful unwaver driven man. Then understand the feminine nature and why she does what she does. I love the perspective on women’s energy. How some women have higher swings in energy and that the reward is that their radiance would be incredible when they are at their best but you will need to be on your toes at all times as she will test your weaknesses more often and need your help to mitigate or avoid the downswings. I just really appreciate the whole entire perspective on women that this book offers in general. Once you are able to view women as the embodiment of love, healing and best growth companion a great man can have, you will deal with whatever a quality women will throw at you because it makes you better and in turn makes her better/ happier/ give more love.

I highly disagree with this quote that I keep seeing everywhere, “Don’t wish that life was easy. Wish that you were better.” That is a shit quote. Whoever said that should be shot. The word “Wish” should be removed from the English language and children stories.

2017 SuperConference Weekly Group Continues
Since you guys are familiar with Project Rockstar and Love Systems, I would assume you guys are familiar with the annual SuperConference meeting in Vegas. I went to it last year at the end of August. That is also where I met Kris and Peter. During the weekend, in addition to learning game, I also did my best to gather other people’s contact information and put together a Facebook Messenger to help everyone stay in touch and maintain momentum.

It has been nine months and I am proud to say that we are still going strong. We just had our call on Sunday night. We had been good about keeping the calls to every week or every other week. Usually there is just 3 to 5 guys on the call. Kind of like what we do every week on our blogs/ vlog. However, we simplify it to: how everyone is doing in game, talk about recent developments, success, sticking points and goals for upcoming week. Usually the guys in the group would give each other feedback and encouragement. I have invited a couple speakers on our call to talk about: social circle game, tinder game and how to create sexual tension. I believe this is also what happens after Project Rockstar where we do a weekly call of some sort. Of course, we will be reliving our crazy stories, talking about our next adventures and retelling our many many stories about “THE Dungeon”.

It is interesting how time flies. How everyone’s lives is so different. How everyone has their own unique set of challenges in game and in life. It is interesting how we can talk on and on about all these amazing things we have done and get hung up on how one tiny thing is not going quite well in their lives and which nelgate the energy from the amazing things they have done. There are 30 or so guys on the thread, but really only a handful come on the call. Some have been honest telling me they are scared or embarrassed to come on the call because they have nothing to report. Others just lurk when we type back and forth. I have been at times the lurker. I have been at times the guy embarrassed and ashamed to dial in because I had done nothing and some of the other guys have been taking action and having massive success. For me, things have gotten exponentially better this year especially the last few months.

In any case, I am grateful for having assembled this group and that everyone in the group has improved or at least are in a better place in their lives even though it has been 9 months later. I haven’t told the group about going on Project Rockstar. I had only mentioned it to one of the guys in the group that I met up in person in Dallas who will be attending the 10 Day Simplified Natural Bootcamp this summer. Other than that only my roommate, a close friend in Dallas and a great wing/ friend that I have grown close to over this year knows that I am going on Project Rockstar and about the program. My plan is to let them know on the last call before going on the trip and teach them what I have learned from the past 12 to 16 weeks. Obviously I won’t be leading call when I am on Rockstar, but I definitely want to pick it back up again when I complete Rockstar and my travels.

I believe some of them are working on putting together a Rockstar like gathering around end of July which is awesome. Unfortunately I won’t get to gather with them. I will be meeting up with you guys in Vegas then to Europe then to Sweden.

David I
07-09-2018, 01:21 AM
Week 8

Hey guys,

This week I came back to Cali, my hometown in Colombia. It’s been great to see my family and my friends. I’m a bit exhausted from the last few days as I was traveling and then had to hit the gym, but it feels good to finish the week in shape. I’ve lost some weight and fat throughout the program - and I’m definitely enjoying the compliments here, but now I have to work on gaining some muscle mass, so I’m gonna be working out hard during the next two weeks.

I’ve been reflecting about the fitness program, especially since It became clear that I’ve had an attitude that’s made it difficult for our PR mentors to support me. I realized that it’s been hard for me to let go of the control I usually have over my life and of the decisions I’ve always made for myself, which are usually based on understanding specific goals behind every action. That has unfortunately led me to question why certain aspects of the program are there and to do some things as a painful homework, instead of trusting our mentors unconditionally and to enjoy and surrender to this program wholeheartedly. After chatting with our mentors, I finally understand something I read in an article a few months ago:

“Don’t just find a mentor. Allow yourself to be mentored:
Making the most of mentorship doesn’t just require the confidence to approach someone whose guidance can make a difference in your development. It requires the humility to take that guidance to heart, even when it’s uncomfortable, challenging, or counterintuitive. Otherwise, what’s the point?... Accepting real mentorship is, in part, an act of humility: The best of it comes when you’re actually willing to trust that mentor sees something you don’t see. There’s a reason, after all, that you sought them out in the first place. Be humble enough to listen”
[Ref: The article is about lessons learned from the life of Claude Shannon, who I believe, is one of the greatest minds of this century. If you guys get a chance, I really recommend you take a look at the article here: https://medium.com/the-mission/10-000-hours-with-claude-shannon-12-lessons-on-life-and-learning-from-a-genius-e8b9297bee8f]

I finally realized that they know things I don’t know and they see things I don’t see. It unfortunately took me all this time to really fall into a humble and trusting attitude with them and with the program. It’s already making a difference as I’m both enjoying the program a lot more and really owning my decision of signing up for it. For instance, I’m now openly talking about my diet, the amount of supplements I take and the hours I spend at the gym without worrying about being judged. And people have been surprisingly supportive.

Like that piece about trust in the article, there are way too many things that I’ve been reading throughout the years, which I intellectually know are important lessons, and therefore I thought I had understood, but I really haven’t because I haven’t actually done/felt/experienced them yet. My mind is full of lessons that I haven’t grasped, including lots of previous teachings about dealing with my insecurities with women. One of my main goals for PR is to take more action instead of just keeping knowledge in my head. I’m ready to start learning by experience, so I can truly assimilate and apply the teachings of the program. I’m gonna push myself on this so I can achieve not only a change of mindset, but also a lasting change of behavior.

Finally, now that I’m in my hometown, I realized that even though I have a lot of friends feel I can trust here, there are only a couple of people I feel comfortable opening up about my problems with women. I started a personal improvement journey earlier this year and the truth is that I’ve been doing it all by myself. It’s been a lonely road so far, but as I see your posts, I realize that we’re all in the same boat and that we’re all sharing this improvement journey together. I feel very lucky to be part of this group and I feel both relieved and excited to be part of Project Rockstar with you guys. I can’t wait to meet you in Vegas!

Jose I
07-09-2018, 09:18 PM
Week 11, 7.8.2018



If i can do it, then anyone can.

Today, Sunday July 8th 20-freaken-18 i had my FIRST EVER SNL!!!

And iím 46yrs old. About damn time.

I know that i should probably relate something about my physical fitness progress, or my ability to constantly eat the SAME things every day without getting tired of it. But, itís just not on my mind at the moment, funny enough.

Perhaps i should go deeper into my anticipation for Vegas and the unavoidable hurricane of crippling fear that i will face on a nightly basis. But again, itís really not on my mind.

Maybe I could talk about this cool sci fi book, Endymion, that takes place in the very distant future about an average dude who finds himself imprisoned in some high tech bubble while his girl is in danger...only to realize later on that this ďprisonĒ was only in his mind. It was always ONLY in his mind. And, that once he realized that, he was able to bust out and become the man that heíd always knew he could be. That he should be. Awesome. Heroic. And with the girl on his arm. But, i really donít want to. Itís a great book. Donít get me wrong. And i will probably bring it up during this summer and recommend it to all of you. But, honestly? Something else entirely is on my mind.

And that ďsomething elseĒ is Amy. A 23 yr old lifeguard at the pool i swim. And quite easily, the BEST looking girl iíve ever gone on a date with. The best looking one iíve ever kissed and made out with. And, by far, the best looking one iíve ever had sex with. Not even close.

46 yrs old, and Amy is the 4th different girl iíve ever slept with. And it shocks me that iíve never, ever, EVER admitted that to anyone. Even in my own mind i constantly lie to myself and walk around ďbelievingĒ that iíve at least had 10 different girls. Not 5, not 6, but an outrageous lie like 10. Pretty pathetic, huh?

Iíve obviously got issues to work through in these next coming months. Boy, do i ever.

But, before i get into the specifics, i will say this much. After the hook up, one thought crossed my mind immediately: ďwhy did i sign up for rockstar? I could easily be doing this on my own, without RSís help, and saving myself a shit load of money!
I could easily man up on my own and push myself harder with girls and save myself all of this goddamn money! Iím an idiot for not acting sooner!Ē

But, that feeling of regret quickly vanished. Because honestly, i truly believe i got this lay BECAUSE of Rockstar. Or at least the idea of it.

For the past week, iíve been trying to shift gears in my head and prepare myself for the rigors and demands of Rockstar. Iíve been trying to get in the mindset of being that seducer in womenís lives. A concept that Iíve NEVER embraced. Not even one iota.

And because of the perceived pressure from Rockstar Iíve already begun pushing myself harder than i ever have.

So, in a sense, in a very real sense, Rockstar is ALREADY my wing man!

And i really donít think i couldíve hooked up with Amy without the anticipated motivation and influence from Rockstar.

So, my investment is already paying off! Itís paying off BEFORE i even set foot in vegas, haha.

Now, this may be a one time fluke. Maybe Amy was a total ďyes girlĒ from the very beginning. And all i had to do was not cock block myself.

But, hereís the thing. I ALWAYS cockblock myself. Always have, and without Rockstar, Iíd probably always will.

I mean, just typing this sentence is sending a flood of cringe worthy memories racing through my mind. Memories of all the missed opportunities because i was too much of a chicken shit to go for it. And memories that have traumatized and scarred me for the better part of my life.

No more. Never again. FUCK that shit.

I donít have time to waste anymore. No more time to throw away by being the cool, charming, funny, sex-less asshole whoís always there to listen to the girl bitch and complain about the latest guy sheís fucked and desires but canít get. And then openly questions, right to my face, why these douchebags arenít more like me. Sweet. Nice. Dependable. And without a dick.

You know, like her little stupid puppy dog that she neutered to better control him.

Fuck that.

Ok, venting out of the way. On to some details about Amy.

Iíve actually casually known her for about 3 months. A cute, sweet, funny and chill lifeguard who works at the pool i swim.

As with most girls in my life, i built a simple banter type of rapport with her. Little, semi-flirty convos that probably never last more than 2 mins. About the time it takes for me to get from the locker room and into the pool.

Iíve always thought she was attractive. But i just never considered asking her out.

And now that i think about it. I really didnít. Well, at least not initially.

About 2 wks ago she mentioned that she was going to miss me. That Iím one of her favorite patrons. She said that she was going to quit her job and move to Sonoma, Cali and start college up there.

I was a little bummed. So i said we should stay in touch. Being the pussy that i am, i went for the email.

She said ďsureĒ, and told me that sheíd write it down and give it to me after my workout.

As soon as i finished, she walked over and handed me a slip of paper with her email AND her cell. I was pleasantly surprised. I didnít think iíd do anything more than just send her the occasional friendly, flirty text. You know, typical beta male BS.

I didnít send her my first text until a week later, when i went to Puerto Rico for a friendís wedding.

It was then, during her first response, that i felt like ďsomethingĒ could happen.

Her response? ďYou should have told me you were going to Puerto Rico. I couldíve quit my job sooner and fled with youĒ. I kept re-reading that last part ďfled with youĒ. I kept thinking, ďis she into me?Ē

During my entire stay in puerto rico we exchanged a few flirty texts. Nothing outrageous, and sadly no dick pix (haha), but just enough (it seems) to keep her engaged.

When i returned a few days ago, i said we should get together before i leave for the summer and before she leaves for school.

It turns out that she leaves on 7/10. Tmw. And she only had time yesterday. I took that as an opportunity to push myself harder than ever.

Originally, i was going to pick her up at her parents. But with the gun pointed at my head i went for it. I said that she should come over to my place and that iíll drive us to the Griffith observatory for a cool show.

She said that she wouldnít ďmind one bit coming over to my placeĒ. At this point i told myself that iĒm not ever going to get a light more green than this one.

I started brushing up on attraction, comfort (which i suck at) and sexualization (which i suck at even more). And i kept telling myself that no matter how this turns out, that i WILL for sure go for the kiss. No matter what. I donít care if she slaps me and runs out of my apt.

Once on my couch, i worked as much comfort as i could. I then transitioned to any prior relationship heartbreaks. And then asked her what she likes in a guy. And then what she finds sexy in a guy.

At this point, she said the same standard stuff. That she likes guys who are confident, funny, chill, and most importantly, she loves to feel comfortable around a guy.

I took this opportunity to ask her ďso, are you comfortable around me? (while holding a strong gaze)Ē She looked at me. Smiled and said ďyesĒ. I didnít hesitate. I grabbed her hand, pulled her towards me and kissed her. And she LOVED it! She either could not, or would, not stop kissing me.

It was a full on make out sesh right there on my couch. The couch thatís only ever seen action with me and my ex-gf.

After about 5 mins of that, i pulled away and she was either glowing...or in heat, or both, haha. But she said ďI hope youíre not expecting more than thatĒ.

That was a response i was preparing for the ENTIRE time. I knew that she would, as most girls do, say those exact same words.

At this point, i was in the zone. I did not hesitate with my response. I said ďweíre only going to do what youíre comfortable withĒ. She smiled, reached out for me and we went back into full make out mode again.

After about another minute, i stood up, didnít say a word. Grabbed her by the hand and walked her to my bedroom...where she raped me for the next hour!

At this point in my life, iím either not used to/equipped for/nor able to last that long. It could be a hormone thing. Or maybe itís because my ex-gf orgasmed SO fucken quickly. Or maybe Amy did orgasm quickly...but just latched onto to me with pit bull-like intensity that she wanted me to keep going! I thought my penis and tongue were going cramp, go limp and fall off.
But she has such a nice body (11 years younger, firmer and tighter than my exís!) that i found that extra gear iíve always needed for just this occasion.

I enjoyed it so much, that i have not been able to stop smiling all day.

This is EXACTLY what i needed to help me get past my ex. I really, truly needed to hook up with another girl. But not just another girl. A fun, cute, young girl full of life and NOT cynical, jaded and beat down by life like my ex.

Iím sure there are other lessons in this. But for now, it feels great to be ďthat guyĒ instead of the other.

Till next time, fellas.

Kristian H
07-11-2018, 06:23 AM
Week 11
So, it is officially only 1 week left of the fitness program! It is time to really squeeze out the last I have left. My main goal for the last week is to try and up my intensity some more and go all out. If I manage to walk right out of the gym after my workouts I have not trained hard enough.

It is scheduled with one rest week before we hit Vegas. I will for sure just keep training the last week, but I will up my frequency a bit – full body workouts 3 times the last week. One day with more occlusion training with something called Myo-reps, the next day with higher intensity and the last day with a more volume-based training. That being said, I encourage everyone who reads this to try out the Kris Gethin program on bodybuilding.com (costs around 7 dollars to access the program, but you get access to loads of other programs as well). If you follow the program, stay dedicated and give 100% you will transform your body.

The week started off with yoga. I feel like I am getting the hang of it now. Do not get me wrong, I still fuck up in some of the poses and struggle to keep my balance sometimes, but it is a lot better than what it used to be just a few weeks ago. The yoga portion is also something that I encourage people doing. Not only will it make you more flexible and have more control of your body, but it is also liberating to just let go of all the stress you have in your everyday life and just focus on the exercises and the breathing. One thing I do not understand is that yoga is still the single one thing of the fitness program that makes me sweat the most by far. I think it is because there are really no breaks, just going from one exercise to another for 90 minutes.

On Tuesday we had the SF ab program. Something that I noticed the last few times is that I am getting so tired in the abs during the program that I start to compensate with other muscles just to being able to finish the routine. Obviously, this is not a good thing, but it might not just be all bad. Probably means that I am doing the first exercises correct and getting good abs contraction on those exercises which leads to my abs being fatigued for the last exercises. I think I should rather focus on the fact that my abs are getting worked hard hence being fatigued and if possible, try to reduce the compensation for the last exercises, but do not really sweat it that much. It is not like my abs are not being worked although I compensate a bit with other muscles.

On Wednesday we had my favourite body part to train on the schedule – legs (sarcasm). 300 reps of leg presses. At the end of the workout my legs felt like jelly and I had to wait for 5 minutes to walk down the stairs to the locker rooms. On the good side, I rushed almost straight to work, but had no cramps or anything. Drinking more water and getting some more salt in me seemed to the trick.

We had back and chest on Thursday. DTP supersets between back and chest. Exhausting stuff, but such a good feeling afterwards. One thing I have noticed is that my chest is getting bigger compared to my shoulders and arms. That is something have in mind for the last 2 weeks, might up my frequency on my arms and shoulders while having the same amount of reps – basically spreading my shoulder and arm reps over several days. A good thing about that is that since I spread the reps over several days I will be able to lift heavier on each set.Instead of 300 reps for shoulders on one day, I might for instance have 100 reps on 3 days which will lead to a greater overall volume (since I lift heavier). Already asked my mentor about it, so just have to wait and see if I am allowed to deviate a bit from the program.

On Friday we had DTP sets again. This time for shoulders. Brutal as always. Another cool thing was that France beat Uruguay and is now ready for the semi-final. They are meeting Belgium which is going to be one hell of a match. I think it is 50/50 and it all just comes down who has the margins on their side. Either way, really looking forward to that match. Sadly, I will be working that day, so I doubt I will be able to see much of it.

On Saturday we had arms. Basically different supersets between bicep and triceps. I really tried to focus on the mind-muscle-connection as I feel like my arms and shoulders are lagging a bit compared to my chest. Killed the workout but having work straight after where I lift stuff was brutal, but manageable. Have to sacrifice something for big arms, right?

Sunday was the ab ripper x. that is always tough for me no matter how many times I do it. It is a lot easier now compared to the first few times, but I still have lactic acid building up.

This week was quite hectic. I mentioned in my last blog post that I was not going to work that much this week, but I did some changes with a co-worker so that I do not have to quit my 25% part time job and therefore have a bit of income during Rockstar which is awesome. That means, however, that I have to work a lot leading up to Rockstar. I have for instance four 12 hour shifts in a row, but it is worth it.

Axel E
07-11-2018, 06:48 AM
I know I know I'm late and I'm sorry but as the saying goes, better late than sorry so I guess I'm not really sorry. Week 11 was a good week for my ego. My body is really starting to take shape and I fucking love it. Borderline narcissistic even, I can't help but flex everytime I'm in front a mirror. It might sound a bit self-righteous and egocentric, and you're probably right I just don't care. I've been struggling with my body image for a long time since I was in pretty great shape back in high school and then just exploded pretty much so being back in pretty good shape is like going back in time. I have so much energy its insane and I feel so confident.

When it comes to training this week haven't been much different than any other week. Once you're in the routine it doesn't really matter what you're doing. Every workout is uncomfortable, every workout has brought a feeling of sickness and pain, so nothing is really new. You just get to the gym and do what you have to do. Nutrition is interesting however because as you remove artificial tastes and sugar and your body detoxes from them you actually start to taste differently.

It's actually a very fascinating experience to go through. Sure, some meals are still super boring like eating 3-4 eggs in the morning, or sometimes when I need to down 200g of nothing else but chicken to fill out my daily intake, I admit it's not super exciting. However, I'm really looking forward to some of my meals even though I've been eating the same thing every day for weeks. I guess you just adapt to the circumstances and even though I'm looking forward to my cheat meal, I don't think I'll ever stop counting calories and macros.

On a more personal note, I've had quite an interesting week for sure. I've been struggling with my feelings for skydiving and I was even considering stop doing it at all. It was just so much frustration and stress around it and even though I love actually being in the air I didn't know if it was worth the stress. I even talked to a few of my good friends out on the drop zone about it and that I was considering stop doing it. I compare it to be in a destructive relationship with the best looking girl you can think of and you have the most amazing sex but you're constantly fighting every other minute of the day, and I just didn't feel like it was worth it. But as every destructive addiction, I ended up saying "I'll just do a few more jumps and if nothing changes I'm done". I ended up doing a few absolutely magical jumps and obviously, I'm hooked again. I'm just sad I don't have any more time to jump more before Vegas but oh well.

I've also been on a couple of dates this week with the chick I mentioned last week. As always I have no idea what happened but I'm glad it did, and its a great ego boost for Vegas haha. It's a little bit funny because we were talking about when she noticed she was interested in me and so on and she literally told me like "I've always been in relationships and guys has always been hitting on me, but you didn't. That got me interested, I was like "Whats wrong with this guy?". At the same time I was all like this chick is out of my league and I'm on this intense workout program and I'm going to Vegas soon and there will be tons of girls there so I'm not going to put any effort into it. I guess you can say that she picked me up. I feel flattered.

She's a super cool girl as well and very relaxed about everything. She knows I'm going away for a while and that I might move back to Thailand this fall so we're just enjoying each other's company and see where it takes us. No stress, no obligations, just what the doctor prescribed.

I so fucking psyched for Vegas now, I mean if this is what happens just by going through the fitness transformation I can't wait to see what happens after we mastered all the other aspects to this. A lot of the other guys have some or even quite a bit of experience with pickup and love system but I'm quite a blueberry. I don't know if that will translate correctly but basically, it means I have no idea what I'm doing so I believe this will be extremely eye-opening for me, and I'm so hyped to have so many great men at my side to guide me through the process.

My nerves are slowly transforming into excitement after Dainis little speech about excitement and nervousness having the same physical attributes and I've been giving it a lot of thought lately and like the mindset. But I also believe these feelings come in pairs. Like Ying and Yang, you can't really have one without the other. As you are excited for what might go right, you'll nervous about what might go wrong and in the end it's up to you what you decide to focus on.

But as this last week of the fitness transformation is coming to its end I'm just going to muscle through the last couple of days and finish off strong. Before we know it this little dream team of people is finally going to meet up in person and I just KNOW it's going to be absolutely epic from start to finish. Lets fucking crush it guys!

07-12-2018, 10:37 PM
9-Jul-18 Week 9

This week was all about traveling back home to Poland. I took the opportunity to do a dry run of what my packing would look like for PR (3 weeks left). I'll only have 4 short days @ home when I get back, so focus on PR-readiness was paramount.

The biggest time eater, by far, was the nearly full day I spent putting on every article of clothing in my closets (yes, I have 2). Since cost of labour is significantly cheaper in Poland, I had hoped to take some of my favorite clothes and get them re-fitted while Iím back home for 2 weeks. Unfortunately, this fitness transformation has caused such reductions in all my bodily proportions that nearly 70% of all my clothing is no longer wearable and does not even look/feel like it qualifies for re-fitting. I have dozens of high-quality articles of ďdressĒ clothing that, for now, I have relegated for review and acceptance by my younger brother, who best could take advantage of my inability to fit into this clothing (me and him used to be about the same size and I hope he can take full advantage, otherwise, it will probably go to the donation bins).

All this packing and preparing was very hectic and luckily we had 2 rest days on the books that coincided with the exact time I needed to pack and prepare for the trip. I unfortunately skipped the stretchX and YogaX workouts, but in the grand scheme of things, I didnít think this will have a huge impact on my overall transformation (I stayed active and did cardio-equivalent activities).

What did have a huge impact was the full day lost due to the airport+ flight+travel to new accommodations. I was not able to hit the gym the morning of the travel back home, but I had expected this, and had my cousin all ready to take me to register for a popular gym in Krakůw on the same day we land. This gym has many locations and a few of them are open 24/7 - perfect for the jet lag and/or insomnia.

So I left on Wednesday and landed Thursday morning. Seeing as how I was here for two weeks, I had planned ahead and packed 3kg worth of supplements with me, in original packaging (as to avoid the red flags that would surely be associated with an assortment of pills and powders packaged in ziplock bags), however, I did not think it practical to pack my weight and kitchen scales.

First order of business, once I had picked up the keys to our place, by late Thursday afternoon, I made my way over to the mall (on foot, as unlike in Canada/US, the cities here are densely built, allowing for comfortable distances for walking (aka cardio), especially in city centers). There, I was able to get reasonably priced scales (both kitchen and body), as well as a shaker cup and several packages of supplements I had run out of before leaving Canada.

Despite the general tiredness, my first day in Krakůw consisted of being at the gym for 3.5 hours to cover 2 daysí worth of fitness training. Now I was back on track and fully aware of how to get there.

Nutrition has been a bit of a struggle - food in Poland is flavorful, plentiful, and delicious. To add to this, all family you visit expects you to eat with them, and are offended when you refuse to try the home-made meals and desserts. I spent a lot of time telling people about the 12-week transformation, the need to monitor macros, especially carb and particularly sugar intake, but inevitably, you take a small ďhonoraryĒ piece of home-made whatever here and there and it quickly adds up. So although the general calorie intake for this week has remained within ~5% of the designated 2000 calorie target, my macros have significantly shifted to 40/20/40 as opposed to the 30/30/40 (carbs/fat/protein). However, by taking a taste here and there, my resolve to stay true to the program ahead of the ďbreak weekĒ has been even better and I havenít really felt the cravings to try things as I travel throughout the day.

My fat % continues to decline although my average body weight in weeks 8/9 did a parabola - from 174 lbs down to 170 just before travel, back up to 174. The new resolve has taken hold during week 10, and weight is stabilizing back towards its descent trend, but one can wonder how much weight loss I really have left with my 10-14% body fat Range (its unfortunate I was not able to get that 3rd DEXA scan to be sure what my actual body fat percentage is; the Navy and handheld methods are good indicators of trend, but they are hardly accurate in terms of absolute figures).

Nishant A
07-14-2018, 10:54 PM
Week 12:

AaaandÖ.weíre done! Well, not really. With rockstar just a week and a half away, it feels like all weíre done with is 12 weeks of preparation leading up to this moment. Still, it felt good to be able to see ďthe finish lineĒ on the fitness tracking sheet - definitely feels like weíve accomplished something.

As per my usual thought pattern, my first thought was ďehÖyes, youíve done somewhat good. But youíre not there yetĒ. But after that I remembered what it felt like to go shopping for the supplements and food on 22nd April, unsure and daunted by what lay ahead. While Iíve lost around 18 pounds over these last 12 weeks, the bigger journey has been mental - working out through illness, finding time through hectic work days to workout, the steady drop in calories, learning to ignore the muscle soreness etc.

One subtle but important change was learning not to live and die by what the scale said. Somewhere between week 6 and 9 I learned to trust the process and not let my day be dictated by whether my weight had fluctuated up or down that morning.

I also got better at avoiding tempting (i.e. processed) food. That craving hasnít gone away over 12 weeks, but like all other skills Iím better at it after practicing it for weeks. I donít know if that ever goes away completely given what my habits were before starting this program. But as claudio has told us many time - we become what we do repeatedly. So I just have to keep at it and let that side of me recede over time.

My workload has been increasing steadily but exponentially over these twelve weeks. Itís all been leading up to the launch of a big project that launches the day before I leave for Vegas. In some ways Iíve been grateful for that Ďdistractioní because left to myself my mind wouldíve just ramped up the anxiety about Vegas. After reading ĎThe Obstacle Is The Wayí I got better at dealing with anxious thoughts by focusing on the process i.e. every time it came up I caught myself and told myself to just focus on that dayís workout.

Earlier this week I was speaking to a friend and mentioned that I have only one more weekend before I go on sabbatical from work. He said - ďwhatís the problem. Itís going to be an endless Ďweekendí for months after this oneĒ. I realised then that I was still subconsciously labelling whatís ahead of us in Vegas as something to dread rather than something to look forward to. To deal with this I went back to read the PR journals from previous years where the rockstars posted retrospectively about their whole experience, sometimes weeks or months after PR was complete. Definitely inspired me and got me looking at it positively again!

Anyway, this kind of thinking has clearly impeded me in many areas of my life. And Iím looking forward to dealing with this and my other mental blocks in the weeks ahead.

Now itís on to shopping, preparing for Vegas while still maintaining momentum on fitness. Lots to do and not much time to do it because itíll take me close to a full day to fly to Vegas. Given my workload I havenít been keeping up on the group chat or watching all the other Rockstarís videos, so hope to catch up on some of that in this coming week.

Will reserve some thoughts for the final post on reflections from the fitness program, so thatís all from me for week 12. See you in 10 days!

David I
07-15-2018, 10:46 PM
Week 9 Blog

Hey guys,

This week was pretty regular regarding the fitness program. I’ve been mostly working out in the mornings, so I actually feel my days are longer and more productive. It’s also nice to have the night to chill and reflect. I think I’m gonna keep doing it that way after PR.

I went out clubbing last night for the first time in several weeks and I’ve been reflecting today about how it went. Yesterday I went out with a few simple intents:

- Have fun with my friends
- Talk to girls without worrying about the outcome
- Practice some of the inner skills I’ve been working on. e.g. Serenity, lack of self-consciousness and letting out my authenticity

The good part was that I did have a lot of fun just bonding again with my friends, meeting new people in the club, dancing, and I intentionally let myself go a lot more than I have in a long time (or that I usually do when I’m not drunk). It felt great. It reminded of the feeling of when I was a kid/teenager and I was doing activities just because I enjoyed them.

On the other hand, every time I talked to (or even saw) a hot girl, I couldn’t help but feel anxious. My serene state went to shit uncontrollably in that moment and my heart rate increased. Self consciousness kicked in and I would either freeze or act clumsy. The good news is that I was able to recover from that state rather quickly and to just go back to doing something else and have fun. The bad news is that every time I was in an interaction with a hot girl, the emotion of anxiety came back and I couldn’t help feeling it. It’s like the hot chick was an anxiety trigger. Reflecting today, I realized that’s the moment when I usually start being funny, trying to impress, etc, which I guess is the solution I’ve found years ago to alleviate my discomfort with the situation. Then I eject “gracefully” as a cool/nicel guy who wasn’t rejected. I always thought the jokes and the funny vibe was me showing my authenticity, but I now realize that’s only partly true, and that I’ve also been using it as a defence mechanism to protect myself from rejection and to protect my ego. I’m glad I identified both the trigger of the discomfort and my behavioral pattern so I can work on improving it during project rockstar. I really wanna express myself as I truly am, but I want to be able to do it in a way that’s natural and contributes to my life as a whole, instead of using one of my qualities to benefit one part of my life and hinder another.

The best part of this experience was actually today. Besides not having a horrible hangover, this is the first time I don’t punish myself for doing things “wrong” with girls, so I don’t feel bad emotionally. This is the first time I manage to truly put in practice a non-judgemental attitude. I just observed without giving labels of right or wrong, so I don’t feel like shit. After last night, I realized that changing some of my current habits will probably take a lot longer than I thought because there’s a lot of unconscious BS to be aware of and improve, but as Project Rockstar gets closer, I now know that this is the kind of intense program needed to accelerate our personal improvement process. See you guys in Vegas!

07-17-2018, 01:07 AM
16-Jul-18 Week 10

Even though it's not week 12 for me, I'm looking forward to having a cheat meal at the end of this week. My aunt is throwing a 60th birthday party combined with her retirement (back home, women get to retire at age 60 if they want) and that is the reason I am here. I have been using the promise/thought of an amazing 3+ course meal with a few shots of vodka, all in the company of family to keep me motivated and on the righteous path!


