View Full Version : Wanting to get back my pregnant ex girlfriend

08-21-2015, 02:25 AM
Hey dudes,

Heres the deal, i have been in relationship about 4 years with my ex-girlfriend, we have had about 4 times (now is 4th) on/off situations when she left me and later wants me back, because i move on with my life and actually last time everything changed if my rebound girlfriend posted picture in Facebook where we kissed, then my ex was contacted me and said "Its nice to see that you are moved on with your life." etc and since then she was looking for contact, until we was back together.

I am honest, there was time in relationship about 1 year long, when i was complete pig, so i was cheating on her and she figured it out, but we didnt break-up, because she said that she cant imagine living without me and the reason i cheated was i wasnt sure about her either, because i took her granted, but all this changed when she was starting hang out more with her friends and i was feeling "fear of loss" and i understood that she is best thing in my life what is ever happened to me.

At the moment we have broke-up and she is living in her friends place.. a long time friend who she knows about as long as she knows me. We have had sex after break-up about 8 times and after break-up i have read thousend of pages different books about "Getting ex back" etc so i am not completely newb, but its pretty hard to follow the road and in some point i still fuck up the situation, after last time we fucked, i was acting too needy and insecure after that, so i stared approach her etc and it pushed her more away, so she has been offline about few days and it seems the attraction level is dropped. One another thing is that she is pregnant of me and she said that only way to raise the child is with me, but i afraid i can fuck up the situation more, if i cant control my emotions.

Yesterday i sent her SMS-message that "I asked you about date of doctor in Facebook, but never mind, i am moving on with my life in occupationaly and other way also. Let me know if u think its right time to discuss these things with me also" and today i sent another message: ":D Sorry for that yesterday SMS, everything is chill, i understand what u are feeling at the moment. :) No hard feelings. ;)"

Today i decided i will apply "no contact" period, because it has worked every fucking time, but this time its harder to apply this, because previous times she didnt live together with her friend and also there wasnt no child included, so it was easier to move on... now its easy few days and then my emotions will boil over again.

So whats your suggestions in this situations? Every good advice is welcome. Sorry, my english is maybe not so native, because its not my mother language. Also if u have any more questions, you are welcome to ask.