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09-03-2015, 09:06 AM
Hey guys.

So, my wife said to me in april that she wanted a divorce after 6 years.
The reason for it was that the relationship had been bad for about 2 years. I mean real bad.
I was really depressed and had anger issues (no violence) and we argued a lot.
That made me very unattractive and I can see why she gave up on me.
We have a 5 year old son which is complicating things a lot.
Well, now 5 months later I have gone through a lot of changes in my personality and life and I am now reaching out to her.
She responds good to me contacting and I can see that she is attracted to me once again.
She has softened a lot to me (she was really tense before) and I have given her backrubs, sat and talked with her while she is in the bath and even laid in bed with her kissing her neck and touching her whole body without resistance.
However, we have not kissed yet or anything more which I am hoping will happen soon.
She occasionally acts cold and bitter towards me, which I can totally understand since she lost all faith in me for being an asshole.
My question is for those who have gone through this.

How can I escalate things so she will respond more to me?
How can I make her want me again without me pressuring her?
How should I behave around her to make her feel more attracted to me?

I am going to make her my wife again and I need your help guys!

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10-31-2015, 08:40 PM
Awwww hugs Freud. What particular things did you fight about? Money, your son, friends, etc.? I would say to work on whatever it may be you fought about. Say it was money for example-work on say balancing a budget and allowing for her to spoil herself some, etc. and say how maybe we can compromise better on these things. Or since you have a song together-that should help a lot because you have a reason to interact.

I think if she is warm and in a good mood-especially with the holidays coming-maybe can offer her one day to take him to school and ship her off to the spa, clean the house, and have a romantic dinner ready for when he goes to bed.....I think something like that and some heartfelt talks may melt her heart if she is the romantic type. I think with women it could be easier.

My husband I think is long gone but show her you aren't going to waste your time but will fight for her and fix any problems on your end. If it was going out with your friends too much-maybe have her go out for a girl's night while you babysit or while you're with your boys and check in so she trusts you as well. I think you can make it work. I wish you luck and keep us updated. I hope all goes well. Even soon a nice nighttime drive (of course not quite yet) to see Christmas lights could be a perfect opportunity for romance.