This week I decided to be pro-active instead of reactive about our fitness program and the inevitable interruptions and obstacles that traveling back home brings. Last week highlighted how catching up with family and the inevitable “tourist trips” were likely going to lead me to miss a workout here or there, so I decided to use the days that didn’t have any particular outings planned, to try and “double up” on workouts.

Last week I had to “double up” because I missed workouts. This week, I decided to do one workout in the morning, and then one more in the afternoon. That way, if the next day I didn’t make it to the gym, I would already have one work out “in the bank” so to speak. This method is obviously not ideal, as the idea is to consistently burn 3500-4000 calories each day, but it’s better than missing a workout. Thankfully, because in my home city it is common to walk everywhere, I was always able to get the minimum (and then some) cardio workout in the form of traveling/walking from one destination to the next (or just moving around the city lol).

For example: on Wednesday I did the required YogaX workout in the morning, then went to the gym in the evening to do the next day’s Chest+Back DTP workout. On my return I was beat but was still able to enjoy the awesome match between England and Croatia. On Thursday I had planned to go do a tour of Auschwitz, which took most of the day, and instead of going to the gym like I had originally planned, an impromptu invite to hang out with family and friends derailed that plan, but I accepted the invite because I had already gotten the workout done the previous day. To boot, the tour of Auschwitz was very heavy on walking, and so I had easily done 3 hours of walking during the tour, plus another 30 minutes of traveling (on foot) between locations.

I went to bed early on Thursday night (midnight), and was up by 8am on Friday, allowing me to hit the required Ab RipperX + StretchX (rest day) workout in the morning. Then, after a few errands and visits with family, I was able to hit the gym in the evening to do the next day’s shoulders workout, thus getting another workout in the bank. In best case, I will keep this going to cut my 12-week transformation 1-2 days short of the original end date!


My nutrition never really recovered back to the desired 30/30/40 macros split, but I did manage to control my calorie intake for most of the week... at least until the “break week” started. Everyone on Rockstar gets a 1 week break between the end of the fitness program and the beginning of the 9-week, with the exception of myself and a few of the other “late entrants” into the program. To accommodate, our coaches allowed us late folks to have a “break week” where we are allowed to loosen the usually tight requirements on nutrition - have a couple beers/drinks with family and friends, indulge in a few of the restricted foods, etc.

That said, it’s still important to try and control yourself as much as possible not to undo all the good work, or suffer a set back of 1-2 weeks.

So far I have tried to keep it minimized (ie. Don’t exceed the calorie limit by more than 25%) and plan to maintain my fitness requirements to use the excess calories in a positive way (to potentially build muscle instead of storing fat). However, the real results won’t truly be known until next week so stay tuned!

07-17-2018, 01:07 AM

Jose I
07-17-2018, 02:55 PM
Week 12, 7.15.2018

Well, shit.

Here we are. The LAST week of the physical fitness program.

And just like that. Just like all of us knew it would happen. Here we are. And by here, i mean imean fucken FAST!

And still, it seems to have caught me off guard.

I had some injuries (knee and elbow) during this phase of the program that limited me from my possible full potential.

I like some of the changes to my body. But i know (that if i were just a bit healthier) i could have done and gained so much more!

The injuries, plus the drastic change from a primarily high fat/low carb (almost keto) diet to a low fat/high carb one, was a shock to my system that took me a while to adjust to.

In fact, iím still not sure iím as adjusted as i should be. As i can be.

I was on this high fat diet for almost 3 years. And even though i wasnít as swole or defined as i wanted to be during those years, i did notice the ďhealth benefitsĒ from such a diet. Primarily hormone balance, gut health and digestive regularity.

On this new 40/40/20 diet, i donít feel quite as healthy as i should. Especially my energy levels and digestion.

In fact, i find myself quite often not being able to hold down all the food i eat. I have these massive, intense bowel movements (sorry if itís TMI, fellas). But because of that, i donít think iíve been able to gain the necessary mass iíve wanted to.

I went to a doctor to check myself out. And it seems as though my thyroid is not working properly.

I will be taking some type of replacement therapy to see if it helps. I surely do. And I will keep at it.

But on the positive side, Iíve noticed changes to my body, as well as to my fellow rockstars. And even though i didnít get the full results i wanted this time around, i now know, and can see, the amazing potential of this strategy.

And now, more than ever, iím focused on approaching this physical transformation part with more vigor and determination when i do it again.

And, with the meal prep during RS, and the amount of committed gents in our class, as well as my slowly but steadily improving knee and elbow, i feel as though i can and will see better physical results during the summer.

I want to continue building on this progress!

And with the positive, encouraging environment at RS this will undoubtedly be the best possible situation for me to improve not just on my ďgameĒ but also on my mental, physical and emotional well being.

I know, we ALL know, that itís going to be hard.

That the time constraints and commitments to the program will push us to the limit. But itís also becoming clear, that these aspects of our lives (physical, mental, emotional, etc) are dealt with in such high regard in that community that it will be encouraged on a continual basis.

And thatís what i need. Thatís what i want. And itís fucken awesome.

Aside from my thoughts on the physical transformation portion of it, iíve also been thinking a bit (well, more like a LOT) on my SDL from last weekend.

On my hook up with that 23 yr old, Amy.

Not going to lie. Even though i felt like it was a lot of work to get her to climax (MORE work than iíve ever put into any sex related activity), upon reflection, it was totally worth it!

Looking back on it, i loved every minute of it.

Not just the sex part (which, when i finally did climax, was awesome!), but the whole process of it.

There are moments when i think about the entire day with her. And how easily and congruent i was in leading her from the kiss to the bedroom, that i think to myself ďthat was so easy. I could TOTALLY do this again and again with any girlĒ.

But, just as quickly, i find myself thinking ďdamn, can i? Can i really do that again?Ē Iím not even sure i can do it again with Amy. Iím not sure exactly how to get her for another lay.

I mean, iím trying to ping her every now and then (in a non-needy way), and she seems to respond very eagerly and nicely. So i think (and I hope) that sheís still interested in me. At least interested enough to see me again.

But, until it happens, until i get her into my bedroom, iím not sure and not confident that i can.

Currently, iím in japan traveling. And sheís in the state of washington visiting her family. And iím trying to learn on the fly how to keep her interested enough and thinking about me. But i just donít have the tools, yet.

Tools that i will undoubtedly get from RS.

But sadly, in this case as it always seems to be in life, i just donít know how to handle something like i will know in a few months.

I know i shouldnít focus too hard on her. That i will start to get the ďabundanceĒ mentality in vegas, but emotionally right now (because i donít have abundance) i canít get past it.

This experience with Amy is allowing me to realize one of my issues already. That i get too attached too quickly with a girl.

On one hand itís good, because i needed something like this to get past my ex-gf. But on the other hand, iíve replaced one obsession with another one.


I obviously need MORE experience with girls and more reference points to truly be free, and to truly be my own man.

But until then, this is going to be a bit arduous.

Who knows? If i get another lay from her (iím home this coming weekend for a few days before i leave for vegas, and i think she comes home for a week during that time before going up north for school) then i may just get on the road with the clearest of minds and testicles, haha.

But, if not, if iím not able to do it, then i will have to use this experience to become stronger! To take this opportunity to learn and grow from.

It wonít be easy. I know myself, but i have to be prepared for either scenario.

And as i type this, a sense of calm is washing over me. That no matter what, that i WILL get another shot (hopefully more) with another high quality girl.

That i will be out in the field so often, that just the sheer amount of interactions will get me something good And that thought alone makes me smile :)

Letís do this!


Kristian H
07-18-2018, 09:14 AM
Week 12
I cannot believe that we are now officially finished with the 12-week program. As I have stated several times – time is really flying by.

I remember when I first took a look at the program and thought to myself that it was no chance that I would be able to fit all those hours in my already extremely hectic schedule with exams and work. During the interview sessions I was told that the fitness program was extremely hard and time consuming, but I did not expect it to take as much time as it did. If I was not training I was stuffing my face with food and constantly felt full. I spent easily 6 hours a day on eating and training, combine that with finishing the third year of an MBA and work and you have the recipe for an extremely hectic period. In addition to that I had to deal with my cousin being diagnosed with brain cancer. That being said, I actually enjoyed having such a hectic schedule – I felt like every hour I was awake I was doing something productive with my life and I was going to bed with such a good feeling about myself.

This week was kind of special since I knew that it was the last week of the fitness portion and tried my best to up my intensity some more from the previous weeks. Go hard or go home.

The week started off with the Yoga x. No matter how much I do yoga, I still get exhausted from it. I think it is the constant pace with no breaks that gets me. In the end of the 90 minutes I am super sweaty and all I can think of is when does it end. This week the yoga was particularly useful. We are getting closer to the kick off in Vegas and my mind is full of different scenarios, emotions and thoughts. The 90 minutes really had me relaxing and letting go of the past and future which was something I really needed.

On Tuesday it was time for the final chest and back workout. I used wrist wraps and straps for the first time and it really helped me lift heavier! Should have used that earlier, oh well, you live, and you learn. I totally rocked that workout and pushed myself harder than I have ever done previously during the fitness program. The last rep on the dumbbell bench-press took me over 10 seconds to complete and my arms were shaking like crazy. Good shit.

The next day it was time for shoulders and calves, if you read my last blog post you probably remember that I mentioned that my shoulders and arms were lagging a bit compared to my chest. I asked my fitness mentor If I were allowed to deviate a bit from the program and up my frequency on shoulders and arms. He was super cool with that and this week I have trained my shoulders and arms 3x this week. I already feel like they are getting bigger but that is probably just me being a bit too optimistic.

The Sf ab program was scheduled for Thursday. I gave it all I had and ending up with stomach cramps at the end of it. Not a pleasant experience. Cramping in general is horrible but stomach took it to the next level and I had a hard time breathing for a while, but It was no chance in hell that I would cut short the last sf ab workout and after some stretching I was good to go and finished off the last set.

On Friday we had the dreaded X-stretch. I was actually a lot more flexible now than last time. I really do not know why as I have not done anything different than what I normally do throughout the week. Maybe my body just wanted me to have a happy ending on X-stretch as some of my stretching sessions have been flat out embarrassing. All in all, a great ending to the stretching part of the program!

The last few days of the week I had 15-hours shifts which really took a toll on my body. I felt completely drained and the workouts were brutal. We were also told to drop pre-work and coffee which really did not help either. I really had to fight mentally and had to dig deep, but I knew the first step was to show up at the gym. From there I just took one set at a time and small chunked it and kept telling myself “just one more set”. Worked like a charm and I was able to complete the workouts.

