View Full Version : Number closed a girl in the metro. Didnt answer text.

04-26-2015, 04:29 AM
Alright, so i met this girl in the metro. I started by asking her a general question about the times of the metro. Not looking interested in her. Long story short, i could pick up on some body language, and i could tell she was attracted. I showed her lot's of value. She was interested. We suggested to go for a coffee sometime because she had to run. I got her number.

I texted her the following 20 minutes; it was wonderful meeting you - Bryan.
She responded shortly after with " you too!!

The next day i texted her, ( and i do regret sending a boring message as this.) "Bonjour Sarah, Comment vas tu? " Because i was teasing her about how bad her french was when i was with her. Anyways, she hasnt responded to my text since. This was yesterday.

Is there a way around this? How can i get a date with her from here on.

I thought of sending something like this; " I totally forgot your french is terrible. Bonjour means Hi. Anyways, i've been thinking about it, we should rob a bank! Let be crime partners! Are you in?!"

Is this good? What do you guys think? And if i do go with this, how abouts should i go to get a date with her, considering she'd answer to that message.

04-26-2015, 05:56 AM
Well she asked about me, as usual, and i told her about my past couple years, where ive been travelling. Living a year in Australia. Studying in Canada. And my work going well. As she asked more about all these things i could tell she was interested. Generally showing her that my carreer is goin well. That ive started everything myself. Self made or whatever you want to call it. Maybe im wrong though. Maybe i picked up on something that wasnt there. i do know, that shes the type to be texted my thousand guys a day. I can tell she was maybe intimidated? Not sure. she just told me what she does in her life is work at Zara part time and Mcdonalds. Its not like shes studying or have big plans in her future. I dont even know if this is all relevant. But thats what i can tell you about the whole conversation at least.

04-26-2015, 12:36 PM
Have better interactions next time.