View Full Version : Need advice pls. Do i still have a chance or should i move on ?

02-26-2018, 04:35 AM
Hi everyone,
I glad that i found this forum. I hope that by getting opinion from more people, especially people with better experience like all of you guys will help me think it straight better that myself alone, i'm so confused right now.
Here the story ( sorry for the long post :( )
I've been dating with this girl for 8 months now, everything was alright but last week i made a very bad mistake. She told me she had to go with her daddy but when i stopped by her house i found that her daddy was home. I thought she lied to me ( later on i found out that she did go with her daddy, then she took him home and had to take her mom to her uncle's house ) and that night when she called me i asked her if she's hiding anything from me ? she said no, didn't ask me why i ask her that question. I thought she was lying and didn't say a word after that. I went cold for 2 days, she still called me like normal, but i acted distant and cold. After 2 days of calling me and i acting cold like that, she got mad and didn't call me anymore. Few days later when i figured out she didn't lie to me, i called her back but she didn't pick up her phone. I sent her apologize messages, tried to call her ( i just called 2 time the 1st night, and one time each other night) for 3 days straight, still no response. The next morning she texted me asking me to do her homework for her because i'm having her paper, and tell me that after this time she will have another set of those papers and won't need me do that for her anymore. I was really panic, sent her a bunch of messages asking if she could answer me, telling her that we need to talk. She just replied asking if i've done the homework, if not it's ok. I made another mistake here, i sent her a message telling her that i apologize and i don't want us to be ended like this, but if it's what she wants then i can't do anything, i wished her best, still hope that we can have a talk about this blah blah.. like a break up letter.. she didn't reply. A few days later she asked me what am i doing ? i replied something like wassup but in our mother language. she said "ah...nothing.... " that's it for that night. 2days later she asked me to help her doing her homework again ( because i still have her paper ) ... which really confused me.. we chit chat a little bit after that for a few days, i asked to see her. She rejected. I pushed her a little bit more, and she told me that she need time to be alone now. I said i respect her decision and will not bother her anymore. she told me that i don't have to do that. just talk to her as normal, if i need her as a model she still can go to take picture with me. I didn't initial contact with her first after that, but she still send me youtube link or anything she finds interesting. I thought i still have hope, she still have my digital piano at her house, didn't ask me to come and take it, i know if she ask me to take it that we're really done. she didn't clear our facebook nickname neither. but the thing is the way she talk to me is kind of a friend, and it's on and off, one day she really enthusiasm and the next day she cold and distant...still cannot ask her out... i'm so confused.. One part of me telling me that she's not over me yet, but another part telling me that she's trying to break up with me slowly and friend-zone me. I know right now all the negative felling of her about me is still there, if i keep talking to her like that would thing get any better or worse ? should i do no contact now ? and how can i do that ? or should i move on ? what should i do now ? i need advice :(