On Sunday it was the world cup final! As you guys who have read my blog know, I betted on France winning the entire thing and lo and behold they actually did!! So cool, and made my long ass shift at work a lot better. I won $1200 on France which will come in handy during the program.

As I have said, I cannot believe that the fitness part is over. Everything has gone so fast and I have not really had that much time to really digest that I am actually a part of Project Rockstar. I will take some time off the days before travelling to Vegas and really reflect on the fact that I am a part of this program and write down some of the things that I hope to get out of it. It will be cool to come back after the summer and re-read what I wrote down and see if I got what I wanted out of the program. As with everything in life, you get what you put in to it, so I will make sure I give 110% and really take advantage on the rare chance that I have been given.

Sharod J
07-20-2018, 12:23 AM
Week 8 Blog

Sunday, June 27 10:22 am: Mexico vs. Germany on in the background

...Had to cut the game off to finish this. Better to focus on one thing at a time and get it done.

Going out last night
I went out last night again with friends. For me its a good reminder of the main reason I applied to the program. I want to get better with women, and I want to stop holding myself back with women and in more broadly in life.
I am in better shape. I feel like I have the body that the girls I want to attract desired, but I don't yet have the software. To use a computer analogy, It is like the fitness transformation is an upgrade to our hardware. And when we get to Vegas, we will begin our software upgrades.

Hanging out with Friends:
I hung with one of my friends yesterday evening, but it wasn't an enjoyable experience. I found myself annoyed, not really with my friends but at myself. The main reason for this lack of enjoyability was because hanging out caused me to not get the stretching and cardio in for the day (which I am making up today by adding onto my cardio and doing the stretching this morning). I haven't been available "To Hang" for the past few months while doing the fitness transformation. While this time has been flying by for me, I felt a smidge of guilt not being around. After this weekend I am verbally giving myself permission to go back into hermit mode and fully concentrate on my Fitness. At this point, I would rather do that anyway.
But that is likely one of the benefits of this Fitness Transformation. It gives one the space they need to grow. Taking a step away and then going back into same routine/ situations feels unnatural now. When I hear some of my friend's negative thought process an alarm goes off in my head In my gut, I can feel that I don't hold that same belief anymore. I am growing and changing. Also, I am getting so much from PR that I don't get from my regular circle of friends at the moment. The fact that we are all reading, working out continually striving day to day to improve. It is not the same as trying to relate to people who are not doing it. Some of my friends, ask if I have a workout today. And I think to myself "Why do you ask this?... The answer is YES!". And if I don't have "a workout", then I have to stretch or do yoga or 40 mins of cardio or meal prep or rest.
I felt a bit of sadness when I applied for PR. A part of me knew that after doing this past program, relationships will likely not be the same. You don't do a program like Rockstar to go back to your old life. I don't know what is to come but for sure I know I will never be the same.

...Cut the game back on because I heard weird horn sound in the apartment complex. Mexico had scored.

Currently Reading:
Moonwalking with Einstein: I finished this audiobook this week, and it was a good read. This book discusses an author who goes on a quest to win the US Memory Championships. The book touches on Memory: Techniques to improve it, how our minds work, how memory/learning and becoming an expert interacts.

My main takeaways from the book where as follows
1. Deliberate Practice: In the book, the author discusses the concept of deliberate practice. This is the key to becoming the expert at a task. Deliberate practice essentially means practicing with a purpose and consciously working to improve on a skill by tracking progress and receiving feedback. This ties in well to PR because all of us will be getting.... are getting coaching and immediate feedback even now.

2. The author explores in the book how having memorable experiences has the effect of slowing down time. As I have begun my career, I have noticed how time can begin to fly. One workday merges into another. None of them particularly memorable. The human brain has evolved to notice the memorable or novel. If something becomes too routine, its just filed away into just another day. I have the feeling we are going to create a shitload of epic memories over this summer. This is going to be a year I will never forget.

I am starting the audiobook for Antifragile by Naseem Talib this week. I am finding this book insightful also. The author has a mercurial slant on his view of the world. But its one that I have found is based on nature/evolution which is an excellent place to look for ideas about how the universe works. What I have taken from this book so far is that risk and variance in life is not a bad thing. My current life is the epitome of fragile as how Talib describes in the book. While I have a good job and constant stream of income, If my company decides to lay me off tomorrow I would be in for trouble.
This whole PR process has highlighted my fragility. When I had to request and fight for time off, I realized how not in control I could be in my life. Looking back, I am so glad I pushed through. However uncomfortable that made me it was the right decision to make that first step.

Intermittent Fasting:
Intermittent fasting is still going. I am still on the fence about how much I like it. This week I didn't start eating until around 11 am. But I eat until, 9 or 10. That is when I can get home and eat my last meal of the day. I even pushed to 1 pm one day this week. I will keep doing it for at least another week to see if I like it enough to continue. What I have found most difficult is making sure I eat enough when I start later. With the compressed time, I may have to reconsider how I split up my meals and eat more at one time.

The Way of the Superior Man:
Downloaded this book and will also work on it during the week.

Tao of Jeet Kune Do:
I have had this book for a while. It had been recommended to read the introduction and to get Bruce Leeís philosophy of martial arts. I have started reading it a bit before bed. So far a central theme has been being in the moment and also the dangers of form. He was really about being in the moment. He believed in being fluid and ready to react in the moment. Not being guided by some set routine or classical training.

Dexa Fit Results 3:
I got my 60-day results this weekend. I am still making progress which is good. My weight had gone from 217 to 210 in the 3+ weeks since my last scan. My body fat went from 17% to 14.5% which almost gets me into the Lean/Athletic range for Dexa. I had also managed to put on another pound of muscle. I could see the results in the mirror and through my daily measurements.
This Fitness Program has been the first time that on a day to day basis I can see changes in my physique. Guys in the group are pushing each other. I will have to step up and do more on my abs.

Soccer was my passion:
Being a soccer fan was my key passion over the years. I would never a miss a Manchester United Game on TV. I followed online sports forms and really was into the team. But over the past few years (Since Sir Alex retiring). I just havenít followed like i use to. I remember when I first got into soccer. I could watch soccer all day everyday. I guess it was because it was novel and not readily available on TV in America. But lately my passion is just not the same as it once was. For whatever reason this has bothered me for a bit. I see other Rockstars who are really into some cool shit. And i wonder what will be the next thing I just have to do. Currently its the fitness for me. I look forward to going to the gym most days. I donít know if it is just habit. Or is it something I really love.
I am following the World Cup, but with the US not in it. I am not following it with the same passion. What is great about sports is when you have skin in the game. You care about the outcome that is when watching sports is fun.

Onto Week 9:
Going to start shopping and buying supplies. Exciting getting the post last week from Andrew. I am going ahead with the preparations. This is Happening. Vegas Awaits!!!!!

Sharod J
07-20-2018, 12:24 AM
Week 9
Saturday, June 23rd 8:55: Watching the world cup and grinning about one of the Rockstars being the Zlatan of Ab Ripper.

Feeling of Unease
This week I got started on the book Way of the Superior Man. The book has an early chapter that discusses living at the edge of your fear. And I noticed I was living with a constant level of anxiety that was right under the surface. It is not the adrenaline-laced fear that you feel when your life is in danger. It's just a low level of constant anxiety. I couldn't figure if this was in response to something I needed to do that day or it this is something that is always with me just lurking under the surface.
I believe the meditation that we have been doing brought these feelings to the surface. Increased awareness of my emotions is a benefit I am feeling from the meditation. I want to get better a using that vague feeling of unease in a more productive fashion. The feeling is usually the result of something I am avoiding in my life. And situations that bring fear are the ones that I should engage in for growth.

Weekly Results:
I am feeling the workouts this week. I have become used to soreness at this point in the program. Most of the time, I don't notice until I start working out. I felt it this morning in my upper body when I woke up. The soreness was likely from the chest/back workout a few days ago. It is good to see the program stepping up the intensity these last few weeks.
My weight has gotten down to the 205 lbs range the last few days. With the weight drop, I continue to see more definition in my muscles, and the abs are slowly becoming more defined. I woke up this morning noticing more ab definition. It is crazy how you can see progress from day to day on this transformation. I'm starting to wonder what the end product of this transformation will be. My only hope is that the same progress happens once we begin our work in Vegas.
I have continued with the Intermittent Fasting in my eating schedule. So for two weeks now I have skipped breakfast and not start eating until at least 11 and sometimes later. I really can see how eating like this helps you reduce calories without counting. And I have found skipping breakfast helps me better manage the lower calorie count. It gives me more flexibility in managing how I fill my calories during the day.
Currently, I am at 1700 calories a day. At this calorie count, I have had slight bouts of hunger. But I am still able to manage the hunger bouts without too much of an issue.

Ab Workouts:
While I haven't completed Ab Ripper without a break, I do see progress. I have been challenged in SF Abs to step the weight I use. Another Rockstar is doing 40kilos to my 40lbs. I at least have to have my pounds above his kilos. I am sorry abdominal muscles, but this has to be done.

The meditation has been going well. I missed one day this week, but I try to do it once a day. I went ahead purchased the year plan from Headspace so that I can continue the practice. Using this app is the best I have ever felt meditating

PR Preparation:
I need to pick up the pace on preparations for Vegas at this point. I made one big step this week by purchasing my plane ticket to Las Vegas. That is the first step that makes all of this real. I plan to spend today (Saturday) completing PR stuff (Journal, Blog) so that tomorrow I can get on ordering items for the trip. I see that the other guys are well into there preparations.

What I am Reading:
Antifragile by Naseem Talib: I finished this book during the week. I found this book profound and plan to purchase the entire Incerto series of books from this author. Talib has a unique take on philosophy and like the point that he makes that time can be the real test of the effectiveness of a technology. I think humankind naive to the effects of technology (myself included) new is always better. But people are waking up to this. You have to look at Facebook, Google. More people are growing uneasy with these tools.
His take on Antifragility and how while science is excellent. But humans have a difficult time seeing the actual risks in thing. Talib is a big proponent of the mental model of Via Negativa, which you are likely better off taking something away or doing less in the long run. Practically I consider this with medical/treatment medications and my current goal of dropping my HBP medication. You are probably better off, losing weight eating a better diet than taking some medication.

The Way of Superior Man:
I started this book. Reading this book is like the greatest hits of all the things I did wrong my previous relationship. My big take away so far is that you have to learn to appreciate the challenges, irritation that can come from females in relationships. This is just their nature, and it is part of life. I would be so frustrated in the past and began blaming my partner for issues. Then I eventually shut down which was the worst thing possible. I will continue with this book this week. I am so glad it was recommended

Homo Deus:
This audiobook came in from the library, So I will give I will try to finish it this upcoming week.

