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06-2014-30, 09:33 PM
Hey everyone,

I'm glad to see people are still on here trying to get shit going their way.

I have had a relationship for the past couple of years. We recently broke up. I am man enough to admit I was the one that got dumped.

But thats a good thing. If it's not suppose to be, then fk it.

However, this is not one of those "I WILL DO ANYTHING TO GET HER BACK" threads. This is exactly the opposite. However I have a problem, that some of you might know how to deal with.

Since I am back in the dayting scene, I want to go out and pickup women. Though the problem is, all my damn friends have gf's. Literally.... I'm 27 now and most are all married. So they don't want to go out clubbing, because it will create tension in their relationships. I am not trying to cause them any problems either.

What I would like to do, is get out and make new friends, and hit on women. However, since I have no one to go out with, I am feeling stuck. How can I go out with out my buddies and pick up women. If I am alone, it will look like I have zero friends. I do have many, but most of them are either married, or have moved several hours away. The ones who are not married and live close, are too chicken shit to go out and talk to women.

In your guy's experience, how would you handle this situation. No one to go out with, being 27 (but looking like 22). I got my previous gf with the material I learned here. I know I can get another beautiful woman, but the fact is, I have no one to go out with.

I appreciate your guy's thoughts and ideas.

11-2014-07, 09:02 PM
Join a sports team is probably the best way I can think of to make guy mates. Another good way if it's a big city you live in is to get a tinder profile, switch it to guys and accept everyone. Start talking to the guys that add you and see if any of them are keen to go out on the weekend, talk about how fucked tinder is or ask them hew well they go with it...shit like that. Remember though, when you go out with them you have no alligence to them and they have none to you...so use the first 30 mins to hit the dance floor with your new "mate" and make yourself look like the coolest guy in the pub. That way you will have a base of guys that want to be ur friend if the other guys a dick head or bails. The other avenue i would take is to day game it for a bit, meet women and the ones that you don't end up sleeping with some of them will still think your cool and "friend zone" you. This is a good thing when you have no friends to go out with. They are young and single...they will go out with you for sure. Plus it all has the added bonus of preselection. All of these methods work. I'm 27 and recently single too so I have successfully tried them all.

11-2014-07, 09:44 PM
If you do do the tinder thing though you need to fuck with the settings a bit and change your sex to female so you don't end up adding a heap of guy guys haha. I made that mistake too.. Some of them where pretty cool though.

11-2014-12, 12:49 AM
I would go search various pickup forums for wings, go-out solo day and night gaming and do online game. Going out solo to a night club especially builds your character because you have nobody to rely on for comfort. Either you are making it happen with women and having fun or sitting alone :D.

11-2014-12, 08:42 AM
You're 27 years old. I'm 45 years old and I go out on my own and have a blast. Just go out, don't worry about it man. Go out and have fun, dance, mingle. Just because I'm my own doesn't mean I can't own the stage. I have no strings, so I can weave in and out. Go out by yourself, get use to being around yourself, get confident, and go with flow.

You never know, you might even make some friends, ike I do all time. I go out, guys are smoking and I'm out there and..

"So guys, what's women like here? Got any tips?"

I do that not because I want tips, but so they know I'm into woman not guys, and well, we end up as a gang in night club, getting to know their pals and walla.

Confidence. When you're on your own or not, makes no difference. Social status is not just about having lots of people around you but knowing how to interact with everyone else, even if you're on your own.