View Full Version : Did I make a mistake contacting my Ex?

10-24-2014, 07:03 AM
I went no contact with my Ex girlfriend after 2/3 weeks of LC of me trying to get her back. The no contact lasted over a month and I decided to message her today just to see how she was doing, we've exchanged messages back and forth, she's taken an interest in what I've been up to but I don't get the sense that she misses me. I've just acted cool and kept the conversation light hearted, no mention of our relationship or anything.

The thing is I now regret it as I was doing so well with no contact and now I'm back to square one, I mean I don't pine for her like I did when we first broke up almost 2 months ago but I do really miss her still. Should I continue to contact her a little and try re-ignite some attraction? or should I just politely end the conversation and not speak to her again?

We broke up because she didn't feel the same anymore after spending 10 weeks apart, she also took interest in someone else but she won't see him again as he lives on the other side of the world in a rural area of Africa. I admit that I got clingy for about a month before she left and I regret this, If I hadn't her interest would've remained and we would've stayed together I think, I believe when she went away for 10 weeks she was unsure about us as she had stated it not long before.

10-25-2014, 09:38 PM
I'm no expert, but I recommend leaving her alone. Just go be you, improve yourself, get a new hobby, go to the gym, date other women most importantly. Improve yourself if you want to give it another go later. I was in your shoes earlier this year, I put alot of energy in trying to get an old girl back. I did all that stuff I just told you...and here I am and don't give a shit if I get her back or not. Its an awesome feeling. Women are like cats...when you act like they don't exist that's when they want to play with you, you play with them a few minutes then they go away, if you keep wanting to play they run away from you. Just forget her and if you still have a chance she will come back to you. Don't waste energy on her, use energy on yourself.

11-06-2014, 06:59 PM
Agree with the guy above. I know its rough (I'm currently going through a similar situation) but the thing you have to realize is there is nothing you can say to her that will make her change your mind about you. SHE has to decide this for her own. And in my opinion with break ups, you should never get back together with someone until you've taken the time to get over them first and regain some of your power. You can't let this girl have power of YOUR emotions. Just realize that there are tons of other hot girls out there that are interested in you, and focus on building up yourself. Over time you will get over her, and at the point maybe she will like that new improved awesome you that all the other girls are interested in. At this point you can look back and decide, is she worth it? Do I really want this girl, or was I just mindfucking myself into thinking she was the girl for me. Hope this helps man, and honestly I feel for your situation as we've all been there at some point.

Best of Luck,