View Full Version : We're off to Maldives! But I need advice...

02-14-2018, 07:48 AM
Hey guys! SoÖ recently, Iíve surprised my girlfriend with plane tickets, hotel reservation and complete tour itinerary to Maldives. Itís a very romantic place and since itís the Valentineís month, I of course plan to do something she wonít ever forget. You might have guessed it already. I am planning to propose to her!!! We met through a matchmaking site, and Iím proud to say that Iíve made the best decision. Things between us are going so great and weíve been dating for 8 months now and clearly, itís too good I just canít let her out of my grasp.

Despite being confident, Iíd still like to ask for adviceÖ I donít think she has the slightest clue and it will definitely be a surprise. I planned to follow this ďGood Luck ChuckĒ movie type of trying to win over Jessica Alba (yeahÖ I know itís weird that I know it too well, but hey! Itís a good movie!) Anyway, is having a string quartet and rose petals everywhere with a bouquet in hand too much for a proposal? Also, I was planning on doing it in the hotel room, have everyone prepared before coming back after a nice dinnerÖ is that a good idea? OrÖ can someone just give me another idea that would be good and not scare her off? Iím just really worried if Iím doing too muchÖ haha