View Full Version : She has a new BF, but im long distance, what to do. She is not perfect but i love her

04-06-2016, 04:08 PM
Need HUGE help here. Very interesting and dramatic story hahaha:


We break up because i had to travel to Europe for a year (to study). Now she has a BF and im coming back soon. My body, mind and almost everything tells me i should be with her. But my reason tells me i should forget about her.


About her: Pretty and Sexy as hell, she is a model and sports girl. Very fun and energetic. We clicked really fast and could have fun easily. Insecure (as most girls). Very needy (she likes her partner close to her). Not perfect but i loved her that way.

We started pretty bad. When we met she had a BF and i was going out with her best friend. After she broke up with him, i started dating her (i notice that all that time i liked her more than her friend), and after some weeks we became BF/GF and we were really deep in love. But i had to leave town for a year (master study in Europe) and this make the relationship very difficult. We tried to live day by day but that thing was always in our minds. And also we were just starting dating (3 months real relationship, about 6 months of talking going out and stuff). So we knew it had to end. We fought a lot but she always kept coming back telling me she loves me and that she wants to come with me and very deep stuff. Final day came, i left the city we broke up. We kept talking until i found out she was going out with her ex. I went NC until she started to text me and tell me she loves me and she realized she doesn't care about him and told me she wanted to wait for me. We kept in contact until i found she was lying some important stuff for me (shes the kind of girl that rather lie than front problems). And then we had some fights because i was also texting her best friend (hahaha she is also sexy as fuck), and she also thought i was still in love with my ex (who lives in Europe); to make it short, she didnt trust me, i didnt trust her anymore. And we were NC again.

Now she is dating someone new. Alpha, pretty boy, but dumb as shit. And she keeps posting photos of them and stuff (i dont stalk her, but my crappy friends keep sending me their pics). I kept having fun and going out a lot in here. She keeps me stalking a lot on Snapchat stories and sometimes liking things im tagged in Facebook. I dont like anything or look anything of her.

The thing is that all this time i kept thinking about her. It's like our relationship just fucked up for distance, and now im close to coming back but she has a BF and "she is in love" as all our mutual friends told me.

I need some advice. Maybe to move on or take her of my mind. I know she is not perfect and has some shitty things, but my body mind and everything tells me i have to be with her.

I keep thinking that we broke up because of my studies, and not because we couldn't work as a couple. And that sucks.

So please help me to find out what to do. Im very stressed and anxious because of these. I don't try to think but my mind doesn't stop. It's like i need to see her and talk to her and then i could be fine, but i have to wait a few months until that. And i don't want her to start loving someone else until then because it will be hard to continue the relationship (if we both want that). Right now im in extreme NC, and living live here. But i would like more peace in my mind. And i could achieve that by talking to her again or by totally forgeting her (wich seems imposible until i see her).

Please HELP!