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03-05-2018, 10:52 PM
I had meet some young Moroccan and Algerian women, while living in France.

I seek some advice about dating Arab (mostly Moroccan) woman

With a moroccan student girl I had met for around 5 times, but she had never let me kiss her on the mouth. She said it was disrespectful.

But we've hold hands, talked a lot, she wanted to see me often, never let me payed without her paying back next time, she said she likes me. The only problem was that she didnít let me get closer to her as I expected.

Also I spoke and texted by internet with many Arab girls, but many refused to send pictures of them.

For me also it's confussing why it's such a big matter with kissing if otherwise they act like any other european girl (dress and behave like one).

Another thing: the majority of Moroccan girls respond very slow to messages and seem very hard to reach.

Also, it seems that you need to "negociate" even the hour of our meeting.

The feeling is that, even tho they have nothing to do, they pretend to be very busy (negociate the hour of meeting, respond very hard to messages etc).

But the girls I met are very nice when I had met them in person, often they even offer to pay me the coffee/tea (so they are definitely not seeking my money), they seem to enjoy our meetings, talk much and laugh etc

Just that, when we are away, they are very hard to reach. Also the fact they refuse kissing. Otherwise, it was very enjoyable to go out with Arab girls.

What do you suggest me to do when dating moroccan girls? How can I evolve the meetings to a more intimate state? :cool:

Do you have some experience with Arab women?

03-18-2018, 08:46 AM
Most of them just love the attention but usually have a boyfriend. And they rarely date outside their ethnicity. Thats why they are distant. No kissing is mainly because of religious issues and not wanting to feel like a slut.