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12-2014-21, 10:11 AM
Hi guys,

I have been chatting with a girl for this week and I have some questions and I hope you can inform me.

Since 1 week I have been chatting with a girl who I am interested in. I chat with her once in the 2 days. Not to much. I keep it short, simple, but I try to be profound in what I am saying. And I always end the conversation. However I found a lot of information what to say and what to do.

Now I would like to ask her out for a drink. But when should I ask her? And also, should I ask first her number, and then ask her out for a drink?

Also, she told me that she had really a great, but busy weekend. Can I ask her what she has been doing or is that going to sound to much for her (like creepy)?

Thanks guys!

12-2014-22, 01:21 AM
nah dont ask her anything..not even her number...jus set up a date and see if she accepts.

12-2014-23, 09:12 AM
Ask her out and then take the number after that, but not the other way around.
You'll still want the number though in case there are any changes needing to be made from either you or her on the plans...otherwise how would either of you know.
But don't get the number and then ask. Sounds like you're having lots of face-to-face conversations with this girl so ask her then and get the number.

12-2014-24, 06:11 AM
Sounds like it's going well. I agree with asking her out in person and not asking her about her weekend (the less questions you ask the better). If she says yes, hand her your phone and say "put your number in." Girls like orders; they're easy to follow. The less she has to think, the more fun she can have :)

Good luck in love,