View Full Version : Left hurt and confused.

02-09-2016, 11:48 AM
I met this girl many years ago as she dated my best friend for a short while, nothing serious as he wasnít interested. Had not spoke to her in many years and in April last year she added me on FB. We talked and talked and talked Ö And talked. It just didnít stop. For 3 months we talked each and every day non stop sometimes until 5am. It was intense. We knew we really really liked each other and in August we got together finally. We were so happy, I was head over heels crazy about her. She had a really bad relationship before hand where she was beat up, robbed and her kid even traumatised so she was wary of men and a relationship. She told me she was so happy she could not believe she found a guy so caring and genuine and so good. It was bliss.

She went back to college in sept the next month and with her also having a kid and us living 1 hour apart we knew it would be hard we talked about it a lot. I also worked nights so that didnít help. But we got by we met up each weekend and any other day we could. August and Sept we were in love it was the best I ever felt about any girl before. I seen this girl as someone I could marry and settle with. October came and she changed. She got colder, more distant. Argued more. Just wasnít right. I felt I was losing her and couldnít stop it.

Her bday was in Nov so I booked us a trip to Amsterdam with my friends as she got on great with them. I gave her money to get hair done to feel good about herself. We went away and she acted so bad to me, barely speaking but fine to the rest. Cold shoulder the entire trip. My friends noticed it and asked her why she treated me this way and she got angry at me thinking I was telling them our business but they seen it themselves. We got home and we talked over FB mail as we did each day. 3 days later I told her I loved her and we would work whatever this is out and be happy. She replied that she didnít think we could work and we didnít gel and we had no chemistry. She ended it. Just like that. Cold and heartless no call or face to face just that was it. I was crushed. I couldnít sleep. I just lost my world it felt like. My future. And the worst part was it felt like she didnít care at all it was so easy for her. She told me she loved me only 3 weeks before that. How? I didnít reply for days and then I did. She said she was sorry how it ended and I didnít deserve that I was so good to her and kind it was all her fault and sorry. I accepted her apology and we decided to delete each other on FB to move on. That was it. Just like that all gone.

Iím still so hurt by it. How can someone be so cruel and for no reason? My belief is she had feelings for my friend still she mentioned before we hooked up she did and only after I realised. She couldnít be around him and didnít like me to mention him so I should have seen those signs. Maybe she felt she couldnít do it, what was she doing if she felt that way about the friend. I donít know maybe I never will but she came into my life like a whirlwind and ruined it and just left to get on with her life again. People today, they scare me. Whereís the decency and respect gone?