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06-19-2017, 07:06 PM
i am 20 years old and work at a sports bar and grill as a food runner, and about 3 weeks ago it opened up and I started introducing myself to all the workers (at this point I've never even heard about pua or game, although i am in college and have been with women before, i never considered myself any good at it). So to get into my story all the bartenders are attractive and in their late twenties early thirties, so I naturally didn't think anything of it until one of the bartenders began flirting with me, and so over the course of 3 shifts working with her i started flirting back to the best of my ability again i have never known about pua at this point. Eventually one friday night late the restaurant slowed down and i began talking, now realizing that i made a few mistakes with body language (leaning in too much, and lack of touching) and no negging, i did my best to make conversation and she began grabbing onto me and walked arm in arm with me, started laughing at my every sentence and so i decided ill ask flr her number one day after flirting with her more. Next shift I was able to flirt a little more as the restaurant was slow on a Wednesday night, however i was a pussy cause the boss was there and didnt ask. Friday night came up again and i told myself i had to ask at some point in thr night, ( yes i know im caring too much about one girl, im trying to learn to fix this by approaching more women now) to my surprise she left early friday night and before she made it out i said "what no goodbye?" And she said "im sorry and rushed over and hugged me" at which point i said "id really like to take you out" she giggled and rhetorically asked "you'd like to take me out? " paused then said " ask me again when you see me and I'll give you my number", well i saw her the very next night Saturday night, and all the other coworkers were actinng strange leading me to believe she told everyone i asked her out, perhaps a test i thought to see i f i was serious, or maybe she was making a joke of it, or was looking for validation from other since she is 27 and im 20, idk, anyways I proceeded to ask her for her number at the end of the night, got it and texted her sunday night which i text "hey, it's macgyver(work related joke), hope you werent stuck too much longer the other night :)" she replied "hi cutie pie! Fuck that place haha i did get stuck" and i stupidly said " what happened to the big tough girl who told tony(our boss) that she only works friday nights?" I asked this since she told me she only works friday nights and made sure she had her Saturday nights off but ending up working Saturday night anyways, i asked with the anticipation that she would reply with something that would lead me to say something like "you better be free this Saturday night " so i could take her out, but she never replied to the question. So is it too late should i move on or do you think if I actually try and build attraction and neg in person this Wednesday night at work that i will have a chance to take her out?