View Full Version : Recent break up

02-02-2017, 12:46 PM
Hey everyone, so me and my ex recently broke up again on the 25th. We were close to our 3 year anniversary and a couple weekends prior to that we've been arguing and they've all been started because of me. I tend to get brutally honest when things get intense with us. I hate the fact that I get to honest and don't realize it until after we're done fighting. Keep in my im 23 and she's 21. We've had our ups and downs before this. The first break up was very very dramatic and to the point where her folks wanted to put a restraining order on me but it never came to that. Now sense we've been separated she's taken down our pictures on social media and hasn't bother to contact me at all. It's like o don't exist anymore. I feel like she doesn't love me anymore.

The first time we got back together she told
Me she didn't know what she'd do without me and I feel the same way about her as well.

I use to be very insecure and would worry about someone else taking her from me but it never came to that but now I'm thinking it all over again. That's what destroyed us before but I just never said anything about it now and kept it to myself.