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08-25-2015, 11:26 AM
This is a record of my gaming results in Vietnam for the month of June. It comes 2 months late, due to my hectic schedule, but I feel that it is too memorable personally for me to not share it with you all. Here is a little summarized background information about me. I had been an AFC for the majority of my life, though I was aware of PUA at the age of 13 and tried pickup all on my own, however, I failed every time. This brings us to the month of June 2015. I had found a mentor in a PUA called Ipman, he had coached me in the basics of pickup, how to game girls and so forth, and with this knowledge and the on-field training I received from him, I had obtained a total of no less than 25 numbers from pickup, over 30 from online gaming and 6 lays for that one month under him. The following documents my first, true and successful PUA experience.

Part 1: Popping the cherry (First Pickup): It was the first day that I met with Ipman in a café, we were discussing basic theories, how to best apply them for different situations and how he is going to train me. It was all quite relaxing and assuring. Then two HBs suddenly walked in the room. I told Ipman that those two girls were really hot, requested that he picked up one of them to kick off the beginning of the training. Ipman, recognizing that I had bitch butterflies (Approach Anxiety), pushed me to go over and talk to them. After a long time of me unsuccessfully dealing with the AA, I finally went up and approached the first girl. Here’s what was I was going to say versus what really happened.

What I was going to say and expect

Me: Hi, could I talk to you for a minute?
HB: Sure, whatsup?
Me: I was sitting with my friend from across the room, and I think that you’re really pretty, I had to come over and tell you that. (A number close after that)

What really happened

Me: Hi, could I talk to you for a minute?
HB: Sure, whatsup?
Me: Okay real quick me my friend sitting over there youre really pretty can I have your number I gotta go soon im busy (Insert fucking facepalm here)
HB: Sorry, I have a boyfriend
Me: Oh okay, (got up to leave, then my foot hit her table accidentally, almost knocking over her drinks)
Me: (After the accident) Fuck!
I turned and gtfo of there as fast as I could. Ipman was amused, but he was proud of the fact that I didn’t pussy out. Ipman then took me to another place, called the “Walking Street of Nguyen Hue”, to sarge. He showed me many of his approaches, of many different sets he opened and closed with fucking relative ease. This quickly flushed away my prior embarrassment, it got me to thinking that if it was proven that it could be done right before my eyes repetitively, I could do it as well. After that, I controlled my AA more successfully and started opening and closing sets much easier than before. I enjoyed this revelation. Now, let us move to the lays.

Part 2: The Lays

1st Lay: A few months before I made my trip back to Vietnam, Ipman advised me to start “planting virtual seeds” in the Vietnamese community. A.K.A Online Gaming. Long story short, this first lay was the product of my online gaming process. I talked to her via text and voice calls over a period of 2 months and used most the attraction and comfort routines I had at my disposal. By the time I was through with her, I knew her family background, her father’s name, her mother’s name, her dog’s name, basically all the shit I could learn about her. This created significant rapport. When I finally reached Vietnam, I had set up a date for the both of us. We were originally to have a meaningful and normal, sex-less first date, but then she wanted me to come directly to the hotel where she booked instead at the last minute. From the moment I stepped in her hotel, we both knew what was going to happen. As Barney Stinson would put it “And it is on!” I felt really proud of this lay because I actually seduced her using online gaming without even meeting her before. Luckily for me, she was as beautiful as her pictures showed her to be.

2nd Lay: This second chick was also banged courtesy of online gaming. She is different from the first, however, in the sense that she demanded to see me and we went on 3 dates before I banged her. She is also a virgin. Or rather, she WAS a virgin. Not anymore. On the first date, I took her to a romantic café, I used a few attraction routines on her, such as psychological tests and just a little of comfort. On the second date, we had sex. Except that it wasn’t sex. I was having trouble deflowering this girl because of my lack of experience in that area. After a while, I got tired and gave up. On the third date, I was more prepared, and it was on this date that I finally stuck my flag in her brand new flag pole, if you know what I mean.