The Inner Game Of Tennis:
This is still on the back burner.

Goal For this Past Week:
This past week I tried to focus on washing dishes more frequently. I was forced to do a better job midweek to clean up some before my cleaners came this week. It was nice not to have a pile of dishes to wash this morning. So I will focus to keep it up during this week.

Fun Thing This Week:
Last night I went to a comedy show. Dave Chapelle and Jon Stewart were in town doing a show. Dave Chapelle is a comic genius; I was dying the entire show.
Today is also the PRIDE parade here. I was supposed to walk in the parade but will likely pass on it this evening. With all that is going on with the fitness transformation, I want to relax this evening.

Not much else to say. It is week 10. And fuck I think I have a migraine starting. Oh well. Today will be a fun day. As I have to finish my workout. Till next week.

Sharod J
07-20-2018, 12:28 AM
Week 10

Saturday, June 30th 9:35 AM: Watching France vs. Argentina - France should blow them out.

I didn't go out last night, so I was able to wake up early this morning and go to the park for a run (if we pick roommates I likely will need to room with an early riser). I am good with around 6 hours of sleep every night. Been feeling a little lethargic the past week, and thought about going out last night but decided I needed rest more. Maybe tonight.

Morning Run:
I was trying to take too much stuff to the park with me on my run and ended up forgetting my armband for my phone. I didn't feel like carrying my phone as I jogged so just left it in the car. This ended up being a good thing. Jogging only with my thoughts in the moment was excellent. There was no music, podcasts or audiobooks. Just my thoughts. I have been listening to a lot of stuff, so it was nice to take a break.

The lifting of Heavy Things this week:
There wasn't much notable with the weights this week. At this point, it is just business as usual. I am surprised how much I am into the routine of going to the gym. I didn't know what to do with myself Tuesday when I finished everything in the morning before work.
Since doing the program, it felt like the strength in my posterior chain (my butt) has gone down. I guess this should be expected, doing Crossfit I would do some squat/deadlift exercise multiple times a week which isn't the case on this program. I believe that will be something I can focus on getting back over the summer. Along with continuing to develop my core strength.

SF Abs:
Someone decided to be a show-off which will means I will be upping my situp weight to at least 50lbs for today!

* Finished SF Abs with 50lbs. This Saturday workout was a beast. SF Abs is the workout that takes me the longest to finish. So it felt like I was in the gym the entire day today.

Energy Levels:
After the morning run and lifting, I was dead. I mostly laid on the couch and napped the rest of the evening. My body is using all of its energy to do these workouts. Cause afterward I have nothing left. Because of this, I am going to try a refeed day to see if that can help with energy levels. My weight as of Sunday was down under 203. And if I continue at this rate, I will hit my new goal of 200lbs. But I think this will likely be as slim as I should try to get.
Because of my low energy, I passed on trying to go out Sat night. It was that and look at the workout that we will do Sunday. I figured it would be another day mostly hanging out in the gym.

What I am reading/learning
I have been reading multiple books at the moment. I am just following what interests me. I finished the book Homo Deus. I was surprised at how much this book touched on consciousness and the human mind. One big takeaway from the book was that human "self" is actually of two different minds. There is the experiencing self and the narrating self. The experiencing self is your experiences in the moment. And the narrating self is the part that creates the story of you are. Or the story you tell yourself.

The Way of the Superior Man: What I am picking up from this book is to learn to appreciate feminine energy and women for what it is. As was stated in the book, I def was a man that would get frustrated by the ways of women. But I feel the author's theme can be extended to appreciate people and love people however they are and learn to recognize their gifts. I try to check myself whenever I feel myself being judgemental but seeing people (myself included) flaws and seeing those as a gift can be an empowering thought.
Another action item from this book is the next few weeks to appreciate the feminine and the effect it has on me. So when I notice an attractive female, I am just becoming aware of the feeling this has on me at the moment. As I guy, I was already aware of the power women can have on men. I played basketball, and it could be the end of a two-hour practice everyone is dead tired. But let the cheerleaders come in the gym, uncanny how everyone would find an extra gear at that moment.

Good Bye Things: I picked this book up free. It is by a Japanese Minimalist. I had gone through my closet and already thrown away some old clothes I hadn't worn. Reading this book is giving me the impetus to do even more decluttering. I don't consider myself a minimalist, but I do see the benefit of letting go of things. This also seems like a good time to do something in this area. It feels like I am clearing space in my life to make room for all of the new experiences that will come this summer!

"You're not your job. You're not how much money you have in the bank. You're not the car you drive. You're not the contents of your wallet. You're not your fucking khakis.
- Tyler Durden, Fight Club

"The things you own end up owning you."
-Tyler Durden

* I need to add Fight Club the book to my reading list.

The author quoted this in his book, and it speaks to me.

The Dip by Seth Godin:
Short Audiobook I started this week. Author implores the reader not to accept being mediocre. Touches on how society is more and more becoming winner take all. With Google more and more will go to the top performers. This book has me rethinking my mental block with competing to be the best. I have been a person who would accept being mediocre. Mediocre is safe. But is it living. While it is not easy for me, I am learning that maybe life shouldn't be comfortable.

Alex Strohl Adventure Photography: Picked up the idea of doing some photography over the summer. So I purchased this course. I am allowing myself to explore new hobbies. If I am interested, I am going to try it. No holding myself back anymore.

The Alchemist:
I have this audiobook on loan from the library so listening to it today as it is due back soon. This book was recommended a while back, and I am just getting back to it. The universe conspires to give you what you truly want if you listen and follow your legend!

On the reading list:
The Inner Game of Tennis
The Obstacle is the Way

Final Thoughts:
I have heard the term embracing your shadow. I guess that is all of the things that you do or think that are not your best self. I found for me now that I have lost all this weight, I catch myself having judgemental thoughts. Like I will see someone that is overweight (I shop at Walmart, so there are many people) and I will look at what is in their shopping cart and think to myself yep I can see why you are that way. Or I will see someone who jogs for 15min on the treadmill then leaves and think. You should lift weights, and you can be like me.
Anyway, I believe the mediation helps with this. From the meditation, you learn to accept your thoughts then let them go. I have started to feel some anxiety as PR approaches. Time is ticking, and we will be on planes to Vegas shortly. This anxiety is a good thing it just means I have things I need to get done before I leave. So this week has been the start of doing that preparation.

Getting the Urge To Travel:
I have had to save up all of my vacation days for PR this year, and I am beginning to feel it at this point. I can tell I am not the most focused these days in the office. My thoughts are starting to drift to PR and just being free from the office life. While my life is not that bad, I have begun to think about is the life I want. If this not the life that I want, then I have the power to change it. The big thing for me is just the amount of time I spend commuting to the office. Google sent my stats for the amount of time I spent in my car last week (I know this is creepy). I spent 40+ hours in my car this past month. A large part of that is my commute to the office.
Because of travel for work last year, I was burnt out of from traveling. And I didn't want to see a plane for the first part of this year. As PR approaches, I am finding my wanderlust is returning. It is just this longing to experience something new. To get up and go. It is similar to the feeling of how I long to have (pizza) at this point.

Sharod J
07-20-2018, 12:28 AM
Week 11.5

Wow! We are down to the final week of the Fitness Transformation. I don't know what to say. It is a bit surreal to look at the tracking spreadsheet and only see seven days left. When I look back on the progress that I have made I am shocked. I was 270 pounds when I began my fitness journey six years ago while I was able to get down to a weight of 218lbs at one point. I was close to 250 pounds this time last year. Without PR I would not have made it to this point. If I get nothing else from the program; I am so grateful already. We know this is just the beginning. The workouts this past week haven't been as had thought they would be looking at the workout schedule. Early on in the program, looking ahead to these weeks all of the workouts seemed unmanageable. But I guess by this time our bodies have had time to adjust. So I have enjoyed some of the ones this week (DTP Included).
I am looking forward to the Fitness Transformation to end. Not because I am sick of working out, but because I want the freedom to keep doing this and making this a consistent routine in my life.

*This has changed* One of my big worries is what workout program I will do in the week between the fitness transformation and Rockstar. I have been looking at other programs on Bodybuilding.com for inspiration. I will likely try out some full body workouts that I can do 2 or 3 times that week, and I will probably also still do cardio most days.
Also, I look forward to getting my calories back up to maintenance level. I hope this will restore my energy levels. The refeed day helped fuel me this week. But it will be nice to see how my body reacts to finally getting out of a caloric deficit. These last few weeks were tough energy-wise, but the results are showing. Although my weight went up 5-6 pounds this week after the refeed, my Navy Body Fat Measurements still went down it seems.
*Mental Note: Make Appointment for Final DEXA! - Can't believe it is already time for this. I have seen some of the guy's photos, and everybody is looking good. You can see the changes. We are going to be masculine mofo's
I had planned to workout the week before flying to PR. But I saw that is good to take 1 to 2 weeks off from lifting every few months. We have been hitting the gym hard and consistently so I will take that week to relax and make sure I get everything done before heading to Vegas.

Getting Ready For Vegas:
I have continued getting ready for Vegas little by little. I have been ordering various small items getting prepared for the trip. I had to mentally adjust to my new body size while ordering some clothes. For my entire adult life, I have been an XL-2XL size. But when I wanted to order some new stuff, I was an M-L based on the measurements. To be safe, I ordered a large. In the back of my mind, I am afraid they will be too small.
I see the point of the style transformation at this point. Pretty much all of the clothes that I own don't fit at this point. Which has given me a good reason to go through and declutter. Some of the stuff I plan to take to Vegas I will have tailored this week.

Listening to The Life Stylist Podcasts:
This podcast episode was recommended by a fellow PR member. The host mentions that he is taking a 6-month break from dating relationships. This fitness transformation has primarily been a 3-month break from the worries of relationships and women. While some part of me has felt like I should be out there trying to date and be more active, It has felt right to focus on myself these past few months. Starting out on the fitness transformation I can remember having resistance to not being able to go out every weekend. But by the end, I am relishing this time. I am still also working my way through The Way of the Superior man. Reading this book and listening to the John Wineland podcasts has opened my eyes to the concept of the masculine and feminine essence. I realize now I didnít fully understand what genuinely being masculine entailed. But I am glad to be learning about this and want to incorporate into my life. When I got on this journey for self-improvement an area I wanted to improve on was in relationships. And I feel like Deida and Wineland give guys a roadmap to healthier more fulfilling relationships. Anyway, I thought back on me ten years ago, and I probably would have thought the shit they are talking about is weird. But now I read it, and to me it makes total sense. Funny how you grow and change if you keep your mind open.

