View Full Version : I did the Breaking Up now I am paying the price...

12-22-2014, 05:40 PM
I broke up with a great woman in June. Really for a horrible reason. I basically took her for granted, we were moving towards settling down and a family, but I had just lost my job and was spiralling…she pleaded with me all summer to get back together, and we hung out a few times, but I was having fun. One night I went back to her to just say I was tired of all the animosity and wanted a life with her. Instead she told me she was out with someone she really liked. Of course I did the worst things anyone could do, I pleaded and cried and showed up with flowers…all of that. Then I tried to get things together, started dating again, but missed her still.
A month ago we ran into each other and started talking again. THe guy she was seeing was just treating her terribly. It ended with him, I again wanted another chance but she shot that down…now we have ran into each other again and she was initiating contact, asked me to take her to a concert, drunk texts later that night, but now three days later when I asked her for dinner she said no…and no to tomorrow…and not likely to a future date.
Now this is a woman who wanted a family with me 4 months ago, we were together for 2 years and we are both in our 30's…its' time to just move right on isn't it?

12-23-2014, 11:00 AM
Yes move on.

12-23-2014, 01:31 PM
You don't want a life with her anyway. The grass is always greener on the other side.

You broke up with her for a reason. You were not happy in the relationship. Now just because things aren't as peachy in the single life, you want her back.
Honestly though, if you got her, you would get have those same feelings you had a few months ago again. You would end up hurting her again.

It is hard when you care for someone, and want to spend time with them because you miss them, but deep down you know the relationship wouldn't work out.

This is a hard time for her as well. But, as the one who ended the relationship, you have to be a bit more selfless here, and just let her go and try to move on as well.