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The jester88
07-13-2017, 03:53 PM
Ok so I need some help. There is this girl who is almost a solid 10 21 years old. I work with her at FedEx. She runs through a lot of guys and for awhile we would smoke some pot after work and talk even though sometimes she would get high and make things a little awkward and I'm pretty sure she tried flirting with me one time but she kinda sucked at it. I have a huge crush on her I need this girl please help a guy out she is dating this dude at our work and she is way out of his league. Any advice

07-18-2017, 11:54 PM
ask her for lunch and invite.see if she is receptive build a connection from there.invite her to your house to smoke some"weed" and seduce her but mind you if you sleep or attempt to sleep with her it can backfire and affect your work in the future.the choice is yours.if she is an intern and she is not staying long do your thing.

11-05-2017, 09:41 AM
Work is a stupid place for pickup. While I have done it, it is a zero sum game, and the fallout is astronomical. Surely, she tried to flirt with you but, if she is a solid 10, she is likely cucking you, and trying to get another orbiter. You likely blew it by not fucking during a pot session. An alpha male would have or got blown out in the process.

Statement of intent; what are you doing, and you tell her. She comes or she doesn't and you proceed based upon the findings. The problem with work pickup is unless you are really good looking, women will have it a convo piece to play the victim. Her being pursued by a man is creepy unless of course, he has crazy amounts of options, women are fighting each other to get at him, and she wants to be a conquest. Its a interesting narrative because, women will chase that male, not get the ring, and then, bring drama into the workplace. I cannot fathom where this is a good idea. There is no mitigating the fallout or damage. You the man cannot play the victim even if she were to grow violent or were to publically cuck you.

A better route of attack would be just that cool fun guy that talks to everyone, who makes plans with everyone, and you monkey branch from her social circle rather then juggling grenades at work.