View Full Version : Looking wings for Brussels !

02-17-2016, 05:31 AM
Hello there !

I've been doing pick up for quite a while. I would considered myself having an above average solid level. I'm very outgoing, positive and motivated.

I'm looking for people to wing me, because it's hard to find good wingmen. The only good guys I know are above 30, so we simply have different objectives. I'm all about execution and progress.

You don't have to have a insane crazy level, you can even be somewhat of a newbie, but :

- Speak french well enough so you can go trough a full pick-up with it.
- No crazy shit
- Be at least slightly calibrated
- Positive
- Outgoing
- Know how to hold a set, not be in your head and just be relaxed. (No saying hi and running away type)
- Live in Brussels. (Only in Brussels).

I can take you out in the best venues in Brussels and help you with most of your sticking points. If you're up feel free to PM me.