View Full Version : Did I mess up any chance of reunion?

12-05-2015, 12:52 AM
My ex and I were together for 6 incredibly intense months, to the point of her talking about wanting to spend her life with me. However, after starting university, she got caught up in the excitement of it all and ended up with another guy. I was heartbroken but still wanted her back, so resolved to go out with dignity and not quash any remaining attraction.

I didn't contact her over the next few months, although she made a few attempts to make small talk with me and check on how I was doing. Eventually, I decided that, whilst I wanted her back in my life, seeing her on FB etc. on a daily basis was too tough, so I removed her. She contacted me shortly after, saying how upsetting this had been for her and that she missed me. I wanted to incite a little jealousy to test her reaction, so I told her that I was seeing another girl and that we shouldn't talk for a bit. A few days later, she phoned me, and explained all that had happened. She did, however, say that she felt she had made the right decision to not continue the relationship long distance.

Almost 5 months after this, she randomly contacted me, after hearing of a road traffic accident I had been involved in, and asked to meet up. We went for a walk and chatted, reminisced etc.

Again, I didn't hear from her for a good few months. Then, during Summer, she asked to meet up again. She apologised for all that had happened, said that she had felt tremendously guilty, had continued to love me for a while afterwards and that she hadn't felt the same way for anyone since. We had sex that evening and then messaged for a few days afterwards. Over the rest of Summer break, she would message me on occasion and we would have prolonged conversations, with her doing most of the prompting. She did, however, say that she had been seeing someone else and didn't want to get back into a relationship with me.

I find myself wondering whether, had I simply asked to meet up with her following her first messages, we might have had a second shot at things? I can't help but wonder if it was my response and apparent lack of interest that made her say "I think I made the right decision", considering te distance and her desire to focus on her course - the original reasons for the breakup apparently.

I also wonder why she wanted to meet me in Summer, and why the meet-up led to sex if she was interested in someone else?

Would love any advice.