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04-03-2018, 12:38 PM
No doubt my most advanced game must be kino. Every single time for the last month I have gone dancing, I have been basically humping some chick straight on the dance floor, grinding her clit on my leg inside about 5 or 10 minutes. I am gonna break down my dancing game to hopefully flesh it out more thoroughly, and hopefully people reading can benefit, maybe incorporate it into their spoken game.

I break it down into basically three parts; fun, flirty and dirty. I dance salsa and bachata, but I imagine you could incorporate these mechanics into most dances and a lot of day game. Well, maybe not the dirty bachata, that probably translates into some makeout or taking her home.

The first stage, fun, consists of lots of moves that involves plenty of acceptable levels of touching, including holding hands, placing your hands pretty much everywhere on her arms and shoulders, behind the back, and probably last at this stage, around the waist. In dancing you can jump around these areas at will while doing moves, because you are doing moves. In talking to women, I think this should be done in the stated sequence, with whatever routine you can pair it with. One thing I like to do is compare hand size with women, usually saying something like "look at your little hands. Let me see." and reaching out to *offer taking it*. If she holds it out, I like to take it, hold it up, and put my hand to hers, palm to palm. One thing I do during the fun part in dancing, that I am not quite sure how to translate into speaking game, is my booty shake. I do this move where, while dancing with a girl, I turn around while she is facing me, and give her a big fat shake of my booty in her face, sometimes peeking around quickly to catch her looking. Maybe 20% of girls are not into it, but the rest are into it, being falsely coy, laughing, or totally into it with a great big smile. One or two will straight up grab it.

It's pretty important to go through the fun part of dancing with chicks, cause it sets the mood for escalation. While dancing, there are a lot of feelings of "being unsure" between you and the girl, and it won't go anywhere unless you guys are having fun. Maybe most important during this stage, is you will be able to get a feel in the first minute or two how INTO you a girl is, and how NOT into you she is. Chicks that are not into you will not look you in the eye, be looking around seemingly uninterested, have an attitude etc. There are chicks that are not into you but just wanna dance for the fun of it, and this is not bad to maybe get into the mood, but you don't wanna spend any time pursuing these chicks, it's not gonna happen don't waste your time. Especially if you dance with a prude with an attitude or some chick thats gonna act like she's just too good for you go ahead and drop that chick like a sack of shit cause nobody else is gonna have fun with her either and you don't wanna be the loser stuck putting up with her.

OTHERWISE, the fun stage can be quite possibly the most important stage, because of this one mechanic that actually requires no touching. This mechanic is; EYE CONTACT. Look a chick straight, in, the, eyes. Chicks that are open to you will look straight back. Some will need some time spent, and you'll have to throw some spoken game later. Some will be down right then and there, you can look them straight in the eye thinking "I wanna smash my dick in your junk right now" and somehow chicks will know what you are thinking and almost gravitate toward you. Look for eyelash fluttering and for it to seem like they are trying to pull you towards them.

SECOND, is the flirty stage. This is a pretty important stage if you are trying to get to the dirty stage, but if you are just starting out, play in the fun stage for a good long while so you can flesh it out. The flirty stage is the stage where you CONFIRM the good sentiments of the fun stage, where you confirm to yourself it is ok to move on to the dirty stage. During this stage, you are letting women know specifically, that you are escalating. You are letting them know, you are trying to touch them more intimately. Some chicks will be into it, some will not. If they are not into it, let it go. They could be into it, but they just want some spoken game first. They could just be looking to dance for fun, and don't want anything more. If either is the case, no harm no foul, enjoy your dance and find someone else to dance with afterwards, or you could try to chat em up.

Flirty touching involves touching a lot of places that are not exactly normal for everyday people to touch on each other, but still not anywhere near the sexy places, no butt, no vaj, no boobs or lips. the flirty places are the hips, the front of the waist/stomach, the neck, and several places around the head including everywhere around the hair, around the ears, and the cheeks.

