View Full Version : Ignored by an Iranian girl after auto-rejection - feedback

08-18-2017, 04:09 AM
Hey guys! I had a situation a couple of months ago and wanted to get some feedback on that and see if there's any point in reconnecting with a girl after a couple of months. Sorry for a long post.

Approach: I was doing solo day game on a beautiful day in May. It was one of these days when you get blown out each time you talk to somebody (especially as I hadn't been out for a month at that time and hadn't followed my date principles which dug me into a shithole later on) but I was still going. On my way back, I saw this gorgeous girl on the other side of the street - literally my perfect 10. I automatically started smiling and my heart was beating quicker each second I was getting closer to her (that's how my body reacts to the girls that give me the 'wow' effect-it's a trigger for me to talk to her). I roll up with a simple 'hi' and we start talking. I was really genuine, not hiding anything and was just friendly - these girls can spot some agenda from miles away plus you get bonus points if you're just normal as 99.9% of guys are scared of talking to such girls. She turned out to be really nice and chill so we finish the convo exchanging Facebook and both of us part our ways with a smile.

Date: I tell her to come with me to a venue I wanna check out and we meet up a week after initial meeting (1st mistake: the date location wasn't near my place which I'd usually do). I meet her by a shop with a standard hug + walking with her to the venue arm in arm. She looked absolutely stunning and feminine, everyone were looking at her all the time when we were walking together. Standard chit chat as the girl seemed really stressed (I used to think girls her calibre don't get stressed on dates - funny enough, this stunner that everyone keeps turning their head on was incredibly stressed while trying to act cool). We get to the venue, turns out Google didn't know that place had shut down (mistake 2: always have backup plan if you're going to a new place with a girl). We decided to go back, found a cool restaurant, sat down and started taking. Not only this girl is stunning, but also funny, artistic, focused on self development and entrepreneurship - my perfect 10 both on the inside and outside. After about 2h, she suggested going to a shisha place so we go there (mistake 3: I should've bounced her to my place using a bullshit excuse at that time i.e. Let's listen to some Iranian songs at my place). We get to the venue and sit down opposite each other (mistake 4: never sit opposite, always bring the chair next to you to make the obstacles work for you rather than against). Smoke shisha, more fun, we decide to go after some time as I have to go to my friend's birthday party. We go to the tube, talk a bit more and here's when she says: "btw, I have to be honest with you...I'm not really looking for anything". My state had gone down at that moment as I used to hear that whenever a girl meant "let's just be friends" (mistake 5: don't assume shit, the girl will let you know by her actions if she wants to friendzone you). I changed the subject but my state is already down, I tried to revive it with "your lips are so sexy, I wanna kiss you so much now" but the train came at that time so I chickened out and bounced because of my drop in confidence it's still on, leaving her disappointed and saying: 'Is that really it?' (mistake 6: DON'T FUCKING REJECT YOURSELF - if a girl is quiet when you say that, she wants you to make a fucking move).

Post date: we text each other a bit, I invite her out again with 'let's check closer to the weekend' but she didn't reply to that so I tried to play it too cool and left it for a week (mistake 7: if the girl doesn't respond to your invite, try again in 1-3 days with value-added text not a week after as that's too long). I hit her up again but I was out of the country in the next 2 days so decided not to mention another date but we exchanged a couple of texts. Ramadan then starts, she did reply to my message but ignored my next message. I then hit her up a couple of days after and invite her out. She said she can't because of Ramadan (as she can't break the fast) and we decided to catch up after that period. I wait it out then, text her 3 days after Ramadan, she did reply warmly but when I said that I'd like to catch up with her rather than talk on Facebook and invited her over again, she declined with a genuine excuse and 'maybe another time'. That was the last message from her, tried to text her 2 more times in the space of 2 weeks but after she hasn't even read the message, I just sent her a voice message wishing her all the best.

So overall, it seems like the girl nexted me after me being too lax about following up and taking an action so it looks like a lost cause. Do you guys think it might be worth reconnecting with her in like 6 months from now and focusing on other girls in the meantime or shall I just forget about her all together?