View Full Version : Ex broke up with me and is currently rebounding

03-16-2016, 05:52 PM
Short background: I met this girl in the college club I run and she broke up with me literally 24 hours after an amazing monthaversary date. We don't go to the same school so I only see her once a week when my club meets. She's currently rebounding to another guy in the club (and a mutual friend) and all of their friends are trying to convince them to stop. Since I'm the president of the club, I sponsored a trip for all of us (her friends, her, and me) to make a presentation at an expo and finalized everything a day before we broke up. Unfortunately, I can't pull out of this obligation. My (ex)girlfriend is super pissed off at me for getting involved while everyone is enthusiastic about this opportunity.

I will admit I did the crying, begging, weak shit I knew I wasn't supposed to do, but after a week of settling my emotions, and another week of hanging out with my attractive female friends (and uploading pics to facebook), I still want her back.

I can't really ignore her or disappear because of the nature of the situation, but she removed me from all social media. I am bringing another girl to the club meeting this Friday (she's a close friend that's aware of everything and will try to do what she can to get her jealous) but I'm wondering if my (ex)girlfriend will even be receptive of the tactics due to the whole rebound thing.

What would you guys do? Which boyfriend destroyer should I use? I can't find any that deals with rebounds.

Irrelevant info: When we got together, she described me as "emotionally stable and confident." I have admitted to her that I haven't been adjusting to life very well and I became a huge ball of stress which caused a massive shift in my stability and confidence. In the last two weeks, I've gotten my life under control and am working towards that stability and confidence again. Her friends describe her rebound guy as "someone who reminds me of the old xFrostbyte."

03-16-2016, 06:20 PM
Here's the truth about boyfriend destroyers. They don't work.
And when you think about it logically, it makes sense. If all you're doing is saying words that claim to be a 'boyfriend destroyer' but the person delivering them is half the man the girl is with, do you really think she'll leave him for you?

Forget about that stuff.

The only way you'll have a shot with her again is to stop trying to get her back, stop trying to get her jealous and focus on yourself. Work on yourself, continue being a cool confident guy with shit going on, have other women in your life and go from there. If she sees that she MAY want you back eventually but it's never guaranteed.

But that shouldn't be your focus and reason for doing things. Focus on you, enjoy your life, do awesome stuff and see how girls naturally gravitate to you as a result of that.