Not exactly sure how I might incorporate these kinos into regular day game, but ill tell you what I do while dancing. Ill do one of several moves where I throw her hands up and away somehow, and put my hands on her hips. Women will often style somehow while you rock her to the step with your hands on her hips. Having your hands here is somewhat suggestive, strattling that line of acceptable while dancing, but might not be in normal interaction. Some chicks that seem more into it will let you pull them closer to you by the hips, and it creates some interesting sexual tension if you pull her close and coordinate your movements to hers, based on your hold on her hips. There are plenty of moves from here where you fling her into some kind of spin by grabbing her hips and twirling her one way or the other.
A lot of moves that involve you going behind the chick will allow you to run your hand or keep your hand on her stomach. One of my favorite moves is where I end up behind her, holding one of her arms with my arm, and her waist with my other arm. Girls that are into it will press their back and butt into you. If they seem like they are into it, go ahead and hold them close, give them a little feel up on their stomach. Look into their neck. If she is into it she will open her neck up, probably put her hand on your hand at the waist, give it a little squeeze, maybe a little direction. If she seems into it, go ahead and hold and enjoy this position for a little while, but not too long. Ideally, you would want to move into another position right before she gets bored. Whatever hand is holding her arm, you will eventually use to twirl her into another move.
One of my positions while dancing allows me to put one of her hands on my shoulder, while my other hand takes her hand as I move it over her head. On the way, I will often run a couple few fingers through her hair, maybe around her ear like you sometimes see in movies. Do this slowly, and while looking into her eyes. If she is into it she will look back into your eyes, her eyes fluttering, maybe even use her hand on your shoulder to pull you in. This is a great move to gauge where you are in her being comfortable with you being in her personal space. I will often linger in this position, looking at a girl face to face, slowly getting closer as if I was going to kiss her, but DONT KISS HER. Just let that tension be there. If she has any objections, there will be a point where she giggles and turns away. If she's not into it she won't be looking you in the eye, probably be looking away, probably would not have let you too close to her face. If she is into it, you could prooooobably go in all the way for a kiss, but don't do it just yet. You can do it if you think she is really feeling it, pulling you into it and tilting her head for it and such while youre a couple inches away from her lips, but by default don't do it. Mainly, you just want to get her thinking about it.
Another good one, is to give her a little twirl, and afterwards, run her hand behind her head. Maybe comb her hair with your fingers a little bit. After your hand is behind her head, let her hand go, but dont move your hand back to the front of her as normal. Slowly, on the way back to bringing your hand back to her front, slowly run a finger across her cheek. Chicks that are into it will love it. Chicks that are not will probably look at you judgingly. If she likes it, caress down from her cheek to her neck, but DONT GO BELOW THE NECK. Not yet anyway.
One last thing I like to do that is flirty, is this move where I take her hands, one at a time, and just take them over her head, and let them go behind her head. You can do a slow little hair comb each time if you think shes feeling it. After doing this once with each of her hands, and her hands are back in front of her, slowly raise her hands over her head, and move them both behind her head. This is a very flirty, dominant, suggestive move that when done correctly, should have both of her elbows in the air with both her hands held behind her head. Hold her hands there. Sometimes chicks don't realize the sexuality of this move, but they always get it in a few seconds. A girl that is really into it will bow her entire body forward, thrusting her breasts towards you. These girls will smile and look at you as you hold them, seemingly helpless and exposed. If they are really feeling it, go ahead and pull them in close, get some nice body to body feels. Face her, as if to suggest kissing her, but dont kiss her unless she is like blatantly humping you at this point but that is rare so by default don't do it. Chicks that are not into this will bow their head, pulling their elbows down around their head kinda sheltering it. It may be that they are not opposed to some dirty moves if they do this, it's just kind of a very provocative move. Transitions well into a hip spin move.

Ok, so lets say you escalated through all this, and it seems like the chick has been into all of it. You want to get to the next stage but there is stiiillll that liiiiiittle bit of awkwardness, of being unsure about any further escalation. Its coming from her, and its probably coming from you too. This is kind of a big and important hurdle if you want to move on to the dirty stage. I have done it where I go from the previous flirty moves to the following dirty moves, but there is always a moment of unnatural flow from one stage to the other, and it can be enough to ruin things.

So. How do we transition from the flirty stage to the dirty stage? Well there is oooone more stage you should do which is not exactly dirty, but is pretty freaking flirty. This stage will allow you to cross the flirty to dirty barrier with ease, if the girl is indeed interested. Here's what you do.