Side Thoughts
Whenever I do go out, I find myself falling back into familiar patterns. Standing around not approaching. Not having fun. Nights are so much more interesting when you approach. That is why I can't wait until we get to PR and Vegas. I am ready to complete this transformation.

What I am continually getting from PR is that there are so many different levels of things I wasn't aware. Fitness is just the beginning. I achieved one level of fitness. But in 3 months, Iíve accomplished an entirely different level. And once you get there, you never want to go back. While I want to have a cake or a treat. I would rather have my current physique.

Sharod J
07-20-2018, 12:33 AM
Week 12 is done! I donít know where to begin. This was probably one of the toughest weeks for me. It was that weird place of almost being done but not quite there yet. Probably the first time the whole program I had a workout I wanted to skip (SF Abs - who I am kidding I have wanted to skip it many times). I had to make myself start. After I started, it was okay from there. This was a bittersweet week; I am sad that the transformation program is ending. But another part of me is ready not to spend 2-3 hours a day in the gym and get back to maintenance calories. But I canít argue with the results. This 12-week transformation has broken through some limited beliefs I didnít realize I had in this area of my life. I figured I just wasnít an abs person. And now I have abs. In the back of my mind, I have the thoughts of not messing this up. Those thoughts will keep me motivated to move forward.
For this upcoming week, I plan to ďrestĒ from the gym for a bit. A part of me wants to push through and keep lifting. But I think it will be good to give my body a chance to rest a bit before Vegas. I was running on fumes the end of this week. I felt like I had just enough energy to do my workouts. After that my body would shut it down. I pretty much went to sleep at 8:30 pm on a Friday night. So I donít entirely switch it off I will do the YogaX, Stretch (maybe abs) and cardio before starting back next weekend with weights. I figure we will get advice on what program to do during PR as I plan to lift while in Vegas consistently.
One of the other Rockstars is already on to the next goal of getting ready for the beach. I hadnít thought that far ahead. But that sounds like something that can motivate me. Fitness goal is to be Mediterranean beach ready! Shit, I got chills typing that. It is interesting seeing the different approaches everyone is taking on the time in between. Some will have a cheat meal, some not. Some are pushing straight through others will take a break. Although approaches are different, I can tell everyone is aiming for the same goal of improving.

Results from the program:
I got my final DEXA scan this Saturday, and the results put a smile on my face. I could see the difference in the mirror, but the actual results were better than I expected. I was able to get down to 11.5% and also put on 4 lbs of muscle from the time of my last scan. I had the person giving me the DEXA inquire about the program I am doing to get the result. Results, like we are achieving, are outside the norm. This has pretty much happened every time I go in at the moment.

Taking Clothes To Tailor
Most of my clothes donít fit at the moment. So I decided to take a few things I wanted to bring to Vegas to the tailor. My tailor was forthright and pretty much let me know the things that were worth getting done and the things I should buy new. For my blazers, she pretty much told me to buy new ones. I had lost enough weight that I had probably gone down a few sizes. I didnít realize this was possible. All the more reason for the fashion makeover in Vegas.

Meal Prepping for the week:
I will continue with what I have been doing for the eating this week. It works, and I donít mind eating the same stuff every day. It will take a bit of effort readjusting calories, so I spent part of the day planning my new portion sizes. After three months of eating reduced calories, you get used to not eating much. I was going to try doing my meal prep different this week. Try to bake my chicken instead of using the crockpot. Before I could get started, I asked myself ďWhat the hell are you doing!?Ē. After that, I went back to my old method. Still surprised at how comfortable I am eating chicken every day. I would throw in some variants, but Chicken/carb/veggie was my main go-to. And after you realize how easy it is to cook that basic meal, there is not a reason to go crazy eating other stuff.

Day 85!
This day after was surreal. It was the feeling of Iím done, but I'm not done. After three months things just become a habit. I woke up and weighed myself out of habit. It was nice not having to put in the tracker. Then I did my morning routine. I simplified my morning routine no supplements, pills or morning cardio today. So I was able to get to work earlier. Also no coffee. I switched to the middle of last week to try for a week. Shortly after that, we got the mandate to cut our intake to one cup a day. So I am practicing with 1 cup of decaf a day at the moment. I think I made it through the withdrawals as I had a lingering headache for a day and a half that I am sure was from no caffeine. The one cup a day is going to be tough. Sometimes I can drink up to 3-4 cups a day when in the office. Mostly out of habit and not needing the caffeine to pick me up. Speaking of coffee, I will keep my new way of drinking my coffee for the foreseeable future. My coffees used to be milk and sugar with some coffee in it. But it isnít too lousy black and at the most a dash of almond milk.
Also decided I am going to give myself a no ďsnackĒ at work rule. There is always going to be someone bringing donuts, cake, etc. to the office. Having the I can't have it rule worked during this program, and I should keep it for the future.

To conclude, it still shocks me the progress that can be made in 12 weeks. Like many of the other Rockstars starting at week one and looking at what lay ahead, it seemed daunting. And this wasnít easy, but it wasnít impossible either. And that is a big lesson from this fitness transformation. Once you have the reference experience of getting in shape like this. There isnít an excuse. I know I have it in me. It's just whether I choose to do it or not.

Axel E
07-21-2018, 01:45 AM
Once again I'm late with my blog post, this time more than ever and once again I'm sorry. Its been a super busy week and that two week period between finishing the fitness leg and the start of Rockstar has basically only been a few days for me due to other obligations like the wedding I'm attending today and roughly 5 days of traveling back and forth the country. Anyway, I have a few hours now before I actually have to get ready for the wedding and thought I might take this time to write about my fitness journey and reflect back on the whole thing and what I've learned. let me start by saying it been a hell of a journey and I've accomplished more than I ever thought possible, even If I didn't necessarily get as far as I hoped for. But I'm confident I have the knowledge and the ability to get to whatever fitness level I ever decide to pursue in the future.

Fitness is an interesting topic. In a way its both more complex and more simple than most people believe it is. As a person that been struggling with my body image since I finished high school, I've tried a lot of different approaches before and everything has provided some results in some form but nothing really stuck with me and I would quickly gain back the weight I lost. Because of this, I must say I started out thinking this fitness program would be tougher on me than it actually ended up being. Yes, I've spent a LOT of time in the gym, sometimes up to 3 hours a day but once you're there, once you have your daily plan in front of you, you just do it. Its uncomfortable but every workout it in some way. It doesn't really get much more uncomfortable in week 12 than it is in week 1. And for some reason, I don't think its more or less uncomfortable for someone who's been at the grind for 10 years than it is for someone just starting out. You just get mentally comfortable with it being uncomfortable, every day every workout. And when that clicks you just get through it really. I can honestly say I miss the gym a lot since I haven't really had the time to go this week thanks to all the preparations.

But I've been working out in some form more or less my entire life, whether it be weightlifting, CrossFit, martial arts or some other form of training. The big challenge for me was the nutrition part. I don't want to call it dieting because its not really a diet. There was a handful of things we weren't/aren't allowed to eat like dairy and sugar or anything processed or half processed, but other than that it all came down to nutritional values and macros. Counting calories. It's funny because deep down somewhere I think we all kind of know this. But were primitive beings, we always want to find an easier way to do things. We don't want to weigh everything and calculate the calories and the macros, its a hassle! We want our lives to be easy, and we want to be able to eat whatever we want. We want to enjoy the good things in life without consequences. Sadly life isn't that simple, and deep down we all know it isn't. I mean why would it be, nothing else is... Sure, every person doesn't have the exact same problems, some can eat a shit ton of junk and not gain a gram, but the same person can work out for weeks without seeing any results either. While others, like me, can't even look at pizza without gaining a bit of weight from pure guilt, but building muscles comes just as naturally.

In the end, it all comes down to giving the body the right building materials for the right job and if you don't your results won't match the blueprint you started out with. It does take dedication and hard work. You DO need to know what you put in your body, and it's not really that complicated when you get into it. Some people have been thinking that I've been insane, some even said I've been manic, and ironically none of these people have ever achieved any of the fitness goals I've been aiming for. Still, they think they can come with "right advice" and wisdom to get to where I want to be. It reminds me of when I asked a lady for directions in Thailand. I could clearly see that she didn't know where I wanted to go but she didn't want to be rude so she just gave me the wrong direction. People do this all the time with pretty much everything, and of course, it's easier to give advice on something that you never even tried than it is to actually go out and try it out for yourself.

Learning this has been an incredibly important takeaway. A lot of people want to help with good intention without really knowing that what they say doesn't really help, and sometimes people even get offended when you don't take their advice. Some people even get offended by seeing you get the results you work for and often these people don't see the hard work, they just see the results and start nagging. It's not always easy to keep your eyes on the goal and keep pushing, it's not always easy to ignore bad advice and comments and keep on pushing. But at some point, things switch. at some point, people start asking you for advice instead. People start complimenting you and want to know your secret. Sometimes the same people who a couple of weeks earlier said you don't have to work out every day, you can have a cheat meal now and then start saying things like "wow you really got ripped, what program are you on? what diet?"

I don't know how many times I had to say "I'm not precisely on a diet." and then continued to explain the values of calorie intake and macros. You know what usually happens? Nothing really. A lot of people like planning things because you get to enjoy the feeling of accomplishment without actually doing anything. A lot of people have said "That's cool, I'll look more into that. I'll take a look at bodybuilding.com." and then keep on going with their day to day life and junk food. Hey, I get it it's not easy. I don't want to sound like some perfect hero that does everything right because I'm not. I know exactly how easy it is to get that burger or pizza instead of buying clean food and spend a couple of hours in the kitchen. I get it! Here is the thing though; all I did was make a decision and stick to it and a big thing I believe was having a fitness mentor or coach to check in with on a weekly basis. Someone that keeps you on track when you start doubting and have an answer to the questions that frequently comes up. Someone who done the work and got the results. It makes a huge difference. This isn't really hard to come by, I know of plenty of personal trainers that do online coaching and I believe its worth every penny. I even plan to hire one after I'm done with rockstar, someone that has the physic I want that have walked the walk and no can guide me through the challenge.

Another weird realization is how much we build up the foods we crave in our head. I was literally having nightmares about eating pizza and sweets and woke up in a panic all sweaty before realizing it was just a dream. I planned out my first cheat meal weeks and weeks before actually having it. I knew where I wanted to go, what I wanted to get, what to drink, with whom I wanted to do it with. everything was planned. and when the day finally came and my friends and I sat there waiting for the food, a premium cheese and bacon burger in this little restaurant not far from my apartment in Stockholm it was like every fiber in my body was dancing. I was so excited! When the burger came in I pretty much inhaled it. It was gone faster than I could say Cheese my bacon. And for a moment I was absolutely euphoric. I'm not going to lie it was probably one of the best burgers in my life.

