View Full Version : Help needed to get back introvert ex gf :(

08-12-2014, 03:55 AM
I meet this girl online and meet in real within few days. We both fell in love within days and relationship started. I had no idea she was introverted. First few weeks she liked me but slowly slowly she started going away. I was trying to hard and she wanted her space, I did not know this. She gave me hints but those were in her way and I couldn't catch them. She felt I am stressing out too much about her and this made her having different feelings.

She feels no one will understand her (i guess introvert thing) and she thinks its better if she stays away from me. She knows I still love her and I am waiting so she is kinda getting anxious because she cant push me away (she told me this)

She never opened up with me and if ever she told me something it was when she was pushing me away and I was trying hard to get close to her. She got some misconceptions about me, may be that I don't understand her or few others but I guess it all happened because I was trying too hard to make her happy.

Right now she has broken up with me and she is not ready to meet me in person but we text each other every day.

Can anyone help me what steps I should follow to get her back.

08-12-2014, 05:37 AM
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John Alex Clark
09-28-2014, 09:18 PM
Apply the no-contact rule and stop texting here everyday. Break off all contact with her for a period of three weeks. Just give her an excuse like "you need some time to think about things."

During those three weeks, work on self-improvement and try to figure out how you can be a better match for her while working on making yourself more attractive specifically for her. Once the three weeks are up, re-initiate contact with her slowly. Text her that you want to schedule a meet-up, but just as old friends and nothing more than that.

If she agrees to meet you, then you'll know that you've done something right. If she doesn't just wait a few days or make it a standing offer for her to meet up with you sometime. Remember not to pressure her. During the first meeting since the NCR period, just be casual and friendly and talk together like old friends. Try not to talk about your relationship unless she starts it first. Eventually, she'll be the one who'll want to have a second meeting and the subject of getting back together should come up naturally.