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07-30-2017, 01:12 PM
First off's yes I have multiple women I am dating and no I am not waiting around for this bird but I would like to learn from this situation even if I get no closure or outcome.

With that being said - back story on the girl: shes been in a relationship for 9 years.. the guy beats her and has cheated on her since day 1, she said she looked through his phone the other day and hes still cheating on her but she cant leave him because she cant afford the house alone. she isn't a slut shes only slept with 2 people the guy she lost her virginity too and this guy shes been with for 9 years... I have known her for about 5 years but we very rarely talk, and at this point I purely going for a catch up scenario as girls with boyfriends are not my scene, anyway to the story.

So one Thursday I messaged this stunning girl I met once 5/6 years ago and said does she wanna go for a drink on Saturday she said she would but shes going out with hers girls in town and that I should join them so I said ill let you know. left it there didn't hear anymore from her, then Saturday at 10pm I text her saying you still up for that drink? to which she instantly called me and said come to my house ill send my address..

I went up there with my mate and as soon as I arrived the girl in question was shaking and proper nervous to be speaking to me and proceeds to tell me shes been stalking my facebook and cant believe id message her when I hang with so many beautiful women. Her friends then tell me shes been talking about me all week (well Thursday to Saturday) none stop she even told me this herself.

Anyway my mates didn't like that the rest of them was fatties and insisted we left and went out in town. (she owns her own house) they was all waiting outside for the taxi and me and her was inside and she came down half naked and asked me to do up this suit she was wearing.. it done up at the private parts. I wasn't perving I know what a naked woman looks like it didn't fuss me so I got down on my knees to help and she turns round and puts her ass in my face .. my mate walks in and was like OK then and walks back out lmao.

So we go out, end up in a bar to which she was grinding on me and normal shit got our drinks and went out to the smoking area. We must of stayed there for 2-3 hours just talking. She was going into deep stuff and saying how to make her cum for later on and going into mega detail and we just clicked, mutual attraction, anyway so I look her in her eyes and say "I want you" and she goes you want me? with that face that tells you shes dripping and starts biting her lip. She then gets up and says to her mate we need to go to the toilet now... definitely to have a chat about what she thinks she should do.. I was fairly sober I could see it clear as day.

They come back and we go over to the club. I was a little bit behind in the que because I needed the toilet and they all left without me (Including my mate).
Her mate then says the the guys in front of me can my boyfriend come through hes with us and drags me forward so I say to her mate you better kiss me then if I'm your boyfriend and she said no if you want a kiss go to that girl (the girl who I been talking to all night) I didn't move. when she saw I was in the line with them she didn't even say anything and started snogging me full tongues and didn't stop the whole way through the line 10/15 minutes.

Before we got to the front she turns round and puts her hands down my pants and starts tugging at my old boy. this is where the night takes a proper turn... As I'm thinking well this escalated quickly considering I was just coming for a drink and a catch up and almost guaranteeing something was going to happen later, we get to the front of the line and her mate starts mouthing off the to bouncer so he wont let them in but at this point I was already in and didn't realize they weren't in... when I realized I went downstairs and looked for them and they was gone, sent a text saying oh where did you go, she read it an hour later and never responded so I just guessed meh they must of been tired and left.

So I left it 2 days (Monday lunch time) and I text her saying "I had fun the other night, I want to see you again." She did not respond or even read it when we all know girls are on their phones 24/7. I didnt let it phase me but I found her house key in my jeans pocket as I was doing the washing - so again I left it 2 days and said Hey hows it going, dont suppose you've lost a house key? she reponds instantly saying she was ok hope I was too and no she hadnt (well its not my key and cant be anyone elses)
I then responded 7 hours later saying dont know whos key it is, something funny about that night and round 2 this weekend? again no response. I left it 3 days and sent one last message saying something along the lines of; I know why your not replying your sticking by your boyfriend I respect that, we connected but only you know what you want, if it doesnt work out with your boyfriend give me a call and left my number - I sent that at 2am and she read it instantly again no response.

Being a man I have over analyzed this so much - I am not looking for an outcome so please do not reply saying "next her" because this is already the case, I want to learn something from this situation but I can not for the life of me fine any lesson to be learnt.

I do not understand how someone could be so attracted to you that they would when sober arrange a meet up, talk about you constantly, stalking you then when your present be shaking and nervous whilst constantly complimenting you, initiate sexual conversation and kissing etc then without any action on my part go instantly cold?

Clearly there is some guilt/shyness in the mix but from my understanding and experience in women she really was into me and showed no sign of attention seeking etc this was proven by the fact that I gave her little to no compliments or attention. She was doing everything to me.

Another scenario I have crossed out is she wanting revenge on her boyfriend - If this was the case she would of slept with me and would be replying to my texts in the hopes he finds out?

What do you guys/girls think? Sorry for the long one! (haven't apologised for that before ;)

08-07-2017, 06:18 AM
"I do not understand how someone could be so attracted to you that they would when sober arrange a meet up, talk about you constantly, stalking you then when your present be shaking and nervous whilst constantly complimenting you, initiate sexual conversation and kissing etc then without any action on my part go instantly cold?"

I think the lesson here, if there is any, is that what I quoted from your post just happens sometimes. Part of understanding women is accepting that you cannot always understand them. Surely they don't either.

Plus, she has a boyfriend...