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07-18-2017, 05:11 PM
So I began slowly seeing this woman who was 34, I was 24 over a year ago. We began sleeping together and she told me our time together was temporary, which I thought it was going to be too. It became more serious than casual sex and we started dating. Eventually she wanted to be exclusive, and we began doing bf GF things. She told me early in our relationship she was divorced and decided against having kids. She knew one day I did want children.
Last April, she broke it off with me. I was going to Columbia with my best friend and she broke it off a week before I left. When I returned in May I tried getting back with her but she said she was eventually going back to her home state and didn't want to get too attached because it would hurt more before she left. She also believed I would leave her for a younger women down the road ( I wouldn't). Last week I met with her and told her I still wanted to make it work between us, but she stayed firm on her decision basically saying the age factor was too much and started crying because she hated feeling like we were breaking up again.
I'm devastated over the situation it's been 3 months since we broke it off and we dated for a year. It wasnt an ugly break up, we barely had fights, I had really special memories with her, she was kind, funny and I still love her but she told me to move on; I know she has.
Ive had GFS before but she gave me a good idea of what qualities I want in a wife, or mother of my children. She is up to talk to me in a friend context but I don't know how to make this feeling of heartbreak subside. I really want her to be happy, but I'm so depressed and demotivated it's affecting other areas of my life. I usually work out to cope though. Its so hard to let go of her, but I understand her reasons. Can anyone give me some advice on my situation or insight?

07-19-2017, 02:42 AM
Honestly, this book is fantastic: The Breakup Survival Guide (https://www.lovesystems.com/products/the-breakup-survival-guide-for-men)