View Full Version : Should I meet my Ex after 1 month No Contact?

11-19-2014, 07:34 PM
Hi guys,

I recently broke up with my ex after a 7 year relationship. She moved away 10 months ago and we were trying to make long distance work until she is supposed to return in a few months.

She was pretty cold about it and very clear cut in her decision. We met in person one last time and she affirmed her decision.

Immediately after, I went No-Contact. It has now been 2 weeks and not a peep from me or her.

She is coming back to my town for a week in 2 weeks, so it will probably be 1 month of NC by then. When we broke up, she said we should meet at this time when she comes down for "coffee".

My question to you guys.....is should I?

I have really been self-improving during this time so far. I have been working out daily and already lost a lot of weight, got a personal trainer, am in the process of buying my first apartment, picking up new hobbies, and creating a new wardrobe.

I am not sure if I want her back at this stage. But what I REALLY want is for HER to want ME back. I then want to have the POWER to determine whether we are together or not. I want her to beg, cry, and tell me she made a mistake.

I'm sure this possible. But what will be more effective? Meeting her in person casually, expressing how chill and cool and well-off I am doing since the break up and not giving a **** about her..........or not meeting her at all?

The reason I am more swaying to meeting her is because if I don't this time, she won't be back in town till February next year. And I really want to convey my higher value than her.

Or should I just ignore her completely?

What are you guys thoughts? (And yes, I will start seeing other girls...I'm not clinging on to the idea of her rushing back into my arms......I just want to make her feel pretty **** and doubt her decisions)

Girlfriend of 7 years breaks up with me after doing the past 10 months long distance.
I have done 2 weeks of No-Contact so far.
She will be visiting my town in 2 weeks for a week.
She will want to meet.
I have been improving myself and want to convey my higher value.
I want her to doubt her decisions and beg for me back (I may or may not take her).
Should I.....or just ignore if she wants to?
Which will be more effective in my goal?

11-19-2014, 08:25 PM
For your goal, answer is no. Make an effort to get over the whole I want her to beg and plead to want me back ego. You sound like an asshole.

I have not elaborated more in the info because there is a ton of info on this forum regarding your post. This is a good start: