View Full Version : not responding to clingy girl after 3rd date

05-14-2015, 11:55 AM
So i went out on 3 dates with this gal. we had a fun 3rd date and had a quick kiss at the end of the night. We texted the next day and she was pretty adimit that we hang out in two days when she had work off, to which I had plans. I explained this and suggested a different date but she asked me what my plans were specifically. I said hanging out with friends, i dont think she believed me so she goes "so tomorrow doesnt work?" To which I said it doesnt, then she asked so "what are you doing tomorrow?" And I didnt respond sine I already answered her.. then she goes "I think you have another date tomorrow? Am I right?" I said wong.. then she accused me of not being jnterested her and asked me if I liked her" I was pretty fed up with the grilling so I didnt respond to that at all. Then the next day she keeps texting me asking if Im going to answer the question. Then at night she calls 3 times in a row, leaves a voice mail. And now today she is texting me calling me a dbag for giving her the silent treatment.

So the question is.. am I being a d-bag for not responding? I feel that after a 3rd date and no sex, its not out of the norm to walk away. Should I apologize and just say no thank you. Thoughts please?