View Full Version : GF of 2 years ended our relationship

05-29-2015, 03:04 AM
Hey guys, sorry if this gets long, you've probably heard this all before but just need to speak about it and get some opinions.

My GF of around 2 and a half years just broke up with me a couple of days ago, I'm struggling to find any motivation to do anything but I know things will get better with time.

Background info:We're both 22, we were always very poor at communicating our feelings when we had any issues in our relationship and that led to going through long spells of never arguing followed by a week worth of arguments before things cooled down. She did break up with me previously, around 9 months into our relationship, as she felt I wasn't there for her when she had a death in her family, I was trying to be there but I thought she would prefer space at that time. She ended things albeit through text, I played it cool and accepted her decision. I then texted her after about 4 days for some clarification as I felt she didn't really give me much of an explanation as to why she ended things. From this she explained that she felt I wasn't available, I told her I thought she needed space at that time and from there we decided to meet up and decided to give it another go. From then we have been fairly solid apart from every 4 or 5 months when we had these arguments which seem to last forever.

The recent breakup: We had an argument last week, I told her that I felt that the sex had died down. She explained that she felt we needed to spice things up by going out more and doing more exciting things together and that she planned to speak to me about that anyway. Things cooled down from there, until the weekend where she was supposed to coming round to mine, but she went and got tea with her friends and by the time she was going to come round it was late and I just wanted to go to bed. This led to another argument and we didn't see each other the rest of the weekend. She came round a couple of days ago, we talked about things and she said that she has been unhappy for a while because we never do anything, and she feels we have the same arguments all the time and she didn't believe it could be fixed. I told her I wanted to try to sort things (regretting that now) but in the end accepted her decision.

So now, I feel terrible as you would expect. I have gone no contact.

1. Do you think this is past the point of no return in terms of getting her back?

I don't think she was 100% confident in her decision, she seemed unsure. She did break up with me last time and obviously realised she made the wrong choice but I appreciate this is different. Not only that, but she was planning to come and see me as normal just a few days before this happened so I believe her interest level must still be fairly high but I suppose I'll let you guys be the judge of that.

2. Should I stay in no contact no matter what?

The reason I ask is, her birthday is in 2 weeks and I don't want to seem so bitter that I couldn't wish her a happy birthday. She is also a proud person and even if she were to change her mind she would refuse to reach out to me, the first time she broke up with me was proof of that.

Thanks for anyone who reads this or responds, I know it's quite long so I've probably missed a load of stuff out but if you need any more information please just ask.

I just want to know whether I'm clinging on to false hope.