Then it took maybe ten minutes and my mind went blank again. Euphoria gone. All I could think was "is this it?". I had been building up this huge feast dinner in my head for weeks and weeks that was gone in minutes and I got, what? Ten minutes of happiness? I'm not gonna lie, I've had two more cheat meals since then, one farewell & good luck dinner with my family at my favorite tapas place and this wedding. The food has been delicious but my guilt has been worse. I've worked too fucking hard to ruin this and I can't wait to get to Vegas and back to good clean food that I don't even have to cook for myself. I once read a quote somewhere on some wannabe influencers Instagram that said: "Nothing taste as good as being fit feels". At the time of reading this, I laughed. Partly because of it being such a cheesy quote, partly because of this "influencer". But for some reason, it stuck with me. For some reason, I've had it in the back of my mind for a long long time and I guess you could say its become somewhat of a mantra for me.

I really can't wait to get back to my chicken and my salads. My vegetables and my fruits and berries. Something just happens down the line, I guess you could call that a mental switch too, where your taste buds and your brain just goes "Well I guess I'm not getting any junk, might as well start enjoying this". All of a sudden you start thinking "I can't wait to have the same meal I've had for the past weeks. Whats for dinner? No way, chicken salad again! My lucky day!" and suddenly nothing tastes as good as a fresh apple does.

At the time of writing this, I'm kind of in an emotional limbo. I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life and I'm super happy about it. But I'm scared, actually I'm panicking that I won't be able to keep this up. This week has been busy and I've been stressed out of my mind with cleaning out my apartment, packing everything for Vegas, going to this wedding and so on and so forth. I haven't had the time for working out as much as I wanted and I had more cheat meals than I feel comfortable with, two so far and one today. It's always easy to blame the lack of time, it's always easy to say that next week and forward I'll be eating healthy again, but it just doesn't feel right. I'm scared that all my hard work will be for nothing and my results will slowly disappear. I almost feel like an institutionalized prisoner, like the old man in Shawshank Redemption. I just want to start over on the Gethin program and get back into the routine again. Get back into the grind at the gym where I just had to follow my program and eat my veggies. What so many sees as hard work I now see as a familiar and comfortable routine and its weird not being in it at the moment.

At the same time, I've made some absolutely mad results in the past 12 weeks. I've gone from 89,6kg to 78.3kg. My muscle mass has gone from 63.3kg to 68.7kg and my fat mass has gone from 25.9kg to 9.6kg. From 29.0% body fat to 12.3% in 12 weeks. No magic, no gadgets no diets or tricks. Just clean food and hard work at the gym. I've done it once and I know I can do it again, and again If I ever need to. Just as my emotional lows right now is panic, my emotional high right now is euphoric for what I have accomplished in such a short time frame. It's been an emotional journey and on it, I've had a group of amazing men who side by side with me went through the entire thing. They've all been there for each other and for me, and I can only hope that they feel the same way. They have pushed me to do better, to be better and strive for better and I really can't wait to finally meet up with these heroes in Vegas in a couple of days.

As this first chapter of this fucked up journey we're on comes to an end, its still only the beginning and we have so much to look forward to. I believe without a doubt that this will be the best, craziest summer of all our lives. We will laugh together, cry together, face challenges and our all our inner demons together, and we will all come out on the other side not only as better friends but as better men. I salute you all brothers in the trenches.

Until we meet,

Signing off.

07-22-2018, 02:22 PM

This week, the week before the start of Rockstar, was over-shadowed by the ďbreak weekĒ theme. Although, unlike other Rockstars who had hit their 12 week transformation end date, and were able to have their ďcheat mealsĒ, I was only in the midst of week 11. However, unlike many of the Rockstars, I began my fitness and nutrition transformation many months before the beginning of this 12 week transformation - almost more than 7.5 months before, to be exact.

When I began my semi-retirement in December 2017, I weighed 227 lbs and was arguably in the worst shape of my life. I had spent the majority of the previous 10+ years working a mostly sedentary lifestyle: desk job, little to no physical activity, little to no social life (workaholic), eating a calorie-rich but nutrient-poor North American diet, and being a general abuser of alcohol. I couldnít imagine a social outing where copious amounts of alcohol and/or other substances were not consumed.

Since then, I have achieved many milestones:

1. I have quit
2. I gradually increased my activity level from completely sedentary, to those comparable of an athlete (2+ hours at the gym, 5x per week)
3. I have lost 50+ lbs in body weight (at an average rate of ~2lbs per week)
4. I reduced my body fat % from 25+% (as recent as May 6th, 6 months into my journey) to an athletic <15% (hopefully next weekís DEXA scan confirms this)
5. I managed to regulate my diet to a calorie-restricted (2000 cals/day) and macro-managed (30/30/40 carb/fat/protein) state
6. I cut down on drinking, and ultimately, was able to stop altogether for a continuous 60 day period (to be repeated during Rockstar)
7. Was able to improve my social life from near 0-nights per week (except hanging out with friends from work), to 1-2 nights per week spent in hip Toronto social venues, meeting and hanging with like minded pretty cool individuals.
8. Learning that you can have fun without the use of alcohol and/or other substances and regularly practicing this approach to social situations (at the least using them in significant moderation to the past)
9. Learning that a life transformation like this, although grueling and extremely hard, is possible in a relatively short period of time (6 months seems like a long time at the on-set though), but with small yet disciplined incremental steps every single day/week/month, the cascade effect of the results begins to show in ever-grander ways


My general ďget 1 day ahead of scheduleĒ scheme from week 10 has been a success. In fact, being ahead only motivated me to stay ahead, so much so that even the night before my departure from Poland I walked to the gym in the rain, did a 75 minute DTP Chest/Back workout, and walked back home in the rain.

This scheme, however, came at the cost of having to re-arrange the workout routine quite a bit - week 10 and 11 had a lot of muscle groups such as legs and abs, fairly close to each other (ie. Within 2-3 days). When I accelerated by a day and did slight re-arrangements, it cascaded the need for further changes due to reduced duration between the same muscle group being worked. With intense DTP ďDynamic Transformation PrincipleĒ workouts being the norm, it is more important than ever to ensure that all muscle groups get the rest they desperately need.

The re-arrangements I orchestrated led to only 1-2 days rest intervals between the same muscle group being worked, which I felt were not enough rest (especially for legs and abs, which typically experience ďDelayed Onset PainĒ (ie. The height of muscle recovery pain is felt 48 hours or 2 days after the workout)), so I took the whole list of workouts and tinkered with it to a point that satisfied all the rest and frequency requirements, without sacrificing almost any workout (I think I lost out on 1 ab workout which I combined on day 74 and made sure I added extra intensity to compensate).


I generally underestimated how carb-deprived my body has been over the last 10 weeks, and the current ďbreak weekĒ, although in line with expectations (target of no more than 25% over the 2000 calories target), my body has just absorbed every excess calorie it could get its hands on. In total, over the 2 weeks I have been home and unable to completely keep my macros (more carbs than desired + excess calories this week) my body has gained 10lbs in weight, off of a low of ~170lbs back up to ~180lbs. Letís say that the 170 low was an ďall time minimumĒ (so not something I could keep), in which case, this break week, at its worst, saw a retraction of progress from a weight of 172-174 (173), which means I have arguably put back on about 7 lbs (OUCH!!).

I have, however, been keeping a close eye on my body fat and navy method measurements and it is very hard to say exactly where this excess weight has been stored by my body. My waist has not really increased significantly (about 2-3 cm at its narrowest, but no growth in waist size in my navel or hips, so within intra-day normal swing tolerances) and my neck and thighs have gained about 1 cm, but in general that is not so drastic. Update: my abs did have noticeable size changes.

I have implemented a change in mind frame: this week has been a "bulking week" - in the past few days and the week to come, I will return to the "loser" diet track, calorie restrict to 2000/day, and have already seen my weight drop and stabilize to 173.1 lbs.

07-22-2018, 10:12 PM
Fitness Reflection

I’m really happy with the results I’ve achieved, especially given the limitations I’ve had to deal with.

Between October and when Rockstar started, I lost 15 pounds. Over the course of the fitness program, I lost another 30. Early in the program, I was losing mostly subcutaneous fat, but now my visceral fat has started to come down. Because I started late, I kept at the fitness program during the 2 week break and now I’ve probably got another 10 pounds to go before my 6-pack starts showing. I’m hoping to achieve that over Rockstar so that when I get back I can increase my calorie intake and start adding back some of that weight as muscle.

And while I haven’t been adding any muscle mass, I barely lost any over the course of the training and given that I was already a competitive athlete and what I’d already lost going into it, my trainer and dietician have said that my results are extremely impressive. (And it’s even more impressive given that we actually *increased* my calorie intake while making my weight go down faster.) In retrospect, I should have taken a photo of how absurdly loose fitting my shirts were before taking them a tailor to get them adjusted. I think that makes the point *better* than the other photos I’ve been taking to track progress.

Once I’d lost most of the fat in my face, my mentor encouraged me to get some headshots taken and use them on dating apps. That was great advice and since I did that, I’ve had dates literally every night I’ve been free. This is mostly a carry-over from the 10-day, but I feel like doing that has helped prepared me for Rockstar.

I’m excited about getting to meet everyone in person. But I’m stressed that I’m not going to be able to get packed and ready on time and may end up forgetting to take care of something or wrap something up, but I’ve been working hard at freeing everything up so that I won’t be distracted during Rockstar. And I generally stress about stuff like this, so I’m probably fine. I’ll be packed tomorrow so I can fly to Vegas the following day.

I’m also a little worried about taking so much time off from training for my sport since the US may be sending me to some international tournaments right after Rockstar (assuming I still want to go to them) and since I’ve been invited to stay in Europe and do preseason training with some Olympic teams there before coming home. They advised us to plan on taking some time after Rockstar to reflect and integrate before going back to work. So I’m trying to decide if spending another 3-4 weeks in Europe doing my sport is a good way to do that or not.

Since this is life altering, I’m wondering how I’m going to be at the end of things. The 10-day was amazing, so 9 weeks is probably going to be more intense and have a bigger impact. I’ve got a lot of things I want to work on in light of the 10-day and given how much the 10-day uncovered for me, I’m sure a lot more stuff is going to come to light that I haven’t thought of. So I wonder how much of my current life is going to still be intact once I’m done with things. It’s scary and exciting at the same time. I don’t really feel ready for this, but my mentor has told me that I am. So I’m taking a leap of faith on trust and we’ll see where this goes.