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06-27-2014, 03:36 AM
I opened this young college chick at a Mall (I am in my late 20's) she is about 21ish. Super hot. I floor her with my day game and we have a 2 hour instant date. Lots of Kino. Lots of texting follows after he get home and Day2 is set-up after more than 2 weeks.

She arrives late during Day2 and gives me less than an hour of time (as she has to get to her university dorm as they close the main game - we are in China here). I made a couple of silly mistakes, which may have costed me some attraction. On the way back in taxi her body language is average, not fully closed, but not exactly facing me, as we next side by side. I decide to leave it till the next date, as the date was too short, for any comfort to be built.

Due to the loss of attraction on Day 3 it takes me a couple more weeks before I can get her out and I have to lure her with a 3D Movie (not an everyday thing for a college kid from not so big a town in China). It works, she gets excited and turns up - 1 hour late (I expected this so arrived 45mins late too). We go to the ticket counter, the show is really late, so she cant make her "college gate" time once again, so we decide to hang out at the mall and drop the movie. Decent amount of attraction, good vibe and we have a decent time. I am normally good at Kino and normally escalate quite fast and naturally, but because I was out of the game for months due to a relationship and perhaps because she was a 9, I take less risk, which seems to cost me.

She tries the typical, "I can go home myself" frame, expecting me to offer to "drop her home". I don't take the bait, so I say "yeah cool", but then she cant get the bus because its really late, so she asks me to drop her in a taxi. +2 points for me. Body language in taxi is great, she is sitting closer and her body is facing me. There is some kino, but the vibe isn't strong enough to go for too much Kino as I know sex is not possible & we are in an Asian context here.

She responds to my text the next day (after a 7 hour wait), which is her usual style. I send her a message later that week, asking her plans on Wednesday. No reply 4 days later and I havent done any follow-up either. Now I know for sure, I haven't lost her fully - because everything was perfect till no reply to that last message, but I am definitely in damage control mode. So would you take it from here guys?

I realised, I haven't been aggressive enough with her (which I feel she would like more being a very feminine girl). I normally am, but I guess, I let my game slip slightly because I was out of game for a while and she happened to be my first set.

Look forward to some solid ideas. Thanks Guys.

06-28-2014, 07:32 PM