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01-08-2018, 04:25 PM
Hello everyone,

Iím brought to this forums because I read stories that are close to mine, but Iíd like to have advice on my case to get this to a good ending.

In September I started with a new study and there was an introduction week to learn about my fellow students. There were a few people from a higher class regulating this week. One of them is my crush, I met her and we had a few nice chats during this week. There was a strange feeling in me that told me that she is the love of my life.

Some background info: I am not that kind of guy to date or have many girlfriends and as far as I know, she never had a girlfriend.

I did not have the guts to ask her for her contact informatjon there while her body language and interest felt like she was actually being interested. Donít consider this last as the truth as I might be idealizing. Despite me having no contact information about her, I decided to write a mail to her through the school system asking her for help, which I did. We had a conversation through the mail (she wasnít available at school often and schedules didnít match, I tried to make it a real life event). I asked her my questions and she gave very detailed responses, in one of my last mails I asked her to have a drink sometime. Where she replied this:

ďThank you for the compliment, but I donít have interest in that, sorry.Ē

I personally even said sorry for asking, which wasnít that man of me, where she replied to that it was all okay.

The conversation went on with a few more messages, she asked me a few questions back and forth until it came to an end. I decided to let this go for a few weeks, but my feelings havenít been reduced after a month. I tried to find her at school and meet her by a Ďcoincidenceí, but I failed.

Now, I am a little late, but I managed to find her schedule and tomorrow might be the last time for her at universith before she starts her last internship. I arranged that I can be there to meet her, just by coincidence. Iím still struggling with how to proceed this.

More background info: it is about 10 minutes walk from university to the train station where she has to take another train than me that takes 20-25 minutes.

Should I speak to her at school and walk with her to the station or should I follow her and meet at the station / asking her to travel together, Iíll come with an excuse of visiting a friend.

Now about the start of this conversation, how do I start it? What are the keys to keep it running?

There is a school event next Thursday where you have to sign for. Maybe I can ask her if she goes there, and if she does, I can say Iíll see her there then. But if she doesnít go, Iíll have to find a way to arrange a meeting or get her number to stay in touch. (I think starting another e-mail conversation might ruin everything) What would be my best way if she doesnít come to the event? How can I ask her for a meeting or her number? What references or jokes can I make?

Iím being a little stuck here...

Thanks for finding the time reading and giving me advice!

Best regards,

Honey Badger
01-20-2018, 05:48 PM
What do you mean you found her schedule? Don't catch one-itis... You're better than that lol.

Also no game on a platter. Use the search function, read stuff from best of the forum and classical writings, and most importantly, try stuff without being concerned if it's the best way to handle a situation. You have to try new things.

01-20-2018, 11:30 PM
This lady gave you a polite and direct rejection.

Show her the same respect she showed you, and stop trying to pressure or pursue her.