View Full Version : Tinder: my experience, advice and questions

06-24-2014, 06:54 PM
Hey guys,

I started using Tinder since November and it has kind of changed my dating life and really gives you and edge in understanding women, how they think, what to say, what not to say, etc. The advantage is that you can quickly talk with a enormous amount of women that are interested, giving you lots of practice in little time. Basically thanks to Tinder I have around 2-4 dates a week.

I have developed like a system or dialogue which works great with receptive women in order to get a date with them. I make out with 100% of the girls I go out with and have had sex with 6 girls from the app.

So, I found out the following:

Out of the 100% of the matches I get, I might really like or find attractive a 20-30%. After sending them a message, around 10-20% will respond, out of which I practically get a date with 2 or 4 a week.

Basically what I do is that when we match, I'll send a cocky and funny message. After that I tell them: I will never say we met on Tinder, let's make up a story about how we met, and from there I start a funny story and most of the time, when they play along, mostly I go out with them.

I obviously (depending on how receptive they are) try to get to know them better through texting and try to establish a connection with them. The more rapport and the more you make them laugh and feel at ease, the easier it becomes.

So… now to the questions:

Mostly every girl I go out with, it starts really intense before we even meet. They will constantly text me, call me, send me pictures of them, etc.

When we meet, if we meet just for coffee is pretty hard to go for a k-close, but meeting at night always end at k-close or f-close. But the meeting can go extraordinary well, but the day after or days after, the girls will be completely different to me (and this has happened 100% of the time).

They will be really uninterested when they text, they take a long time to take back when they used to text right away, they will make up excuses for us to meet again.

So, my question is: if right before we met, we established a great connection, when we met everything went great, why do they stop texting or changed their attitude completely after we met?

Thank you very much for your advise!!