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07-22-2014, 10:39 AM
I don't know why this is happening, but it is and it's very real. I've never been through anything like this before in my life.

I went through a relationship that was less than perfect but had the true potential to be perfect (as nothing ever really is to begin), and then what I can only say as the worst breakup of my life.

I took care of this girl, I loved her, really.. I'm not without faults, we all have our demons, but at the end of the day, it's obvious what my intentions were and she gave me the impression her's were the same.

The breakup was sudden, really without any warning. I tried my best to handle it with dignity and respect. She suddenly moved back home which was about 2500km away from me and I honourably shipped all her stuff back to her.

At first, she seemed really sad about it, but was somehow convinced that she had made the right move. Without getting into all the details, one day, about 2 or 3 months after our breakup (we were still talking everyday), I had to go from Canada to New York on business, I told her this. At the same time, a friend of mine who worked for the cruise lines had offered me, or rather given me, two VIP passes to a cruise that left from NYC ... I tried to sell them, but the notice was too short, so I decided to take advantage of them.

THERE WAS ONLY 3 PEOPLE WHO KNEW ABOUT THIS.. 2 of them would 100% not say anything as they had no venue to, and one of them (Who is such a slime ball player, who has connections for hotels etc which is why he knew because I was inquiring with him about a good rate) totally I can see saying something and using the existing information to his advantage, would say/do something.

Out of nowhere, I get like 4 calls from the ex, whom I thought there was a chance of reconciliation, asking where I am, who I'm with ... etc... etc.. She says that since my phone went to voicemail she knew I was "up to something", which is weird because she had never acted like that before, and that just sounds like total BS... Like she's using that as a front because she heard something, but didn't want to give the source away.

Now keep in mind, slime ball or not, he was a friend. A friend that I never thought would play me like this, and when all this happened, he just happened to be in the same city as her (he does has family there that he regularly visits), but there was some inconsistencies'. As an examples, her phone call(s) was out of character. Secondly, when I literally jokingly told him that he bumps into her, to let me know, he responded with, "I never go to the city, but if I ever do, you will be the first to know"... (He usually goes to the lake which is outside of the city).. IT seemed odd to me how strong he was about this, so I called the hotel he would stay at, and sure enough he was registered there (Dwtn in the city)..

Long story short, she somehow knew I was on this cruise, tried to cover that up, my friend lied to me about where he was staying and where he was, she had little tid bits of info that only someone in my camp would have known, and now she hasn't spoken with me since...

He has totally taken my info, used it against me, twisted it to probably only 20% truth with the sole purpose of banging my babe. I know this girl and I know how she acts and how she validates her actions. There's no reason for her silence unless she has done something like this. I was going to marry this woman, and my bud knew this. How can someone do something like this with the sole purpose of fucking a chick. and how can she after all the shit she preached about spirituality and so on and so forth, go and do something like this (Even if he used all the information he had, and twisted it to his advantage..) I try and believe in people, I want to. I have no problem getting babes. This was 10 months ago, and I've tried everything to get over this one, but she was the one.

I'm so devatated.

07-22-2014, 10:55 AM
Twisted stuff, she just took of, this behavior that she is showing now. I don't believe in something called "the one" it's hollywood who made that.
But if you call her the one, this behavior is not something you want for your girl right.. even if you were with someone else she has no business in that.

Read this article, it helps!

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07-22-2014, 11:06 PM
Cut this guy off. You don't need "friends" like this slimeball. As for your ex, does she have borderline personality disorder by any chance? It really sounds like it from your previous posts, in which case, you avoided a landmine.

Listen, despite what Hollywood tells you, "the one" is not the HB10 who ticks off all the traits you want in your perfect woman. She's the girl who loves you back, sticks by you, and makes you happy. Not the "perfect" woman who dumps you for no reason and then goes and sleeps with your friends. That chick is not "the one." She's just a decoy. Try to erase her from your mind already, and focus on finding the woman who makes you happy and not miserable.