View Full Version : Alot of anxiety approaching older women

Moses C
02-07-2016, 08:27 PM
I'm 23yo. I've been going out for a week now and find it very hard/awkward approaching older women (27+) since we have nothing in common and they reject me alot more than girls my age. It's very difficult approaching girls my age too (since i've only been doing this for a week) but older women is even harder.

Should i just approach girls my age for right now, then when i get more confident start approaching older women? It's extremely difficult and nerve-wracking approaching them so i feel it would be better if i build confidence with girls my age first then move up.

02-08-2016, 01:40 PM
You've been going out for a week? So in other words, you've barely started.

Your confidence should not come from girls reacting well to you, because then you will never be good.

Confidence should come from trying, whether you fail or not.

It's better to approach 20 women in one night and have them all "reject" you than it is to approach 3 girls who gives you a so-so reaction. And it's better to approach 200 women in a month and not getting as much as a make-out than it is to approach 5 girls and get laid once.

Approach until you drop, at least 10 girls/night, for one month, 2-3 nights a week, and then post again.