View Full Version : Chatting to girls in class hard because of schedule?

12-08-2014, 09:24 AM
Hi guys,

I have an issue at the moment. I am in the final year of university, so I am only required to come in for 2 hours a week(Friday from 3-5). The problem this creates is I barely get to see the girls I have been chatting up.

There is this one girl I have asked out and she said yeah she will definitely come out with me, but the time I called her she wasn't in town. I don't want to call her again to come out as I will look eager.

I live 40 minutes away from where my uni is, so the girls that are actually in my class don't live near, only the girl who I asked out.

In September me and my housemates used to go out a lot, clubbing, getting girls and stuff. Now the workload at uni has increased for them, they don't want to come out anymore, so I haven't been meeting any new girls because I haven't been going out.

I've only been going to societies....I don't want to be the new guy in society that looks eager though.

What should I do? appreciate any feedback.


12-08-2014, 11:25 AM
You're essentially asking how do I meet more girls when I'm only in class for 2 hours a week?

There's no magic answer here, find more situations that put you in environments where you can meet more girls and start meeting them.

I don't really get your concern about your new societies. Just be the social dude who gets to know everyone, be cool, have fun, flirt a little etc. Do your normal stuff. Yeah, don't go all guns blazing, take it slower and build the social circles but you don't need to hold way back because you're new or anything.

12-08-2014, 11:36 AM
How about going to the university even though you don't have to. It might even make you more productive and help you network professionally.

Anyway, since it's your last year, it's not long before you HAVE to find a way to meet girls outside uni. Don't fall in the classic trap of being completely without options when you graduate.

You mention a concern about "looking eager". This probably comes from a place of neediness and the best thing you can do to not come off as eager is to BE less eager by creating abundance in your life. Fill your hours with cool activities and suddenly you'll go from being a guy with an agenda to a guy checking out a new place to see if it's worth his time.