View Full Version : Trying to avoid friendzone with my ex

Bobby bouche
01-21-2017, 06:23 AM
I think i posted this in the wrong pmace so im reposting one more time over here.

Okay let me try to quickly sum up this situation.this girl, who i happen to have a one year old child with, my "baby mama" if you will, and i are in a confusing state....for the longest time she was crazy in love with me and i avoided her because i didnt know what i wanted.well right around the time i decided i wanted to be with her i had to go work out of state.ive been gone for a few months and have one more to go.during this time we started talking about being together when i come home but it all went south when i found out she had been seeing another guy and lying about it.we found out about each other and both broke things off with her.since then he tried to get back with her but she shot him down because she saw his true colors when he found out about me.she says she was confused about the whole thing and regrets lying about it, and i believe her.i forgive her because we werent together and i did seriously hurt her for a long time so i can't be too mad at her for being skeptical about me.

Also, i think she lost some attraction for me because i became AFC and chased her a little.i feel like not seeing her in person has hurt the situation as well. I couldnt stop talking to her entirely for the sake of our child and so weve been talking like friends ever since all this happened.she contacts me almost everyday, usually for no reason.now, at 1st she was saying things like" im not saying i dont ever wanna try to be together again, but we need to make sure were ready, and for now we need to honestly try to be friends for our daughter's sake"...but more recently i caved one night and said that regardless of anything i couldnt wait to see her again and she said she felt the same and bunch of stuff about us being on the same playing field now because weve both hurt each other. She also said " not that we should start anything we dont want to or arent ready to, but i want a fresh start in your eyes".

Im confused and honestly have no idea what she wants from me but i feel like she wants to try to work things out when i get home and just isnt saying it for some reason.what i do know is that i have no intentions of being her friend as i have way too many feelings towards her.i really do love this girl.i went really cold and distant recently in an attempt to flush out her real intentions and because i didnt want to give her any emotional support while were not together and risk her viewing me as a friend, but she called me out on it and since then ive been friendly and light hearted but have kept things short and formal when talking to her.

Sorry for the long post but i really need some help with this.i do NOT want to wind up in her friend zone.any advice guys?