View Full Version : Seeing Ex GF for first time since breakup

02-06-2018, 07:38 PM
My GF of 3.5 years and I broke up approx. 3 months ago. Thankfully it wasn't a messy breakup. We initially went 6 - 7 weeks no contact, and then began texting every few days, the texts have always been positive, and the other week she called me to share some exciting news. It's my intention to do all I can to convince her through my actions (making positive changes in life, changing habits etc) that we should have another shot at the relationship. Tomorrow night we will be seeing each other for the first time since the breakup; we are going for a casual bite to eat and then to see a hit comedy play that's in town.

She has asked a number of times as to wether I will mention that we are catching up to my parents; she has told hers. I've never answered. I want to give an answer that will hopefully increase her attraction, even just a little. Would telling her that I haven't told them be best? That way she will feel the need for the validation of me telling them?

02-07-2018, 08:19 AM
Hi man,

Firstly id say think about why you broke up in the first place? was it you her or both of you?

It seems you have already decided in these 3 months you want her back? Id defo say have a long think if that's what you want.

I can see myself wanting to break up with my current gf of 2 year mainly because of I cant shake being attracted to other girls whenever I'm out , but I don't want to cheat on her cause she is such a sound girl and we really really get on. But I'm only 23 and that urge to want to sleep with different girls seems to subtly be growing:( so I'm very stuck, I might actualy post and see if I can get any advice. But anyway that's kind of why I say have a long think if you want to get back with her when you have already discovered everything about each other. But only you will know
that so if you do continue.

3.5 years being together you must know what she likes/dislikes ? I think this whole parents thing your overthinking it why does it matter? If you have to tell her, I would say you haven't told them because you want to see how your date goes in a jokey manner.

If you want her back just don't seem too bothered about her, throw in some stuff to show you've been busy since you broke up when she asks what you've been up too, and don't seem too aloof - make sure to escalate physical touch as soon as you see her, shouldn't be hard if you were together 3.5 years.

Most importantly just go with the flow; I think too many people to to structure everything in there lives too much including women (just think of all these pick up strategies around etc..) If you still have fun together, enjoy each others company, then you will see a relationship naturally fall into place mutually between you both.

I really don't believe utilizing a number of pickup tactics all added together like some equation (Remove ASD + DHV - AMOG = success) while theories do have value I think to many people get caught up in analysing all these things then when It comes to actually talking to a girl they freeze and forget it all.

Just go have fun, If your not loving every minute of your time together tomorrow then you don't want a relationship with her beacause whats the point if your not having fun :)