View Full Version : How to get rid of clingy women?

09-05-2014, 04:04 PM

I'm 21 and I've been using tinder for a while. My brother encouraged me to set my age limit to 18-30. I got even more matches than I did before. The problem with tinder is only about 20-30% of girls on there are actually attractive and willing to meet. So I went along with my brothers advice to just bang older women (23-30) who are maybe 5/6 out of ten.

The problem is they've become clingy. A woman I've met 3 times calls me everyday and texts me 24/7 and wants to meet up everyday. She is a legit 5/6. I told her I'm going back to university (she said no problem I can come up and see you).

I want to tell her to back off without being too rude. What do I do?

03-10-2015, 08:01 AM
Have you both talk about your intentions for meeting up? Is it just for hooking up which ofcouse is what makes Tinder, Tinder or you might have signal her the wrong one. Tell her your intentions.

04-09-2015, 09:23 PM
Hey there!!!! Maybe the fact that she is clingy Just Give her very clear reasons, giving a firm stand on this. Off the top of my head memorized from the great dating site datingdoo: Communication is very important. Trying to get by with little communication would be a recipe for a messy (and possibly bloody)case.

04-11-2015, 08:14 AM
You have to tell her that she should leave you alone because you had no serious intentions. From the start you must be clear about your wishes and intentions. I have been on some sites and if you want to try some other sites let me know and I can give you a few I have tried;). You will end up satisfied, trust me ;).