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07-28-2014, 02:25 PM
Been awhile since I've been on these boards but I've been out of the game due to a long term relationship and I'm just getting back into the swing of things lately, working on building my confidence back up and putting myself back out there as right now I feel really rusty talking to girls and am getting the old social anxiety when it comes to making a move.

So I guess maybe I'm just here for some confirmation and reassurance, but I'll let you boys assess. This involves a girl I was sort-of friends with in high school, not close but still buddies. Also keep in mind I have gotten a LOT more attractive since HS, but so has she.

The other night a close friend from high school had a birthday party. I went and it was mostly close friends I'm still in touch with. Part way through the night, some girls who I was always friends with in high school but who didn't get along with most of the rest of the group at the party showed up, and settled down in a corner just chatting among themselves.

Now me being me, I went over after a bit and started chatting them up, teasing them about being reclusive, etc. etc. One of the three, who had always been more of a friend to me than the other two, instantly locked eye contact and started chatting away, which quickly lead to the other two wandering off and her and I having a 20 minute conversation, mostly about what was going on in our lives, our plans for the future, etc. etc., pretty deep convo for a party actually. Some mild flirting going back and forth.

Later in the night, as she started drinking more, she started showing some more IOIs, or at least thats how I interpreted them. Leaning on me, sitting next to me whenever she'd become involved in a convo I was in, and eventually leaning into me and having me play with her hair (no, INSISTING I play with it). I wasn't drinking so I kept my distance and played it cool, showed interest but didn't want to make any moves on her while she was drunk.

She kept insisting I go to the club with them, which I wasn't going to do as I wasn't drinking at that point (had an assignment to do for school). But LATE that night the bday girl called me and talked me into coming down for a bit. I wound up getting pretty drunk.

Didn't run into the girl from the party til about 20 minutes before the bar closed, as she and her friend separated from most of the group, and she immediately demanded to know why I hadn't come to find her when I came downtown. Acting all sad and shit. I was having people back to my place afterwards, so invited the two of them, they said they might come after getting food. Never ended up hearing from them after that so I assume they just went home.

Long story short, I'm interested in taking this girl out a few times and seeing what happens. She goes back to school in a month so it'd just be a summer fling which would be pretty ideal for me right now. I'm just nervous as she IS much friendlier and more flirty when she's drunk, so I don't want to make things awkward by hitting her up for a date when that might not be what she intended at all.

Help! Tell me to stop being a pussy I guess? Or if you think I read into it wrong. Should I just hit her up on FB to get her number and see where things go? I just haven't fully gotten over how awkward with girls I was in HS (had a few gfs but was never super successful), so I have a complex about any girls from HS still seeing me as that guy, and because of that sometimes I feel like I actually revert to being that guy. It's been improving but it's a work in progress.