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12-12-2014, 03:42 PM
Hey guys there is this girl at my college that I am attracted to. I am relatively new to the community of PUAs. I am known throughout my classmates to be the cocky and funny guy. I am not sure if she likes me or not. We talk sometimes, I recently found that her and her friend wrote on my notebook "Kat [her nickname] and Gummybear [her friends nickname] were here <3 haha" also that sameday one of my friends which is a girl jumped on my back so I could give her a piggyback ride and they started giggling. I just want to be sure before I make the next move.

12-12-2014, 03:56 PM
Hi, and welcome to the forums.

No one in here can tell you whether she likes you, but if you like her, you should go for it. And if you have a gut feeling that she might like you, you should definitely go for it.

12-12-2014, 04:00 PM
Yes of course, but based on the information I have presented what is your opinion?

12-12-2014, 04:34 PM
Echo'ing what Tank said here. Try not to get into a habbit of looking for all the right signs and wanting to be dead certain about things before you escalate, make a move or take a risk.

The most learning comes from trying things and seeing what happens, then coming back here and posting your results for feedback and ideas moving forward.

If you like this girl, and you think she might be attracted back, then go for it. Invite her out, make some sort of move and see where it leads.

12-12-2014, 05:23 PM
Definitely going for it. I really have that gut feeling.

12-16-2014, 07:57 AM
Sometimes just having the balls to make a move can be the determining factor. Wouldn't you rather make a move and find out than keep looking for signs and wondering.....and ultimately "losing the initiative"?

02-24-2015, 03:22 PM
Any update here?

02-24-2015, 11:53 PM
Yeah I managed to go out with this girl. Didn't get her in bed which is dissapointing. Got a few bj's and that's about it we broke up about 2 1/2 months.

04-07-2015, 06:08 AM
Be confident, When you are with her, give phubbing a miss , Wit wins definitely, Be pleasant , Give her and yourself a little space to do things that you enjoy...Nothing matters more than your Emotional Quotient. Good Luck..:)