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03-10-2018, 11:02 AM
Hi Team,

New to the forums here. Without going into details, i'm hosting a house party and have some hot girls coming over, all single. I'm looking to attract and build enough rapport with each of them to set up a day 2. What types of things should I be thinking about throughout the party? I was thinking of setting up a "photo booth" type station to bring them to for easy kino and pictures to remember the event by. I'll also be hosting a costume contest and thinking about DJ'ing an hour or two of the party. What else woudl be good? Should I try and get them jealous of eachother?

One of them friend zoned me before too, added information.

03-11-2018, 07:17 PM
So I see some views but no replys yet. This is what I'm looking for help on:

1. What other type of activities can I have at my party to build in DHVs, Kino, etc.
2. How should I go about getting a girl to go to my room solo without it being too overt?
>> A. Does a simple "do you want a tour of the house?" work?
>> B. Do I keep better alcohol not for the rest of the party upstairs at my bar?
3. Anything in particular I should "leave out" in my room to DHV?
>> A. I have my DJ equipment out already
>> B. I have a huge map of the world with pins where I have been
4. Do I purposely take other girls upstairs for either the tour or alcohol to run jealousy plotline on the targets?

03-14-2018, 10:42 PM
You are an ambitious young man.

Sounds ... challenging to successfully game multiple women when they are going to all remain milling about in the venue simultaneously.

Let's say your DHVs and jealousy plotlines all work, and these girls get very attracted to you during your "tour" ... do you think they're going to not notice when you suddenly start ignoring them to take other girls on the same tour?

Tread carefully.


to answer your questions in a more general sense: you will find success when you simply are a man of higher value. Trying to show off with gear & maps & routines may hit a note for some women (if they're into that particular hobby) but other women will smell the insecurity from it.

1. The best method to DHV at a party is to simply be a cool-as-hell, friendly dude to everyone.
2. "Let me show you my <bleh>, it's upstairs." Offering a tour is lame; everyone already knows what a house looks like inside. You gotta make your excuses believable.
3. If your room doesn't already have stuff on display that's unique to you, then probably you need to make your life more interesting first. Just make sure it's super clean and tidy.
4. Forget about strategizing and trying to run plotlines. Focus on the basics of being a better you.

Honey Badger
03-16-2018, 04:37 PM
I've done the alcohol thing before. That just comes down to haul isolation principles, if it's really on you don't need much of an excuse to pull to the bedroom versus if it's just kind of on. But yeah... Just be cool and let everyone have fun.

03-16-2018, 11:00 PM
Some good feedback here, thanks for the reply! The overall goal isnít to get all of them so Iím not worried about them seeing me take others through a tour of the house. Iím a recent homeowner and a lot of ppl will be here for the first time so a tour isnít just to get girls to my room, itís part of being the host in this case so Iím confident there. My room is very much me and my personality so Iím not concerned with them seeing anything as an insecurity, and if they do itís projection from their own life at that point. Iíll focus on being a great host and allowing that to do work for me. Great feedback man. I think my original post came off as too tryhard and you called me out on it like I needed. Thanks!

03-18-2018, 10:54 AM
The friendzoned one will be after you as long as you get her jealous. Once she sees you attracting other women its on.
But then don't wait for day 2, get a makeout or some mild action in another room.