View Full Version : Ex turned to Fb now blocked me

12-05-2015, 09:28 AM
I successfully turned my ex who dumped me into a submissive fuck buddy for the last few months. She wanted me back the whole time but I only saw her for sex and I always turned down her date offers. 2 weeks ago she said we should be back together (via text) just after we slept together. I replied that there wo no benefits to this. She said she wouldn't bother me again and immediately blocked me. Later I realised she has gone through and blocked me on every single thing we ever had contact on, stuff that I would never even dream of using to contact her.

I'm a little confused as to her motive. She knows I go no contact on her and it's always up to her to come crawling back. So it's not like she blocked me because I will keep trying to message her. She never blocked me when we broke up originally and I never contacted her. So is she just doing this to prove a point and once again try to get me to come begging? It's been 2 weeks already. Strange that she has gone from being madly in love to completely blocking me from her life. Would just like to know the likely psychology of this, I don't want her back. Had plenty of chances at that.

12-05-2015, 09:54 AM
She slept with you because she hoped you guys would fix your issues and get back together. The moment you said you see no benefit to that she realized you are using her only for sex and she doesn't want to experience that emotional pain/sadness every time again and again. This doesn't mean she doesn't love you anymore, just that she is forcing herself to move on and isn't waiting for a guy who doesn't want her.

It's not strange behavior, it's moving on.