View Full Version : Props to the new book survival guide to breakups

01-14-2016, 02:38 PM
This isnt a review, it is moreso a salute to love systems and their staff. Ive been following love systems since 2006, and become completely and unquestionably confident in my ability to pick up and maintain the girls I desire. I bought the survival guide to break ups recently due to my struggle understanding what happened with my recent new years eve break up from an intense short term relationship ship which I lost all control of. It gave me an understanding of the warning signs and clarified reasons of why my break up happened. I (was) unknowingly falling into a seat of depression and constantly reevaluating who i am and my core values. This book also gave me clarity on ALL my past relationships I never fully understood. For all those who suffer from uncertainty and is seeking answers to their questions their ex wont ever give the answers to, I 150% recommend it for anyone who is has dealt, deals with currently and the ones who may eventually end up single again unfortunately. Thank you, truly.