3rd Lay: I met the third chick while I was out sarging with Ipman. Ipman and I both spotted two HBs walking down the street. I went up and started opening them, just like how I had grown accustomed to. The chick’s friend was looking fidgety, so I requested Ipman to talk to her. After 5 minutes of talking, they agreed to go with us for a bite at MacDonalds. At MacDonalds, I started working on the third chick, and by the time we were done, she and her friend agreed to go with us for a drink at a nearby rooftop bar. There, we made out while Ipman took her friend for a spin around the city. At the end of the night, my target had to go home due to urgent reasons, so I was not able to bang her that night. Ipman, however, took her friend to a hotel and banged her brains out.
I met my third target again for a dinner date, after which I took her back to my apartment to “listen to some music”. “Music” was “listened to” for a very long time. This was my first official successful bang by way of picking up a HB on the field.

4th Lay: This is the most interesting story to me in the entire of my time in Vietnam. Ipman and I were sarging around the city, where we spotted a beautiful rooftop bar, and we thought that we should check it out. The moment I came up, I spotted an even more beautiful sight, a sultry, sweet looking chick sitting alone, sipping on a glass of red wine. The way she dressed was simple but screamed mainstream sexy. A white collared shirt with short denim pants. Her legs went for miles, her skin tone was tanned and when she moved, it was with an air of a chick who knows what she is worth and isn’t afraid to show it. I was impressed. However, I had competition. There was a Caucasian guy who noticed her as well and wanted to approach her. He was, however, continuously hesitating, pacing back and forth. He saw I was interested in her as well. That was when he decided to act. He went straight up to her, bought her another glass of red wine and started talking to her. Instead of sitting down as she was, he spent the next 20 minutes standing up while talking to her, which, she told me afterwards, was very uncomfortable. He asked for her number, but she refused him. Ipman and myself were very, very amused while observing this bloke operate. After the bloke left, I sat down at her table and simply told her “Looks like I’m your number 2 tonight”. She was much more responsive to this seated and more comfortable approach. Turns out she is French Vietnamese. We sat and talked for a good 30 minutes, before I excused myself, saying that before I go, I would like to contact her again. She tried giving me her Facebook, which I declined, saying that I only use Whatsapp and iMessage. She then tried to give me her Wechat and Line instead. Again, I firmly declined and insisted that she give me her number. She finally stopped playing hard to get, I got the number, and ejected.
It was a good two weeks before I met her again, as she went for a holiday to Vung Tau city. It was three dates before I banged her. On the first date, we went to a quiet and simple lounge, where I shared with her many stories of my past, my vulnerability, my strengths. She was very impressed and attracted, I could see it in her eyes. The second date, to me, was more of a date that existed to further build her trust before I could finally reel her in on the third date. The third date was a simple one. I took her to a bar, we drank for a while, before I took her to my place, put on some slow music, watched Dirty Dancing over some red wine, then we… dirty danced. 4 shots that night, I remember I could barely walk the next morning.

5th Lay: This was more of a hit and run lay. A one night stand. I met this chick on Tinder, where we flirted for a day over text, before meeting each other at the same lounge that I took the 4th to, before proceeding to take her back to my place and bang her.

6th Lay: Again, I met the 6th chick on Tinder. I remember the bang I had with her was unintentional on my part. I had just come back from a shitty date with a very shitty girl. I thought I was going to get some action that night, but the night was ruined. That was when I called this 6th girl. I called her to go to a café near my place for a drink. Attraction phased the crap out of her before taking her back to my place. Comfort wasn’t needed for this girl. She was like a puppy that needed love and caring for. Which was easy.

This is the end of my Summer Lay Report. However, I would like to give credit of all this to my mentor, Ipman, absent his guidance, I would not have been able to transform myself from a hopeless romantic AFC to a person who is on the way to becoming an effective PUA.