You get her to touch you, in your flirty places. Dancing involves a lot of controlling the lady's hands, and you can use this to place her hands and run her hands around many parts of you. Suggestive flirty places are different on a man and a woman, chicks are not really interested in touching your face, or at least they don't get the suggestion from it. What they get the suggestion from, is you getting her hands on your shoulders and your neck. The best places to get her hands if you can manage it, is your abs and chest. A lot of moves where I get her to touch my shoulders, neck and abs involve some kind of turn that leaves her arm on the opposite side of me, and then running her hand across whatever her hand was at, usually my shoulders or my abs. A chick that is into you will press her hand into you wherever you run her hands. A chick that is not into you will kind of lift her hand away, to a "socially acceptable" distance. My favorite move where I get a girl to touch me flirty is a bachata move where I turn myself so that my back is facing her, but I am holding her hands to the sides of me. I take her hands and place them directly on my chest, my hands over hers. Chicks LOVE this. If she is really into you she will hold you close, often pressing her boobs into your back. Pay attention to if she is breathing on your neck. You will feel it if she is, and you can judge how excited she is to do such a move by her breathing on you. Put your hands on top of hers as her hands are grabbing your chest, and move them up and down your torso. Give her hands a squeeze everywhere on your abs and chest. Make her GRAB your manboobs! I have not got this to the point where I move her hands all the way down to my dick, tbh I just thought of this just now to where maybe I should try and lead her hand down to over my junk, maybe next time I go dancing I will try this, but for you whoever is reading this, don't try that unless you got ALL THIS KINO DANCING SO FAR DOWN PAT. You have to be able to know when to let go of things and stop. Never FORCE a girl to do anything, ESPECIALLY something like grabbing your butt or dick. You can LEAD, but you can't FORCE. you won't know what that means until you are super at kino. I am not even super at kino, I say that because I don't know how to incorporate this into spoken game, it's just that my dancing game is so fucking tight I will do this for myself, but for you, don't do it until you got everything else locked up tight.

Ok so finally, we get to the last part, the dirty dancing. This is pretty hard to do during salsa, you can do some of this in salsa but it's pretty much bachata moves, and if you did the first two stages successfully, you can certainly ask her for a bachata dance, escalate all over again and get to the dirty stuff.
Most of dirty bachata is done from what is usually known as the "closed position" where you put your right arm behind her back under her arm. I usually twirl a girl into this position to where she falls right into it. A girl that is into it will pretty much close right into you, holding your body against hers. A chick that is not into it will not hold her body against yours, will probably hold you at a little distance. Some chicks are into it, but have a little bit of awkwardness towards it. If you were doing the flirty part where she touches you correctly that probably won't happen.
Anyway, if she's feeling it, she will hold her body against yours, and/or allow you to pull her into you. It is natural in this position for your legs to intertwine. Your right leg should be between hers, and her right leg should be between yours. There are several things you can do with her hand that is in your left hand, but if you really want to get into it, you want to find a way to leave her hand there on your waste or back, and put your left hand on her upper back, and/or behind her head. This complete position usually allows you rub your leg on a girl's clit, which should be easy if she is shorter than you. Calibrate here. Give her a good few pops in the clit with your leg as you are dancing. If she's into it, she's into it. I usually get hard at this point, and I don't hide it, hold it against her. Use your right hand on her lower back to hold her clit down on your leg. At this point you guys are basically just dry humping, just try and make it look like you're dancing. I often do moves from here where I just wave my hips left and right while she is humping my leg, giving her a nice little leg pop in the clit after the end of each basic step. You can also roll your body from front to back while holding her to you. Twirling the two of you around while doing this is a great move, especially if you can lift her while doing it. If you lift her you can bring her right back down onto your leg to give her pussy a little smack. Girls that are sensitive down there will visibly react. Last but not least, is the dip. With your hand behind her head, check her to the right, and then turn her to the left into a dip. make sure you have a firm planting with your left leg on the floor, you do NOT want to drop the girl. I have never dropped a girl, but I work out and know how much I can lift. While she is dipped, move the hand from behind her head, to behind her back. This will allow her to lull her head back, and arch her back, thrusting her boobs into your face. If she has been humping you at this point, she is probably not going to mind you getting an "incedental" facefull of boob. Don't get too much, you are in a public place and people are watching. She will remember that if you get too much boob in the face and push you away. What you CAN get plenty of at this point, is humping. Dip her, then raise her a little bit, than dip her again. Keep dipping her. While doing this, use your right hand on her lower back, to smash her clit on your leg. If you are good at this, she will probably forget where she is as she concentrates on the feeling of you smashing on her clit constantly.
You can do this for a decent amount of time, but ideally, you want to stop before she remembers to be conscious about being in public. Bring her back up out of the dip after a little while. She gets it; you guys should probably try and make it look like you are dancing. When you come back up though, after all this, this gives you a good opportunity for a secret little escalation. Holding her close after having done such dirty moves, you can hide your face in her neck and kiss it, maybe even lightly bite it. Don't go all in. Tease. Gage. Calibrate. If she's down, she's down, and if she is, she is probably basically yours at this point. If you are sure of this when the song ends, pick her up and take her to a quiet corner to make out.