View Full Version : I need of a high level gamer to wing me for daygame.

12-26-2014, 03:20 AM
I've been daygaming for about 1 year now and have somewhere around 350 approaches. Out of that I've managed to get about 70 phone numbers, 15 dates, and lays from 3 real cute girls (working on my fourth on new years, I hope that goes well). I believe that I reached a level where I was actually getting dates and lays, but there's definitely many kinks in my armour. I need someone to mentor as well as wing me because I've hit a plateau and I need some input. Just watch me do 3 sets and I bet you'll see whats wrong. I'll record the interaction if necessary.
If there are any really experienced daygamers out there, please message me. I would be in your debt.

Please, only anyone that's done at least 500 daytime cold approaches or more