View Full Version : Ex contacts me after dumping me

08-09-2015, 10:17 AM
Hey guys, here's what's up.

I dated this girl for only about 3 months (I know not that long), but we shared a lot of great intimate times within that short period. Anyways she got distant in the last couple weeks and then she came clean and told me she had hooked up with her ex a couple of times and she was going through a weird time with her life. She then basically broke things off with me.

I acted calm and told her I understood but it fucked me up inside. I did this to myself because I wasn't dating other women at the time and fell for her (I know what I did wrong there guys, I don't need advice on that).

After that I essentially removed her from my life (deleted her Facebook, Snapchat). I started working out, signed a lease for an apartment to move to another city, got a tattoo (chicks dig that).

It's been about 3 months since, and a few times she saw me at the beach looking good with my new tat, and she must have heard from a friend that I was moving. She texted me out of the blue last week saying she was sorry for how things happened and she "hopes we can all meet for drinks before I leave." "All" meaning us and our old co-workers. I responded with "Thanks, I appreciate that. Buy me a shot and we're cool." She responds, "I think I can do that :)."

I've killed my romantic feelings for this girl and am ready to start my new life, but I want to fuck her brains out at least one more time. I move in 3 weeks. My question is should I wait until we can organize our co-worker/friends and us to go out together or should I shoot her a text to just meet up for a drink. I want to be in the best position to be able to fuck her again but if I can do it sooner than later I'd prefer that, but don't want to blow it by reaching out and acting too interested again.

What do you guys think?