View Full Version : EX GF messages me after breaking up with another guy

09-01-2017, 03:43 PM
Hi guys,
May 1st my GF dumped me and at the time i was completely devastated. I was trying to do whatever i can to win her back. May 8th or so i realized that it wasn't going to work and i implemented No contact with her. She ends up messaging me in mid July saying how she thinks enough time has passed where we can be friends Ect. I was civil with her but i did not say anything about us being friends.

About a couple weeks later i noticed she deletes me on FB, so i call her out via text on it saying you deleted me after you said you wanted us to be friends. She was like i deleted you because if i post something i don't want you to get upset. I told her that we have been broken up for a few months what do i care if you post something. Then she called me out saying i was getting too upset over it so i said whatever makes you comfortable i am fine with.

I knew she was dating someone (we have mutual friends) and this week i see her OKC profile. She is online and active. I am thinking why is she back on OKC. The next day she messages me on FB saying how we are better than that to delete one another and apologized for it. She then sent me a friend request which i still haven't accepted. We then had a little conversation talking about some things. I basically told her our friendship/relationship we had will never be the same. Now i am wondering what was her ultimate purpose. She must have broke up with her current boyfriend and potentially wanting to see if i want to get back with her (I dont)

What do you guys think?