View Full Version : Why does my ex keep tabs?

12-23-2015, 09:48 AM
My ex-gf and I ended because of uni, with it all ending a touch badly.

Over the year since then, we have seen each other a few times, whenever something causes her to think of me, prompting her to message and then a meet up.

Nothing had happened between us until summer when she became all nostalgic and guilty for a few days, lavished me with praise and we slept together. It was also probably related to her being on off with a guy and not knowing what she wanted with him (they were off at the time).

She messaged me a lot over the next few days, then stopped. The guy and her were seemingly back on but she still occasionally sent prompting messages like 'go to sleep', when I was up late, and 'haha, thank God you changed your profile picture' etc. Short conversations would generally follow.

Now we are both home for the Christmas holidays, she has messaged me again - having passed my place on her way home from work, she saw me at a window, waited for almost an hour after getting home and then sent me a message about seeing me.

If I choose to respond though, the conversation is always brief and seemingly uninterested on her part. So WHY send the prompting message?? Particularly since the aforementioned guy is now her bf...

If it's just about attention, why not get it from him? Or from the numerous guys she told me are after her at uni?