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09-07-2015, 01:41 PM
My ex and I broke up last year after a ridiculously intense relationship, albeit a relatively short one (my first). I loved her more than anything and felt emotions I had never experienced previously. We ended up going away to college, agreeing to make it work but she got together with another guy after just two weeks. During our time together she had called me "soulmate", had spoken of our future and our children and had apparently written such things in her diary (I didn't read it), so I believe she believed it...

Following the advice of coach Corey Wayne, I avoided showing weakness during the break up and simply left it at, "if you change your mind, you know where I am", although we are 4 hours away from one another now. She contacted me occasionally over the next few months and I briefly responded so as not to seem bitter (she knew I had seen her messages). After a few months of seeing the guy she had left me for, she said that she missed me etc. I told her that I wanted to avoid contact as it was hurting me and removed her from social media, which she said had really hurt her.

A few months later, she found out that I had had a car accident and immediately called me to ask how I was. I didn't pick up but eventually responded to a text. We ended up chatting over the next few days and then met up over Easter. It was fairly awkward but acceptable.

I then didn't hear from her for months.

Recently she messaged me out of the blue and asked to go for a drive. I found her to be hugely apologetic for no apparent reason. She explained how much I had meant to her, but that going away to uni had distracted and changed her priorities, that she had got absorbed by it and ignored her obligation to me due to insecurity and desiring male attention. OK.

We slept together that night, and the over the next few days she messaged me consistently, her saying it felt like old times. She said 'for heaven's sake this is confusing' and 'I'm not sure how to feel/think', 'I can't believe what happened' etc. Strangely, on the night, she said she had been seeing a guy for about 6 months, but they had called it quits over summer. She still called him a potential, but then said she wasn't sure she wanted a relationship with anyone. I know that she was seeing him when she saw me over Easter and has been messaging him constantly over the Summer. After her few days of confused messaging she then stopped and invited him to visit her over the weekend. She called what had happened 'extreme nostalgia' and said 'i don't want to get back into a relationship'.

What is she playing at!?

09-09-2015, 06:02 AM
She is playing at "You are her one stop for emotions when things are going bad in her other relationship"
dude I know its painful but she cheated on you and you took her back then she cheated on you again and you considering still talking to her.
I fell for you but put a stop to this if you see her face to face just say this " Listen i'm not here to play games I took you back after cheating on me first time and now you doing the same thing. I don't appreciate or like that behaviour towards myself therefore I don't want us to have contact again"(please say that with smile on your face even if it hurts you on inside and walk away no matter what she says you walk away)
Delete her number and never reply to her again!!!

09-09-2015, 09:35 AM
She is playing at "You are her one stop for emotions when things are going bad in her other relationship"

Snupas nailed it!