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09-01-2015, 05:27 PM
My girlfriend of two years has decided that she needs space. I understand why she does because she has a busy schedule on top of how clingy i had been acting lately. The first day was tough and i'll admit that I messaged her and called her way too much. The next day I only talked to her over the phone a few times but I had to initiate the conversation.

On Sunday I called her and I told her I would give her the space she needs, and I also asked her if I could take her on a nice date (since we haven't had time to recently) when she's ready. She said "yeah i would like that". She's never had a problem with saying no when she doesn't want to do anything so at first I had a good feeling about this, but now I'm thinking if she wants to go on a date why would she not want to talk to me. I didn't talk to her the rest of the day until she told me goodnight. I told her goodnight and to have a good day. I probably should have ignored her.

Monday I told her good morning, have a wonderful day and she just says thanks you too. I called her after work and we talked . Everytime we have talked she has seemed happy to talk and not annoyed. I asked if she wanted to hang out but she straight up said no. I asked if she was serious about the date when she was ready and she said yes. I feel like she would of said no if she didn't want to, but then again maybe she just wants to string me along. Later that day I saw her driving while I was in a tow truck having my car towed and she waved like she was excited to see me. Then she immediately calls me and we have a conversation just like we would have if we were dating. She told me what she was doing and where she was going without me even asking which surprised me. After the call I left her alone and did my own thing. later that night she text me sending me a video of us from about a year ago. We texted for 10 minutes and then she said she was going to bed.

Now it's tuesday. I haven't texted or called her all day and she hasn't made an attempt to contact me. I just am not sure why she would say she wants to go on that nice date, and would act all happy to see me passing by and act happy to talk to me if she wants space. maybe she really does want space and she will talk to me when she is ready. what should I do if she contacts me? I've been staying busy, hanging out with friends everyday the whole time and have been trying to make myself better. I'm just confused how she acts happy to see me yet she hasn't said anything today and needs space. I know I need to stop contacting her, or atleast limit it. I just am not sure if I should totally ignore her if she does talk to me, or if there's something I could say to her. I just need any suggestion I could get.

09-08-2015, 01:03 PM
Sometimes people get exhausted in relationships and lose themselves in doing "we" things, or tired of having to compromise what you want to do to make them happy. Be greedy with your time, enjoy the me time, do what you would have done had you not met her and don't be so eager to get a hold of her. If you decide to do a trip somewhere by yourself, maybe just recharge your batteries but just get out of town and go somewhere, and turn the phone off? See what happens. Sometimes you wind up going to places where the cell phone reception sucks, but you can always go "it was a spontaneous decision". If you and her aren't living together, you're not really obligated to explain where you're going and what you're doing. Maybe rent a mountain bike and find a trail, or go fishing with some friends.

You spent 2 years filling time up with her instead of you.

04-25-2016, 03:26 PM
give her space bro