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12-30-2014, 02:50 PM
Hi, I need a bit of advice to what to do now…
Context: We’re both in the same high school and I met her through a trip about two and a half months ago. The problem is, the way my school is structured I literally never see her as she isn’t in my year. Anyways, I talked with her on facebook (we mostly use messenger so it’s kinda texting) and we would text twice a week for like 4 hours straight until one of us went to sleep. But, it went downhill from about a month ago. Our texts are now much shorter and she often just replies with “hahaha” to which I have no idea what to say, and she always seems to do that when I say something funny or use a witty opener, so I just leave it at that. This is the conversation we’ve had over the past week:
Her:Merry Christmas!!!
Me:I have bad news for you tho
Me:I ate the Christmas present I didn’t get you
Her:Ahaha what..?
Me: [sends a pic of random food]
Me:Thats all thats left of the christmas present i was gonna get you
(Here she doesn’t give me anything to work with so I just type the number of ha’s she did but +1, seems like she didn’t catch up on it…)

(couple days later)

Me:Just saw this
Me:[funny pic]
Me: Bet that made you smile
Her: Ahhaha

(couple days later)I go for a normal convo here because she doesn’t respond well to funny things

Me: Heyhey
Me: How was christmas?
Her: Honestly, it was terrible
Her: I had a fever and stayed in bed the whole day haha
Her: You?
Me:Wow, hope youre better
I walked around the beach for a bit and went back to the hotel
Not exactly the best Christmases
Her: At least you're not in (some place)
Me:Yea i guess...
Me: I would rather go on holiday with friends and family
Her: Arnt you on holiday with family?
Me:Yep, dads been working the whole time tho
Me: Would be more fun if friends came along
Me :What are you up to these days?
Her: Hanging around with friends and that's kind of it
Me: Theres an imax cinema here, thinking of watching the hobbit
Her: Ah the hobbit
Her: Watched it s few days ago
Her: A*
Me:You like action movies? Thats cool
Me:Read the book, hopefully the movies better
Her:Movies okay
Her: Not the best
Me: Watched maze runner
Me: Minhos such a beast
Her: Yeah haha
Me: But I thought the plot was weird af
Her: It's weird but it was still a pretty good movie
Me: Worst character by far -that woman
Her: Ahhaha
Me: Anyways, what are your plans for tomorrow?
Her: Dentist appointment and that's about it
Her: So much for New Years
Me:Get green red alternating coloured ones
Her:Im probably getting them in January
Her: Hahaha
Me:The pain... Get ready to say goodbye to all the good foods
Me:We should go and miserably drink porridge together
Her: Hahaha
Me: At least you get to keep all your teeth, i had 4 pulled out
Me:Theres some dude on the street playing the saxophone, makes me wanna learn it
Her: Nicee
Me: Gonna go sleep
Me: Later~
Her: Byee

I’m confused in that she always replies quickly, in that last conversation even at the end she would reply within a minute, but why would she do that if she didn’t want to text anymore? Wouldn’t she just delay her texts/not respond?
In that last conversation, I’m doing everything wrong, right? I kind of cringe when I re-read it. I'm guessing its better to go back to flirty/funny even if she doesn't respond well?
Should I just ask her out? Send something witty and the second line just say something like “you me lunch Friday”, if it she flakes then at least I tried, because it’s only going to continue going downhill as I don’t see her in real life.

12-30-2014, 03:20 PM
Long text conversations are boring. AVOID them unless she initiates it and has something she wants to discuss.
YES ask her out.

01-15-2015, 12:51 AM
Not sure she's too interested. Women/girls use "“hahaha”.

I usually use "hhhmmmmm.......". Meaning, I'm annoyed and close options for responding back.

I guess it would not hurt to ask her out, though, not much to lose.